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1) The choice to know will hurt you.

It’s coffee time.
Monday, September 3, 2018.

🇺🇸Happy Labor Day 🇺🇸
2) This is #fakenews but look at these people.…
5) Meryl Streep x 3 with a dose of Hillary Clinton
(and some other lady I don't know of, sorry)
6) "Considered by many critics to be the greatest living actress, Meryl Streep has been nominated for the Academy Award an astonishing 21 times, and has won it three times."

Until pedogate, Meryl Streep was my favorite actress in
7) How many tears can we shed for the loss of the people we once admired?
People who are dead to us, while they are yet alive.
8) What price did these celebrities pay in order to get to the top?
You will pay a price for knowing.
9) Jennifer Lawrence "was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2015&2016. W/her films grossing over $5.5bn worldwide....often cited as the most successful actor of her generation....thus far the only person born in the 1990s 2 have won an….co/Q6XlPhEZlu
10) I found it painful to watch Jennifer Lawrence in this interview about her rise to the top.…
11) She is a fantastic actress.
Did you see her in Winter's Bone?…
12) But the price Jennifer Lawrence paid was steep.
13) At one time she was a friend of Harvey Weinstein.
Later, when scandal besieged him, Jennifer Lawrence reconsidered.
Jennifer is a survivor.…
14) The choice to know will leave you in mourning.
But I prefer a clean slate to messy, lying equations.
15) Kevin Spacey: another actor's actor.
Do they think that us deplorables have never seen a film?
16) The complete list of Kevin Spacey accusers, as of late last year.…
17) The man hangs out with other men known to be evil.
18) We are not just pursuing the criminals.
We are coming to terms with the level of their criminality.
I love how our President smiles, knowing as he does what is coming.
But as a Nation, we are also somber. We must mourn.
19) "What do you suppose is on top of the caterpillar pillar?" my 10th grade ethics teacher asked, referring to fame and fortune.

20) I still wanted to be Anna Wintour.
21) How did Ellen DeGeneres become famous?
She's funny, but not that funny.
22) Ellen gave a very strange interview where she talked about how she seemingly did not even grieve over the death of an early girlfriend but instead used it as material for a comedy routine that started her on the road to fame.
23) The common thread here of course is a fatal flaw of character.
We in America have worshiped celebrities for so long.
We worship talent.
We bow before those who have made an idol of themselves.
Social media now affords any idiot this same capacity.
24) This article by Tom Peters was a watershed in the history of branding.
It was the moment when all us idiots realized how we could make ourselves sound good despite not being all that accomplished.…
25) There are those who argue that we must mourn only for the victims of child sex trafficking, child abuse, human trafficking, and so on. Real victims.
I hear that point.

But it's not a choice between one or the other.
We also have to come to terms personally.
26) The other night I had dinner with a friend.
Politics: off limits
Conspiracy theory: off limits
Social media: do not take the phone out from the bag
27) But as we left the restaurant I could not resist a parting shot.
Me, who never even knew the term "deep state" until maybe a year orrnWU3bKW4S
28) I had to red pill her.
I had to shock her into awareness.
29) And so as we left the nondescript building, surrounded by other nondescript buildings with nondescript signs, or maybe no signs, I said:

"And that is where they murder people."


30) I guess it bothers me that some people wrap themselves in shrouds of clouds, in fluffy disbelief.

Ignorance really will get you killed.
31) Worse, we have entered a deeply Orwellian phase on American history.

Another consequence of ignorance.
32) On the one hand all we hear is the steady drumbeat of "inclusiveness."
It's a big word salad of indoctrination, disguised as caring for otheyFRU3SLUIB
33) Of particular interest to the ruling class is the child with gender dysphoria.
Disorder? Heck, no!
Get them into surgery!…
34) What a shock! Peer pressure makes teenagers want to switch genders, and do it fast.

This completely common sense piece of "research" was yanked off the Brown University website.……PjFx46TWgB
35) And if you want to get into a good school, don't let them catch you following @RealAlexJones

But muh tolerance!…
36) The rabbi in Florida told a story about the Baal Shem Tov, the "Besht," the founder of Hasidism, which taught that serving God is fundamentally a personal thing, and book learning, while important, is not required.
37) The rabbi said that someone visited the Besht and found his students happy and dancing.

Enjoy this video about how a voice rings out declaring your soul mate before you're born.

Great Hasidic dancing.
38) Dancing and joy are critically important - depression is the handiwork of the Devil. The great Hasidic master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov spent much time on this.

Bonus video
39) Taking a break to watch that
40) Awesome
41) Rabbi Nachman said: "It is a great commandment to be joyful always"
"Mitzvah Gedolah Lihiyot Besimcha Tamid"
42) But how can you be joyful when there is so much pain in the world?
How can you be joyful when there are times it is appropriate to be deeply pained?
43) Understand the depth of this concept
44) So somebody visited the Besht and his students were dancing and there was no music. The guy thought the Hasidim were crazy and the Besht said:

"They hear a music that you don't."
45) Hasidim come from a heritage of wholesale slaughter.
We are no strangers to tragedy.
But the fear is worse than the tragedy.
Fear MAKES tragedy.
46) I mean, JUST LOOK at the POSITIVITY, the LOVE, and the ENERGY in any @POTUS rally.
47) Many of us, myself included, still face TREMENDOUS opposition if we even so much as dare to say, "Yeah, I'm a strong Trump supporter."
48) Watch the last 3 minutes of the Indiana rally. Watch the joy in the room. (Watch the President trace a Q.) Watch the people ERUPTING IN JOY as he says "WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" & the music starts.

49) There is great joy in the music posted by #QAnon.
The energy is with us

50) So let us circle back now, to celebrities, and then we can conclude with a very telling moment.
51) One of my favorite movies of all time is "Say Anything."
Remember the boomb0uY8zv1loy
52) Sadly however John Cusack does not want me to see his Tweets.
53) I found this curious and something told me to do a Twitter search.
54) And wouldn't you know it.

"Actor John Cusack Calls For A Coup Against Trump In Unhinged Twitter Rant: 'We need to kick Trump out of the office now He’s ill, deranged and…Ggi0hD8jq8R
55) A Tweet by Cusack from June 6, 2018 is quoted:

"We need to kick Trump out of the office now
He’s ill, deranged and dangerous.
He’s putting children in cages - fuck the Nazis- shut them down"
56) Please let me know if that quote is inaccurate.
57) Then I did another search.
58) Sure enough, there were a few accusations on Twitter that did not seem founded in anything except anger - so I won't even reprint them here.
60) September 25, 2014, to UK's The Guardian. Headline:
"John Cusack: ‘Hollywood is a whorehouse and people go mad’"

onaldTrump wasn't in the running for President yet.

Let's see what Cusack says.
61) The article begins with Cusack at a baseball game, late forties, ostensibly thinking he is going to get lucky with a "gorgeous girl - young."
62) (You tell me if you read this differently.)
63) “In the next box over there was a gorgeous girl – young, but she was looking right at me."

64) "I went to go to the bathroom and I saw her get up. I thought: ‘Ohhhh … she’s going to come and meet me and I’m gonna … you know …’"

"YOU KNOW" wink wink
65) "I was going to be really flattered."

66) "And she was, like: ‘I have to take a picture of you! You’re my mom’s favourite actor.'”

67) Of course the Guardian breezes right past this confession

"And so it goes. The twentysomethings crushing on Cusack in 1989 have become mothers..."
68) He calls Hollywood a haven for "predators":

"And there’s so much money – so of course all the predators come in.”
69) "Age is currency in the Hollywood of Maps. Stafford’s 13-year-old actor son, Benji, holds a studio to ransom over the pay deal for the next instalment (sic) of his “Bad Babysitter” franchise."

70) "A 26-year-old actress is 'menopausal' according to her teenage co-stars."

71) "Which bits of the film reflect Cusack’s own experience? 'Almost everything,' he says."

You have to wonder.
72) A profound insight: People in Hollywood don't hate Donald Trump just because they're pedophiles and he's fighting child sex trafficking.

I would argue that virtually nobody would say that.
73) Rather, they hate him because EVERYBODY DOES IT and he's stopping the flow to call them out.
74) Of course, nobody wants to think of themselves as a sick perverted criminal pedophile.

So they make excuses: "She knew what she was there for."
"I paid in full."
"Her agent knows the deal."
"This is Hollywood. Come on."
75) This concept is the theme of an Israeli movie (with subtitles) called Campfire.…
76) Now let's wrap it up with John McCain's funeral, and the appearance of one Huma Abedin before Sen. Lindsey Graham, ostensibly to give him a condolence hug.…
77) Here is a link to the funeral service in full.
78) Some pics showing what we are about to discuss. And the people.
79) What “transfer?”
Hang on.
80) Maybe someone else can find the precise moment this incident took place.
Basically, Huma Abedin walks up to Sen. Graham and gives him what looks like a condolence hug. She goes right past Henry Kissinger (!!!!). WH Chief of Staff Kelly and SECDEF Mattis see.
81) Abedin hugs him and walks away fast looking sad.
Graham has a pained look.
82) People are trying to understand why Graham patted his left jacket pocket afterward, as if to check that what was there, was there.

Trying to understand the look Kissinger gave Kelly.

Kelly scratching underneath his eye. ("I see you" is the consensus.)
83) But the most interesting person in this whole exchange is Senator Ayotte.
84) During the campaign, I happened to see this video, one of many showing former Vice President Joe Biden acting like a disgusting pig.

The object of his actions was Senator Ayotte's 6 year old daughter.…
85) Biden's behavior was well known to the Obamas.
But only as a political inconvenience.…
86) What has Senator Ayotte gone through in order to get where she is today?
What are the horrible memories, she will never want to talk about?
Surely that ceremony with Biden will forever stand as one.
87) As I mourn for the loss of our National innocence, I mourn for the unfair -- no for the TRAGIC sacrifices people have made, as they simply went about living their lives and doing their lives' work.
88) The next twenty years are going to be a national nightmare.
We are going to get through it.
But it will hurt a lot before we heal.
89) Don't let the universe steal your joy.
It is too precious a gift to waste.
And your sadness, fear and rage -- all create a doorway for the devil.

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