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Destroying the "pancake-ing floors" "debunking conspiracy" 9/11 official narratives with video from FIOA / declassified footage

#911Truth #controlleddemolition #Demolition #insidejob #911INSIDEJOB
FOIA Hoboken footage captures chopper fly in swiftly, then hover few minutes directly over WTC.

Presumably a rescue attempt foiled by S. tower collapse. Look @ several BRIGHT flashes seconds before freefall btwn chopper & building

Direct energy weapon?

"These People were disrobing prior to jumping, calls about intense heat yet tons of paper around them didn’t burn. Nothing left, even steel or porcelain. Why?

It's like a microwave effect, where food inside cooks, but the paper wrapper around it doesn’t.”
Dr. Judy has published research on energy weapons being used for the Twin Towers

She claims weapons harnessing magnetic energy created a microwave type effect heating the WTC towers & contents into mushy dust

Ground Zero workers dead or dying of cancer

2 so called "Jumpers"

man clung to 105th window edge to take off pants before losing balance

woman called husband to say she was fine & taking stairs, had damp cloth to cover mouth. Minutes later, recognizable blonde hair & royal blue blazer is "jumping"…
September 11th, WTC collapse prove there are people (#DeepState ) who have the capabilities to direct energy to disrupt molecular bonds of matter"

#NeverForget #911Truth #nycskyyline #RedWave #draintheswamp #Trump2020 #heroes #trusttheplan #GreatAwakening
@realDonaldTrump do the bad guys still have energy weapons? Mr. President, blow the lid on 9/11 and declassify please

#Qanon #Q #WWG1WGA

Compilation video of the so-called "Jumpers" of the Twin Towers

What if wet clothes from sprinklers were making them feel like they were being cooked like chicken in a microwave?

Why were so many in the windows shirtless / pantless? Why jump?

Why are the are so many people on 104-105 floors of North Tower naked or partly disrobed dangerously hanging on the windows?

Why is there a shirtless gentleman taking pants off with 1 hand, hanging onto edge with the other? Why chose such a dangerous place to disrobe? #911Truth
Clinging to the building means a will to live.

What if jumping was automatic reaction like when hand touches a hot stove?

Not "I should move my hand" but just flinging hand away.

Jumping involuntary due to ungodly pain, like hour process of flesh changing molecular structure?
If smoke was bothering them, why aren't these people using wet clothes to cover their mouths or head?

upwards of 100 jump prior to either building turning to dust, another several dozen before North Tower goes

Dr. Judy Wood explains "Jumper" phenomenon
"Active Denial System" = crowd control technology created by Raytheon utilizing microwaves to target enemy combatants in a "non lethal" way if used properly

Perhaps something similar was used to turn the Twin Towers & everything inside them (besides paper) into dust?

This technology would explain odd behavior of "jumpers"

similar directed energy was used on the towers?

By turning it all into dust, minimal damage done to nearby buildings, no damage to the subways

Only buildings w/ WTC prefix destroyed #911Truth
Listen to woman inside WTC

Repeats it is very hot & smoke everywhere
hysterical, very hyper not once on the call does she cough or sound like she struggles to breathe.

Heat causes sluggishness yet she is very hyper.

Is she feeling directed microwaves?
stop using the word "collapse" to describe WTC Twin Towers, Building 7, Building 6.

Building collapses, accident or demolition. do not turn the material into a frothy powder.

So lightweight it's mostly carried away by the wind.

#911Truth #911Memorial
What's Building 6 you ask? Just another part of the WTC complex with a crater sized hole in the middle.

proof that DJT @realDonaldTrump isn't a puppet & certainly not "in the club"

interviewed on 9/11 gave a candid response that blasted the official narrative.
He speculated bombs were used due to the unprecedented structural integrity of the Twin Towers.
And if the steel was "melting" with heat / fire so great it caused the "Jumpers" no choice but to plummet to their deaths, why were so many hanging on the window ledges & open walls? The surfaces weren't too hot for skin to touch

#911truth #911Memorial
@realDonaldTrump was born and raised in Queens.... NOT MANHATTAN where robber baron Yale types reside - GHB, GWB, HRC, & Bill

father never broke into Manhattan real estate, focused on middle class housing

By comparison, DJT rags to riches, new money, never accepted by the club
Twisted steel beams with odd bent shapes like horseshoes & linguine - more anomalies at WTC on Sept 11th

#911Truth #911WasAnInsideJob #911insidejob #911Memorial #NeverForget #NeverForget911 #NeverForgotten #September11th
Dr. Judy Wood 'How Directed Free-Energy Destroyed Twin Towers on 9/11'" (microwaved people and steel like wet chicken)

#NeverForget #HurricaneFlorerence #911remembrance #InsideJob #September11th #demolition #ControlledDemolition #911Truth #911Anniversary
Future proves past!

This is weird. there's a 120 year old book series with a main character named Baron Trump, one book he lived in NYC in tower named after him who becomes U.S. President to save from corruption
on Amazon-->…
I've never felt more certain about time travel than looking at this novel.

Sorry for all caps writing but I just got really excited thinking about time travel
Wow, did anyone catch WTC 2 85th Floor was under renovation?! Construction foreman filmed this on July 17th 2001

I have a gut feeling there's #insidejob evidence in this video but I'm not at all educated in engineering to see it

Fascinating #911Truth
Qanon - Finishing What JFK Started. Humanity has been trying to kill this #deepstate for a long time, and why they deliberately poison and kill us..

Dark to grasp, but great overview
#Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA #WeThePeople #greatawakening #Trump2020 #TrustThePlan
NYFD firefighter interviewed night of September 11th reports one of the elevators in WTC North Tower was an incinerator with pile of charred bodies inside

prior to gag order on NYPD & NYFD that they would lose pension & medical if their narrative deviated
Here's some perspective #911Truth

These towers were mammoth.
Why they were built into the Hudson River.

July 15th, 2001 on rooftop of the North Tower (antenna)

I'm guessing film by same construction crew who took footage of the 85th floor renovations
Edna Cintron, or name given to woman captured in FOIA video

Why didn't reports acknowledge this "waving woman"?

Because it doesn't fit narrative.

She was standing at point of impact on North Tower, 97th floor

No fire behind her, steel wasnt too hot to touch, yet she jumped
Apparently statistic of 225 jumpers was not accurate

only families who got full body parts of their loved ones to bury were jumpers & some 1st responders hit by falling bodies

People who didn't jump identified by blood on paper, fingernail, driver license

it was mass cremation
Directed energy weapon caused mass cremation of steel & humans, a microwave-like frequency

#911memorial #911remembrance #NeverForget #QAnon #911Neverforget #DrainTheSwamp #911WasAnInsideJob #insidejob #WWG1WGA #WeThePeople #DeepState #MAGA #GreatAwakening
Rare FOIA footage from 35th floor of Hotel across from the Towers. So many jumpers.

This is only one face of the Towers and you can see jumper after jumper after jumper if you're patient enough to watch
#911NeverForget #911WasAnInsidejob
#Qanon fam,

Are y'all feeling the vibration today? This is what critical mass is all about.

I feel so many brilliant souls who have been locked in hellish brainwash awakening

I praise God I'm here in this time space to see the unfolding.

Q is slaying a 200 year old Dragon
Joe Falco: 9/11 FDNY Survivor

made 2003, details are vivid. He's sincere trusting official narrative

listen w/ perspective he's describing directed energy weapon

Fires that wouldn't go out, hundreds of "jumpers", zero gravity with noise of freight train
9/11 Truthers - "Controlled demolition bc remember all those reports people hearing explosions!"

Not everything that explodes is strapped with explosives

Like psycho children who microwave kittens

Same concept

Concentrated energy has power to change molecular bonds of matter
There's something about this woman, officially named Edna Cintron, but little is known about her.

Some speculate it is a fake name to protect official narrative.

Standing at the point of impact, her identity, & jumping death, are shrouded in mystery
#911truth #911WasAnInsidejob
Live footage of the waving people, featuring Edna and several others, unknown
A man is seen standing in the impact hole made by AA Flight 11 in the North Tower along with Edna Cintron who can be seen in the far right of this image.
WTC built by none other than David Rockefeller.…
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