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Okay, I'm going to do a thread going over & critiquing Ryan Faulk's (The Alternative Hypothesis) & Sean Last's recent videos.
Starting with Ryan's

Ryan starts out with saying that whites aren't politically all that exceptional. He says this because people in Europe don't support freedom of speech as much as people in America. Yes, his argument really is this stupid.
He then compares support for freedom of speech in European counties with support for freedom of speech by white American & non-white Americans & says that whites in Europe have less support for free speech than both white & non-white Americans.
But the poll he used to show this did NOT break down those in Europe by race! Ryan said that the poll said something it clearly did NOT say. He broke down the American polling by whites & non-whites, but did NOT do the same for Europe. Ryan is being either sloppy or dishonest.
But just for the sake of argument, let's say it was true that non-white Americans do support free speech more than white Europeans (it could very well be true), that doesn't prove anything regarding the underlying biological impulses.
For fuck sake, Ryan, how many times have you yourself talked about environmental impact having an effect on outcomes. How if the same corn is put into different quality soil, it would have different end results.
Europe & the United States of America have different free speech 'soil' from one another you dumb fuck. The fact that whites in America support freedom of speech more than non-whites SAYS SOMETHING.
Notice that Ryan NEVER compared the difference in support for freedom of speech in different European nations by race. Maybe Ryan couldn't find polls that broke down European nations by race, but that isn't a excuse to just lie about what the poll said - saying it was all whites
Let's look at global support for freedom of expression. America is #1 in everything, but the rest of the Anglosphere, Europe, & Latin America (which has the most % Euro-genes outside of Europe & Anglosphere) are next in line.…
The high-IQ Asian nations don't look so good relative to lower-IQ Latin America when it comes to support for freedom of expression. Tell me again how whites aren't politically exceptional?
I bet that if polls in Europe were broken down between whites & non-whites, that it would show the same pattern it does in the USA - that whites support freedom of speech more than non-whites do, even in Europe.
Not only that, but those polls don't show DEPTH of commitment to freedom of speech. In the United States, the reason gun rights have been well protected is due to it being a top issue to large numbers of (white) voters & will vote based on that over other considerations.
Notice that the polls Ryan (& Sean - will get to him later) presented didn't rank important of freedom of speech relative to other topics. Those polls just showed overall 'support' for it, not the depth of support.
White people have fought wars & sacrificed their lives & treasure to fight for the freedom of people other than themselves. The British & Americans fought the international slave trade. Doing so cost a lot of money.
White Americans, some of the most 'privileged', fought and died in their hundreds of thousands for the freedom of black slaves. Please Ryan, do tell me of a similar situation where privileged non-whites fought & sacrificed in such numbers for freedom of a less privileged class?
Did large numbers of the higher castes of India ever fight & sacrifice so much to benefit the people of the lower castes? Did Arabs or Africans ever fight a war to end slavery?
I know I rip on Sargon sometimes, but he made a really good video here:

Then Ryan says that both whites & non-whites don't support freedom of association for whites, but that is NOT what the poll he showed asked! It asked if "White have a right to keep non-whites out of their neighborhoods". That could be taken to mean a lot of different things.
That could be taken to mean 'is it okay for a random white guy to shot non-whites who come into his neighborhood'.

Ryan keeps saying that polls say something that they do NOT say. He is lying.
But the thing is, so far, even if you take the polls to mean what Ryan says they mean, whites support freedom way more than non-whites.
Then Ryan has the gall, when talking about a poll shows whites support "protecting American rights is more important than controlling guns" way more then non-whites do, to say that the it is a 'very vague question'.
Ryan has been lying about what polls say. He JUST used a poll before this one about whites keeping non-whites out of their neighborhoods, which really WAS a vague question, as a poll we should learn something from. But this much more clearly worded question he says is 'vague'.
Ryan says that when broken down to actual policy, that the differences are "insignificant". While doing this he shows a poll that shows that a *majority* of non-whites want strong gun regulations while a *minority* of whites do.

Tell me, Ryan, how do democracies work again?
50.000000001% is significant in a democracy. 50.000000001% get what they want, 49.99999999% don't.

Yes, America isn't a total democracy (thank goodness), but it operates pretty close to one. Voting majorities still matter.
All these lies from Ryan, and we are only 1 min 30 sec into the video!
Ryan keeps going over gun right stuff, saying that majorities of whites & non-whites want tougher gun regulations.

So why isn't it happening Ryan? I'll tell you why. The DEPTH of support among whites isn't there, but the whites who want to protect gun rights have tons of DEPTH
"When you ask Americans in a poll whether they support universal background checks for gun purchases, huge majorities say yes.

Ask them for a specific vote for such a legal change, and that support drops off."…
You really didn't know this Ryan? Really? You do live in America right? And someone as autistic about data as you don't know this?
DEPTH of support matters. Not just what someone says yes/no on a poll. Most people don't think that much & will say what they think sounds good.

I will say it again. Depth of support matters.
Example: Justicar (Integralmath) has said if in an election, one candidate supported gun rights but nothing else he supported, & another candidate supported everything he supported EXCEPT gun rights, he would vote for the candidate who supported gun rights regardless of all else.
Ryan then gets into support for welfare spending, which I just find boring. Since it is whites who actually *pay* for most of the welfare & still most of them support it I think shows that they might be politically different than say blacks, who mostly just take welfare money.
There is a political difference between voting for gibs when you are the one paying vs voting for gibs when you are the one taking.
For fuck sake, Ryan, you did a whole article & video on this topic! Who pays vs who takes! Voting for paying & voting for taking are two very different things.
Again, regarding affirmative action, the polls show differences between whites & non-whites.

Guess what Ryan? A 20% gap is a fucking huge gap.
Ryan just keeps showing poll after poll that shows that whites have 'better' views than non-whites, but instead of saying 'gee, maybe we should infer something based on that fact' he instead poo-poos the size differences. BUT THOSE DIFFERENCES ARE IN EVERY POLL ON EVERY SUBJECT!
In the poll Ryan showed there are HUGE differences between whites & non-whites regarding building the wall.
Regarding illegal aliens, most whites say all or most should be deported, while most non-whites say all or most should stay. And this is by large margins.
But then Ryan shows polls that ask what to do with illegal aliens already in the county where most say let them become citizens.

Dude, only those already in the country can be deported! So the polls contradict each-other.
Ryan then shows polls saying that most people want it to be made a crime to hire illegal aliens.
According to Ryan's big-brained interpretation of these polls, people want to deport all or most illegals, but also give them a pathway to citizenship, but it should be illegal to employ them!
I guess Americans just want all illegals to go on welfare? While being deported on their pathway to citizenship?
Here's my small-brained interpretation: Most people don't know what the hell they want regarding most gov't polices because they don't really spend all that much time thinking about gov't policy unless it affects them personally.
Most people, of all races, are fucking stupid as hell.…
Ryan says that 'whites are a *little* better on *just about* every issue'.

No Ryan, they are better on EVERY ISSUE, & in many cases the differences were not little, but large.
Ryan says that differences were not great enough to base an ideology around the superior political view of whites. Well, Ryan, that's not an empirical claim, but just a personal opinion. Everything just listed shows, in your personal opinion, the views of whites are superior.
Why do you think it is that the younger generations have less support for freedom of speech. Maybe because they are less white?…
And as the generations become less white, the whites within them have more negative, anti-freedom influences from their many more non-white peers?
JFC, we are only 5 min into the video so far!
Ryan then says that the Republican and Democrat parties are a "true dichotomy"

Dichotomy: a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Ryan has gone full retard.
The whole damn reason Trump has had such a hard time implementing the best parts of his policy isn't just due to Democrat resistance to those good policies, but to a good part of the Republican party being just as anti-American as the Democrats!
Ryan says that he is sick of sticking up for a people who won't stick up for themselves, that doesn't care about themselves. That because there are shitlibs in Ireland he is just going to give up.
Have you even been paying attention to what has been happening over the last few years? Trump's election? That support for nationalist parties in Europe has only grown & grown? That many govt's in Europe are now outright nationalist & explicitly stand up for white Europeans?
The Italian gov't now wants to deport every African, Arab, & Gypsy they can. Ryan sees this & decides that now is the time to give up. I guess he hates winning & just wants to be a loser his whole damn life.

Ryan has gotten tired of winning. Sad.

Ryan says that he sees no evidence of any pan-European feelings, yet while Poland has banned all Muslim 'refugees' they have taken in maybe 2 million Ukrainian migrants.…

Russia, Georgia, & Australia are taking in White South Africans.
Then Ryan says that there are differences among different white ethnic groups in America when it comes to party identification. As if that somehow means that whites who vote Democrat are just as bad civilizationally as non-whites who do.
Both Portland, Oregon & Detroit, Michigan are run by Democrats. I guess that means they are totally the same! I guess a nice white family would be just as safe moving into the hearts of either city.
Hell, the whole state of Vermont is run by Democrats & it is a total whitetopia & until this year had very few gun control laws. But Democrat Trump Derangement Syndrome is pretty pervasive & Democrats do love to signal.
Ryan might say I'm being unfair to him because later in the video he says that the important differences are between blacks & everyone else, so it is unfair for me to use Detroit as an example. Okay, what about McAllen, Texas?
We Actually Know Something About Effects of Latino Immigration

"Vibrantly multicultural McAllen, Texas is:

- The least educated city in America

- The 3rd most obese city in America

- Worst city in America for residents feeling unsafe"…
McAllen, TX: America's Destiny?

As of 2012, just 50.6% of McAllen area adults under 25 years old had a job — the lowest rate in the country. Just 4.2% of adults ages 20 to 24 had a college degree, the fourth lowest rate of any major metro area.…
"Residents of the McAllen metro area were also among the nation’s poorest. As of 2012, 34.5% of McAllen area residents lived below the poverty line, the second highest percentage in the nation and more than double the national rate of 15.9%."
Meanwhile, white Democrats control some of the richest cities in America!
And even Asian populations cause defacto problems for white people.

If diversity is so important to liberal whites, why do they keep fleeing ethnically diverse suburbia?"…
Ryan says non-black minorities aren't really a problem for trust. That white people are just fine with rich minorities? O rly?

White people abandon diverse neighborhoods for racial, not economic reasons…
"The report not only tied the persistence of white flight to race, it found that a large amount of white people leaving a neighborhood is more likely to occur in a middle class one, rather than a poor area."
"White flight is often reduced to a black and white issue, but the study showed that this phenomenon continued to occur even when it’s Hispanics or Asian residents diversifying middle class neighborhoods."
"The study found that white flight becomes more likely in middle class neighborhoods when the presence of Hispanics and Asians exceeds 25% and 21%, respectively. Overall, areas that saw white flight lost on average 40% of their white population over a decade."
The Democrat party is NOT the same everywhere in America. The Republican party is NOT the same everywhere in America. Democrats in the heartland aren't as crazy as Democrats in California. Republicans in Massachusetts are not as conservative as Republicans in Texas.
I'm only 6 min 30 sec into this video & am already sick of this. Ryan is lying - both though misrepresentation of the data & of total denial of any & all real-world context.
I don't even want to spend any more time on this thread. I will go over what Ryan calls 'first worldism' where he seems to think that Republican Americans are the most 'first worldist' people there are. This is just stupid.
The way Ryan thinks of 'first worldism' or taking the "Eᴜʀᴏᴘᴇᴀɴ Rᴇᴠᴏʟᴜᴛɪᴏɴ Sᴇʀɪᴏᴜsʟʏ" is that American Republicans are the best form of that. But that is bullshit. The best form of it are white Democrats.
Even if you just look at the major tech companies that were founded by or are run by non-Jewish whites, they are almost all run by Democrats & their important employees are also majority Democrat.
The nations that Ryan says are the ones that brought us the "European Revolution" are all much more shitlib than those that didn't.…
The ones letting themselves be overrun by non-whites are the same "European Revolution" ones.

The Democrat party is much more the party of the "European Revolution". The same openness that leads to both discovery & suicidal universalistic tendencies.
Ryan is fairly good at presenting data (his most recent videos notwithstanding), but he draws the most retarded policy ideas from that data.
Ryan used to be an anarchist, then he became a white nationalist that thought he could break a white nationalist state away from the USA, now he wants to set up a nation based on how well people do on staring contests.

Don't listen to Ryan when it comes to policy ideas.
And Ryan is now saying that Republicans make up an ethnic group! That being Republican is like being Jewish! He truly has gone full retard. He wants us to believe that parents & children, & siblings who vote differently are different ethnic groups!
I have family members that I have voted the same way as in some elections, & voted differently from in other elections. I guess we are all trans-ethnic according to Ryan.
Meanwhile, an ethnic Jew is a Jew is a Jew, regardless if they are atheist or satanist or republican or democrat or communist or libertarian. Regardless if they change their outlook in life. An ethnic group isn't something that can be changed like an opinion.
Instead of Ryan's retarded ideas, you want to know a sensible policy idea that could work in America?
How about politicians start support keeping a white super-majority in America while still protecting the rights of minority groups? How about that? Does that make more sense than staring contest nationalism?
I mean, what would Ryan do in his staring contest state when some of the next generation of children of citizens fail the staring contest? Kick them out? Ban them from voting? Take away their freedom of speech?
Don't listen to Ryan's policy ideas. He can be good at collecting data & presenting data, but he comes up with the most retarded policy ideas based on that data.
I'm done with this for now. I'm not going to do Sean's videos. Most of the criticisms are the same, but Sean doesn't come up with retarded policy ideas like Ryan does & he is more honest in how he presents the data.
One thing I did want to bring up regarding Sean's videos though was regarding the effects of diversity.
I already knew that it 'diversity' itself wasn't the biggest issue, but the kinds of populations that made up that 'diversity'. A nation made up of 1/2 English & 1/2 Japanese would have higher trust than a nation made up of 1/2 Bulgarians & 1/2 Romanians.
Why? Because the English & Japanese have higher trust as groups than Bulgarians & Romanians despite Bulgarians & Romanians being much closer related. In fact, a nation of English & Japanese would have higher trust than a nation of just Bulgarians.
Diversity is better than homogeneity if the populations that make up the 'diverse' groups are better than the population that makes up the homogeneous group.…
"A new study in Brazil finds that all-black towns tend to be worse than part-black towns, much as homogeneous East St. Louis is even worse than heterogeneous St. Louis"
"In other words, the problem is not diversity per se: it’s the lack of white people. They managed to challenge a politically incorrect explanation by providing evidence of an even more politically incorrect explanation!"
Sean brings up Putnam's study on the ill-effects of diversity (this is in an American context where diversity pretty much means 'less white - more black & brown') but says that the effects are weak & that they can be explained by other things.
Then why the hell didn't Putnam use those excuses? Putnam is a total diversity-loving shitlib. He WANTED to find evidence of how great diversity was - or at least that it wasn't harmful - & hid his results for half a decade because they didn't show what he wanted them to show!
So why do you, Sean Last, put more confidence into these ways to massage the data to make (American) 'diversity' look less bad than Putnam himself did?
Fragmented Future
Multiculturalism doesn’t make vibrant communities but defensive ones.…
The funny thing is, just as Ryan is ready to move to starting contest nationalism, people are just now starting to wake up among the right!

I read somewhere Nixon said by the time he had repeated the same talking point over & over & over again to the point where he felt like sick even thinking about having to go out & say it again - only at that point would the talking point have gotten though to most Americans.
And he was the President of the United States of America.

And Ryan, a random youtuber, is angry that his talking points have yet to get though to the majority of the Irish.

Just think about that.
"The speech was received with controversy due to his praise of the White Australia Policy, and use of the term 'final solution' in reference to immigration."

We are breaking the conditioning!

Ryan really just doesn't understand what motivates people. Under his new plan, the United States would have let in tons of right-wing Japanese in the 1920s & 1930s

How would have that worked out? Short thread:

100% of the ethnic Japanese who were in a position to do so attempted to help a downed Japanese pilot, who had just attacked Pearl Harbor, to escape. They took American hostages and tried to kill Americans in the attempt.

I bet such people could pass a staring contest.
Heck, look at Sarah Jeong - she had every reason to love white people - especially white men.
South Korea is free because of white men. She moved to a country & still chooses to live that country full of white men. She has led a massively privileged life in that country run by white men. She is even most sexually attracted to white men.

Yet she hates white men. 🤔
Here is what Ryan (and to a lesser extent Sean) don't get.

Read this:…
Here is Barack Obama, who's black daddy never cared for him & who was raised by kind white people:

"And by the end of the first week or so, I realized that I’d made a mistake. It wasn’t that Europe wasn’t beautiful; everything was just as I’d imagined it. It just wasn’t mine."
If Ryan & Sean don't understand the meaning of that paragraph, I don't know if their is any hope for them to ever truly understand people.
Communists used to say, when confronted with all the killing, that in order to make an omelet, you had to break a few eggs.

The correct way to respond to that was to ask "where's the omelet?"
Even the most backward of white nations have incredible cultural accomplishments & are better than most of the rest of the world. White nations have a proven record of WORKING & creating great things.
What if Ryan & Sean are wrong about this? They both now think they were wrong before? But what if we go along with their new way of looking at things & it doesn't work? What if they are wrong?
Communism was a horrible, destructive idea. But after it was shaken off, Poland is still Poland & Hungary is still Hungary. The people remain.

What if multi-racial staring-contest democracy doesn't work out? How do you fix that once whites are in a minority?
Ryan & Sean are asking us to abandon a political system that has a long track-record of historical success for a new, unproven system. A system that, if things work out worse than Ryan & Sean think they will, would be impossible to undo without massive amounts of bloodshed.
The first principle of true conservatism is prudence. I see no prudence here.

Here is @JFGariepy's response to Ryan:

Here is @TheWaltBizShow's first response to Ryan:

Here is @TheWaltBizShow's second response to Ryan:

Two relevant posts from Greg Cochran.

I bet most or even all those traitors would be let into Ryan's staring contest nationalism state.

I agree with Greg:

"Seems to me that the right thing to do would be to get real, while staying reasonably humane. Discriminate."
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