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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey & his VP, Del Harvey, of trust & safety are aware of these statistics, so why is Twitter targeting conservatives &Trump supporters? More than a quarter (26%) of U.S. Twitter users identify as black, while 24% identify as white, & 20% as Hispanic. .@POTUS
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is set to testify before a U.S. House of Representatives committee on Wednesday, Sept. 5 about longstanding complaints that his platform censors conservatives.…
Despite numerous examples to the contrary, Facebook and Twitter have long denied censoring conservatives. The censorship has been justified w/discovery of Russian election meddling, and allegations of collusion which began w/a dossier purchased by Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Instead of taking responsibility for their historic 2016 losses, the Dem Party also hoisted that responsibility onto Trump voters which the media, Dem Party, & Hollywood labeled as the blind, stupid, racist, Nazi cult followers of the second coming of Hitler —Pres. Trump.
The problem with the left’s hysteria alleging that Twitter is overrun by white conservative Nazis who harass minorities and gays, is that Twitter’s demographic data doesn’t support it. According to Pew, U.S. Twitter users are predominately liberal Blacks & Hispanics, ages 18-24.
A common excuse fed by leftists, FB, Twitter, & MSM hysteria to justify harassing conservatives is to allege that they are Russian bots. Pew determined they tend not to tweet politics. "The news that bots share on Twitter tends not to focus on politics"…
One would think that all who claim they want to improve Twitter's health to create a safer, less toxic enviro would first want to accurately identify the source. Blaming the wrong party only serves to increase racial tension and polarization unnecessarily. .@POTUS
Phil Keisling, at Portland State U's Hatfield School of Govt, reports that the median Trump voter age was 52 yrs old. The majority age range of Twitter users is age 18-29 primarily aligned with liberal ideology.@POTUS…
Other data further refutes allegations identifying U.S. Trump supporters and conservatives as the primary sources of racism, toxicity, and misinformation on Twitter because their age group uses Twitter less frequently than 18-29 yr olds.
If 282M active users are outside the U.S. & Twitter CEO & VP Del Harvey of trust & safety have engaged 40+ special interest groups to protect minorities/gays on Twitter against the implied Alt-right culprits hyped 24/7 by #MSM & Hollywood, data doesn't justify the assumed source.
According to Twitter's website, CEO Jack Dorsey and VP of trust & safety, Del Harvey, works w/these 40+ groups to develop rules. They represent different country's laws/governance, & cultural norms from around the world & judge American's and other's ideas & manner of speaking.
Considering the amount of power that tech moguls and their execs have over free speech is cause for serious and in depth investigation. Congress should learn more about them.
Jack Dorsey endorsed an article by Peter Leyden, laying out a blueprint for fighting America's 2nd civil war which he says has begun. CA. is his model for rebuilding the USA. Further more progressives must drive conservatives from power for generations.…
Flashback Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attends Anti-Cop Black Lives Matter Protests in Ferguson, sparks friendship with Black Lives Matters Deray McKesson who was arrested during the protests.…
Twitter's Jack Dorsey has probably not considered the disturbing message some of his actions have communicated. Unfortunately, whether it's fair or not, as a tech CEO, every action or inaction, he or employees take in business, or personally sends a message to millions of people.
For example, when Dorsey denies the accusations of thousands of conservatives who report they're being censored, but then he praises, & RTs an article stating America's 2nd civil war has started, & the blueprint to win calls for eradicating Republican's for 4-5 generations...
...what does he expect people to believe?
If Jack Dorsey attends Black Lives Matter's anti-police protests, then befriends a key member, and later a, NYTimes reporter's, anti-police, anti-white racist tweets surface from 2014, in which, Twitter's response to public outrage is to verify her account...
...what does Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, expect people to believe that he stands for?
Twitter, Jack Dorsey, when 900 verified accts tweet racist anti-white tweets but they are not censored, how do you expect that to improve toxicity on your platform, & promote improving racial relations? -->Tweets are here. (offsite screen shots are saved)
People, like myself, are confused about Twitter's rules. Behavior that Twitter endorses makes it impossible to know how to adhere to rules that are always shifting & selective. Clear abuse is endorsed. It does not help racial relations which is disturbing.…
Active accounts, again, confusing. If this had been Obama you can guess what would have happened immediately.

Jack you know that this is true and rightly so. It is not acceptable, blue check or not.
Here we see that Twitter rightly suspended accounts that made threats against Obama while tweets above of threats against President Trump are endorsed.

Selective censorship.
Journalists with verified accounts calling people to kill President Trump remain in tact. .@POTUS

Many large accounts have retweeted this thread which hits home to every conservative on twitter and yet the posts get a scant 82 RTs hours later.
Although Twitter is not responsible for this site, it poses a lot of interesting questions. For one, what is Twitter doing about 3rd party sites who claim to be able to interfere in our elections? .@POTUS @FEC @VP @GOPChairwoman @SenateGOP @WhiteHouse @HouseGOP
I realize that Obama was a popular, nevertheless, as I look at the 803,000 retweets on the tweet above, I'm reminded yet again of Twitter's censorship of conservatives. 800K RTs takes a coordinated effort, the kind that conservatives get censored for amplifying. .@POTUS
If Twitter is a platform for liberals only it should be stated as such. All the games and select censorship and reward without clearly defined rules that are universally enforced, do not do much for making for a less toxic public forum which Twitter is obviously not.
RT MUST READ: Tech Wars—Scientists prove that Google rigged the 2016 presidential election but that's not even close to being the scariest part of the story. .@POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @JessieJaneDuff @PoliticalShort @JMichaelWaller @repgregwalden @Debradelai…
Epstein's article doesn't mention that former Twitter CEO Even Williams is the same guy, along w/current Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who endorsed/RTd Peter Leyden's article. The one about how the Democratic party must eradicate Republicans for 3/4 generations & rule USA absolutely.
The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War:

Why there’s no bipartisan way forward at this juncture in our history — one side must win…
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