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Sept. 7, 11 & 12 NEW court docs surface, detailing where they are at in the case, U.S. wanting “complex case” designation, how many terabytes they have on them, and Clare Bronfman wants access to her #NXIVM friends because she's lonely & stressed.🙄
2) In case you aren’t terribly familiar with this case, this is a great article Big League Politics put together when Clare Bronfman was indicted. It covers the 8 key players quite well. #NXIVM…
3) To offer a little more perspective, below are the pending counts against Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Note, #NXIVM is a BIG group, which you will see in the following court docs. These folks listed throughout are some of the ringleaders. #ChildTrafficking
4) Also, don’t be fooled by MSM and the attorney lingo where they choose to say “sex trafficking” as opposed to “sex trafficking of children” as indicated in the above court documents. These people are SICK! #PedoGate #ChildTrafficking #SexTrafficking #ForcedLabor
5) On September 7th, Clare Bronfman's attorney filed a motion regarding the no-contact restrictions put on her. Apparently, nearly all of her friends and work associates were involved with #NXIVM, so she has no one to talk with. She has been a part of NXIVM for 16 YEARS.
6) "The no-contact provision is unjustified and, at a minimum, dramatically overbroad. Ms. Bronfman is unable to associate with a LARGE SWATH of individuals currently or formerly affiliated with #NXIVM—an organization that is not a criminal enterprise, as the gov concedes."
7) "Nor do the allegations of the indictment (of which Ms. Bronfman is presumed innocent) suggest any such risk, since Ms. Bronfman is not charged with forced labor, sex trafficking, extortion, or any crime of violence.”
8) "The Court correctly declined to consider the August 21, 2018 letter submitted to the Court by attorney Neil Glazer purportedly on behalf of several anonymous former #NXIVM members who claim to have been “terrorized” by litigation financed by Ms. Bronfman."
9) "The no-contact provision bars Ms. Bronfman from contacting a wide range of individuals currently/formerly affiliated w/NXIVM. The likely number of covered individuals ranges from SEVERAL HUNDRED TO OVER A THOUSAND. Only a miniscule fraction of these are potential witnesses."
10) "If the government wants to prevent Ms. Bronfman from contacting its potential witnesses, the government should provide a list of these witnesses so that the no-contact provision can be more narrowly tailored."
11) "Accordingly, if the Court does not rescind the no-contact provision, it should require the government to identify by name the specific individuals it wants to shield from unsupervised contact with Ms. Bronfman & narrow the provision to cover only those individuals." #NXIVM
12) On September 11th the United States Attorney Richard P. Donoghue submitted a letter to provide the court and defendants with a status update in advance of the Sept. 13th status conference, also requesting the case be designated as a “complex case”. #NXIVM
13) Since July, the government has produced approximately 410 gigabytes of discovery to all defendants, an additional approximately 6.64 terabytes of discovery to individual defendants. They anticipate the review to take several more months. #NXIVM
14) They also continue to receive records from a variety of sources, including witnesses and entities located overseas. #NXIVM #ChildTrafficking #PedoGate #SexTrafficking
15) In addition to the “prosecution team” they have crated a “privilege review team”. Keith Raneiere, Clare Bronfman & Nancy Salman asserted that certain material seized by the gov may contain privileged communications. #NXIVM
16) Defendant Allison Mack is still assessing whether she will raise a privilege claim based on data they have. The U.S. attorney would like to designate this as a “complex case” for adequate preparation for trial or pretrial proceedings. #NXIVM #ChildTrafficking
17) "Here, each of these factors weighs in favor of a determination that complex case designation is warranted. The superseding indictment charges six defendants in a variety of crimes including a racketeering conspiracy spanning 15 years."
18) "The crimes alleged in the indictment relate to over a dozen separate schemes, including schemes involving sex trafficking, forced labor, document servitude, illegal entry, identity theft, obstruction of justice, money laundering and wire fraud." #NXIVM #ChildTrafficking
19) On Sept. 12th Brafman & Associates, P.C. submitted a letter requesting discovery in connection w/superseding indictment, objected to designate the case “complex”, and provided a proposed schedule with respect to a Jan 7, 2019 trial date, on behalf of ALL defendants. #NXIVM
20) "The defendants ALL seek a prompt trial and ask that a schedule be put in place to ensure their speedy trial rights are not lost." #NXIVM #ChildTrafficking #SexTrafficking #MoneyLaundering #WireFraud #ForcedLabor
21) Quick Recap: Clare misses her NXIVM friends, which appear to be the only group of friends she has. There are "hundreds to over a thousand" of them. The U.S. wants this designated as a “complex case” to allow enough preparation time for trial. Defendants all oppose. #NXIVM
22) The U.S. has a LOT of data on this group and they created a “privilege review team” to sort through it all. Raniere and Bronfman have a TON of attorneys listed as “privileged communications.” I wonder how many #NXIVM "friends" the others have? #ChildTrafficking
23) Despite the attorney lingo and the MSM reports who all continue to state “sex trafficking”, if you review the pending counts against Raniere & Mack, you can clearly see it states “sex trafficking of children”. These people are SICK! #NXIVM #PedoGate #ChildTrafficking
24) Below are #NXIVM affiliations listed on previous court docs. 2 images are screenshots from the original court docs for you to verify, and the 3rd image is the complete list I put in alphabetical format for easier referencing.
25) I will continue to keep my eyes on this case. I wonder when we will hear about Clare’s one thousand #NXIVM friends and how many of them were involved in child sex trafficking, or the other sources & witnesses overseas? #PedoGate #NXIVM #ChildTrafficking

26) 9-17-18 #NXIVM UPDATE: U.S. Attorney Richard P. Donoghue submitted to the court, a letter of opposition to defendant Clare Bronfman’s Sept. 7th letter requesting to remove limited prohibition on association currently in place. Scroll up for Sept. 7th letter.
27) The defendants in this case are alleged to have committed criminal acts spanning fifteen years as members of a SOPHISTICATED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that is deeply entwined with Nxivm’s leadership.
28) The “Enterprise” is alleged to have operated through coercive means and methods including, among other things “[o]btaining sensitive information about members and associates of the Enterprise in order to maintain control over them,” (cont.) #NXIVM
29) “[u]sing harassment, coercion and abusive litigation to intimidate and attack perceived enemies and critics” and “[e]ncouraging associates and others to take expensive #Nxivm courses, and incur debt to do so, as a means of exerting control over them.”
30) He argues: "The defendant’s letter provides no additional support, in the form of case law or otherwise, that the narrowly-tailored non-association condition the Court has already imposed is overbroad.” #NXIVM
31) “[t]he defendants . . . acted in concert with other co-conspirators, both known and unknown, who were members and associates of the Enterprise, some of whose identities” were presented to the Grand Jury. #NXIVM
32) PAY ATTENTION: "Because there are members of the Enterprise who are still at liberty, and the government has a compelling interest in ensuring that the defendants do not collude with UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATORS or interfere with witnesses -“ (cont.) #NXIVM
33) "—concerns which are addressed by the narrowly-tailored condition that the Court has already imposed—the government respectfully submits that the condition should not be lifted or modified." #NXIVM
34) 9-18-18 NXIVM UPDATE: The court GRANTS the Government’s motion and designates this case as COMPLEX. Due to “The number of defendants, the nature of the prosecution, or the existence of novel questions of fact or law”. No speedy trial. #NXIVM
35) “First, the superseding indictment charges six defendants with a variety of crimes. Second, this case also involves voluminous and complex discovery."
36) "The government has estimated it currently possesses about 10 to 12 TERABYTES’ of electronic data that may constitute Rule 16 discovery material and expects to continue receiving NEW EVIDENCE from witnesses and subpoenas going forward." #NXIVM
37) “Just within the last two weeks, Raniere and Bronfman have provided the Government with extensive lists of attorneys with whom they may have engaged in privileged communications.” They are still waiting on a list from Nancy Salzman which has slowed things down. #NXIVM
38) “The crimes alleged in the indictment relate to over a dozen separate schemes and include a racketeering conspiracy that spanned over fifteen years. The COURT CONCLUDES that this case is properly designated as COMPLEX.” (meaning no speedy trial) #NXIVM
39) “No attorney who has appeared, or will enter an appearance on behalf of, any party in this case may commit to participating in any other trial between Jan 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019, without first requesting (in writing) and receiving specific permission from this court." #NXIVM
40) Also filed on 9-18-18: Calendar: Magistrate’s Proceeding. The U.S. will file a letter with best estimates of production & production process (eg. privilege segregation & review, search warrant relevant doc production), (cont.) #NXIVM
41) ...of relevant devices and other sources of data, as well as non electronic data. Defense position to be submitted by 9/26/18." Status conference on 9/27/18. Trial set for January 7, 2019.
42) #NXIVM UPDATE: 9/28/18: The court had ordered the gov to submit an outline of a schedule and estimates on production of discovery, including a list of electronic & non-electronic items in possession. There is a LOT.
43) The gov reiterates it has approx. 10-12 terabytes of data they confiscated. They CONTINUE to receive records from a variety of sources including witnesses and entities. #NXIVM
44) Some of the info is considered “privileged” due to numerous attorneys they all appear to have. #NXIVM

Keith Raniere - 26
Clare Bronfman - over 42
Nancy Salzman - 7
45) The government's proposed schedule indicating jury selection will commence on January 7, 2018 with opening statements and trial beginning on January 14, 2018. A lot is happening between now and then. #NXIVM
46) The FBI seized 70 DEVICES that contain a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF AUDIO AND VIDEO FILES in the NXIVM sweep. We don't know what's on these videos (YET), but this could quite possibly be extremely incriminating to a lot of people. #NXIVM #ChildSexTrafficking
47) The devices have been sent to Quantico and may take several months accessing all of the data. The gov requests the deadline for substantial production of results of searches to be set 1 month prior to trial. I will continue to update this thread as court docs release. #NXIVM
48) My apologies. I accidentally typed January 2018 instead of 2019 in the above tweet. I believe it's (45)? Jury selection and trial do not start until January 2019.
49) And now I realize why I made the mistake. They actually say January 2018 on the court docs, but they meant 2019. Perhaps I should email our government and let them know that they should really correct this.
50) ⏰ 10-3-2018 NXIVM UPDATE: The #NXIVM “group’s” attorneys agreed with the gov on a schedule for motions, discovery, trial, etc. & therefore decided to forego the conference. One thing they didn't agree on pertains to Nancy Salzman's electronic data being shared w/defendents.
51) They will be quite busy the next few months in sifting through 12 terabytes of docs, with a vast amount being audio & video. It looks like they have set opening statements for March 18, 2019. Arguments over Nancy's data coming up in a couple tweets. #NXIVM
52) The gov breaks down how they have seized 51 electronic devices belonging to Nancy Salzman, from her residence alone, which they refer to as the “Oregon Trail Devices.” They explain how FBI’s CART duplicates/transfers all content. #NXIVM
53) N. Salzman is requesting they not share all of the material/discovery w/other 5 defendants. The gov strongly disagrees because much was authored by them. She also states 18 of the devices are potentially privileged, meaning attorney involvement. CART is reviewing. #NXIVM
54) The gov is making their argument as to why it is critical for them to disclose all discovery to ALL defendants, as well as how difficult it would be to segregate audio/video/data files accordingly. They are all involved, therefore all need evidence for arguments. #NXIVM
55) 💥 "For example, some of the Oregon Trail Devices contain files which appear to contain confessions of “breaches” or other acknowledgements of purported personal failings authored by other defendants in the case." #NXIVM
56) 💥"The conspiracy charged in this case involves the intimate and near-daily association of the defendants for over a decade.” They argue this is not a typical case containing non-criminal data, and therefore wish to provide all defendants with all non-privileged data. #NXIVM
If @threadreaderapp can please unroll, I would appreciate it. I will be unrolling between each new update from here forward so it can be accessed through there as well.
57) ⏰ Just a quick update. Nothing significant. They are gearing up to prepare their defense and Clare Bronfman's attorney requested he be able to bring Clare to an important meeting requiring travel outside her usual boundaries set by the court.
58) ⏰ UPDATE 10/22/18: The United States of America seeks forfeiture of property against Raniere & defendants, of over a half million in $$ cash seized in March from 3 Oregon Trail, Waterford, NY. #NXIVM
59) ⏰ UPDATE 10/31/18: The gang of 6 needs approval to exceed pg limits for their motions due to the complex charges in this case: 6 defendants, 7 counts, one is a RICO w/18 acts of racketeering. Defendants will "attempt" to get various counts dismissed. READ both pages. #NXIVM
60) ⏰ UPDATE 11/19/18: Keith Raniere's attorneys provide the court with more information on NXIVM’s background, so as to renew his motion for release, pending trial. They present arguments for a "bail package."
61) Raniere’s attorneys paint a picture of NXIVM being a great service to executives, politicians, actors, and actresses, while comparing him to the likes of Socrates and philoso­­phers. This is an interesting read.👇
62) They propose release conditions, pending his March trial, of $1M personal recognizance bond in which 3 (redacted) owners of properties would sign onto the bond, in addition to several other unnamed people. #NXIVM
63) Conditions: home confinement with GPS device, can only communicate with attorneys or in the presence of his attorneys, access to computer but no internet access, surrendering of passport. They go on to argue about the sex trafficking charge. #NXIVM
64) They argue that many women testified to this in interviews, that they were not required to have sex. They state that he traveled to Mexico to visit his child and the mother who live in Mexico, and also traveled twice to Fiji in the past few years. #NXIVM
65) They go into detail about his time in Mexico & how he wasn’t evading law enforcement, but rather numerous attacks #NXIVM & Raniere has received from bloggers & journalists, as well as spending time with his child & the mother. They insist he is not a danger to the community.
66) They state that the government has made factual assertions to the court that Raniere flatly denies. They explain the story about the woman locked in her bedroom, that it was of her own volition, the bedroom was unlocked, and her family was there with her. #NXIVM
67) They assure the court that Clare Bronfman could not arrange for Raniere’s departure from the district because of her financial situation and how funds are released to her. This is new information they didn't have prior to Clare's arrest. #NXIVM
68) Raniere requests to be released from prison so he may assist his attorneys in sifting through “144 library floors” of data (gov reference to discovery). He currently remains in prison. Their hope is that this new bail package will be approved by the court. #NXIVM
69) There are additional motions filed. I have been working my way through them. As I finish each document, I will post the updates here. I am trying to consolidate them so as to not have to post 140+ pages.
70) #NXIVM UPDATE: On November 16, 2018, Keith Raniere’s attorney filed several motions to be heard in oral arguments on January 3, 2018; to dismiss indictment joining co-defendants or bill of particulars, prompt production of Brady Materials, testimony from foreign witnesses.
71) Rather than post over a 100 pages of screenshots here, I have uploaded the court docs to my website, on “The File Drawer” page, under NXIVM. Very interesting read, detailing their motions and much about #NXIVM. You can find them here:…
72) On November 17, 2018, attorneys for all defendants submitted a follow-up letter to their motions, listing the motions directed against each count of the indictment. This reflects a very good breakdown of some of the charges they are up against. #NXIVM
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