Is it Anti- Faith for Christians to take drugs when they fall ill? And What Does the Bible Say About caesarean section? Is it A Sin?

Two years ago I was praying in tongues in my room.

I had probably spent an hour or two in that exercise when in my spirit, I heard "How was Hezekiah healed?"

I shook it off, but it came again

""How was Hezekiah healed?
How was Hezekiah healed
How was Hezekiah healed"
Then I thought "which Hezekiah?".

And instantly it dawned on me that I have never studied to find out how Hezekiah got healed.

So I knew God was trying to teach me something.

I got up from my knees,opened the Bible and discovered what I want to share today.
The background story :

King Hezekiah was sick, and the prophet Isaiah brought a word to him:

"Thus says the Lord,set your house in order for you shall die and not live "
Divine judgment had been given.

Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed.

God heard his prayer ,forgave him of his sins, and retracted the judgement.

He was given 15 more years to live.

Like me,this is where most of us stop in this story.

But on that day, the Lord showed (and taught) me something I had paid zero attention to, even though I had read and preached on that chapter of the Bible multiple times.
In verse 1 of Isaiah 38, it says "Hezekiah was sick IN HIS BODY" in verse 5, God says "you won't die".

So what happened to his sick body?

Did he automatically and instantly recover?

Did his boils and wound disappear?
The answer is in verse 21.

Isaiah mixed and placed some herbs on his body!

God used a material medium to express a divine healing
Placing those herbs on his sick body didn't take away the supernatural healing of God.

Because if God had not proclaimed life, he would have died regardless.
Taking drugs when you are sick is not a lack of faith; It is an expression of YOUR faith at YOUR Level of the knowledge of the word of God.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it!
If it was wrong, why will Paul tell Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach sake and his often sicknesses.

He could have said "Pray, that's enough".

The wine was medicinal. It was therapeutic.
However, God doesn't want you to depend on drugs.

You faith should be on him and his word,not on some medication.

This was the error of King ASA.
David said " We will not trust in chariots "

But he (David) went to war with chariots. He didn't fight alone.

Just his mighty men numbered 600.

But did he depend on them? No.
He enquired of the Lord before every battle
Yet,God used the soldiers and men of War to win their battles.

I'm sure you are getting the point.

You can use drugs,but don't put your trust on them.
The problem in Christianity is that those who have gained a superior knowledge in the word want to impose it on everybody
It doesn't always work like that.
Paul said "An idol is nothing. But if your brother has a problem with eating it, let him be. Don't let him perish because you are trying to use your higher knowledge of the word "
This is what we aim to do : to bring everybody into a higher Level of operation in the word. Where we are sickness and disease free.
But it won't happen to everyone and it sure won't happen at the same time.
Growth is personal, and it is definitely not instant.
If it is not a sin to use use powder on your face to look Good, why should it suddenly be a sin to use an ointment when there is a boil on that same face?

Doesn't make sense
And that brings us to the next question...

Is cesarean section a sin? What does the Bible have to say about it?
The answer is NOTHING.

There Bible doesn't have anything to say about it because the technology wasn't (obviously) existing then.
But there is a sense of superiority that stem from those who gave birth through vaginal delivery over caesarean section.

Infact there are prayers made that goes like this:

" You will give birth like an Hebrew Woman"
Now I am not in support or against vaginal or caesarean section. I am not a doctor.

My job is to Echo what the Bible says or doesn't say!.

So what does it say about "giving birth like an Hebrew woman?"

Let's find out.
The "Hebrew woman" phrase comes from Exodus 1:19.

The Hebrew people were slaves in Egypt ,but their days of being in bondage was coming to an end as God is about to produce a deliverer, Moses
Prior to this time, Pharaoh, the king of Egypt was disturbed at the increasing population of the children of Israel.

So he decided to do something about it.

He drafted a plan - Kill all the Hebrew baby boys at birth. So they won't grow up to outnumber them.
He passed this decree to the Hebrew midwives.

But it didn't take long before he (Pharaoh) realized his orders were being disobeyed.

So he summoned the Hebrew midwives.

"Why have you done this ?"

Their response was (Read the highlighted verse)
This was how the phrase "deliver like an Hebrew woman" came about.

But is that really what happened?

I don't think so.

Read verse 17 and 21
It was a lie!

The Hebrew midwives feared God, but they were also sacred of Pharaoh, so they fabricated an excuse.

That was the excuse,it was a lie.
It never happened.

If it did,why did they have midwives in the first place.
The Hebrew women delivered just like every other women back then, using whatever method they used then.

The Hebrew women didn't have their babies before the midwives came, that was something the midwives made up to avoid Pharaoh's wrath.
Also,apart from this story, no other special form of delivery was mentioned anywhere in the Bible
The Bible says "Children are the heritage of the Lord" full stop.

Is that creature before you a child? If yes, s/he is an heritage of the Lord irrespective of how (s)he was delivered.

So if you are offered medication, pls take it. Dont suffer unnecessary
I welcome you to be a part of my Online Bible study group that holds everyday on telegram.

Send a DM to @NTGDaily to be a part of it.

Gos bless you
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