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Thread: On McCain’s Funeral (the Mini-Series)

1. I admit I didn’t (couldn’t!) watch a minute of it! Mostly because of the guest list and the speakers and the knowledge that the only reason the Democrats/Uniparty types were there was to politicize it to the max.
2. And that’s EXACTLY what they all did, including his daughter. My dad told me long ago that funerals are for the living, not the dead, but I believe that he got McCain’s wrong in that regard. It was choreographed by the man himself as his last F-U to his “detractors.”
3. (Of which I am definitely one!) There have been plenty of stories & pictures have been floating around the Internet and Tw@tter that make my stomach turn. A love-fest of Establishment characters with plenty of anti-Trump spicing thrown in for good measure (it’s real purpose!).
4. I would wager many Americans felt as summarized in this article after the multi-day political orgy:…
5. “Americans were outraged Saturday after John McCain’s funeral turned into a Trump bashing session. Speaker after speaker, from Meghan McCain, to George W. Bush, to Barack Obama took turns to rip President Trump in words of anger.”
6. And then there was this commentary which could have been subtitled “Funeral for the Establishment.” A couple of choice excerpts:
7. “Senator John McCain’s funeral was the most ostentatious that Washington has accorded except for a president, and much grander than the 2006 funeral of Gerald Ford, for example.”
8. “The American Establishment took the opportunity to mourn a world that it imagined but never inhabited….[T]he unctuous sea of self-congratulatory declarations of virtue embedded in his obsequies were enough to make the portraits in the Capitol rotunda puke.”
9. Here comes the money part of the article:

“By civility and bipartisanship, the Establishment refers to the policy consensus that squandered America’s dominant position in the world after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990.”
10. “America had no military competitors of importance when George W. Bush took office in 2001, and an edge in high technology that made the American economy seem insuperable. Since then:
a. China has taken America’s place as the leading exporter of high-tech equipment;
10. (cont'd)
"b. America faces credible military competition from China;
c. Real median household income hasn’t grown since 2000;
d. The civilian labor force participation rate has fallen from 67% in 2000 to 63% today;
10. (cont'd)
"e. Productivity growth has languished at 1% a year since the global financial crisis;
f. US federal debt has between 2000 and 2018 has doubled as a share of GDP;
10. (cont'd)
"g. The American economy became 'cartelized, corrupt and anti-competitive,' dominated by a handful of tech monopolies who combined to crush competition.”
11. [Yes, this is EXACTLY what the Uniparty has gifted us over the past 25 or more years – and EXACTLY why Americans elected Donald J. Trump in 2016 to arrest the slide into oblivion!]
12. One last quote tells it all:

“Trump inherited a host of problems from the failed Establishment consensus. The greatest of these was the rise of China, which invested in advanced weaponry while the United States spent nearly $6 trillion on its end-of-history illusion.”
13. We’re surely finding out more about the Chinese threat lately aren’t we, not to mention their ownership of key influence agents in the political establishment like DiFi and the Clinton, too. Read the rest of this excellent article here:…
14. Do the Uniparty attendees at that funeral believe the rest of us to be fools? Why, yes, I do, and they don’t handle challenges to their power and authority very well. Remember the last big crocodile tear-fest for a dead senator? I do.
15. That was the one for Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) in 2002. Leading Democrats rushed to Minnesota to politicize the funeral, and the hate fest against Republicans was also broadcast nationwide.
16. It must have turned a lot of stomachs because the Democrats got wiped out in MN that November (a Republican senator and governor were elected). And a LOT of people are going to remember McCain’s funeral for much the same reasons in November, too.
17. What is particularly outrageous is that this exorbitant Trump-Hate-fest (you could scarcely call it a funeral ceremony--or actually multiple ceremonies--it was probably as expensive or more as the privately-financed 2017 Inauguration!) ….
17A. …was largely approved for resourcing by President Trump (despite the Left's whining) and paid for by the U.S. taxpayers (including the Missing-Man jets flyover, the casket's transportation from Arizona to Washington and Annapolis, and most of the costs of the ceremonies, …
17B. …elaborate logistics, and security at all venues) just to give Obama, Biden, the Clintons, and the usual Never-Trumpers (like the disgusting Sen. Flake) a stage upon which to pontificate their vitriol against the President.
18. The unusual wall-to-wall 24/7 coverage for a week on all of the far-leftist legacy media networks and newspapers had only one purpose: ATTACK TRUMP.
19. There was precious little recognizing McCain's achievements for the Country and little enough on the Vietnam War--only extolling his "resistance" to Trump.
20. The implications inferred in all the Left-Wing Celebrities' speeches--that somehow THEY are morally equivalent to McCain's love of country, duty, honor, and sacrifice--just made me physically ill--those degenerate scumbag bastards and communists!
21. Just you wait & watch: in the future, when another well-known Republican senator dies who was a decorated combat Veteran--like Bob Dole--the legacy media probably will give him about 20 sec in their news broadcasts & no supplementary analysis of his life and contributions….
21A. …because it doesn't fit their narrative and overthrow-Trump agenda! If you are not a Trump-hating Resistor, you won't get the time of day from the Leftist Media and the Leftist Democrat elites for your eulogy.
22. This anti-government funeral farce, essentially approved by McCain himself and his family prior to his death, decisively puts my assessment of McCain on the negative side.
23. He was an elitist Deep-State corrupt politician who was made into a hero by the circumstances of war, but who was not the brightest bulb in the lamp shop.
24. I cannot forget or forgive his involvement with the Keating Five Savings & Loan and the Real Estate Investment Trusts scandals and enormous rip-off of the taxpayers.
25. I cannot forgive his presiding over the Senate Armed Services Committee for many years when the military were thoroughly victimized by corrupt contractors and politicians, and by disgusting morale-and-readiness-destroying "W" Bush-43 and Obama policies.
25A. McCain did nothing to change the corrupt system/culture to protect our Armed Forces and to safeguard the taxpayers' enormous sacrifices of treasure! He was part of the show!
26. I cannot forgive him for McCain-Feingold and all the dark money that has flooded politics since then!
27. I cannot forgive his vote to not repeal Obamacare.
28. And most of all, I cannot forgive him for his part in attempting to take out a sitting US president by his direct involvement in passing the “Russian dossier” to the FBI. This from someone who took (and violated) multiple oaths of office over his lifetime!
29. MANY independents, moderates, conservatives, patriots, and current and former military feel as disgusted as I am by the divisive, aberrant politicized funeral hate-fest we have witnessed. Frankly, good riddance, John McCain! May we never see your like again. ///The end.
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