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Thread: On the Academic Elite

1. Seemingly, not a day goes by without some kind of horror being exposed in Academia. Whether it’s Antifa’s authoritarian suppression of conservative voices, an affirmative action-related scandal, the rampant gender politics, or something else.
2. Or the decline in academic standards, the suppression of teaching the history of Western civ, the insertion of Marxist American history textbooks (ala Howard Zinn) in public schools, and the general curtailing of academic freedom in pursuit of the Left’s agenda.
3. A really excellent discussion of “the ideology behind safe spaces, micro-aggressions, and trigger warnings” on college campuses was held at the Manhattan Institute in 2017. It shows how far things have deteriorated in Academia.…
4. Now I’m not a teacher, but my mother, wife, brother-in-law, brother, and several others in my family were/are, so I’m not completely ignorant on the subject. Not to mention having put 4 kids through California schools and colleges.
5. I recently read a 2015 article that really got my juices flowing, entitled “The Rich Liberals of Academe.” Although dated, the content resonated with me. Here are some excerpts:
6. “Few places in America have a more monopolistic stranglehold on thought, are more hostile to divergent voices, and are home to larger populations of complete hypocrites than college towns.”
7. “The fact is that higher academia in America is tolerant of all thought and voices, so long as they’re voices of agreement.”

[Can anyone argue that the academic Left tolerates dissent after all we’ve witnessed in the past few years of campus suppression of conservatives?]
8. “Beyond just being intellectual hypocrites wholly intolerant of thoughts or voices other than their own, there’s something else college campus elites are: rich. Average total compensation for professors at elite schools is around a quarter million dollars a year, ….
8A. “…but that is just the starting point. Books (it helps to assign your own textbook to students), outside lectures, and consulting fees not uncommonly double professorial salaries."
9. “Consider MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, whose consulting fees on Obamacare totaled into millions of dollars.”

[Remember that guy – who lied vociferously about the purpose and intent of Obamacare to help get it passed into law?]
10. “Nearly 100 public college presidents and chancellors made more money in 2013 than President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. The heads of 93 colleges made more than the Obamas' reported total income of $503,183 for the year.”
11. “Nine public university presidents, out of that group of 93, made more than $1 million in 2013.”

[What’s the return on that investment? An entire generation who believe that socialism is the answer – people like the clueless Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.]
12. “Yet these exact same life-long members of the academic, elitist, non-tolerant, left-wing crowd crow loud long and hard about ‘income inequality’ in America, blather on about how the pathway up and out of poverty and squalor is a quality education.”
13. “And although the academic elite was enthusiastic about Obamacare, when it came time for Harvard's faculty to pay the cost increases it caused, they overwhelmingly voted against it."

[I bet they think we’ve forgotten their rank hypocrisy, but this is just one example of it.]
14. You should read the rest of the article here – if you can stand to do it. No wonder college costs an arm and a leg these days!…
15. Across the road from one of my friends live a retired couple who are both ex-profs and both PhD types. And - both are major caliber bung holes. From the age of six through to retirement they spent their lives on a campus - reality is NOT a factor in their lives.
16. In the local Rotary International Club, Hospital Board and a few other organizations in town, they parade their big brains around flogging everyone with their degrees and acting like THEY have tenure and the rest of us are minions. Does this seem familiar to any of you?
17. Needless to say, they do not appreciate anyone’s overt disdain for their lack of sacrifice to make America a better place to live. It’s pretty easy to pontificate from the Ivory Tower when you haven’t put any real skin in the game!
18. Now this may be sacrilege to some, but I have come to believe that being an educator can be a kind of personality defect to some in the field. And the higher level the school, the worse the defect displays.
19. Isn’t it funny that those with the longest list of degrees are those most hoodwinked by the communist infiltration of the US education system. Think about Obama’s first Council of Economic Advisers which was filled with leftist (Marxist?) academics? Austan Goolsby, anyone?
20. How’d that work out for us with their grand schemes of redistribution, regulation, and high taxes? Interesting that most of them slunk back to academia after a few years after their grand plans failed to deliver even modest and typical historical GDP growth.
21. Ya gotta hand it to those old school communists though: they made a long term, multilayered plan to infiltrate Academia (and other American cultural institutions), and they made it happen. Still happening even though the Soviet Union went sideways (think China).
22. They jammed the education system, compromised the media and bought off the political class. Worked so well there are communists in every agency and even the military. Not to mention the Intel Community! Who can forget that John Brennan actually voted for Gus Hall in ’76?
23. Do a search (screw Google!) on “Communist infiltration of US universities” and see what pops up. Tons of articles describing what has transpired over the decades while most of us were watching TV.
24. I sort of “like” this one because, even though it’s an old one from 1989, occasionally the Marxists tell us what they themselves think. And after reading it, think about the fact that these people are EVERYWHERE in Academia teaching our kids!…
25. I find this article, “Why Intellectuals Still Support Socialism,” to be particularly fascinating.…
26. [The great Austrian economist F.A.] “Hayek argues that exceptionally intelligent people who favor the market tend to find opportunities for professional and financial success outside the Academy (i.e., in the business or professional world).”
27. “Those who are highly intelligent but ill-disposed toward the market are more likely to choose an academic career. For this reason, the universities come to be filled with those intellectuals who were favorably disposed toward socialism from the beginning.”
28. And those who remain in Academia have no direct experience in the real world, in markets, and in the way things work, except for the theoretical level. Explains some of Obama’s many failures doesn’t it?
29. Plodding law enforcement – & certainly not the politically-corrupt FBI who has the main mission of counter-intelligence! – can & never will keep up with the subversion. & the downright spying, as the Chinese learned a lot by watching the Russians infiltrate our institutions.
30. This article on China’s “Confucius Institute” and the infiltration of US universities is particularly shocking! And the Democrats continue to caterwaul about “muh Russia” when the Chinese are stealing us blind:…
31. Just how far gone are we? I’m beginning to think that this is an issue that can only be resolved by applying the .30 solution. But I’m just an old fogey on a keyboard, and there are other possible solutions – none of which can be easily accomplished, I’m afraid.
32. Like I said, I’m not a teacher, but having slept with one for over 30 years, a little bit has rubbed off on me. What to do? Here’s my short list, some of which requires radical surgery on Academia.
33. Return to basics in K-12:
a. Emphasis on reading, writing, vocabulary, and traditional/fundamental mathematics
b. Real American history in middle school and beyond
c. Emphasis on the history of Western civilization
d. Geography and natural history in middle school
33. (cont'd)
e. World history (American/Western civ perspective) in high school
f. Civics and the US constitution in middle school and high school
g. Diagramming sentences in high school
h. Biology, chemistry, physics, computer operations in high school
33. (cont'd)
i. Logic, languages (incl. Latin), music and art appreciation as high school electives
j. Shop and Home Ec electives
34. Education alternatives and policies:
a. Trade schools (many technical career alternatives)
b. Age-integrated classrooms (kids learn behavior from older kids)
c. Education vouchers (competition for kids among schools)
34. (cont'd)
d. Merit-based teaching (rewarding the best teachers, not administrators)
e. Fact-based testing (minimize subjectivity)
f. Severe penalties for teachers injecting personal political views in classrooms
34. (cont'd)
g. Disqualification of all Marxists/socialists from the teaching profession (includes loyalty oaths, tests, reviews, and oversight to ensure compliance)
h. Revamping of teachers schools toward the above objectives, including the removal of political indoctrination
34. (cont'd)
i. Strictly enforced discipline and code of conduct in classrooms
j. Armed and well-trained on-campus security
k. <Add your own suggestions to the list here.>
35. I am a throw-back to an earlier era. One of the best courses I ever took was learning how to diagram sentences as a freshman in high school. It’s a travesty that so many Americans are unable to communicate properly these days. I am rambling now; you get the idea. ///The end.
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