I'm gonna play Dork Souls II offline with a ton of mods and report. Please mute this thread if uninterested, it will get spammy and spoilery.
Mods used: Second Sin, SpeedDemon, Item Randomizer, Clean UI, Reshade with MasterEffect.
The first change you'll notice is a few steps into the tutorial. The Second Sin mod is an enemy placement mod. It replaces the harmless little critters in this zone with wheel skeletons! I have only played the 1st area on a burner character, so I dunno yet how hard it is.
Obviously, the only way to play such as challenge run is as a deprived with no gift.
Every single item drop is randomized, including key items, but in such a way that softlocks are impossible - there's always a way to make progress. The mod generates a file containing hints where items are located. I gave it a quick look to verify it generated OK settings.
By luck I found a weapon with low requirements early on! That was not a given. The nature of a randomizer is that you can get powerful items early on.... but basic supplies might be hell to find.
The emerald herald gave me some gloves instead of an estus flask, and the well that normally contains a shard was swapped too. I have no way to heal yet! However, the settings I use guarantee the flask will be relatively early in the game.
With no way of healing yet, I went for the suicide run option to unlock the next bonfire. As I have no supply of effigies and don't know where the ring that reduces hollowing was moved, every death takes off a chunk of my max health.
And guess what? Melentia, the merchant who sells lifegems, was moved too. I don't know where she is but the mod says she's in the early game. Who knows when I'll be able to start healing?
This zone in the early game is impossible to take on yet. Two giants were added to it, and I have a puny dagger - useless against armored enemies. In my test run, I was lucky got a dozen of poison knives, so I could explore the zone. My priority is to find a good weapon ASAP.
I continued the smash and grab operation up the pursuer's spawn point, and found the estus flask! Now I have... One heal.
Finally a nice weapon! I consumed boss souls I found to be able to wield it, and bought a shield from Maughlin (vendor inventories stay the same). Starting to look presentable, but that weapon can't be upgraded until I find Melentia somewhere.
The enemy chucking bombs unlocking the shortcut is still there... but there's no fighting your way to it with only one heal, so hope for a lucky throw. Took many attempts to get it open. In the normal game, you're guaranteed to find a fire longsword so you can do it the hard way
Dodging anything is a gigantic pain in the early game. You have very few iframes while rolling until you upgrade your agility. It's a terrible mechanic unique to this installment of the series, a big reason people think the movement in 2 feels so bad.
It's not safe to pass up any loot, as it might be an estus shard, even if it's behind a lockstone! This loot behind a lockstone.... was also behind one of those heide knights jerkfaces. And obviously, it was a trash item.
I found two estus shard in quick succession! Only got a clean cap of the first one. This might make the game way too easy now that I can afford to actually fight things rather than run away from them.
Those reshade effects might be a bit overdone lol.... but I can toggle them if they break a stage.
The Last Giant was obviously an easy fight.... but even the boss loot is random, so I still don't have the soldier key this boss normally drops, and can't proceed further in the forest. While softlocks should be impossible, that key might still be somewhere deep in the gutter.
Can't make progress this way, so I'm going to the Tower of Flame. This connecting area that used to be safe is now full of rats and hollows. DKS2 has many such empty, pointless, offline-only connecting areas, due to its poor world design.
On the way I find a fragrant branch! I'm guaranteed they will appear in such a way I will always be able to find enough of them to have one for Rosabeth (necessary to progress), but I'll obviously play it safe and unpetrify her first.
Now that you got the idea how the mods work together, I'll stop giving you the blow-by-blow and mention only the most important things.
The tower of flame has those explodey guys! They don't seem to be the type that breaks your equipment however, I think. Equipment breaking would ruin my run, I only have one viable weapon and no blacksmith. Not even sure I'm guaranteed to find the one in the Bastille.
Fighting the boss was much easier than traversing the stage. While Licia can still turn the rotunda, she no longer drops its key when killed. The mod suggest you kill her to increase the challenge, but you know what, I'll pass, she'd massacre me with my puny weapon.
Finding her means I can now buy healing miracles! But I'll have to level up a fair bit to be able to use them. Anyway, I expect to respec multiple times during the run depending on what I find, hopefully I'll find some soul vessels tho. Being offline, I can also just overlevel.
Back after a quick pause, and if you don't know how to mute threads then I'm very sorry. I thought I'd carry the fire through the wharf, but it turns out full of non-aggressive torch hollows who follow you. Their torches even work on the monsters who are scared of fire!
Took a while, but I found a third shard, and leveled up enough to use the heal miracle! With 4 estus charges + 3 miracles it's gonna be a lot easier than before. I also have a ton of usable weapons now.... but I still can't upgrade them.
Big fan of that bellhop armor. It really shows I'm trying to survive with whatever random junk I chance upon.
Even though bosses are the easy part, it took all my resources to win, given my inefficient build and +0 weapons. I found the dull ember after that - like the flask, it was guaranteed to be in the early game. Hope the blacksmith is still in the Bastille.
Finally unlocked McDuff! My Falchion is the most reasonable weapon to upgrade. Except... I found only 3 titanite shards (but 4 slabs), so I can only take it to +2 for now. But once I find (if I remember right) 3 more shards and 1 chunk, I can make a +10 very early in the game.
I went back and unpertrified Rosabeth. FUN FACT: When pulling this lever, in every version of the game, the sky turns green for a split second while the game swaps the skybox textures.

Guess what spawned after?
Finally enough HP to jump down the hole and survive, plus another healing miracle! But my falchion is terrible against the rats boss. Range is too short, diagonal move catches the statues all the time, and I can't dodge any of their nibbles with my low agility.
I went to explore the Copse some. This common enemy can drop brightbugs! They're extremely valuable to kill hard bosses. I could possibly cheese the run farming those guys so let's not. Also found another shard there, and a pursuer - in the worse place possible to fight one.
My falchion is now +8. I went with the conservative raw infusion, but it might be a bad idea, since I have no way to buff it yet. It naturally procs bleed and has a backstab bonus, but its range is limited. Still need to find a soul vessel to re-arrange my build later.
Like SOTFs, Ornstein is guarded by a dragon. The 2nd Sin enemy placement mod is very similar to the Prepare to Die Again mod for DKS1 in that it does not alter every placement, and mostly makes changes that make sense. Tho I saw a questionable loyce knight in the bastille.
Since I'm offline, I can't join his covenant, which would reward me a random item! Ah well, can't get them all. If I'm stuck, I sent my friends on Discord the hints text file that was generated for my seed, so they can tell me where one thing I need is without spoiling the rest.
The shaded woods can't cope with my reshade settings! The SSAO also makes it obvious where the enemies are hiding, lol.
Those guys attack MUCH FASTER. I think it's due to the SpeedDemon mod. It rebalances the speed of enemies, but most by a small factor like 1.1x
You can bait Najka to do a tail attack on this tree for an item. It might be a key so I had to do it. It took many attempts. Of course, once I finally got it to work, it was a trash item.
Reaching the gutter, I realize I only have 3 minutes of torch time left! Normally in the vanilla game they're so abundant you could keep on lit at all times. Because of my shaders, I absolutely need a torch to see what's up, so I have to make deliberate torch relay runs.
There's only two viable ways to go about this challenge: ultra-deliberate safe play, or reckless suicidal charge. The Gulch reacts better to the former. A whip to destroy statues, an effigy to summon NPCs. I have yet to kill the boss but it shouldn't be that hard.
NPC Invaders seem rather bugged. Had some invade but not appear, some invaders die but not unlock the ability to teleport, etc. Oh well.
The stats so far:
- 6 Estus+2
- 3 Heal + 1 great heal excerpt miracle
- Raw Falchion +8
- And still no renewable source of lifegems
Since then, Najka, the Rotten, the Skeltal, and a covetous demon whom was replaced fell. Cheeky mod made the skeleton lord fight summon necromancers along with many wheel skeletons.
At this point I'm over lv.100 with 9 estus, so it no longer feel much harder - by this point lifegems (that I still can't buy) aren't that necessary anymore. So now it's dealing with the new enemy placements, which aren't a huge departure from either official placement.
The rest will happen another day in the same thread. Enemy placement mods are neato, and it really makes you wonder why it isn't an official feature. It has precedent too, with From having made Sword of Moonlight, a King's Field editor for Windows.
After an episode much more terrifying than any boss, I'm back. I thought my save was hosed, but seeing that backups didn't work, I knew something else was up, and sure enough a reboot fixed it. DKS2 modding is messy, using tools like cheat engine. (Protip: mute thread if u want)
Let's see where I left things off... A functional build with a Falchion+10, many locations unlocked.... but very few keys. If I get stuck, Discord friends have the hints file, so I can ask them where to find one single item. I'll also post the file after the end of the run.
I forgot to mention I used a soul vessel to optimize the build a little. Let's check Tseldora next, now home to a pursuer. Is it lore-friendly for them to be there? The answer is yes, Dork Souls 2 is a dumpster fire of nonsensical lore thus any placement is lore-friendly.
Being a randomizer run, I can't pass any loot, even that chest which, in the vanilla game, contains a trash item and a spider luring trap. So I figured I'd do the boss first to see if anything changed... and sure enough it did.
Knowing what to expect, the second run was easy, just rush the spellcasters. But after the fight, the body of Vengarl respawned in the room, seemingly invincible! Probably a bug. He can't go through the doorway anyway. And of course, the chest I left behind contained junk.
Lower Tseldora is hard in a randomizer run, so many possible paths, so many jumping puzzles for items, and no way to go back up. The NPC invaders are still the same, and this scrublord still doesn't know to powerstance his Avelyns.
The limiter on exploration is no longer healing, now. Still can't buy gems, but I got 30+ of them. It's durability. It's tied to framerate: on PC at 60 FPS, weapons break twice as fast as on consoles. I chose not to fix this feature, but I could really use a second weapon.
The Forlorn is still around to heck up your day at the worst times. It doesn't really matter since he doesn't spawn every time, and I think he can't respawn at the same place twice.
Despite having not freed him from his prison, Creighton delivered his line after opening the trapped chest, since I found the key independently of doing his questline. Surprisingly, it's probably the first instance so far of truly weird sequence breaking.
As always, the bosses are the easy part. Especially when you can summon Boyd. Only the sinner remains. Having 850K SM, I could also choose to just skip her just by popping all the boss souls I found to unlock the shrine of winter the secret way.
The Beanpoles destroying the wodden chest in the secret room can be an issue, but the randomizer guarantees no key item will spawn in those. However, key items might spawn in a secret passage, so here's hoping I know all of them by now.
At this point, the build feels mostly complete, so I figured I'd spend on resins to make my raw weapon better. Each of them lasts 90 seconds so there's no reason not to run around with a shiny weapon at all times now.
This Belfry is one of the locations the Second Sin mod does not alter. Enemies are the same. That mod also doesn't alter the three areas that were originally DLC. Nonetheless, the items are still random in those areas, since that's a separate mod.
I forgot this contraption only yields a wooden chest. Had I remembered I could have saved a lockstone. I have a few left so it probably won't be too bad.
Fittingly, the reward was trash.
One of those shadows spawned locked into its clinging to wall animation. Lots of those guys in this mod! In the original game, there was only two of them in total, spawning only in NG+ during a boss fight.
Fighting the Sinner put me over 1M SM, making me qualify for both ways to open the Shrine of Winter. But progress might still be hard: there's no telling where I will find the King's Ring, necessary to progress. It might be hidden in the far end of a DLC stage.
And accessing the DLC stages requires key items. Shulva is the only of the 3 I can access for now. And even if I could access the Iron King one, I'd still need more smelter wedges to make reasonable progress, but I think they are technically optional to use.
The run to Drangleic Castle is a real pain, so I tried to push on, burning through lifegems, only to see those new Gargoyles added, and then.....
Even though I managed to win by some miracle, I was entirely out of weapon durability by then. The most annoying thing? The chancellor, the NPC who sells infinite amounts of repair powder, is just up ahead.
For the second run, I just exploited aggro ranges. My bow is just good enough to provoke enemies, and I'd rather not resort to poison cheesing, so I had to run past many enemies. Now I can finally repair my weapon as often as I want! The game just became much easier.
This room has many fewer statues that turn alive! It seems that the mod can only move NPCs, not static meshes, so I have yet to see something that used to stay a statue in the original turn into an enemy, but I saw new statues that unpetrify for sure.
Items might be in the chasms, and the first visit is free, but past that it takes effigies, and the only renewable source is playing online... But still, I got 53 effigies and 6 flame butterflies, so it should work out OK. I forgot what to expect, the answer is expect Havels.
Drangleic Castle is now an horrific mix of Syan knights, gargoyles, and desert sorceresses. Does it make sense for the latter to be there? Well, it makes no sense for their design to even exist in the Dork Souls universe, so who cares.
After that I got like 10 FPS. I assumed it was a bug that'd sort itself out but it messed me up. I fell down the pool of gunk, broke all my equipment, then my computer crashed. Shitty aftermarket GPU fan had its power cable in a position that cuts off its power. Dark Souls.
Third run through, I knew what to expect, and abused every cheesy trick, such as closing the door on jerks, or using the aged feather to identify at which threshold a scripted invader is coming, so I could fight her somewhere safe.
This is absolutely horrific and I won't apologize for dealing with it with a bow.
The twin dragonriders fights was always a joke. Adding one of the strongest summons to it in SOTFS, an intentional joke. I expected to find something different behind the door. Sure enough, it was Ornstein and Garl Vinland who awaited us.
The looking glass knight can summon a Beanpole! But only on your first run, heh. It took me two attempts, and on the second, it wouldn't spawn. Unfair bullshit can also happen to bosses at least.
To my horror, after that, I realized I played the entire stage WITHOUT the item randomizer! Welp. Rather than revert to a backup I'll push on. If I get stuck and an important item was there, I'll see if I can use an ascetic to respawn it.
Dork Souls modding isn't a user-friendly process. Doing it hoses your install for online play, and it requires running many different programs together.
I now have enough items to upgrade another weapon to +10! Depending how horrific the Shrine of Amana, it might very well have to be a bow. Also, it's entirely unrelated to the run but neighbors are shooting fireworks right now. It impairs my performance by 10%.
Troubled by the fireworks, I went to upgrade a bow. Not much choice in bows in what I found, so I upgraded a long bow. I miscalculated how many chunks it takes to upgrade a weapon, it seems. I blame the fireworks. It does serviceable damage! Also the fireworks have ceased.
Once someone replies, we'll see if my run is softlocked! For now I press on, roll with mistakes and so on. The Shrine was mostly the same with small alterations. As the game advances it seems the mod author is focusing mostly on having few but high-impact alterations.
Don't consider the mod author lazy for being economical with changes, however! There's a reason there's not dozen enemy placement mods: you don't do them with a level editor, you do them putting IDs and X,Y,Z manually in a "Level Editor" that's just Microsoft Excel.
During the Demon of Song encounter, a bunch of little hollows crawl on the ground. Felicia the Drowned provided enough of a distraction for me to kill them. In general, only boss fights that were too easy in the original are altered at all.
Garl Vinland was harder than I remembered! Instead of doing it the normal way and popping a ton of consumable, I did it the hard way and summoned an additional shield. Which is harder than in the original, with the new jerks in the way. Can you see them in the dark?
Having found only two souls of a giant, fighting Vendrick is impossible. Having no king's ring, and no ashen mist heart... Shulva is the only new place open to me. Enemies will be the same, but the items are still random.
Making the hints file display only two lines at once, I ctrl-F'd to ensure I missed nothing in Drangleic Castle when I was not running the randomizer mod by mistake. I didn't! So no looking for help yet.

Keys better not be in the pony playground.
For now it's hard to improve my build further. I'm using raw weapons, so going with a dex build could make them hit harder, but for now it's better to commit those points to stamina. I can respec later.
Once place I forgot to visit is Belfry Sol. I went there first, but there was nothing on interest. Onwards to Shulva. Probably my favorite additional area for Dork Seals 2. A great return to the form of compact interlocked stages with multiple paths and shortcuts.
Found the King's Ring in Shulva! This is one of the two items I need to clear the game, the other being the Giant's Kinship. Earlier I mentioned the ashen mist heart being required, but now that I think of it it isn't, since the kinship was certainly also moved.
By this point I almost never die anymore to stages, but sometimes absolute bullshit makes suicide runs a reasonable idea, for example the mausoleum or this bonfire.
I found the Dragon Stone earlier, and found a few more smelter wedges. Items from one DLC can be contained in a different one! The only guarantee is there won't be any circular dependency.
I always hated how RNG-heavy this boss is. How well the fight goes depends whether Ellie gets stunlocked like an idiot (she did) and whether the boss summons a bunch of Garls (she did).
And that's all for today! Having found the King's Ring, Aldia's Keep is open, so that's three stages worth of items, I'm likely to find new keys to progress.
Those randomizer runs are fun in a way Nioh, where 95% of the loot is Diablo-esque RNG, isn't. Dark Souls progression is strongly lock-and-key based, and changing their order makes many unusual situations emerge, changing your approach to the game.
Today, for reasons unknown, my UI mod started working! I have no idea why it works today and wasn't previously. It makes the UI more transparent. It's a thing I like, in fact I even made a mod (i.e. 5 minutes photoshop job) like that for Dark Souls 1 ( nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods… )
Resuming where we left off: after finding the King's Ring, Aldia's Keep is open to me, and the two areas that follow it. The Keep should be the last area altered by the Second Sin mod we'll see: the two subsequent ones weren't edited yet.
The run up the stairs has turned into a gauntlet! About 6 Syan knights, three spell casters, and one of those jerks dual wielding Orma & Reeve's greatshields. Baiting Syan's with the bow behind trees, then baiting a combo, then going for a backstab, exploiting the invuln window.
After that, Alsatiel is replaced with a random gargoyle. It's a very interesting and useful fact to know that it is technically possible for a non-human to invade normally. In fact in Dork Souls 1 Chester was not a human and used a different method to invade which jzxkcjlkasduiox
After that, you continue being pelted with spells. So I'm not above exploiting their bad pathfinding to shoot enemies from a safe spot. I was hoping the mod would ramp up the difficulty like that past the early stages, but it sets out to be balanced liked the original.
Finally, near the end of the game, I found the Soldier Key! It normally drops from the very first boss of the game, and opens one of the two paths to the Bastille. It's still a required key to complete the game, but not necessary until you're close to the end.
The area continues to be extremely difficult, and would have forced me to invest into a bow had I not done so earlier. Also, notice the statue in front of this room: if I fail to make it to the bonfire, I'm out a branch.
The bonfire is hidden behind one of the 3821 wolfenstein walls in the game, and if you don't know it exists... I don't imagine you can complete the area without despawning enemies (which requires killing them 12 times).
I was expecting nasty surprises in the room of gunk, but somehow there wasn't one. I resumed the run by shooting at things too stupid to pass through doorways.
And now, for the boss? The boss is now Aldia.... with two eleum loyce knights. This one is gonna be a real pain. I re-adjusted my equipment to resist fire. This one is gonna be a good candidate for a brightbug. Maybe I should seek Melentia to be able to buy more?
Even the run to the boss is difficult, enemies tend to glitch me by pushing me through the doors without giving me the time to open them. The first thing I needed to know: can I kill the adds? They have no lifebar, but the answer is yes. They just have a lot of life.
After killing those two, things are trivial, as Aldia has only one possible spawn point here. Killing the knights took off so much durability I had to repair during the fight.
I decided to catch up on the Forest with the key I found, but I didn't find Melentia.
I figured she might be in the house, and I found the key earlier... But nope. So, out of options, I looked up the mod's comments, and....
...and I remembered I left an optional part of the Forest behind. Remember this part from the e3 2013 demo, when they had that cool lighting system no console could handle, making us think torches would actually be useful? 3 minutes into this vid:
Well, sure enough, Melentia was here! That means that the location of the soldier key is a HUGE determinant of the difficulty of a run with both those mods, as the key can spawn very late in the game. Now I can buy as many cheap lifegems as I want and pop them like candy.
Because of that, I no longer have much use for healing miracles, so I shuffled the points around to go to a full DEX build. Both my weapons have A-level scaling, so after removing their raw infusion, the change in damage was very significant.
In the Dragon Aerie, of course I'd start with this annoying jump. The next two areas are annoying but pretty trivial in difficulty at this point. My bow one-shots the explodey jerks, my falchion takes 1/3rd of a dragon's health in a full combo.
The dragon shrine proves just as easy. Big guys go down in 5 hits. I finally meet the dragon. To reward me for having traveled this far, the immortal being grants me the gift of a Torch.
Reaching a specific stage (I think Aldia's) adds new stock to Chloanne - enough to build myself a second weapon. I go with a scimitar, infused with lightning. I'll powerstance them once my level is high enough.
Having found nothing of interest past the Keep, I visit areas I neglected, such as the arena and the doors of Pharos, but I found nothing new.
I'm now out of big areas to visit, so it's time to look up hints for some items I missed:
- Ashen Mist Heart: Iron Keep
- Frozen Flower: Cave of the dead
- Heavy Iron Key: Frozen Eleum Loyce

Now that's neato. All 3 DLCs had nested dependencies. Iron needs Frozen needs Sunken.
I had scoured the Iron Keep very well, so most items left were on the lava. You can actually get them without the flash sweat pyromancy by stacking items... but it's still a pain. And you never survive the grab operation.
A dozen deaths later, I finally found what I wanted: it was hidden behind this buttface
I could now access the memories, but I found nothing interesting there.
Having misunderstood something on the wiki, I thought my next key was guarded by Sinh. What a pain that fight is! Jerk flies the whole time I swear. But it was actually in the gauntlet area. All the DLC had a much harder area that was meant for online play, those are hell solo.
And that's it for today. Looks like I'm up to 100 deaths so far (when offline, this counter shows local stats), less than I thought given all the suicide runs early on. Now that I'm as powerful as in the normal game, the run is much less interesting, but let's finish it.
Let's continue! If you haven't muted this thread yet you know what to expect.

This time, my UI mod didn't work.

I scoured the cave, where I know an item I need is, but found nothing. This area was meant for online play. As a clever marketing gimmick, if you didn't have the DLC, you could still be summoned for the gauntlet areas of the DLCs. So those areas are tuned expecting summons.
After that, the fight pits you against standard characters. A havel, a knight, and a filthy DEX build. The fight went surprisingly smooothly!

Except guess what?

The item randomizer mod didn't take. Why? I DUNNO.
Good think I keep backups.

Except this time, the NPC summons are as worthless as possible. They refuse to heal until at 2% health, insist to refresh useless buffs (such as cast light) in the middle of the boss fight, and fail to hold aggro.
They're just meant to serve as a distraction, I don't expect them to deal damage, but there's a huge element of chance to which size will get an AI doing idiotic shit. It took multiple attempts this time, as they'd die 30 seconds in having dealt not even 10% damage.
And after that.... I didn't find the flower I was looking for. Time to scour the whole stage again.
After searching the area again, I found it in a little niche I had never noticed before. To do this area solo, it's useful to have a whip to destroy statues and a bow to shoot the statue carriers, but online you're never methodical, you massacre the place and that's it.
Now, any item drop might mean I've won the run, since I'm looking for the giant kinship, but for now the plan is to find more keys in Eleum Loyce. My ReShade SSAO doesn't work with the fog, heh.
As I already had the Eye, I could have sequence broken the run by doing the boss, but I had forgotten it's what clears up the wind, so I went to explore a bit before doing that boss.
The difficulty of the area is tuned much harder than anything in the main game, so getting around takes a while.
Interestingly, when an equipment item is normally found already upgraded, the upgrade is still displayed after randomization! But once in your inventory it stacks with the normal items.
After exploring, I found the key to the last DLC area - but there's more items to find in Eleum Loyce. Some of which are in the Pony Playground... which I'd rather skip. That area was one of the many gameplay experiments the B Team attempted that... were not fun experiments.
Let's try the Brume Tower next. I found only 6 smelter wedges, used to destroy the 11 idols buffing enemies, so I won't destroy them all. For example the first one is pretty harmless so I'll leave it alone.
In this room the idol is a huge pain, so it's a prime candidate for a wedgie. After destroying an idol, you have a long recovery animation without invulnerability. Fun!
Like before, I'm sequence breaking by already having the key item. Dark Souls progression being purely about keys and shortcuts, it's impossible to break the game by sequence breaking.
This NPC is one of the biggest pains in the game. At 50% health, they escape down below, in an area full of respawning enemies that causes you curses. Not only that - they wield a Grand Lance with impossibly good tracking.
The grand lance was one of the weapons that got a severe nerf past release, as dual-wielding them could allow you to stunlock almost any build to death. It hits fast, hard, has amazing range, and its strong attack lasts longer than a roll window.
The only reason this weapon is somewhat fair is that it has only pokes, so it's easy to dodge a human adversary. But the AI can adjust its angle mid-windup with absurd precision. It's one of the many things that make the combat in DKS2 feel so bad compared to the rest.
Areas are made obscure by changing post-processing settings at a threshold. It's standard game engine procedure, but that makes torches useless, as they have a small radius with a steep falloff - to spare the puny console playing this the hit of calculating too many shadows.
Anyway, I found nothing of interest, except a ring+1+6. Good thing I had saved up 4 wedges, as the boss arena is surrounded with this many idols! But I imagine the fight can be won without destroying them all, and the boss has a very easy moveset to fight.
Having nothing else to level up, I grabbed some endurance, and went with a new armor to match. Next up is the Iron Passage, but fuck that, I gave up after a few tries.
This is one of those areas meant for online play. The stooges you can summon stand in the way, get bodied by enemies, and get lost in the tunnels. Yet, you need them as cleanup if you fail the extremely random platforming where you dodge enemies and fireballs.
The place is full of mages making you heavy, capable of poising through almost any attack despite wearing light armor, going against the established vocabulary of the game. After that, the boss is literally a texture swap (with adjusted attack timings)
Needing more souls to buy repair powder, I thought I'd kill the Watcher and Defender, as it's an easy fight. Cause screw farming in Anything Souls: if you farm you're doing it wrong.
Then, to my surprise, Nashandra appeared, despite my not having the Giant's Kinship! It seems that she has a failsafe trigger if you kill the giant. Well, either way.... We're a victory lap away from victory, then.
Before the last fight, the most important thing: looking good. This is the best fashion I could come up from the random junk I found.
She obviously went down easily, but not without forcing me to pop an effigy after the fight. For whatever reason, Vengarl was not available to summon. I guess the mod moving him around alters the triggers.
Well, that was a very interesting way to re-experience a game I played normally so much. Now, let's take a look where the items were!
It all depends on the random seed. Because the difficulty of the game depends strongly on the position of some items, it'd be a good idea to have someone else check it's the level of difficuty you want. (DM me if you'd like me to do that for you, DMs open)
The mod provides amazingly detailed descriptions of every spawn point in the game in its hints files. A lot more work than I imagined went into making this mod.
Oh boy, look at that, the Giant's Kinship was in the Frigid Outskirts, the worst area in the game by far. Glad I could spare myself the pain.
And that's all! I hope you either enjoyed this thread, or muted it. That was an experiment, I rarely livetweet things. Might do that in the future. Let me know if you could use a specific hashtag to mute too if you use a client where threads can't be muted.
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