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a saida au:

kim dahyun’s career is declining. her company asked her to please the most famous artist in japan for a collaboration. dahyun agreed, not knowing it’s actually minatozaki sana, her ex girlfriend she cheated on with hirai momo.

should i do it? #saida #dahmo #twice
should i come thru and do this? would you guys even read this? should we go #saida au or saida social media au? hehehehehe :(
y’all we going ✈️ #saida au or saida social media au, whatever ya call it

• thread rules apply, ie., no replies, quote for reactions, etc. etc.
• no definite updates, i’ll update when i can, i’m a student with professors who works harder than the devil and is doing a fanfic
• main ships: saida, dahmo
• side: michaeng, chaeyu, 2yeon, jeongtzu, minayeon, jitzu, sahyo
• (don’t expect for too much, these are a lot of ships)
• pls, ignore the date and time stamps. i don’t have the patience to edit those hehe
• i’m a shy human going ✈️ disappear
• this is somehow angst-y, so guess it should be rated [M]
• if this sucks then i would not continue and stop with the updates so please do give me a feedback
• the flow of this au is kind of indefinite too, i apologize if it would be confusing
• don’t let me flop, my dudes!
accounts: sana, dahyun, momo
accounts: mina, chaeyoung, tzuyu
accounts: nayeon, jeongyeon, jihyo
❝ O N E ❞
the story begins
chaeyoung’s gut feeling
old accounts, no longer used
dahmo’s misunderstanding
an old conversation, a new tweet
“she’s a big deal, dahyun.“
sudden date uwu
a little brighter
❝ T W O ❞

[huy, give me a feedback naman jan mga bakla for this saida social au :<]
dahmo’s date gives major uwus
japan 🇯🇵
they are #that social media couple
miss M.I.A. tozaki replies
speaking of japan 🇯🇵
meanwhile, sink or sail, chaeyu land.
formality: miss chou
the meeting, part one
the meeting, part two
baby cub snapped
a heart that broke a little more
someone’s terrified
and conflicted
reasons often cloud our feelings
a win for dubchaeng
company in trying times
begin again with michaeng
beautiful and kind penguin
day one.
little do they know they're in for a ride
one tweet, three whipped
day four.
day seven.
usual jeongyeon who hates nayeon
a new friend and a best friend
day ten.
nostalgia hits
miss pingu
sana actually breathes
she broke
day sixteen.
gay panic
whipped homosexual
gay mina for gay chaeyoung
her muse
day twenty four.
michaeng: dubchaeng (1/4)
michaeng: about the tofu (2/4)
michaeng: uwus and ohs (3/4)
michaeng: soft hours (4/4)
let’s talk
misana: mina’s observation (1/4)
misana: make some sense (2/4)
misana: charming tiger (3/4)
misana: there’s miss taiwan (4/4)
ya hear sumn
because of the breakup
finally, saida
❝ T H R E E ❞
more honest alone
#that morning
her music belongs to her
it’s a rational reason
yes, she did listen to the album, yes
ship support
another advice
they’re really soft, we
michaeng hours officially opens
she lurks
michaeng’s pre date post
dahyun’s emo hours open too
michaeng’s actual date post
sana’s shibas
first track: last kiss
michaeng’s post date post
someone misses son chaeyoung
and that someone took it to instagram
sachaeng: they finally talk (1/2)
sachaeng: she misses her unnie (2/2)
subtweeting last kiss lyrics
a change of heart?
track two: weak
they’re soft in the morning too
saida: present (1/3)
saida: past (2/3)
saida: future (3/3)
jokes are?
other side.
a move (1/5)
interruption (2/5)
plays friends by ed sheeran (3/5)
penguin and puppy (4/5)
to be continued (5/5)
the scientist huh
it made a shiba soft again
coldplay who? we only know a saida.
❝ F O U R ❞
michaeng, of course
don’t give up just yet
track three: ?
michaeng: purple just wasn’t for you
something’s wrong
what a mess 🤦🏻‍♀️
dubchaeng: the wrong thing
saida: third track (1/3)
saida: piano (2/3)
saida: honesty (3/3)
what is the song?
she was her home
track three: to build a home
chaeyoung’s musings
datzu, catch up.
maknae trio
chaeyu’s situation
when will chaeyu breathe? 😪
michaeng’s situation
a date? or?
pingu is confusion
meanwhile on sahyo land
a shiba’s late night playlist
old conversation for the shippers 🥂
old tweets. kim sana.
“all the things that we’ve lost.“
“breaking up comes at a cost.“
usual 2YEON banter
bingsu buddies
for what?
oh fuck, it’s for #that
yoo notices a lot
jeonghyo (1/1)
sinking harder than titanic
dubchaeng: the other side (1/2)
dubchaeng: a good advice (2/2)
🐧🐿 twitter interaction #1
🦁🦅 twitter interaction #2
🐩🐸 twitter interaction #3
🐇🦉 twitter interaction #4
individual reactions are also a mess
saida: an actual conversation (1/1)
myoui mina’s point of view.
misana: mina -> sana (1/2)
misana: mina -> sana (2/2)
datzu: tzuyu -> dahyun (1/2)
datzu: tzuyu -> dahyun (2/2)
a nahyo interaction
a 2yeon interaction
a jeonghyo interaction
saida’s narrative #1
we stan a relatable and detached cub
better (jealous) preview.
michaeng: no reply
sinking ship #1
2yeon: i’m sorry
sinking ship #2
sahyo: you forgot?
sinking ship #3
sinking ships club ™
a while new friendship
bunny and penguin

[ there are only literally like five great photos of minayeon. my heart hurts for this dead ship, you guys ]
one. saida’s narrative #2
two. saida’s narrative #2
three. saida’s narrative #2
what she knows
what she feels
what’s this?
saida: concern (1/4)
saida: concern (2/4)
[ F L A S H B A C K ]
started with a tweet
saida: bad (1/3)
saida: worse (2/3)
saida: worst (3/3)
“tell me you love me again.“
two kinds of best friends #1
two kinds of best friends #2
they were supposed to get married, dudes. i am so emo.
[ E N D O F F L A S H B A C K ]
saida: concern (3/4)
macaroni song
saida: concern (4/4)
sahyo: favor (1/1)
important conversation
what’s with the sudden message?
saida: hey, miss kim (1/1)
uhm? part 2
dubchaeng: that’s weird (1/1)
misana: smart ass penguin theory (1/2)
misana: smart ass penguin theory (2/2)
saida: what minatozaki wants, minatozaki gets (1/1)
on the other hand, these two have a date on their own.
tale of an adventurous ostrich with a soft puppy
what the fuck is with their moods?
damn, mommy mina
lurking? 👀
the explanation we all need ✊🏻
misana: mina is hungry, sana (1/1)
dubchaeng: chaeyoung is hungry, dahyun (1/1)
track four: hwy 18
“driving on highway 18, moon so bright and it just seems like, i could turn off my headlights“
“and i put all my trust inside of the light in the sky above us, hoping it pulls me home. wherever it takes me, i’ll go“
monji alji?
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