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1) "Be careful who you follow." This is a term I’ve never used on here because I don’t generally engage in drama or take sides. However, I have been making observations for quite awhile now & watched some people obliterate other people over emotional reactions rather than facts.
2) I’m not pointing to anyone or calling out names. I’m sharing my observations. I’ve watched people become triggered and go on a rampage. Very alarming, fierce rampages. It’s disconcerting.
3) I’ve watched people publish full articles telling a really good “story” while citing not a single fact or piece of evidence. I’ve seen 10% of truth be rolled out into a fantastical exaggeration that many fall for.
4) Threads or articles that claim to have proof, but cite nothing, and use manipulation tactics to pull you in through your emotions. It’s okay to be passionate and have/show emotion, but don’t ever let emotions be your truth radar.
5) I’ve seen people be destroyed on here, this virtual world, where if you choose to turn off a single power button, it all goes away. Imagine that? Yet, it can still cut like a knife. Funny how that works huh?
6) I’m not going to name names because I don’t get caught up in the drama, nor do I take sides. Hell, I don’t have time for all of that because I spend so much time researching. BUT, it is concerning me seeing so many people fall for it time and time again.
7) Please take the time to fact check, dig, make a person actually provide the evidence they claim to have. And even then, dig some more, because they may show you a crumb, and you need the whole slice to see the full picture. Partial truths don't work.
8) To blindly follow is exactly the system they created decades ago. They stifled critical thinking and analysis in a vast amount of people because people felt others were “handling things” for them and they were safe, and all was good. It's no one's fault. They did this.
9) Everyone now knows this is NOT the case. Yet, sometimes people are still going along with “stories” blindly. Stories I could shred to pieces if I took the time. REVIEW everything, then DIG! Fact check everything yourself. Use your gut. What do your instincts tell you?
10) Not based on emotion or something someone said that rubbed you wrong one little time, because that’s going to happen all the time with all people in this world. That is to be expected.
11) Please don’t let paranoia get the best of you. I see people in frantic mode literally jumping on something that slightly resembles a symbol, they jump to conclusions, then boom…everyone gets on board! DIG first, not after.
12) One other thing - you can follow someone you are on the fence with & don’t have conclusive evidence one way or the other, while at the same time not overly investing in their words or spreading what could be potentially false info they are providing. It's still info. Get it?
13) Okay, I just had to get all of that off my chest because I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately, and with victims coming out more and more, be very cautious as to how much info you invest in. This requires great discernment.
14) I have observed a lot of unvalidated stories that make claims they have proof, but don’t provide it. Instead, they spend their days trashing others, which is a big red flag for me personally. Isn’t there enough trash in this world?
15) Truth always comes out. It’s a choice as to what you wish to believe or not believe. I once had a friend (years ago) who used to exaggerate often when sharing funny stories. It bugged me because I’m all about the truth, but…
16) …he was a wonderful human being and I could discern the truth from the exaggerations, so I stayed friends with him. My point is, KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Strive for clarity. Use your gut, and DIG!
17) Above all, avoid making assumptions, taking things personally, jumping to conclusions, or making accusations without solid 100% proof. If you only have 50% of the truth, then state that. Why exaggerate? Especially right now when truth IS the battle.
18) This is war folks. I’m sad to say, but it is. We are in a spiritual and mental battle right now. If you don’t learn to go within and tap into that awesome sense of awareness and instincts you innately have, confusion and doubt will take over.
19) Know yourself. Know your truth. Doubt others but don’t doubt yourself. Sometimes, you don’t realize the abilities you have until you TRY. People are so much more insightful than they give themselves credit for. People have skills they don't realize they have. TRY.
20) Back to my research I go. If you are hunting child traffickers and/or other nests & webs, you may find this article of use. Good luck to everyone and I’m honored to be in this battle with you all. 🙏👊🇺🇸 #MAGA…
21) I want to clarify point 13 regarding victims. When I said be careful how much info you invest in - I am referring to when victims clearly state they have proof of something but don't provide it. Many won't have proof (obviously). Use discernment and compassion always.🙏
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