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1) This is my Q thread for September 13, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

My theme: Military Planning at Its Finest
2) In this thread, we're going to take an in-depth look at censorship and the people who are attempting to control public opinion.
3) Yesterday, all Q related threads (subs) on Reddit were simultaneously shut down. The moderators claimed it was done because user content violated the terms of service.
6) Q said the Reddit ban is censorship and it will (ultimately) fail.

Then he wrote this:
7) Q says there's a plan in place to systematically silence certain voices on social media.

Alex Jones was a litmus test to see how the government and the public would react to banning one person from all major platforms.
8) If you're not a follower, the next statement may seem self-important, but Q says the end game is to silence discussion about his drops on 8chan.
9) I stand corrected.
The tactical objective is to silence discussion about Q.
The end game is different (and more sinister.)
10) In the 1960s, if one wanted to control public opinion, they needed to control the content of a handful of TV news stations (ABC, CBS & NBC), a few Hollywood studios and some of the leading newspapers.

That was the goal of Operation Mockingbird.…
11) In the 1980s, cable TV changed the landscape and the means by which public opinion would be influenced. Networks and cable companies would now have to be controlled if public opinion were to be influenced.
12) In 2004, Facebook was launched, offering a platform where anyone could amass a million followers of they provided good content.

Facebook also allowed for a diversity of opinions to be shared—opinions that at some point, may need to be controlled.
13) Youtube was perhaps the biggest game-changer when it comes to influencing public opinion.

Instead of 3 networks or 300 cable channels, Youtube provided tens of thousands of channels, each with a different viewpoint (viewpoints that may need to be controlled.)
14) On November 5th, after the corrupt Saudi prices were arrested, Q asked who the major shareholders of news and social media networks were. (Saudi princes?)
15) Censoring the views of billions of users across multiple platforms is labor intensive and expensive work.

Wouldn't it be handy if a machine algorithm could be written to handle that work?
16) In March, Q asked who controls social media and who wrote the algorithm that censors across multiple platforms.

[C]lowns [I]n [A]merica perform in a circus.

And believe it or not, they control social media through corrupt shareholders that they control.
17) Eric Schmidt [ES] has been instrumental in helping the deep state control social media. Much of is done over networks that were set up in areas controlled by the C_IA. In 2013, before Trump took office, North Korea was a C_IA playground.…
18) Social media ended the mainstream media's control of public opinion.

Public opinion today is shaped by average people expressing their ideas on social media.

The threat of us controlling the narrative is so serious it may result in Twitter, Facebook, etc, shutting down.
19) POTUS has hammered the Fake News media since taking office to empower us to do our own research, think for ourselves and come to our own conclusions.
20) Many people assume Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. would never shut down because they would lose too much revenue.

Q informed us that social media platforms can operate at a loss because they're backstopped by the C_IA's black ops bank account.
21) Social media platforms may operate at a profit but making a profit is not their bottom line.

Their bottom line is controlling public opinion at all cost and providing surveillance for the deep state that circumvents privacy laws.
23) POTUS and the generals know the lengths the deep state will go to in order to regain control of what they lost.

The shutdown of his Twitter account last November was a test by the clowns to see if they could insert tracking malware into his phone.
24) The military intelligence team that is working with the President anticipated social media blackouts and they've made plans to work around them.
25) In December, Twitter instituted a "hate speech" policy allowing them to define the term and ban users as they see fit.

Q suggested the policy and the malware attempted insertion were done to get the Secret Service to convince POTUS he should leave Twitter.
26) If you think Twitter wouldn't ban POTUS because they're afraid of losing revenue, their bottom line isn't about revenue.

Twitter would love to see 10 million Trump supporters leave the platform.

They seem poised to do it by force, if necessary.…
27) An anon noticed that sometimes, Q deletes posts from the /patriotsfight/ [PF] board.
28) Q said the posts on /patriotsfight/ are main points of interest but it will become the hub of all Q discussions after the platforms that are tracking Q have "collapsed" (when Q discussions have been banned.)

Only 8chan will be left for Q discussions.
29) The attacks are not going to stop until Q discussions have been removed from every platform.
30) Reddit Great Awakening had nearly 70,000 users. If they all migrated to the 8chan research board, there could be problems.

BO = Board Owner
31) An anon realized that if Q discussions were to be limited strictly to 8chan, the post about no outside comms would take on a literal meaning.
32) Q suggested the military strategists planning the operation anticipated it would go this way and they've made the necessary adjustments.

He also said it would not be 70,000 but 297,000 followers who would be migrating their discussions to 8chan.
33) Q has had several boards.

When /patriotsfight/ went operational, I noticed something different about it.

There seemed to be capacity built in for future needs.

Would a pointless LARP go through such intricate planning?
Probaly not.
But I know the military would.
34) Q discusses terms such as dogma, censorship, fascism, suppression and projection.

He wrote:
How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?
35) You demonstrate the need for regulation and the breakup of monopolies by allowing the ones in control to abuse their power.
They must be allowed to go too far.
That means allowing some people to be banned for no legitimate reason.
36) Although Q has assured us that censorship will fail in the long term, in the short term, the fools pulling the levers must be allowed to do stupid things.
37) Q is preparing us for the inevitable. What happened on Reddit will likely happen on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Some of us will be booted for no other reason than discussing Q.
38) You might be wondering if Q could also be banned from 8chan.

That seems unlikely.

The owner of 8chan is all about free speech.

(I would imagine the generals had a talk with him before they set up shop.)…
39) In the bonus round, Q described narcissists and then outlined the tactics used by Antifa, the MSM, and social media platforms.
40) Q posted 2 links to articles about the regulation of social media.

He posted a number of links to MSM reports on the Q Reddit ban.
(Why are they paying so much attention to a LARP?

Was it yesterday's "Panic in DC" posts?

(Links below)
56) Twelve moves ahead.
Suicide watch.
57) Q posted this.
58) Q posted a link to this article.

(Nothing to see here.)…
59) Q posted several links, noting that the deep state that was on offense against General Flynn and Jeff Sessions is now on defense as their texts are made public and they're forced to testify against each other.

Who keeps releasing those texts?🤔
62) Link 3 is to a Tweet about Jim Jordan, who says he's waiting to get all the documents he requested from [Rod Rosenstein.]

63) Link 4 is an interview with Jim Jordan.
64) With PANIC comes MISTAKES.
With PANIC comes ………….
These people are STUPID.
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