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Male omegas are rare. Rare, and highly sought after.

Jimin is a male omega who takes suppressants on the daily and hides his scent with blockers and beta oils.
It wasn’t until he joined Seoul University and met Min Yoongi did those precautions stop working. ImageImage
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Part 1: Male Omega~

The concept of soulmates was pleasing and romantic to anyone the thought came across. Just the idea of having someone born to love you made everyone squeal with delight, fawn over their imagination. Everyone, except Park Jimin.
It’s not that he doesn’t believe in soulmates or love at first sight, it just, he wishes it wouldn’t happen to him. Luckily the odds seem to been in his favor. He was already 19 and the chance of meeting your meant to be got slimmer and slimmer the older you get.
Jimin was a male omega, a rare breed that only housed up to 10 percent of the worlds population. They were considered of royalty in olden times. Aside from being practically worshiped, male omegas were also high in demand, not just in families, but also the black market.
Everyday there are cases of illegal omega auctions being busted or people going missing, and the male omegas were the number one targets. Not to mention the jealousy they tend to get from the female omegas whose total population was well over half,
The life of a male omega is just full of hardships.

Jimin, not wanting anything of this decided it would be a good idea to just hide his true identity. He posed as a beta, using the maximum dosage of suppressants a day and dousing all his sent glands in beta oils.
He liked the citrus scented ones. He had found out his status a week after his 15th birthday. Jimin had begged his parents for suppressants which they reluctantly gave him, now, only them and his younger brother know his true status.
That brings us back to the idea of soulmates. Once someone meets their soulmate, anything like suppressants, oils, and scent blockers are rendered useless. Scientists proved that once you meet your mate, your body reacts in a away that terminates anything that could possibly
effect your scent or keep your mate away from you. Jimin was horrified of the idea of meeting his soulmate because he knows once he does, no matter how high of a dosage he takes of suppressants, the world will know he is a omega.
This wasn’t a problem before, he was from a quiet town near the edge of Busan, population barely over 500. He knew every single person there by their first and last name, occupation and hobby. If his soulmate was in that town then he’d had met them by now.
Things were different now, Jimin was moving. It was going to be quite the change to get used to. He was accustomed to hearing the ocean crash against the rocky cliff only a few meters away, and the cheerful greeting of neighbors every morning, early at down.
But now, his mornings were going to be filled with the heavy waves of traffic and constant ringing of construction. He was moving to Seoul after being accepted into Seoul University for a scholarship in contemporary dance.
Seoul was full of new opportunities, new experiences, and new people which terrified him. If Jimin hadn’t met his soulmate in Busan, then he’d surly have a higher chance of meeting them now.
But, things were going to be okay. Life was going to okay, because he had a new beginning in a new city full of people that didn’t know him. He‘s going to get lonely living alone in an a very small apartment with overpriced rent and having no one to talk to at his worst moments,
but he was going to make it work... as a beta... right?
Jimin had moved away from his family only a few weeks ago. There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t miss them, but he was starting a new life now and wouldn’t let his family get in the way of his dreams. His first class of the year started on Monday, only a few days away.
Even though he’s been nicely settled for almost a month in his almost comically small apartment, he’s never found the time to actually greet his neighbours or wonder around the area. Jimin’s main focus was to unpack and get set up for the long lectures to come.
He’s taking a major in contemporary dance, and minoring in marine biology. If dances didn’t work out, then he’d hope to be a marine biologist. Jimin absolutely adored the ocean.
Jimin’s mother had always taught him how rude it was to not introduce yourself to the people around you. That had never been a problem when he was younger, but now with his male omega status, he avoided people as much as possible.
However, before Jimin left his mother made him promise that he’d make some friends, and he wasn’t about to disappoint his mom.

With a heavy heart and fingers crossed behind his back, Jimin stepped outside of his apartment and locked the door behind him,
making sure the keys were safely tucked in his back pocket. Jimin had already met the nice elderly widow beside him who spent most of her days in her apartment. He had also bumped into the single mom at the end of the hall with a 4 year old son named Minjoon.
So, he took the short walk to the room right in front of his, holding his breath and a plate of cookies he managed to bake.

3 knocks and a few seconds of waiting was all it took for the door in front of him to timidly open.
“Hello,” Jimin blowed a perfect 90 degree angle and smiled widely when he rose up again. “My name is Park Jimin, I’m your new neighbour.” He said almost too cheerfully and pointed at the door right across the hall.
The man in front of him had somewhat long blonde hair that reached the end of his neck. It look like a mullet but it suited him.

From his scent, Jimin could tell he was a beta with the muted smell of strawberries that radiated from the room.
But, there was an undertone of a musky, earthy scent that clung somewhere deep inside the apartment. It was almost intoxicating how attractive that scent was and that fact scared the shit out of Jimin.

“Hi,” he said back, only bowing his head slightly.
“I’m Taehyung,” his deep baritone voice shook Jimin to the core and clashed very much with the males soft outer appearance.

The two sat in a somewhat awkward silence, Jimin slightly dazed and Taehyung looking at him in question.
Finally after what felt like years, Jimin snapped out of it and brought the plate of freshly baked cookies closer to the man in front of him. “Cookie?” He asked.

Taehyung’s face lit up instantly as he grabbed two off the plate and shoved one in his mouth.
“Thanks,” he mumbled around the mouth full. “Mind if I grab some more for friend? He’s staying over.” Jimin nodded quietly and tried to not show his surprise when Taehyung took the entire plate from his hand. “Thanks Jiminie,” he winked.
“I can tell we’re going to be great friends.” Taehyung said before closing the door and yelling at someone in the apartment.

A somewhat stunned Jimin just looked at the door in front of him. “Well that was kinda rude.”
He mumbled to himself and walked back to his own little apartment.

His suspicions were justified though when Taehyung had mentioned someone else was in the apartment at the time. As curious at Jimin was, he hoped he never found out who.
University was just starting up. Luckily all of Jimin’s classes were at a reasonable time after sunrise which meant he didn’t have to get up ridiculously early.

Throughout the week before, Jimin and Taehyung had actually grown close.
The two managed quite a long conversation while Taehyung was returning Jimin’s plate back only a few hours after he took it. Mind you, it wasn’t really necessary seeing as how the plate was only made out of paper.
The young beta soon confessed after that he only brought it back so he’d have a reason to come over.

After that day, everything just kinda escalated. Jimin was sure that in a month or two he could easily call Taehyung his first, real best friend.
It was as if they had known each other for years already.

Jimin had managed to sneak into the betas apartment as much as the other had his own. Everything about it was the same as every other apartment in the building, aside from the few personal decorations or furniture he
had scattered around, and that distinguished, mouth water alpha smell that must be from Taehyung’s friend.

Apparently the alpha drops by a lot early in the mornings due to his out of order sleeping schedule and work.
Jimin was just glad that by the time he stepped out of his own apartment, the man was gone but he did leave behind the most calming earthy smell like the air right before it’s about to rain. Every time Jimin went over to Tae’s apartment,
the alpha scent was stale and barely noticeable but it still made the omega feel like he was drowning in it. Jimin was worried that if he actually did meet the carrier of this scent then he would drown.

However, it wasn’t just the scent that made Jimin want to run.
It was also this nagging feeling at the back of his skull that told him there was something special about this alpha and that was terrifying. Jimin wasn’t dense, he knew that who ever that alpha was, he was most likely his soulmate.
Call it fate that his neighbor’s friend was his soulmate and came over almost every single day.

From the information he managed to gather from Taehyung, his friend went to their university and majored in music composition.
He worked at a hipster record and cassette store a few blocks away from their apartment, and often spent hours on his projects in the recording studios in the performing arts building. Usually he’d show up at the betas apartment close to 3 in the morning,
getting in with his own key, and leaving at the crack of dawn to make it to his classes. Apparently the alpha didn’t like to walk around the streets late at night which was almost cute and endearing to Jimin.

Now that Jimin knew his possible soulmate’s schedule,
he knew where to avoid, and who to avoid. Though, it was hard to figure out if the rain smell that surrounded the area he was walking in came from the alpha, or the greying sky’s above.

Since university started, he didn’t think he would be able to see the alpha much.
Yoongi, Taehyung has gladly told him, was 4 years older than the two males and on his last year of school. All his classes would be in the more advanced levels than Jimin’s. He was only worried about the arts building.
Every single performing arts need was stationed at that building. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal with how many students spent their spare time there, but the dance studios were the floor right above the recording studios.
The entire design was just a flaw in general seeing as how the floor underneath the dance studio usually sent up someone to complain. But, every single day Jimin would have to walk down the long, treacherous hallway of music producers and recording artists to reach the stairwell.
During his small self tour of the area, his breath would hitch every time a door would open or there was loud movement inside the small rooms around him. There was one room though, one particularly recording studio that smelt very strongly of rain or cheap coffee at the very end
of the hall right next to the stairs. Jimin couldn’t believe his “luck.” So, every time he got close to that room, he would sprint as fast as his legs would take him in his thigh squeezing skinny jeans, and run up the stairs until he made it to his own booked studio.
To others, finding your meant to be was the highlight of their life. For Jimin, it was terrifying. Not because he didn’t want true love, he did, he really did so bad, but because he knew that all those extra precautions he took to protect himself would be rendered useless.
Sure, if he did man up and face Yoongi, he might have a strong alpha to love and protect him. But, taking suppressants was just about feeling safe for Jimin. Once the word gets out that he’s an omega, so many opportunities and dreams will be ripped from his hand because society
deemed the male omega class to be too pure and delicate to work. His dreams of dancing, making money, and living independently will all be thrown to waste and useless.
Jimin wanted nothing more than to run into his alphas arms and feel truly safe for once in his life, but he couldn’t. Jimin wanted love, but he wanted independence and freedom more.
“Ah Jiminie? What was your major again?” The two had already been going to classes for almost a month already.

Jimin’s body had practically become accustom to the late nights, tiring practice hours, and almost constant flow of some sort of caffeinated beverage
speeding through his system. There was an overwhelming amount of assignments and projects that just seemed to be constantly piling up. Jimin was swamped and at a loss of why he decided to take on so many difficult classes.
The constant feeling of regret and giving up loomed over his head but Jimin would never find the courage to give up, not when he’s already come to close to his dream of becoming a dancer.

“Contemporary dance, why?” Jimin looked over towards his beta friend who was
unfairly taller than him by almost a head. It was one of those rare days where their schedules matched up and the boys managed to spend an hour or two together before going to their next class.

Taehyung was a fashion design major.
Jimin had been lucky enough to be graced with the opportunity to see and even wear some of Taehyung’s original designs. Taehyungs style was unique but impeccable, whatever the beta wore would look like it came straight out of a fashion magazine.
Sadly, Jimin couldn’t say the same for himself. He was quite surprised his friend didn’t want to go into modelling, there was no doubt he would be successful with his tall lanky body and strong features, but Jimin could understand how Taehyung wanted to
become successful with something he created himself.

The two stopped walking and decided it would be best to sit under a shaded tree with their cafe made sandwiches and ice coffees. Sadly their little hangout session was almost over,
Jimin had to meet up with his partner for a group dance project in 20 minutes and Taehyung had his classes to attend.

“You’re going to be in the arts building late tonight, right?” He asked. Jimin hadn’t really thought about how late he was going to stay in his dance studio.
He was planning on getting home early to finish a paper due in a few days but he had managed to get a majority of it done during his break. His dance assignment was also due in a week so it wouldn’t hurt to stay back late and practice a little more.
Jimin nodded slightly and swallowed whatever food was in his mouth. “Why?”

Taehyung shuffled through his bag. Jimin’s eye catches some of his rough designs and sketches that as always, looked amazing. It wasn’t until Taehyung yanked out a few crumpled pieces of sheet music did
Jimin slowly show his confusion.

Jimin knew Taehyung dabbled a little bit in music, often recording in the studios for Yoongi. Speaking of Yoongi, Jimin’s eyes scanned the paper and noticed the said males name on the very top right corner, almost unnoticeable.
Oh no, he knew what was coming.

“Do you mind giving these to Yoongi-hyung?” The beta asked and handed the music over to Jimin who’s hands were visibly shaking. The paper undoubtedly smelt like the alpha and coffee, but mainly the alpha.
“I have to be at a photoshoot for my apprenticeship so I can’t give these to him.” He explained. “Yoongi needs these to complete a project and he forgot them in my apartment yesterday. Usually he’s in his studio around 10 but he might show up a little earlier.
You know which one it is, right Jimin? The one at the every end of the hall.”

As Taehyung talked, Jimin’s mind went blank. He couldn’t bring himself to reply. All the words the beta spoke went through one ear and out the other.
He had no idea what he was going to do but he definitely couldn’t say no.

Jimin always considered himself a nice person, always helping those in need or just smiling at strangers to hopefully brighten their day.
So, he wasn’t going to go against his nice nature just because he might have to face a certain alpha with an intoxicating scent. He especially couldn’t say no to Taehyung, the younger had done a lot for Jimin already,
even just being his friend made Jimin feel like he owed the male something. The rational thing for Jimin to do would be to deny his friend and say he had plans tonight but when his friend looked at him with those bright, doe like eyes and contagious smile,
Jimin knew he could never say no.

“Okay.” The omega mumbled quietly, effectively shutting up the other from his rant.

“Really?!” Taehyung jumped up and tackled the shorter into a hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He shouted and rolled them around on the grass.
“No problem.” Jimin said with a small smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

The two finished their sandwiches and coffee shortly after. Taehyung had to run to his class to be able to make it on time, but not before giving Jimin a giant hug and claiming the elder had “saved my life.”
Jimin’s day went on normally, attending classes and making quick conversation with the few friends he managed to make in some of his classes.

By the time it was getting close to 10 pm,
he thought it would be best to go to the arts studio so he could give Yoongi his music and get to practicing.

Jimin didn’t really know how to give the elder his papers without actually having to face him.
The omega was a mess of sweat and anxiety as he finally made it to the arts building and walked down that dreaded hall of recording studios.

He held the sheet music in his sweaty hands, crinkling them slightly.
He had come up with the plan to just slide the papers underneath the door and run away. It seemed like the most obvious conclusion to the predicament he was in at the moment.
The familiar scent of rain and coffee quickly flooded Jimin’s senses and he tried his best not to choke on the scent.

The omega bent down and shuffled the papers neatly so they would be easy to slide under the tiniest crack at the bottom of the door.
Just as he was about push the music under and let his one kind deed of the day be complete, he sensed another body hover him. “What are you doing?” A deep baritone voice asked, though it wasn’t as deep as Taehyung’s.
Jimin froze in an instant, he couldn’t even feel his heart beat in his chest. Jimin didn’t know who was behind him but there was no doubt about it that he was an alpha.
1 month, that’s how well he was doing, and goddamn did Jimin want nothing more than to kick himself in the face. He shouldn’t have said yes to Taehyung, he shouldn’t have hesitated, damn it, Jimin shouldn’t even be a omega.
Jimin blamed the already overpower scent of rain and coffee that made his senses go numb and unable to tell when someone was walking down the hall. He didn’t prepare himself for this situation.
The omega didn’t actually know if the alpha that stood over him was actually the Min Yoongi, but all he could smell was bitterness and cheap sweetener and he assumed the worst.

He stood up and turned around slowly, expecting his world to fall apart.
But, instead he was greeted with a curious looking alpha that was almost too tall with light brown hair and kind eyes. There was no fireworks, no punch to the gut or love at first sight. Jimin released the breath he didn’t even know he was holding with the heaviest,
most exaggerated sigh of his life.

“Oh thank god.” He huffed and clutched at his rapidly beating heart. The alpha stood his ground, confused as ever. “Hello, I’m Park Jimin.” The omega greeted with his classic 90 degree bow.
The introduction seemed to snap the alpha out of his small daze and he also introduced himself. “Kim Namjoon.” When the tall man bend down, Jimin got a whiff of pine and honey, an interesting scent but also very pleasant.
The shorter also managed to catch a glimpse of the mating mark at the base of the alphas shoulder.

“So he’s mated.” Jimin thought to himself. “That makes sense.” When two people mate, their scents are reduced, sometimes making them very hard to point out or almost nonexistent.
Only your mate can truly catch your scent, which in Jimin’s opinion, is very romantic. This helps to find out who is unmated or not.

“I’m sorry to ask again, but what are you doing?” The taller male asked after the brief silence between the two m.
“My friend Taehyung asked me drop off some papers for Yoongi-ssi, but I didn’t want to disturb his work so I was just gonna slip them under the door.” He lied smoothly, though not everything he said was a lie.
Jimin could tell the alpha bought it and pulled a set of keys from his pocket with a nod.

“Yoongi and I share a studio, he should be in there now.” Namjoon put a key in the key hole and twisted it so it would unlock. “You can give those to him yourself, if you’d like.”
Panic! Jimin was panicking.

“No!” He shouted just as the alpha was about to open the door. “I mean no, that’s alright. I have to get to my practice like right now.” He chuckled awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck.

Ding! He got an idea.
“Could you give them to him, Namjoon-ssi?” He asked with the biggest set of puppy dog eyes he could muster.

It didn’t take long for the alpha to stiffly nod his head once.
That was all Jimin needed, he bowed again and met multiple “thank you” rush past his lips before shoving the stack of papers in the rigid alphas hands and bolting up the stairs like his life depended on it, not looking back

Yoongi’s year so far had been nothing but a mess to put it bluntly. He was a hair away from getting fired from his part time job that barely pays the bills, and it’s his last year of university meaning that the amount of school work he had
to finish outside of school was practically impossible to complete. To top it all off, his mother had been nagging him to find a mate or at least start dating people, which he refused to even think about until he graduated.
The alpha was just about ready to lose his shit once the contact for his mom popped up on his phone for the third time that day.

“Hello,” he grumbled into the phone, not even trying to mask the annoyance that laced his voice.

“Hello, Yoongi. It’s your mom.”
The said male rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to the song he was working on. “I know, mom.”

“Then if you know it’s me, why am I getting attitude?” Yoongi’s mom was probably the nicest, most childish and sassiest middle age woman he’s ever met.
If you put those two in a room, it would be an overload of sarcasm as well as a few halfhearted insults thrown around. Yoongi was baffled that his mother still asked him where he got his “attitude” from.

“Mom, I’m in the middle of working, what do you need?”
“Have you found a mate yet?” She asked oh so bluntly.

Yoongi sighed, heavily. “No mom, I haven’t. We’ve talked about this a million times, I don’t want to even start dating until I’m done University.”

“Ok, well then you leave me no choice.”
Yoongi knew something bad was coming by the way his mom paused, knowingly building up suspense. “If you don’t find a mate by the end of the year, I’m setting you up with someone.”

When she say “setting up,” she really means forcing him mate with anyone she chooses,
and Yoongi knew that.

“But mom~” he whined childishly.

“Don’t mom, me.” She tsked. “And by end of the year, I legitimately mean the end of the year, not the school year.”

Well fuck. If it’s the beginning October now, that’s only left Yoongi with a little less than 3 months.
“Ok wait, that’s seriously isn’t fair.”

“You had your chance, so stop complaining. I’m expecting grandchildren by next year. Have a good day.” And with that she hung up, not even a goodbye or an I love you.

Yoongi knew why she was so desperate for him to find a partner.
She was afraid of getting old and she was already in her late sixties. Although she was extremely healthy and took good care of her body, she was equally superstitious and believed that at any minute she would die. Her addiction was based around star signs and the paranormal,
visiting shamans every week to know the future of herself as well as the people around her. The regular shaman she visits told her that her death would be sudden and unexpected so that’s where that fear started to build up from.
Yoongi knows everything that was said to his mother was utter bullshit, those “shamans” were bogus and said the same shit to every single client that came into their shop.

But still, even if he told his mom that she’d probably live a long life,
that didn’t change the fact that she expected him to not be single anymore by the time the clock struck twelve on New Years.

Yoongi might not be panicking now, but he knew that by the time he’d make it back home, Taehyung’s home more specifically,
he’d probably break down and have a panic attack or something jazzy like that. The alpha knew he’d have his friends help him, he could hardly imagine the amount of blind dates he’ll be forced to going on.

The man leaned back on his seat and sighed until the sound got annoying.
He couldn’t do much at the moment, literally, Yoongi would love to be working on his music and just forget the world for the few hours that he had before work, but he didn’t have anything to work on until he got his sheet music from Taehyung.
Stupidly he had left it at the betas apartment and didn’t have any time to go back between classes, so now he played the waiting game in his empty recording studio and opted to just play around with some samples he had.
An hour or so later, Yoongi caught the door opening. He slid the noise cancelling headphones down so they rested on his shoulders, and watched Namjoon shuffle into the room, looking slightly confused.

“Hey man.” He said and walked over to a vacant chair.
Once he sat down, the second alpha slid a pile of music towards Yoongi, the same music he was waiting for.

“Thanks!” Yoongi explained shuffled through the stack, making sure everything was there. “Did Tae give these to you?” He asked.
“No, a cute beta just outside your door did.” True to his word, when Yoongi took a whiff of the papers, it smelt like citrus with a hint of vanilla but the scent itself was foreign. Yoongi had smelling the same exact beta since school had started,
it practically radiated off of Taehyung and his apartment.

Non stop, his friend had been raving on about his new neighbor and friend, Park Jimin. “The most adorable human being that’s ever existed.” Taehyung’s words.
Yoongi has yet to meet the said beta but he couldn’t deny how curious he actually was. Any friend of Taehyung’s, was a friend of his, and maybe he’d even convince Jimin to go on a few dates with him, just to get his mom off his back.

Yoongi was in for quite the ride.

Jimin wasn’t quite sure if he could consider himself an omega anymore. He couldn’t remember what his natural scent was, or what a heat even felt like. But, he did keep track on the calendar of when his heats were normally supposed to hit if he wasn’t taking suppressants.
The first heat of the school year was coming up in a week or so, and Jimin knew he needed to be extra careful during those times.

Suppressants weren’t always one hundred percent effective when it came to heats or ruts.
There have been stories of omegas on suppressants during their heats, and the pill completely wore off, leaving them a withering mess on the floor because the product they chose to use, didn’t work.
When Jimin was still in grade school, he would practically bathe himself in beta oils until it was around the day of his heat, and then he would take the week off, not want to risk the effectiveness of the suppressants he took.
He always made sure to use a generous amount of the oils he used so he wouldn’t smell like an omega in heat when he got back.

But, it was different now. He could skip school without the fear of falling too far behind.
Jimin had no other option besides putting all his trust into a somewhat unreliable product. For now, he would take more pills, spray himself in more beta oils, and even light up sent blocking incense around his apartment.
The omega has never had any problems during his “heat” before but you could never be too sure.


The next time Taehyung had come over, he didn’t waste a single second before commenting on the amount of scent blockers around them.
There was about 2 in every room as well as a couple of candles which Jimin just had for decoration.

The two sat down on Jimin’s rickety old couch and munched on the take away they grabbed earlier.

“Yoongi Hyung wants to meet you.” Taheyung said so nonchalantly,
causing Jimin to choke quite violently on his noodles.

“W-why?” Jimin asked after gulping down some much needed water.

Taehyung sighed. “Don’t tell him I said this, but his mom has been pushing him to find a mate or else he’ll be put into an arranged marriage.”
Jimin stiffened. “I can’t even tell you how many blind dates he been on in the past week.”

Jimin should feel guilty, he really should, but instead he just felt a blinding sense of jealousy bury itself deep in his stomach.
He knows he has no right to be jealous, not when he’s the one hiding from his soulmate, but any thought of another omega going anywhere near his alpha made his blood boil.

Was it getting hot in here?
Taehyung looked over to his friend, practically feeling the tension roll off Jimin in waves.

“Look, if you really don’t want to meet him, that’s fine.” The beta shrugged. “I’ll just tell him to ask someone else.”
Jimin stayed silent, he couldn’t bring himself to lift his head up. The omega sat slumped, defeated, and battling his inner demons. He had never seen Taehyung look so disappointed and in all honestly it wasn’t a good look on the male.
Jimin stayed still, not daring to touch his noodles anymore, not even reacting when the taller of the two stood up and claimed to need use the bathroom.

It wasn’t until Taehyung called out Jimin’s name in something that sounded like confusion and distress, did the man look up.
And there stood his friend, standing outside the bathroom holding something that look suspiciously like a pill bottle.

“Jimin, what’s this?”

The said male squinted from the couch, not having very good eye sight.
When he caught the label of the bottle, a small gasp escape his lips, and it felt like the world froze. A shiver ran down his spin and a cold sweat built up at the temple of his head, Jimin had never been more terrified in his life.
Standing in front of him, was non other than his best friend, holding his bottle of suppressants.

“Jiminie?” Taehyung waved his hand in front of the said males face. “Hello?”

The omega had remained unresponsive. He was in shock and no one could blame him. For 4 years of his life, he had managed to sneak through society, posing as a beta with no problem at all,
not even his close relatives suspected him to be an omega.

He couldn’t even imagine that the day his secret was found out, would be because he was stupid enough to leave his suppressants pills out.
Jimin was at least somewhat relieved that it was Taehyung who found the pills rather than a group project partner or someone else he wasn’t nearly as close to.

Even if he could trust Taehyung with his life, he couldn’t stop the poisonous thoughts from running through his head.
The beta would most like brag to his friends about how he was friends with a male omega, or maybe he’d even leave Jimin, disgusted by his status.

Oh god, oh god Jimin couldn’t let that happen.
The omega was the verge of a panic attack, feeling his heart thrum against the cage of his chest, his breathing quickened. He felt bile cling to walls of his throat and suddenly he couldn’t breath.

Jimin gasped for air as eyes teared up. It felt like he was drowning.
His blunt fingernails dug into the meat of his thigh like it was his last life line, but suddenly it wasn’t as he felt Taehyung’s warm hand rub over his back and whisper softly to him.

“Breath Jiminie, just breath.” He hummed and released waves of his calming beta pheromones.
The omega calmed down and slumped onto Taehyung’s shoulder, crying softly on the cotton of his shirt. “‘M sorry.” He mumbled softly with a sniff.

“You don’t need to apologize, Chim.”

Jimin sat up at looked Taehyung straight into the eye, feeling unable to cry anymore.
“No,” he said. “I’m sorry for lying to you. For not telling you the truth.”

The beta stared wide eye’d not quite understanding but he stayed quite nonetheless.

“Taehyung... I’m an omega.”

The silence after that was almost deafening.
There was a long pause that was only filled with traffic from outside the apartment or the occasional footsteps sounding outside of Jimin’s room.

The beta’s eyes grew impossibly wide, shock evident in his entire being.
Jimin was prepared for the worse, for his friend to yell, leave, anything, but he didn’t expect a hug and more soothing words after that.

“It’s okay, Jiminie. I’m glad you told me, even if it was kinda forced out of you.” And Jimin felt like breaking down all over again.
He was grateful that Taehyung understood that he needed this to stay a secret between them only.

Of course this led to the two to talk for the rest of the night. It mostly consisted of Taehyung asking questions and that Jimin would gladly answer,
it felt nice to finally have someone who knew, who he could rely on when things got tough. Though this system of ask and answer obviously led to the topic of a certain alpha.
“So did you not want to go on a date with Yoongi because he’s an alpha? ‘Cuz if that’s the case I know a bunch of betas who would-“

“It’s not that!” Jimin quickly cut him off, blush heavy on his cheeks. “I’m fine with alphas actually, its just that-“ he paused.
How should he explain this? “You know that story about how if you take suppressants and once you meet your soulmate they don’t work anymore?”
The beta nodded to this and Jimin refrained from speaking again, too embarrassed to say it out loud but also because he wanted to see if his friend could figure it out.
It took a minute or two but eventually Taehyung’s eyes grew comically wide as he jumped up from his seat and bounced around the apartment.

“Holy shit!” He yelled. “Yoongi is your soulmate! Your soulmate is- Oh my god, I can’t believe this!”
He cheered and eventually Jimin got him to calm down.

“And you realize why I can’t meet him, right?” The omega asked, making sure his friend one hundred percent understood his situation.

“Don’t worry Jiminie, I’ll protect you from lil’ Yoongles.” He cooed. L
Jimin was grateful to have such an understanding friend.

The two decided to call it a night once the clock struck 2, both knowing that if they were to stay up any later, they could basically forget about going to their morning classes.
Jimin knew that he would have to confront Yoongi soon, especially now that Taehyung knew and the fact that his soulmate will be put into an arranged marriage by the end of December.
He wished he could keep his secret for longer, but he knew he could survive the world as a male omega as long as he has people like Taehyung around him, and he was sure Yoongi was going to be great as well.
For now he would live his life as a beta for a week or two until he gathers up enough nerves to confess, then he’ll see where life takes him after that.

Yoongi’s life, to put it bluntly, had gone to shit.

One month, 31 days, was all he had left and his relationship status was still stuck at single. He couldn’t even tell you how many dates he had been on,
how many hopeless attempts at flirting he’s had to put himself through. Sure there had been a few nice matches, like Hoseok, a beta who majored in dancing and dabbled in street performing, but they acted more like close friends rather than a couple.
Yoongi was even willing to go on dates with a couple alphas, and those had been disastrous. Yoongi wouldn’t call himself a stereotypical alpha, he took pride in his chill demeanor, but during those dates, it was a constant battle of pheromones and dominance.
Regardless of how the night went, Yoongi now understood why he didn’t see as many alpha couples walking the streets.

Omegas were pretty much out of the picture for him, mainly because he was in fact gay. Maybe one day he’d meet an unmated male omega,
but even if that happened he doubt someone of that status would even look in his direction.

Yoongi thought he was pretty good looking, sure he wasn’t the tallest or strongest alpha you could ever meet but he made up for it in other factors.
Nowadays, appearance wasn’t always everything. Though, right now, he wasn’t quite sure what to think.

His self esteem has been taking quite the beating lately, not being able to land a second date with anyone.
Aside from the fact that he was mildly social awkward, he couldn’t understand why no one would call him back.

The alpha might as well go as far as to saying that he’s attempted a date with almost every single unmated male on his campus.
But, there was still Jimin. The mysterious beta who was basically nonexistent in Yoongi’s life besides the familiar scent of citrus that followed Taehyung around and lingered in his apartment. Yoongi had yet to meet Jimin and even now Taehyung seemed reluctant to introduce them.
“Do you like him?” The alpha asked, frustrated.

Taehyung had only chuckled in response and continued on with his studying.

Today was the first of December, meaning midterms were just around the corner, and every single student was in a rushed frenzy to try and
cram as much knowledge as they could into their already overworked brains.

Yoongi was staying over at Taehyung’s apartment, as always. It was already well past midnight and Yoongi’s shift at the record store had only ended an hour ago.
He was so grateful that his friend was always willing to let him stay over on the nights he had to stay up late, Yoongi didn’t like taking public transit at night.

Taehyung was studying intensely while Yoongi leisurely laid on the couch, flipping through movies on his laptop.
He should be studying, but the alpha couldn’t even bring himself to even touch his books, motivation and determination had all since abandoned him since his last date ended horribly.

“If you don’t like him, then why can’t I meet him?”
Yoongi whined, literally whined, and Min Yoongi never whines.

“It’s not my place to say.” He simply replied and that’s how a majority of their night went.

At one point, Yoongi had dozed off.
He was a light sleeper so it was only a few hours later when he was awoken by a loud knock on the door. He listened as Taehyung’s chair groaned and screeched against the hardwood floor as he stood up. The beta swiftly moved towards the door obviously trying not to wake the alpha.
The door opened, and then the scent hit him. The smell of citrus today was almost overwhelming and Yoongi tried his best not to choke. Jimin was right there, right on the other side of the door and that thought alone caused the alpha to shoot up from the couch.
“Now’s not really a good time, Minnie. Yoongi-hyung is over.” He heard Taehyung say.

There was a reply, a very quite and faint reply and Yoongi almost didn’t catch it, but he was glad he did.

“Oh, alright.” Jimin said. “I’ll see you tomorrow then. Thanks again, Tae.”
Jimin’s voice was sweet, high pitched, and as cliche as it sounded, like music to Yoongi’s ears. The elder couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his lips. Jimin’s voice was on repeat in his mind and he’s never heard anything more beautiful before.
Was it possible to feel something for someone you’ve never even met, never talked to or seen? Yoongi didn’t quite know the answer to that but god, did he want to meet Jimin so bad.
He felt some odd connection towards the mysterious beta, something that pulled him towards the stranger and tugged at his heart almost violently.

Yoongi had dates before, many, and he’s had quite a few small relationships,
but whatever he felt towards those people before paled in comparison to his feelings now. He truly felt like he was going to go insane if he didn’t meet Jimin soon.

The door closed and Taehyung shuffled back to his desk, a sigh falling past his lips.
“I need to meet him, Tae.” Yoongi said, eyes still trained on the door and the smell of citrus lingered tauntingly in his nose.

“I know, hyung, I know.”

Jimin was a coward. He was such a big coward, he couldn’t even think of denying it. Over the past couple of months he’s had a plethora of opportunities to meet Yoongi yet he avoided all of them and instead ran away like the coward he was.
It should be that hard to go up to someone and say. “Hey, I’m your soulmate. Sorry for avoiding you for so long.” And, there had been countless of times where he was so close to confessing but his anxiety eventually pushed him to procrastinate on the topic
and the next thing he knew it was already December and he only had one month left.

Jimin had stood outside of Yoongi’s studio, Tae’s apartment when he knew the alpha would be there and yet he couldn’t bring himself to knock on the door.
At this point Jimin thinks he should forget about soulmates in general, but the books he signed out from the library about soul bonds stated that losing a soulmate could lead to strong illnesses and sometimes death if the heartbreak was as severe.
It was cliche of Jimin to think that he was legitimately going to die of heartbreak if he didn’t confess.

Jimin had just gotten done with his dance practice for the day. He was on the university’s dance team and he enjoyed it somewhat.
All of the dancers in the team were amazing but most of them only joined as a hobby or for the credits. The passion in the group wants as nearly as dramatic as Jimin hoped for because dance was his life and couldn’t even think about living without it.
He has been feeling slightly dizzy and ill recently and if Jimin was to guess it was because of his upcoming heat. The dance instructor sent him home early with a pat on the back and tight smile.

By the time he had made it back to the apartment, it was a little past 11 pm.
Jimin didn’t really feel hungry so he just decided it would be best to skip his daily trip to the convenience and just go home instead.

He had plopped down on his rickety old couch with a huff and turned on the tv after dropping his bag and locking the front door.
There were only reruns of old dramas on tonight.

Jimin knew that it was going to be a long night. He wasn’t as tired as he would be after coming home from a day of dancing, he didn’t quite push himself today and the instructor sent him home early.
Usually he would rely on the exhaustion he got from dancing so much to knock him out once he got to his apartment. Sadly, today was not going to be that day.

After watching a few dramas and even an idol reality show,
Jimin decided he didn’t want to be alone tonight and thought it was best to go to Taehyung’s apartment and invite him over for a Disney marathon.

It was only a little past midnight and there was a high possibility that Yoongi would be over,
but Jimin couldn’t bring himself to care anymore.

He left his apartment and made sure to keep his door wide open so it didn’t lock him out, and he crossed the hall to his friends doors. He only had to knock twice, knowing that the beta would still be awake at this hour.
And sure enough, the door opened and there stood Taehyung, reading glasses perched on his nose, and the stench of coffee tainting his breath.

“Hello,” he said with a smile.
Jimin could smell Yoongi in the room and he wanted nothing more than to push past his friend and go to the alpha. But, he ignored his temptations. “Wanna come over for a Disney marathon?”

The younger sighed. “Now’s not really a good time, Minnie. Yoongi-hyung is over.”
He said with a sad smile and Jimin instantly felt defeated.

He was so close to saying that Yoongi could come over too but he held it back and instead said, “Oh, alright. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Thanks again, Tae.” And with that Jimin left.
The omega didn’t really know why he thanked Taehyung, maybe it was for keeping his secret, or even being there for him when he needed it. Either way he was still grateful for having the beta in his life.


That night Jimin was restless.
He couldn’t seem to sleep for more than a few hours without waking up to smallest noises, an alley cat howling outside, or cars honking in the streets.

It was hell and of course having only 4 hours of sleep, meant that he’s going to be running on fumes for his morning class.
Jimin had managed to get out of bed 30 minutes before his class started. He got changed into his biggest oversized hoody and bolted out the door. He probably looked like a mess with his hair sticking up in all directions like a mad man.
He noticed a someone walking into the elevator and the doors were slowly closing. “Wait, Please!” He shouted and threw his bag straps onto his shoulder.

The stranger held open the doors and once Jimin made it through, he bowed gratefully and thanked the man continuously.
The button was already pressed to the main floor so Jimin just stood in the corner and tried to catch his breath.

The doors closed.

By the time elevator made it to the 5th floor, Jimin noticed the eyes on him. He felt a glare on the side of his head and slowly turned his head.
There there he stood, the same man who was in countless of the pictures around Taehyung’s apartment, the man who he was religiously avoiding for months, the man whose smell was addicting like the strongest drug. His alpha, his soulmate, Min Yoongi.
The elders eyes were woe with dilated pupils. He didn’t move his eyes from Jimin’s frame, not even when the younger turned and made eye contact. Both were frozen but for different reasons.

Yoongi looked like he wanted to say something, anything.
Jimin had to admit that the alpha looked adorable with the star struck look on his face, and mouth agape like a puckering fish.

The omega in Jimin preened and yet all Jimin felt was overwhelming panic.
Once the doors opened at the main floor, the omega bolted, and Jimin didn’t look back, not even when he heard the alpha’s rumbly, baritone voice call his name.

Jimin felt horrible.

It was one thing to run away from your soulmate without them even knowing you exist, but it was completely different to run away from your soulmate during your first encounter. It was a dick move on Jimin’s part and he couldn’t even think about deny it.
He felt gutted, his heart had turned to lead. There was a knot at the back of his throat, it was practically suffocating, no matter how hard Jimin swallowed, coughed, it would go away. His mind nagged at him to turn around and explain himself to Yoongi like the elder deserved.
The alpha seemed like an amazing guy from what Taehyung had told him, but he just wasn’t ready, at least not during this particular morning with greasy bed head, toothpaste stuck to the corners of his mouth, and wearing his old, worn out hoody that was to big on his small frame.
Had Jimin looked more presentable, he might have stayed to talk, at keast that’s what he’s telling himself.

The omega had sprinted the entire way from his apartment building to his first lecture and miraculously he made it on time.
Though after that panicked sprint, he felt uncomfortably hot and sticky under his thick hoody. A small trickle of sweat flowed down his temple pooled at his jaw. He felt unreasonably sweaty. But, he ignored it and took at seat just as his lecture began.
The entire class was boring as usual, and Jimin couldn’t even keep his mind focused on the teachings that were going on. His thoughts always drifted to Yoongi, wondering if he was heartbroken, angry, happy, or even disappointed. Maybe Yoongi didn’t even want to meet his soulmate.
The very thought planted dread at the pit of Jimin’s stomach.

The lecture was almost over and by now Jimin was counting the seconds in every minute until they’d be dismissed. He felt unnaturally jittery and unnerved as if he was expecting something big to happen.
He felt odd. His leg wouldn’t stop bouncing and his hands relentlessly bounced the ball of his pencils eraser on the top of his desk. He was still overly toasty, heart bouncing against his rib cage even though he should have cooled down by now,
and a small burning sensation flared in his gut that only got worse by the minute. His stomach felt empty and ached every time he moved, and deep pain stabbed itself into his abdomen repeatedly like his stomach was cramping.
Jimin was thinking maybe he had eaten something bad yesterday, or his body was reacting from the lack of sleep and food he shoved quickly into his system during the past days. Either way, he was getting an unnerving amount of stares from his peers and he didn’t quite no why.
Was he making too much noise? The omega could vaguely hear himself pant through the ringing in his ears, when had he evn opened his mouth? There was only 30 minutes left until his lecture ended, surely he could make it through the class without passing out or
throwing up from the pain his stomach cramps were causing.
It was like he was cooking from the inside out, as if he accidentally ate a spark, only to have his insides be used as kindling to fuel the flare.
His tongue was dry, throat sore, head throbbing, and body burning. Jimin was sure he was dying.

It wasn’t until he felt something thick and warm slip past the globs of his cheeks and soak into the material of his sweats, did he know what was happening. He was going into heat.
It all made sense now. He probably smelt like a newly presented omega with how strong the pheromones were he was given off. His senses were flooded with the sickly sweet smell of an omega in heat.
You couldn’t quite blame Jimin for not realizing what was happening, his last heat had been too many years ago to count. Though he didn’t understand why he didn’t put two and two together sooner.
Once you meet your soulmate, any medicated or scent blockers used to hide your true scent would render useless. All the heats he had skipped over in the last 4 years by drowning them out with suppressants and other medications were now quickly getting back at him.
He was having his first heat since he presented and Jimin wasn’t sure if he’d be able to survive.

The omega jumped up in his chair and quickly ran out of the room, the professor not even attempting to stop him.
Jimin hobbled over to the nurses office the best he could, the pain becoming almost unbearable. The clothes he wore felt uncomfortable and scratchy against his skin. With each step he took, he felt closer to collapsing onto the ground.
Jimin would give anything to pull of his itching hoody right now, but he couldn’t do that, not while standing in the middle of a hallway.

He quickly made it to the nurses office who was thankfully a omega, and explained the situation the best he could through his harsh breath.
“We need to get your alpha with you, honey.” She said, pressing an ice pack to his forehead and dabbing away the sweat at the back of his neck. “It’s not safe for newly bonded mates to be separated for the first few days.
This is your bodies way of forcing you two together by putting you into heat.” It sounded like she had been reciting her words straight out of the “Soulmates 101” textbook, something that was a manditory read in elementary school, everyone knew all of that already.
Jimin wanted to laugh but he couldn’t even bring himself to open his lips. His brain was starting to get foggy.

“Jimin, honey, we need to know his name.”

The pain emitting from his stomach felt like violent stabs, shooting through his entire body. The pain was too much.
The world felt fuzzy in Jimin’s eyes. The lights in the room slowly molded together. The nurse called for his name multiple times until the word simply sounded like an annoying buzz in his ear.
The searing pain in his abdomen suddenly went numb and it felt like he was floating on a cloud. He would have been perfectly content with staying there forever, but the paradise was missing something. It was missing the smell of rain.

Yoong‘s heart was ecstatic. He didn’t know it could ever beat this wildly in his chest, practically ready to burst right out of his skin. His nostrils were flared, and pupils dilated, taking over the iris of his eye. All his senses were screaming at him,
and that little voice in the back of his head was chanting “mate” so loudly that the alpha didn’t even notice when the elevator stopped at the main floor with a small ding. And there ran his omega, away from the elevator, away from Yoongi.
The alpha within him howled loudly, crying over the fact that his soulmate had just rejected him. His chest felt gutted. With an arm extended towards the one that was supposed to me his and a knot building up in his throat, Yoongi stood as still as a statue, doors almost closing.
“Run, Yoongi” he hissed to himself, taking a stiff step towards out of the elevator. “Run after your mate, you stupid fuck.”

And so he ran.

He didn’t know where he was supposed to go, he didn’t even know Jimin’s first class, but he tried to follow his scent the best he could.
But, the normal beta citrus scent was tainted with something, tainted with the smell of roses and vanilla, very omega. It must be Jimin’s natural scent, the one he tried so hard to hide from the world.
As he ran helplessly around the campus, effectively being very late for his job, he phoned up Taehyung.

“Hello?” His beta friend’s voice sounded through the receiver.

“Taeyhung, I-I ran into J-jimin and I-“ he paused, trying to catch his breath.
“I don’t know what to do, he just ran away and I’m trying to find him.”

Yoongi heard a very audible sigh from the other side of the phone. “His first class is AP biology, don’t be confused if he runs away again when you find him.” The line went dead.
Yoongi didn’t really know what all of that meant but without a second thought he ran towards Jimin’s class.

As soon as his entered the science building, an overwhelming smell of roses, vanilla, and heat attacked all his senses.
Without even thinking, Yoongi ran towards the source of the smell, not caring if he bumped into anyone.

It felt like he was drowning in the most pleasant way, the scent of Jimin was intoxicating and Yoongi could already see himself becoming madly addicted.
Yoongi didn’t know where he was going, the AP biology lap already forgotten. He rushed forwards, not even knowing which direction he was heading in, but he let his instincts guide him, and he trusted his instincts.
The door for the nurses office came into view and the smell of an omega in heat overwhelmed the smell of roses. Yoongi wasn’t even sure if Jimin was in there, but he still surged forward, forcing open the door.
There in the white hospital bed, laid his omega, sweat clinging to his crown of his head, and brows creased in a frown.

A bunch of nurses surged forward, trying to contain the alpha who was trying to push his way towards the omega, most likely thinking he was feral and
maddened by the pheromones of an omega in heat.

There was at least 5 betas trying to push him back, even some students came to help.

The room was chaos with shouting and orders, but all of Yoongi’s attention was on Jimin.
His beautiful precious omega who was withering alone on the bed, suffering.

Yoongi watched at Jimin stirred, shifting around and letting out a chain of pained whimpers. Everyone froze.

Jimin’s eyes weakly opened, gaze unfocused.
He squinted towards the large group by the door of the room and his body quickly relaxed at the scent of his alpha.

“Y-yoongi.” He cried out, whimpering and reaching his hand out towards the only alpha in the room.
No one even tried to stop Yoongi as he surged forward and gather Jimin up in his arms, picking him up and whispering apology after apology. They left the room and headed towards Jimin’s apartment.
Jimin passed out again, but he clutched tightly onto the collar of Yoongi’s shirt, humming happily and rubbing into the elders scent gland every so softly.

Yoongi’s alpha felt content.
The jog back to the apartment hadn’t taken long at all, not with Yoongi’s instincts going haywire, making all rational thoughts fly out the window and causing him to growl at any passing student whether they be an alpha or not.
He couldn’t keep his head straight, at least not with Jimin, his mate’s pheromones flooding through every single pore on his body , rose and vanilla drowning his senses, but he did know that he had to protect his omega no matter what.
It was strange of Yoongi to think of Jimin as his omega, a male omega. The alpha had never even considered himself even close to the league of a male omega and yet here he was, bound by the soul to one of the most beautiful omega’s he’s ever seen.
Though there was that wicked thought in the back of his mind that echoed over and over again, Jimin didn’t really want him, he didn’t want Yoongi, after all he did run away from the elevator.

No matter what Jimin thought of him, Yoongi had to get him home, fast.
Some how the alpha managed to slip his phone free from his pocket, Taehyung’s number already on speed dial. The omega in his arms shifted and whimpered uncomfortably, the elder tried his best to give off a pungent calming pheromones,
hoping the ache in his beautiful mates body would delay for moments longer.

The building was coming into view just as Taehyung picked up the phone after what seemed like hours even though it barely rang for a forth time.
There was a heavy sigh on the line, “look, hyung, I told you not to be disap-“

“Jimin’s in heat!” Yoongi yelled over the phone, flinching at the prominent panicked tone in his own voice. “He’s in heat and I don’t know what to do!”
With shaking hands, Yoongi opened the main building door, rushingly punching in the code on the keypad and almost dropping his phone, completely missing what Taehyung had said in that moment.
The alpha could hear the panicked shouts of his name through the receiver, a constant chant of “Yoongi!” shook his eardrum.

“Sorry I’m here.” He said, booking it towards that dreaded elevator.

“No matter what you cannot touch him, okay, hyung?”
Taehyung sounded scary serious but Yoongi wouldn’t even think of going anywhere near Jimin like that without consent. After all, health class in high school highlighted very much on the fact that an omega must consent before a heat for it not be counted as sexual assault and
taking advantage of lucid states. Jimin was his mate, and Yoongi planned on loving him entirely for the rest of his life, and he much rather not mess that up with stupid mistakes now.

The elevator ride was agonizingly slow, more so than this morning.
Taehyung had hung up with the promise to meet Yoongi at their apartment in 30 minutes, and so the small lift was silenced with the exception of Yoongi’s harsh breathing and Jimin’s occasional whimper.
Rose and vanilla overpowered everything else and it took all of Yoongi’s will power to hold back, to not lose control. He liked to pride himself on his self control but right now, he was walking on a tight rope that started to thread and break.
Finally, with a ding, the doors open and out bolted the alpha.

Taehyung had told him Jimin always kept a spare key under the cat figurine in front of his door, and with shaking hands he finally got inside Jimin’s apartment.
It wasn’t much different then his beta friend’s, but it overwhelming smelt of citrus, scent blockers, and chemicals. The citrus that Yoongi had grown so accustomed to, slowly dispersed, overpowered by the omega’s natural scent.
It seemed to dangerous to breath now that the tight rope was just about to snap.

Yoongi walked in the direction of where he assumed to bedroom was, basing it off of Taehyung’s own floor plan.
He found it quickly and wasted no time when dropping the omega off on the bed and darting out of the apartment as fast as he could, ignoring the ache and annoyance that flared in his gut from just abandoning his omega who was in fact in heat, alone and calling out for his name.
No, he couldn’t think of that now. With the same key, he firmly locked to door, comforting himself by repeating over and over again that Taehyung would come and help Jimin, even if it made Yoongi boil with jealousy.
With a dilemma running through his mind, the alpha couldn’t even think of stepping a few feet away from Jimin, so instead he sat on the floor, in front of the omega’s door, banging the back of his head against the frame as his mates pained whimpers filtered through his ear.
He prayed Taehyung would get there quickly.
News had spread around quickly that there was another male omega on campus, of course there was obviously some big news with a half feral alpha running around. Taehyung had left his lecture the minute his phone call with Yoongi ended,
shoving his papers and laptop into bag haphazardly before bolting straight out of the lecture hall. He could deal with his teachers nagging another time.

The beta knew both of his friends had made it back to the apartment, but as much as Taehyung loved Yoongi,
he didn’t know how much he could trust him around Jimin. For his entire life, Jimin had locked away his omega, drugged up on suppressants 24/7 and not letting his body development in a natural way. Years upon years of heats he never had were all slowly building up in his body.
Growing, and growing until eventually the dam cracked, and apparently that happened today.

Heats weren’t something to be taken lightly. They’re painful, degrading, and a waste of time, but they’re healthy. Taehyung, having never even come close to going through a heat,
could only imagine what horrible pain Jimin was going through, especially if this was his first heat in years.

The man was breathless when he managed to make it to his apartment, and he couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of a defeated Yoongi sitting outside the door,
destress evident on his face.

“Hey, hyung.” Taehyung smile, crouching next to the alpha.

“Hi,” Yoongi mumbled back. He looked tired, probably because he had been fighting some pretty nasty inner demons for half an hour. “I-I think Jimin passed out,”
he said with a shaking voice. “I don’t know, I can’t hear anything anymore.”

Taehyung nodded. “I’ll go check on him. Go lay on my couch if you’re tired, hyung.”

Yoongi grumbled and stood up.

The beta took the key from the elder and unlocked the door,
scraping the mud off his boots on the welcome mat. Before he could open the door though, Yoongi grabbed onto his arm, dragging the younger back a little. “I’m trusting you, Taehyung. Please... take care of him.”
The said man smiled and nodded, and with that Yoongi let go and entered the apartment across the hall, sending longing looks towards Jimin’s apartment door.

As soon as the elder shut the door, Taehyung burst into Jimin’s apartment, panicking at the lack of sound.
He had read on how dangerous it was for omegas to suppress even one of their heats and Taehyung feared for the worse.

He threw his stuff on the couch after locking the door, and rushed towards the bedroom, ignoring the extremely pungent smell of roses and vanilla.
He opened the door and relaxed, letting out a long breath.

Jimin was alive, he was breathing fine, but he looked like he walked through hell and back. Sweat clung to every surface of his body, causing an oily sheen to glow against the dim light coming in through the window.
He was pale, he looked thin, sickly. It wasn’t an easy sight to see, seeing his friend so weak made Taehyung uneasy, and he was happy Yoongi wouldn’t see his mate like this.

And so, Taehyung got to work.
First, he managed to get Jimin to drink some water and eat a few little spoon fulls of yogurt. He undressed him, and ran a cold bath which didn’t take long at all to fill up.

Jimin was almost alarmingly light, even for a beta himself,
there was no problem while transporting the omega from his sticky bed sheets to the tub. Taehyung made a mental note to make Jimin eat more once he was well again.

His skin was extremely hot, practically burning and a website had said that cold baths were to help.
So, Taehyung sat there for what seemed like hours, draining and refilling the tub water, making sure Jimin was comfortable and hydrated.

Soon, Jimin managed to open his eyes, groaning and sinking lower into the chilling water. He looked up at Taehyung.
“Thank you,” he said weakly, voice shaky and raw.

The beta only smiled. The two managed to sit in silence for a few minutes, the elder obviously had something on his mind, but Taehyung wouldn’t rush him. He seemed sleepy still and barely conscious.
“Do... do you think Yoongi could still love me after this?” He finally asked, mumbled the entire question through a sleepy haze.

Taehyung thought back to the alpha sitting stubbornly at the front door, worrying over an omega who wasn’t even his yet.
The beta couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, Minnie.”

It was excruciating. The overwhelming pain, heat, cramps, aches, everything. Nothing felt satisfying, it was either too hot or too cold, too itchy or smooth. And his stomach, it felt like someone had been using it to heat a stove,
a fire like pain swelled from the depths of his being. He hated it, every second. Every minute was agony, breathless cramps that would leave him quivering and crying out for mercy. He truly thought that nothing could be more painful them what he was going through.
Although he seemed unreasonably dramatic, Jimin’s heat was relentless. Years upon years of missed heats built up into one moment, his reproductive system had to reshape itself to fit his age and body type.
He was under developed and all of his lack of growth had to be made up for in a mere week. To make it worse he did feel little twinges of arousal deep under the thick layer of sweat, slick, and skin, but
he couldn’t do anything about it. One touch to his skin felt like needles piercing every available area of his body.

He was in pain, uncomfortably overheated, and constantly blue-balled. A horrible week to say the least.
But, there was no amount of pain to measure of to the level of dreaded loneliness and betrayal he felt rest deep within the hollows of his bones. His alpha had abandoned him. Well, Jimin knew for a fact that Yoongi actually didn’t abandon him, but he omega thought he did.
He couldn’t even keep tract of how many times he called out his alphas name in agony. It was a bitter feeling, one that really made him wish that he was dead rather than going through this hell. Thankfully Taehyung helped him throughout the week, changing his cool cloth, bathing,
feeding, and so on. Every day the beta would leave for a few minutes then come back with a clothing item that smelled intoxicatingly good, practically dripping with alpha musk and the distinct hint of rain.
Jimin still felt bad for that one time he hissed at Tae for the clothing away from him for too long

Overall, the omega can conclude heats suck but with a nest full of rain scented hoodies and shirts
and the knowledge that his alpha will be waiting for him once it’s over, made everything a little more bearable.

• • •

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