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Listen kids, dont live and die by the advice on this side of Twitter

Or anywhere for that matter

Take the lesson, understand the context and use what works for you

No one here has 50 years of life experience, we all still have a lot to learn

A thread for you...
- Conflicting advice = stagnation

Following 20 people? Be ready for 20 different pieces of advice per subject

Life lessons have some universality, but they remain relative

This can lead to conflicting advice

Some is good, some isn't
Some will leave you confused
This week a drop shipper said its on the rise
Another said its becoming difficult
Third said advertising isn't what it used to be

Truth? Doesn't matter. If you're gonna work, you'll still do the work.

If you listen to all 3, you'll be sitting there thinking "wtf do I do now?"
Find one or two who know their stuff
Follow them and ignore everything else

And don't live and die by the advice of that one person
Try it out yourself
Be creative
Be your own guru

Too many mentors means you don't wanna do the work
&its an excuse to stay crippled

- College isn't the worst thing in the world

You don't have to go into debt

Not all universities are stupid expensive

Everyone going to college isn't an idiot

Its not all a major scam
Like anything, college is what you make of it

Success comes from you, not from whether or not you went to college

And not going doesn't guarantee shit

A lot of dropouts are broke
Hate their lives
and do nothing worthwhile with their time
Stuff I learned in school

- Cold emailing
- Cold calling
- How to raise $50,000 for an event hosting 300 people
- Professionalism
- How to work with the most impossible people
- Organizing my time
- Grinding non stop
- Self discipline
List goes on

Fact is, going to college doesn't make you less of a badass

Not going to college doesn't mean you'll be successful

If you wanna go, go

Go for the right reasons and make the most of it

Its a multiplier, you're the variable

You pick the direction it multiples
- The only advice you really need? Take care of yourself

Here's the four tenets of your life

Health - Emotional and physical

Eat well, stay active
Save more than you spend
Be spiritual in your own way
Be around good people
Major topic on Twitter today was whether women like abs

@AJA_Cortes did a live video on it and took questions

Everyone came in with specifics

Do girls like a buff guy or a ripped guy?
What about forearms?
Should I look like Daniel Craig?
You know what @AJA_Cortes started saying at one point?

"All of it, just take care of all of it"

He'd answer specifically, then go back to that

"Just do all of it, take care of your entire self, as a whole"


Because a ship with 4 holes that only plugs one is still gonna sink bro

Holistically take care of yourself

Also - don't worry about what girls like or don't like, just do you

Good people
- Everything isn't for everyone

Just because your favorite Twitter account drop ships, doesn't mean you have to

Favorite athlete is Julio Jones? Doesn't mean you need to play football

Everything isn't for everyone

Don't just do shit thats popular, do what you'll enjoy
Following @ConquerorVlad and @GoldmundUnleash will teach you how to kill the game

You're not interested in endless one night stands? You wanna have a LTR/get married?

Learn whats necessary
Pivot to your needs
Become a badass
Find a dope ass girl to marry

Learn the principles of what works

Build a foundation

Don't learn gimmicks and tricks

Get @ConquerorVlad s ebook if its still available

It'll teach you how to raise your life to meet you

Know what it won't do? Tell you to run lines like a robot
People think doing exactly what those they admire do will lead to success

It won't

Know why? Because you do all the things that don't actually require work

Eating quinoa and doing yoga won't make you Steve Jobs

Doing the fucking hard work will
Don't obsess over every little thing that people do

Don't think you need to do it to succeed

And don't EVER open another Forbes article titled "7 things every billionaire does before 7 am"

Guarantee those 7 things didn't make them billionaires

Longevity matters above all else

Being an entrepreneur means making money, growing it and not losing it

Its really fucking easy to lose money

Everyone hustling right now is amazing and you can learn a lot

But keep an eye out over the years

Some people will disappear
Longevity matters everywhere

Peyton Manning had a decent college career and a great NFL career
Ryan Leaf had a phenomenal college career and sucked ass in the NFL
Elizabeth Holmes was worth billions and everyone called her a genius
Now she's worth nothing and is known as a fraud

Jeff Bezos lost money for a long time
Always focused on the long run, how far out? He spent millions on a mechanical clock set to run for 10,000 years
Bezos did that to showcase his style of thinking for Amazon

Other companies think quarterly profits

Amazon doesn't care, they're thinking 5-10 years out

Where are they now?

Everywhere you look
In summation

1 - Trying to take everyones advice = failure
2 - College isn't the worst thing in the world - just be smart about it IF you go
3 - Take care of yourself holistically
4 - Tweak what you learn to help you reach YOUR goals
5 - Longevity matters
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