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Because the globalist pedovores worst nightmare would be America & Russia joining forces. Both countries are predominantly white christian nations that oppose the infestation of our own cultures by primitives and barbarians.
The dancing Israelis. "we were here to document the event"

I will confirm that Israelis have been detaind sine 911. We cant say if they were from the intelligence services or what they were doing (dancing, clapping, filming) I will defer to the DOJ & FBI

NIST Director refuses to release critical building 7 collapse simulations because doing so"would 'jeapardise public safety'.

On other words, doing so would reveal truths that would lead to wide spread global outrage and uprisings both here and abroad.
Afghanistan in 2001 supplied 5% of the worlds opium (main indredient in heroin).

Today they supply 95-96%.

Servicemen & women cant speak up about their activities there because they were forced to sign NDAs about their assignments.

#OpiodEpidemic #Purdue #BigPharma #Poppies
Pilotsfor911Truth.org (radar tracks) proves the two planes credited for the attack on NYC were heading west & never turned around.

Air defense system intentionally disabled.

Youve had 18 yrs to figure this out for yourselves.


If people cant figure out 2 "planes 3 bldgs, or still deny 911 because of cognitive dissonance. Then I dont have much faith left that people are going to accept the horrifying truth about the pedovores that have taken over the worlds gvmnts.
2 "planes" 3 buildings, leaves one building collapse unexplained by childlike excuses.
Tony Rooke used BBC footage to educate others on 911 truth. It shows BBC reporter announcing Bldg 7 collapse 23 minutes before it collapsed.

BBC sued. Judge ruled in favor of Tony Rooke after watching footage from BBCs own archives proving complicity

BBC Reports Building 7 collapse 23 minutes before its collapses. Whoops, wrong script, wrong time.

Most of us never forgot. And most of us want to see you hanging at The Hague for you're satanic crimes against humanity. #Bush #Clinton #Cheney #Rumsfeld

If fires brought down 3 bldgs in NYC and all in one day we'd have fires dropping buildings like flies all over the planet on a daily basis. But we dont.
UNITED 175 (Credited by the satanic deep state/bush/clinton cartel as the one that hit the South Tower) IN THE VICINITY OF HARRISBURG AND PITTSBURGH, PA

Shanksville 911 - Wheres the bodies? luggage?, tires? & plane parts?!

And before anyone says something stupid and embarrasses themselves. MANY planes have crashed at 500MPH, and NONE have every turned into a Bugs Bunny like pile of vapor & dust.

The dancing Israelis. "we were here to document the event"

I will confirm that Israelis have been detaind sine 911. We cant say if they were from the intelligence services or what they were doing (dancing, clapping, filming) I will defer to the DOJ & FBI

The building 7 collapse could not be duplicated in computer models without first removing key structural components from the model.
Bldg 7 "coincidentally" housed all of the SEC's archives of current & closed criminal FINANCIAL investigations. An entire floor was also occupied by another infamous "gvmnt" agency

Make sure to view the qoute shown under th table


The building in the infamous Philadelphia inferno built by "cowboys & indians" using horse and buggys & early 19th century codes, packed full of highly flammable materials burned all day and all night and was still standing the next evening.
The "Torch" in Dubai burned twice, yet never collapsed.

Was this intended to be a full scale model designed to demonstrate and prove once and for all that Bush/Clinton/Cheney/McCain/Rumsfeld/Rice verison of 911 is a fraud and cover up?

High rise bldg completely engulfed in flames yet no collapse.

In fact, 100s of structural steel high rise fires have occurred in the past 100 yrs & only 3 have collapsed in all of recorded history due to fire. All 3 on 911, same owner, same ins policy

THOUSANDS of engineers, demolition experts, architects, all LEADERS & AUTHORITIES in their field speak out.

And they all have the same message for you. Science, established laws of physics, and even basic reality no longer matters.

"16-acre basement housed vaults" belonging to other countries where their gold, silver, paladium, othr rare element reserves were stored. Also priceless artifacts, & various agencies (gvmnt) records. All "lost".

Yet we can recover flakes of gold from 12000 ft below Alaska.
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