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OK...let's try again. Even before December 2017, when @carterwpage gave this interview to Jason Zengerle of the NYT's, he was telling anybody who would listen to him where the real collusion was in the 2016 election.…
Page insisted the *real* collusion in the 2016 campaign was between the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Fusion GPS & top officials inside the DOJ/FBI.

You can see Zengerle spinning this as an alternative narrative crafted by a guy desperate to remain revelevant and in the news.
Now at the time Zengerle could be forgiven for saying there was 'scant evidence' to support the narrative Carter Page was 'crafting', but at this point in September of 2018 as we look back, a whole lot of evidence has come out to support Page's claims.
Just in the last month a whole new bunch of evidence has surfaced of extensive contacts between Fusion GPS political operatives, top DOJ/FBI officials and a Russian oligarch named Oleg Deripaska.
We also know at this point of the measures the Hillary Clinton campaign & the DNC took to wipe their fingerprints off of the Steele dossier, to hide the fact it was created by paid political operatives so it could be proffered to the FISA Court as coming from intel agencies.
That Steele dossier is chock full of 2nd & 3rd hand stories that come from shadowy, anonymous Russian sources who all make claims about people like Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Michael Cohen. Not 1 allegation is from an eyewitness who has been identified.
NRO contributor @AndrewCMcCarthy, a guy well versed in how the system is *supposed* to work, still can't quite believe a FISA warrant was granted on @carterwpage based on what the Steele Dossier contains. The FBI basically said to the court "It's Steele, you can trust him."
It's been almost 2 years since the Steele dossier was published by Buzzfeed in Dec. 2016. It's a year and a half since SC Robert Mueller's team was formed and began it's investigation. While Manafort & Cohen find themselves ensnared in all kinds of legal difficulty Page is not.
This is exceedingly strange since if you read the Steele Dossier, Page is the guy who's right at the center of the beating heart of all the supposed Trump/Russia collusion. The FBI didn't want a FISA on Manafort or Cohen when they they came to the court. They wanted one on Page.
The FBI approaches the FISA Court claiming to have good, solid VERIFIABLE evidence Carter Page is a foreign agent working to undermine a US Presidential election for a hostile foreign power, Russia.
The FBI then presents their evidence to the court: allegations against Page that appear in the Steele dossier and a Yahoo News article from a supposedly independent source.
While Cohen and Manafort have been caught up in tax and banking and lobbying crimes, all they supposedly have on Carter Page is the spying for Russia stuff.

Page didn’t commit any tax fraud or banking shenanigans for Mueller to work with.
So here we are 2 years later, wondering if the FBI had all this solid, verified evidence Carter Page was a foreign agent of Russia, evidence so good and verified it got them a FISA warrant, why is Carter Page still walking around free as a bird, giving interviews?
Because if Page was under any kind of real investigation at all, giving interviews about all this stuff would be the last thing he’d be doing.

Early on, before a lot of evidence came out, the consensus was Page is an idiot who doesn’t know any better.
"Doesn't this idiot know he needs to clam up? Why is he still talking?"

Look at the subhead of this NYT's interview. "can't seem to stop talking"
Well why SHOULDN'T he talk? I mean hell yes, if you START from the premise the Steele dossier allegations are true, he needed to get himself a lawyer and shut up long ago.
But it's become increasingly clear since this interview was giving in Dec. 2017 that the Steele allegations against Page are bogus, just like the Manafort allegations and the Cohen allegations.
IF the Steele Dossier allegations are false, and IF a FISA warrant to spy on him was granted based on those false allegations, then Carter Page is the victim of a criminal conspiracy involving Hillary campaign people, Fusion GPS, Intel agency heads, and DOJ/FBI officials.
Why shouldn't the designated patsy be talking? THEY DONT' HAVE ANYTHING ON HIM. They never did. And if they don't dare try to manufacture *another* case against him while they are under intense scrutiny themselves from Horowitz, Huber & Rosenstein.
Why shouldn't the designated patsy be talking? THEY DONT' HAVE ANYTHING ON HIM. They never did. And they don't dare try to manufacture *another* case against him while they are under intense scrutiny themselves from Horowitz, Huber & Rosenstein.
It's clear Page isn't under any kind of investigation himself. He's under no gag order and he talks to the media freely whenever he wants to.

When was the last time you saw an interview with Paul Manafort, Gen. Michael Flynn or Michael Cohen talking about their cases?
You know where this thing is now going to go? Bruce Ohr's notes & recent testimony are *highlighting* it. It's going to what effort, if any, the FBI spent in trying to actually VERIFY Steele's dossier sources & their allegations.
Up until @jsolomonReports put this article up at @thehill on Aug 9th, it was assumed all of Steele's shadowy, anonymous Russian sources for his Trump/Russia collusion allegations were Russians who live a gazillion miles away in Russia.…



The source for 'much of' the dossier's Trump/Russia collusion allegations is...WHOA!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
So at one of these numerous meetings Bruce Ohr had with Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson, Simpson tells Ohr the source for MOST of the Trump/Russia collusion stuff is a FORMER RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER WHO LIVES INSIDE THE UNITED STATES.

Do you grasp what a bombshell that is?
Bruce Ohr was, at the time of this meeting with Simpson, before his two demotions, the #4 guy at the Department of Justice. That means a top guy at the DOJ knew early on the source for most of these Trump/Russia allegations didn't live in Russia, he was here in the US.
So if the Dept. of Justice, and the FBI wanted to, you know, PUT OUT ANY EFFORT WHATSOEVER TO VERIFY THESE STEELE DOSSIER ALLEGATIONS against Carter Page, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort [not to mention Donald J. Trump] they needed to learn the NAME of this US-based source.
Simpson was grilled before Congress about the Steele dossier last year. Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D-Head Cold] then leaked his entire closed door testimony to the media.……
NOWHERE in his testimony before the Congressional Oversight committees does Simpson ever get around to talking about this former Russian intelligence officer who is the source for 'much of' the dossier's Trump/Russia collusion 2nd & 3rd hand allegations.
So while Simpson was felt free to volunteer that information about the dossier's main source to Bruce Ohr, he doesn't seem to have been inclined to share it with the elected lawmakers investigating this scandal.

I wonder why THAT is? 🤔
So let's cut to the chase: according to all established law & procedure about getting a FISA Warrant to spy on a US citizen, the LEO/IC officials asking for such a warrant have to demonstrate they have VERIFIED or at least ATTEMPTED to verify the information against the target.
It's now PUBLIC RECORD the DOJ's then-#4 official was aware early on a vital source for much of the allegations in the dossier against @carterwpage, @MichaelCohen212, Paul Manafort, & @realDonaldTrump did NOT live in Russia, he lived right here inside the United States.
Did Bruce Ohr ever share this information he got from Simpson about the dossier's key source with other officials at the DOJ & the FBI? If so, who?

What was done with this information? Was there any effort to learn the sources name, interview the source, & verify the info?
The fact remains at this point, over 2 years later, none of the sources of Steele's dossier allegations have been definitively publicy identified.

Does the FBI even know who these sources are? HOW did they verify any of these stories, given the sources weren't eyewitnesses?
And if they FBI was unable to identify any of the sources and verify the information, doesn't this mean @AndrewCMcCarthy is correct in saying they essentially ended up telling the FISA Court: "You'll simply have to take Steele's word for it." ?
So this is where things are now at. If the FBI couldn't even identify and track down and interview a key source who lived inside the US, then their chances of having verified ANYTHING in that dossier is nil.
And THAT'S why @carterwpage is a free man today. He didn't do anything the Steele dossier alleges he did, and when the truth fully comes out, I suspect he'll sue the people who victimized him and he's going to become exceedingly rich.

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