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Thread: On the Existential Struggles of Our Time, Part III

1. This thread will examine the ongoing battle between Judeo-Christian good versus evil, as well as connect all three parts. Here we go.
2. Part I covered Globalism versus Nationalism, with the point being made that the latter is manifested in @POTUS ‘s #MAGA agenda in which he is pulling us back from the brink of globalism to the natural order of national and world affairs:
3. Part II discussed Individualism versus Collectivism, with points being made that the former is closest to human nature and personal and economic freedom while the latter is immoral and aligned with subjugation of people, as well as death and misery:
4. On to Good versus Evil. I have previously defined evil and some of the apparent evils in modern America here, as well as why evil has been on the rise over the past several decades.
5. Mankind has been arguing about, defining and redefining “good” for millennia. The Ancients defined good in terms of “normal versus different,” “knowledge versus ignorance,” and later “right versus wrong” in the context of defining laws and justice.
6. “Right versus wrong” was defined differently depending on the cultural norms of the particular time period and country/empire. Eventually various religious philosophies crystallized definitions of good versus evil over time – varied by race, culture and the specific religion.
7. Those definitions have translated into different cultural norms for areas of the world as greatly simplified here:

a. Eastern Civilization, consisting of China, Japan, Korea, and southeast Asia and influenced by Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism, etc.
7. (cont'd)
b. Southern Asia, largely that of India and surrounding areas influenced by Hinduism.
c. Middle East (including North Africa), consisting of countries mostly dominated by Islam (with mixtures of other religions)
7. (cont'd)
d. Africa, consisting of countries largely influenced by paganism and animism but turning to Christianity and Islam in great numbers over the past century-plus.
7. (cont'd)
e. Western Civilization, consisting largely of Europe and the Americas and largely influenced by ancient Greece and Rome, Judaism and Christianity.
f. Other (various)
8. The point of the above discussion is that there are wide-ranging definitions of good (acceptable) versus evil/bad (proscribed) in cultures around the world. Governments have been organized that reflect, monitor and control the cultural norms of the people governed.
9. Logic dictates that those governments would also implement and enforce those cultural norms from a different philosophical framework from each other, partly as shaped by their respective religious philosophies. And indeed that is the case.
10. The United States was formed as the pinnacle of Western Civilization with a Constitution and body of laws informed and shaped by centuries of political and religious philosophical analysis. As mentioned in the thread on Evil, the US grew exclusively fm Judeo-Christian roots.
11. We have been “convinced” by secularists that Judeo-Christian values have no play in modern America. But that’s not the way the Founders saw it. To the contrary, references to God and the Divine are thoroughly infused in their political and personal writings.
12. And the Constitution they wrote, and the government they formed, and the institutions they established were meant to be operated by and for a moral people, as defined by those Judeo-Christian principles.
13. Don’t believe me? Then you need to read: The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, by Benjamin Morris.
14. It was written in 1864 and will amaze when you compare it to what you’ve been taught about our institutions by secularists over the years.…
15. I am not going to argue religion or philosophy with people; that is not my purpose. However, a basic understanding of what motivated the Founders to enshrine our federal system in the Constitution is absolutely necessary if we wish to preserve the “good” of America.
16. And despite what the likes of Obama, Marxists at home and abroad, the New Left, and other anti-Americans have been saying, the US is inherently a force for good in the world. Good being defined in the Judeo-Christian sense, as shaped by the Bible and Ten Commandments.
17. What is “good” about America? The Constitution was written to ensure maximum freedom and liberty to its people, as well as to purposely limit the powers of the federal government because the Founders understood the potential for tyranny by an unrestrained central gov’t.
18. Maximum personal and economic freedoms! We take that for granted in the modern era, but the concept was revolutionary then and revolutionary now! People everywhere yearn to be free. It’s why we’re inundated with illegal aliens these days.
19. What do you suppose the average Venezuelan, Iranian, or North Korean thinks about freedom and liberty? These are universal desires and truths (“good”) that transcend cultures.
20. Here are some other items that are “good,” as shaped by Judeo-Christian philosophy:
a. Protecting the innocent (the unborn, children, the indigent, the disabled, the aged)
b. Doing unto others as you would have them do to you (from the New Testament)
20. (cont'd)
c. Obeying the laws (including the Ten Commandments)
d. Practicing civic courtesy and tolerance
e. Performing public service
f. Making charitable contributions (time and/or money)
g. Rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s
20. (cont'd)
h. Acting honorably in public and private, with personal accountability and responsibility for one’s actions
i. <of course, there are more to be added to this list>
21. Are these universally understood and determined to be “good” at home and abroad? I don’t think so. And indeed, many items on the list have been purposely eroded by leftists, Marxists, secularists, and other anti-Americans over the decades.
22. I cringe when I hear people like the Clintons and Obama use the word “values” when they exhort their sycophantic followers to “resist” and support socialism. Because the values they purport to revere sure as hell don’t comport with those on MY list!
23. The Left (i.e., the Democrat Party) place a high premium on concepts alien to the Founders, e.g., diversity, multi-culturalism, and moral relativity. And, by the way, on collectivism (socialism) and globalism, too!
24. They extol the virtues of diversity when in reality the true traditional strength of America since its founding has been our ability to absorb and assimilate people from all over the world and turn them and their progeny into Americans within a generation or two.
25. Promoting diversity (and its companion multi-culturalism) perpetuates divisiveness and delays if not prevents the magic of assimilation from occurring – especially the adoption of traditional American values. Its political purpose is EVIL in support of the Democrat Party!
26. The ACLU has been pitching moral relativity since its founding in the '30s, particularly through their ongoing push to secularize the country, especially our public institutions. BTW, did you know that Ruth Bader-Ginsburg was formerly the ACLU general counsel? Explains a lot!
27. BTW, do you want the arbitrariness of the likes of Bill Clinton, Maxine Waters, San Fran Nan, Bernie Sanders, Adam Schiff, etc., determining what is morally right or not? I don’t think so! I’d much prefer the traditional Judeo-Christian framework, wouldn’t you?
28. When God is removed from the public square, the authoritarians whose modern home is the Democrat Party can use moral relativity to their advantage when in political power. That’s what happened with passing Roe v. Wade – the essence of moral relativity and EVIL.
29. It is undeniable that the Democrat Party is the party of gov't and indeed socialism – and they’re no longer afraid to say so in public any more. We’ve already explored collectivism in Part II of this thread series. It is an EVIL philosophy that results in death & destruction.
30. Democrats are also the party of globalism (along with a healthy slice of RINOs). We explored globalism in Part I of this thread series. Globalism is the ultimate evil because it removes democratic control of governments in favor of an unaccountable group of authoritarians.
31. The Founders would view the modern globalist movement as the antithesis of their underlying political philosophy that led to the drafting of the Constitution. Globalism doesn’t promote personal & economic freedom; it puts both in the hands of a distant amorphous bureaucracy.
32. The globalists’ policy of open borders brings people into the US who won’t assimilate, who support authoritarian (alien) governments and philosophies, and who wish to destroy the US as we know it. And I consider that to be the ultimate EVIL.
33. Frankly, I don’t much care about the cultural values held by people in other countries. Let them live and organize themselves and their governments as they chose. What I care about is America and the preservation of the Founders’ concepts as manifested by the Constitution.
34. And I wish to preserve the traditional American Judeo-Christian cultural norms, including the “good” values listed above, as well as to fight tooth and nail to prevent the erosion of personal and economic freedom and other shared American values.
35. That means supporting the #MAGA agenda of individualism, nationalism and a return to the rule of law (all moral and GOOD!) & fighting the Left/Democrat Party tooth and nail to defeat them at the ballot box. Will good or evil triumph here? It’s up to us, friends. ///The end.
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