Interesting tidbits from Papadops jail house interview with Jake Tapper.
They discuss how GP met Mifsud. GP was working for LCILP and was sent to Rome for a conference. He was *introduced* to Mifsud at this conference (see 5:05). Not traveling through Italy, as has been widely reported.…
If the conference was March 7-9 in London and GP says he met Mifsud in London, at the conference, I dont know where the March 14 date or met while traveling in Italy" story comes from. From the sentencing doc "…
From the statement of offense. March 6, GP got a call he was joining the campaign. March 7-9 he attends the conference and is introduced to Mifsud. Thats a tight timeline.

Note the Statement of Offense… states "traveling in Italy"
GP has been officially governmentally declared a liar by the FBI and Mueller. Now he comes out in an interview that disputes the official filings. This is as far as I got in the video and Im already 🧐
Then, at 5:53, as GP is listing why he thought Mifsud was a good vehicle for meeting people he drops that Mifsud has connections to the State Department. Heh. Go on, I'd love to hear more of that!
So skipping ahead to around 13:08, Tapper says they tried to get Mifsud's side of the story but cant find him. They did talk to Stephen Roh, Mifsud's lawyer, who said Mifsud worked for western intelligence and was sent on a mission to introduce GP to Russians.
That part was a voice over, so no follow up because Roh provided no evidence and FBI had no comment. Was UK intelligence unavailable for comment? CIA?
Tapper asks about why he lied. GP said FBI asked about Russians hacking. GP said that Mifsud, a Maltese, was the only one who told him about Hillary's emails. He didn't remember telling anyone about the emails.
Tapper lists all of the "accomplishments" of the Mueller investigation and asks GP "knowing what you know now" what are your thoughts? GP says he is disappointed we do not know more about Mifsud by now. 😂
"I was expecting much more about him. Maybe its classified?"
Ok lets me know that GP actually said he was at a conference in Rome and met the professor there. Which makes more sense based on the official docs. CNN says this was in Rome but the guy on the left (Majed Garoub) was at the London conference March 7-9.
So was Majed Garoub in London and Rome at both places? Now Im confused. Majed Garoub sits on the legal committee for FIFA, which is why I'm a bit intrigued. The source of the pic is here…
Apparently Garoub's Saudi Law Training Center and LCILP, where both Mifsud and GP worked, signed an agreement to work together. After the agreement was signed, the March energy conference in London was held by LCILP. Which is where this pic came from. Why is this foggy?
Now Im investigating a picture dammit. Pic on left is London March 7. Same suit and tie. Same lanyard. Looks like speakers had purple ones. Tagged March 7 in London at the LCILP conference he was working on. CNN said it was in Rome.…
CNN said he was in Rome at the conference. But that particular conference was in London. Whateves

GP met Mifsud at (Link) University in Rome. "He took a liking to me right away. He was introduced to me as somebody who could help me organize meetings with the Russians..."
I wish @jaketapper had snapped on the fact the conference was in London but GP said he was introduced to Mifsud in Rome at a university. Because how did GP get to the Univ in Rome and who INTRODUCED HIM TO MIFSUD are the KEY questions. This is the lie.
This is just the first 6 minutes yall.
Tapper Did he bring up Russia?

GP "My understanding is he brought up Russia"

As it was later explained to him?? Who explained it to him? Where was GP? IS that just a weird turn of phrase?
Tapper Did you tell anyone that Russians have Hillary's emails?

GP No.

HA just kidding, He didnt say that.
"If I told anyone it would have been discovered by now."
If I told anyone it would have been discovered by now.
Tapper is impressed here by how badly GP didnt answer the question.
CNN wants to know, Senate wants to know, did GP tell the Trump campaign about the emails. Has anyone asked him if he told any western intelligence agencies?
They kind of address it. Tapper asks if he has heard of "the dangle", that maybe Mifsud was trying to entrap him.

GP Jake, Ive uh according to public documents today it seems that there were many there were a lot of tradecraft, spy craft going on around my life during that time
Ok now getting caught back up to Stephen Roh's nugget about Mifsud working for Western Intelligence, on a mission to introduce GP to Russians. "Roh refused to provide any proof or answer our questions...the FBI had no comment"
I need to take a break for now but I leave you with this moment when Tapper is trying to wrap his mind around all of the weirdness.
@jaketapper should ask GP who introduced him to Mifsud.
GP was not in Rome for that conference.
GP said Mifsud was introduced as someone who could help him meet Russians. Mifsud's attorney said that was Mifsud's mission.
SO close. SO DAMN CLOSE. George Stephanopoulos interview with GP 9/9/18. After he told him he was leaving campaign, they took him to Rome and mysteriously he ended up meeting Mifsud. Huh.…
GS Interview. Another mention of Mifsuds connects with State Dept.
The dangle. Mifsud is giddy about these emails. I believe Mifsud had said they never talked about "hacking" HRC emails. A plot to hack is not the same as a hacking that had already happened. Semantics I guess.…
Back to the GS interview. Another question on whether GP told anyone. He really doesn't like lying, he's not good at it.
There are quite a few more things in the interview worth watching/reading. GS asked him what he thought of Trump as President.
Then these two statements. Sit watch and wait I guess.
Simona Mangiante Papadop was interviewed as well. More on that after a break.
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