#Venus isn’t particularly comfortable in Scorpio that is one of the reasons it is said to be in detriment. Venus is a superficial planet; it wants to enjoy life, luxuriate, flirt you can see how being placed in the deep plunging bottom of the pit; Scorpio can be Problematic
“Venus is in DETRIMENT in Scorpio – it cannot express its sensitivity and emotions properly. Instead they are channelled into negative addictions and intensity which is the darker side of Scorpio” -EsotericMeanings.com
Look at the 7 of cups #Tarot associated with Venus in Scorpio It is called Lord of Debauch -Scorpio is a sign of extremism so they do everything to the excess when desires go unchecked “I desire” is a Scorpio key phrase this is what we get
The regenerative quality of venus in Scorpio is very strong; so you may climb the depths of hell and bondage or you can soar like a phoenix the choice is yours for the taking
You can recognize people that have planets in Scorpio by the gaze they aren’t looking at you they are looking through you
#Venus in Scorpio can wear many faces one of them is the paranoid lover they are paranoid you’ll find out who they really are not care about them they are paranoid you’re just with them for their money they are paranoid you’re spying on them 🕵🏼‍♀️
Venus in Scorpio can experience many deaths financially and they always recoup; that’s a part of the process To know what it’s like to lose everything and to be reborn this is the element of Scorpio the death in the rebirth
Deep gazes, conversations that feel like interrogations, accusations of you stalking them, they never want to write anything down, they can be paranoid about you recording them #Venus in #Scorpio
Venus in Scorpio may very well enjoy (Venus) destroying (Scorpio) themselves, punishing themselves not allowing themselves to be the Phoenix
Venus in Scorpio intense, Deep, passionate, jealous, secretive, vengeful, mysterious, controlled, manipulative, dark, probing
“Scorpio has perhaps the most accurate gut feelings of all the signs of the zodiac although they need to be wary of paranoia” -Stephen Arroyo
“ these folks have actually little interest in or tolerance for most social activity which they consider superficial and a waste of time in addition they are so acutely sensitive to social environments that they prefer to be alone most of the time” Stephen Arroyo
🙄 I tried “ men and women with Venus in Scorpio crave healing transformative experience through love and sex but too often their emotions go to extremes of paranoia and jealousy and the potential for healing is lost”
The potential for healing was lost down the 50th woman’s vagina that’s where I was lost 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I am over it I swear 🤣🤣🤣
“ Venus in Scorpio is always fascinated by sex it’s beauty power and mysteries this is one reason those with this placement often exhibit a somewhat promiscuous inclination whether or not they act it out”
“Often individual pursue a variety of experimental experiences during one phase Of life and then exert strong discipline over passions in the following phase sometimes accompanied by pouring those intense energies into a new consuming obsession” -Stephen Arroyo
Anytime we’re talking Scorpio- Pluto and 8th house stuff we are talking about being obsessed we want to dig deep we become obsessed with things and people and ideas and concepts
“at worst they’re selfish defensiveness based only on their keen survival instincts will prevent them from ever opening up and sharing with another person” #Venus #Scorpio Stephen Arroyo
When we are talking about Capricorn and Scorpio they have a lot of defenses; it’s hard to get close to them they have defense mechanisms they have walls and a guard up that can be difficult to penetrate
Aside from the deep gaze and the paranoia you know someone has planets and Scorpio when they can be kind of sarcastic they have a commentary that’s like a swipe of a scorpions tale 🦂🦂🦂🦂
“ they have less tolerance for silly superficial flirtation and gameplaying than any other Venus sign” #Venus in #Scorpio -Stephen Arroyo
I went on a date with a man that had Venus in Scorpio we literally just sat down and he asked me so do you live close by like he was trying to get in my pants the drinks didn’t even come to the table I was like.. (red flag # 1)
“ The placement of Venus in the chart describes qualities which we find attractive or beautiful and therefore pleasurable and desirable whether they are found in a person a work of art a piece of writing or in a type of landscape” -Liz Greene
“Venus in Scorpio is an indication that you will be turned on scopionic qualities; a book, a piece of music, or painting so you may be attracted to someone deep mysterious and complex someone who doesn’t immediately give a lot away”
Venus in #Scorpio “ these individuals are psychologically oriented within themselves and consequently toward other people” -Jeffrey Green
“most people are not accustomed to looking at themselves as deeply as the Venus in Scorpio person is when others are in proximity to the Auric atmosphere radiating from the Venus in Scorpio person they are instinctively magnetized at a soul level”
“Every one of them is born into this life as a pre-existing pattern with fundamental fears of betrayal loss and abandonment thus their survival instinct is intensely geared and conditioned by these fears” #Venus #scorpio -Jeffrey Green
You have one argument with a Venus in Scorpio they will threaten you and they will come for your entire life .... they can be very much in survival mode if they’re not taking the high road
I always say as somebody that has Pluto on everything I will never let somebody else hold me hostage and I think that’s Venus in Scorpio like I’ll sting myself to death before I ever let you get one over on me
“ in their intimate relationships the Venus in Scorpio person will naturally desire to probe the depths of those that they love” 🖤🖤🖤🖤
“The Venus in Scorpio person desires to be with someone who can help him understand the depth of their own souls, their fears, their needs, their desires and yet simultaneously fear allowing anyone to get too close to them” 🙄
“ The Venus in Scorpio person can conceal their deepest fears and emotions in many ways because of their inherent fear of being vulnerable”
“ Venus in Scorpio person requires an intensity of emotional and psychological experiences in order to become aware of the depths of their own dynamics, motivations, intentions, desires and needs”
“generally speaking they are deep passionate lovers that need to be gently and intensely touched”
“ when they feel safe enough to make love with their eyes open there is no greater level of sexual intensity that can manifest from an individual” 🔥 #Venus #Scorpio Jeffrey Green
Brittany Murphy had Venus in Scorpio 🖤 Love her for life 🙏🏽
I don’t think anyone is really embodying the Venus in Scorpio like Drake 😬
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