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(8) One of the worst things the alumni of that school did to keep people from dying is setting up their survival group on Facebook. Facebook cherishes the opportunity to kill its users by not letting them have meaningful conversations; Facebook routinely hides necessary
(9) interpersonal communications that would easily save the users if they were not being censored. Yes, Zuckerberg or whoever controls him IS that evil. (Remember, Zuckerberg is against Trump AND covers up murders and rape in Germany, ON THE RECORD; what he does off the record
(10) is probably even worse).
(11) The school in my tweet (1) above is about a concentration of desperate cases, but I think this sort of thing is going on in less concentrated forms all throughout the country. I bet it goes on in different regions, and even other countries, in different ways and timelines.

Do not believe that this was always the victims' faults.

I think there may be some among them for which they are to blame, but I think some of them are outright murders.

It is the only thing that seems to fit to me. I can't imagine ever wanting to give up.
(13) If I'm wrong, then don't stop looking for other ways to fix it.

For instance, absolutely stop the Obama-Holder era push to give Opiates to every white person in the country. That is one of the fastest ways to eliminate the problem.

And, stop importing things from China.
(14) Death sentence to anyone who delivers any type of Opiate to anyone that is not through a pharmacy, and stricter controls on pharmacies.
(15) They had government subsidy for opiate programs that forced killer drugs to people to keep them in the program. The programs would inject the people against their will, get them to test positive, get thousands of dollars, then throw away the bodies of the dead.
(16) Holder used felony prosecution against anybody looking into those programs or trying to stop them.
(17) I suspect they would contact families and friends of victims before killing them, check to see if any fuss would be made, try to talk the families and friends into keeping private and "the family shouldn't have to be bothered" and "it is none of anybody's business", then
(18) when verified that attitude took, the vitctims would be killed, money raked in from government, and another victim picked to bring in. If families complained or seemed like the type that would complain, the info on the families would be used to steal the house from the
(19) family, hitmen (more drug dealers or thieves or whatever) would go cause an "accident" (many types), home stolen, given to friends of the murderers, and sold for millions.

Obama & Holder have been enacting genocide against USA citizens for a long time.
(20) Even in that NYT article above, the person running the program wasn't like the people they were victimizing. Furthermore, once they got away with their scam, they distanced themselves with it ("want to put it behind me").
(21) What clued me off to all of this?

The war in Afganistan.
(22) At the time, we had no legitimate objectives that Communists would attain there, so I wanted to know why Democrats wanted the war machine to go full hog in Afganistan. I knew Democrats wanted to sweep up as many patriots for death in wars of suicide as the Democrats could,
(23) but I couldn't figure out what the secondary objective was; that kind of atrocity could be done in any of the war countries. Why Afganistan? What was there? The only thing I knew of was Poppy Seeds, Terrorists, and Heroin. At the time, not even I was aware that the
(24) communists were behind spreading ISIS/Socialist Islam terrorism throughout the world with help of Iran Mullahs. So I was trying to figure it out. I had lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, NYC, Portland Oregon, Des Moines, and Puerto Rico, and heroin was not popular;
(25) it was an outdated drug only old rockstars used. Rock music was outdated. So it made no sense to me. So I started to pay attention.
(26) The things I started to notice were three fold:

a. A communist-level propaganda campaign for "rights of pain sufferers" started up that wanted no treatment for the pain but wanted every right to get as much opiates as possible. The push was not from those with pain; it
(27) was entirely a political tool. As we now know, certain drug companies were pushing drugs known to kill people with advertising that they wouldn't kill people. But I think it was more than that: I think this was part of a program to open up the Afgan poppy trade for
(28) Democrat's (Communist's (China's and Russia's)) terrorists to kill Americans. All I knew at the time was that it was a bunch of idiots saying they needed pain medication as if it was more important than me going to work every day, and they didn't want to fix the problems
(29) that were causing the pain. In other words, they wanted to standardize bad medical care and death drugs. Welcome to Obamacare. That was before Obamacare, so while I suspected it was a ploy to normalize bad medicine, I didn't know how fast they were moving.
(30) b. The opportunities for whites were declining; they weren't declining a bit because of replacement of us by invaders; they weren't declining a bit because of affirmative action; they weren't declining a bit because of laws outlawing every aspect of being white;
(31) opportunities for whites during Obama time were declining at a record rate, far faster than everything else combined suggested those opportunities would decline. I suspected it was an orchestrated campaign to wipe us out. We now know that it is part of borderlessness &
(32) globalism that Bush, Clinton, Obama, McCain, and most of Cogress has been pushing on us for decades, in service for China & Russia.

What was the one thing that this had to do with opiates? The absolute hopelessness. Illegals have guaranteed work, housing, families, and
(33) a modicum of low standards they are allowed to live without being hastled by law. Whites don't have any of those advantages, and in fact, many, one by one on an individual basis, were realizing there simply were no opportunities available. This led to desperation, but
(34) experienced by each individual at a different time in a different place, because everyone has a different age, education, skill set, and desired workplace. There was no help to deal with the hopelessness; when they looked for others in their situation for solutions, they
(35) were rebuffed. Soviet Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, and every other type of foreign communist infiltrator would sit and stand at every doorway and insult the whites that came to look for work and tell them off like trash. That's what happened to me when I applied at Google.
(36) c. I was walking up from the subway in NYC in the upper west side back in around November of 2001. I saw maybe a 14 year old in the stairwell of the subway exit take out a baby-patterend packet the size of a nickel with a needle the size of a hair and stick it under his
(37) fingernails. He looked at me, realized I shouldn't have caught him, put it away, but not with the swiftness and fear that someone who, say, has illegal contraband on them in public would fearfully hide something if he saw someone come up; it was a level of expected
(38) acceptance that I knew must have been taught at school. I made a mental note of it, and indeed, it was the beginnings of the program to spread opiates throughout the country.

I wouldn't be surprised if they did this world wide.
(39) Why don't we know about this?

Well, mostly, we do, now. We have learned bits and pieces of it over the years.

Why isn't a bigger deal made about this?

Because the Communists own the media and the Communists kill anybody who can tell us for sure what was happening.
(40) How could they do so much so fast?

Well, I believe heroin has been plied on our population for decades, maybe even centuries, and communists have been A-B testing ways to avoid letting their drug dealers get caught, avoid letting the ringleaders get caught,
(41) and avoid letting the policymakers who plan for the genocide getting caught. They were meticulous and tried every approach, found every loophole where a good person or family member would successfully catch them, and one by one closed those loopholes until they could cover
(42) up everything.

Example: HIPPA. No one asked for it. Yet in that law is one of the most murderous things ever: a FELONY for anybody finding out how someone died.

Example: All the laws Gov. Brown just passed. They make it legal for illegals to murder citizens.
(43) Example: Audio recording in California without someone's consent is a FELONY.

Example: Video recording in a bathroom is a FELONY.
(44) Addendum: I said three things (a., b., c. above). One of the three things is students with a lot of potential, the intelligent ones, the ones who got good grades, who had every opportunity available for them, suddenly being found dead. But it was always in a place where
(45) it was illegal for anybody to talk about it: in a school bathroom, or something like that.

Furthermore, by now, I thought the programmers on the Internet would be far ahead of where they are right now. Finally, the university professors are catching up to where they
(46) should have been 20 years ago, but I've only started to see students come out of that quality of teaching. Smart people should have propelled USA far more far faster over the last 30 years than they have, and to me constant oppression by Communists & Regulation didn't
(47) explain it all; there had to be another effect. I think it's two-fold:

a. They kill the achievers, or buy them out. McCain is an old fasioned sell-out. The new ones they just off.

b. They kill the smart ones, the potential achievers, before they can achieve or
(48) put them in diversion programs to make certain they get caught up in problems that ruin their futures (bang their head, make them brain damaged, overdose, murder, etc.).

And on another scale, they do the same for strong citizens that could be patriots in wars even though
(49) they might not be smart. However a citizen could excell, whether it be in military, engineering, or programming, Communists have been diverting and killing our citizens for a long time.

But, I figured out all the above before I heard of the Confusious Institute, and THAT turned out to be a thing. If THAT happened without us noticing, HOW MUCH ELSE HAPPENED?!
(51) We've all seen the multiple scandals per day that Obama had. Is it really that hard for us to imagine that some of what I conjecture above is possible?
(52) As Scott Adams points out, when people look for explainations for why things are happening, they make stuff up, and then everything starts to fit that as confirmation bias, and our brain adapts to that. I'm sure that's happening to me. So my struggle is more to find
(53) inconsitencies to anything I've said above. I love it when I find out I'm wrong, because it is hard for me to fathom that much evil in the world. But, at the same time, it would confuse me a bit why they keep wanting to replace whites in USA and Europeans in Europe.
(54) Yes, I know, Neanderthals have always been exterminated, and Neanderthal DNA is what makes us white and a little bit more jew-ey (with the wanting to be smart and junk), but I've seen plenty of decent intelligence people of many races, and plenty of dumb whites, so I don't
(55) think that is a reasonable modern explaination. Furthermore, blacks are citizens too. Of course, they have been given a different hell by the Communists. Finally they're getting out of that and joining us citizens during #MAGA.
(56) I've also heard the theory globalists want to keep inflation positive instead of negative, so they always want more people rather than less, and they don't want deflation, so they import people to kill us rather than let our children make families at whatever cost we have.
(57) They decided we need lettuce, landscapes, cheap plastic parts, disposable homes, disposable cars, and a bunch of junk we simply don't need. And then they fire us, tell us not to procreate, and tell us to die.
(58) It's so insane, that free-market advocates told us that free-market principles wouldn't fix the decline in population caused by whites not procreating, even though it was the communists the globalists were brought in by telling the whites not to procreate, and even though
(59) it is the communists and the invaders (illegal aliens) taking the citizens' jobs that caused them not to be able to afford homes, wives, and families, that caused them not to procreate in the first place. So, the insane globalists would say that free market principles can't
(60) fix that, so therefore we need more free market principles to bring in the Chinese, Russians, and Mexicans, so that they can implement regulatory communism without free markets. THAT IS HOW INSANE THE GLOBALISTS ARE. Globalism is an EXCUSE for whatever those commies are
(61) trying to do to us.
(62) So, I think in conclusion, I don't know all of this for certain, so I'd like to be aware of the possibilities, while knowing who to blame and who to watch out for, we should put the evil past behind us, not let anybody do evil, get rid of all the problems,
(63) get rid of all the communists, illegals, and globalists, and help Donald Trump restore our country, and we ourselves should seek to restore our country as well. Look at the potential problems I list above not as a history book of facts or a way to be miserable, but as a
(64) warning of how bad it could get and why we must instead go the direction of improvement, logic, and self respect. To me, at some point, the above, as Scott Adams points out, becomes more of an explaination, and the only solution it suggests is knowing where to look to stop
(65) the evil people, and at the same time, we must be logical, foundation-oriented, look at what traditions are good and what needs updating (not trashing), and restore our civilization finally. THEN we can have hope, enjoy the sun and rain, farms and fresh air, property and
(66) businesses, and make our lives great again.
(67) Here's to improving our future!
(7) is here (looks like Twitter is delinking this a bit):

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