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Thread: I found out what is going on, who's behind it, and their general blueprint for the future. Let's start with the $billion Obama's DOJ took to open a bunch of leftist organizations.
2) Where did the 1 billion that Obama’s DOJ gave to leftist activist organizations go? We’re about to explore that now?
Yesterday, I told you about New Profit Lyft, LIFT, Obama, & Valerie Jarret's connections through funding the Social innovation Fund among others. I'll re-post that thread again at the end of this one.…
4)We're going to look at a few people New Profit's venture philanthropy and Obama funded. Here's one in Colorado founded by Ms. Veronica Palmer. She wants to change education for low income minorities. Nice idea. Building & organizing equity in education.
5) Rise like a lot of these organizations were startups in 2014 which I believe is around the time when the DOJ received the money.
Meet Jamilah Prince-Stewart founder of Faith Acts. Founded in 2014 Jamilah wants to give minorities the education they deserve. A very nice idea too. I guess she intends to do it through votes which appears to be the primary focus of her site.
FaithActs attempts to engage people's civic participation. Smart thing to do to change things for under privileged people.
Here's Marcus Bullock after serving 8 years in prison he sought to turn his life around and designed an app for prisoners to send emails to them from family.
He's had a lot of media support to get started as have most of these people. CNN wrote a nice article about Marcus.…
CNN wrote their article in 2014 and others have followed since to support his business.
Now we meet Carmita Seamaan founder of the Surge institute. She believes socieity has created a narrative that stifles minorities from entering leadership positions. Her org educates & trains minorities to become leaders in education and business.
Part 2
Surge institute has performed studies which Carmita says show that schools are underfunded and give most opportunities to whites while ignoring minorities.
Why aren't there more leaders of color? Carmita suggests that the assumptions are because of lack of interest or ambition but offers basically no info to support that those are the predominate beliefs of cause.…
Surge institute says the primary problem is due to access and there are 4 key areas to focus upon to create change. 1) Unapologetically change the system and 2) jPurposely build a new one.
3) Lovingly Push and 4) Diligently fight.

Rito Martinez' quote below states the program helped him via through leaders that look like him.
Among others Surge Institute is largely funded via the Walton Family Foundation.
As well as the charities below.
Now meet Jessica Sager she runs All Our Kin which is an affiliated org with the Ashoka Foundation whose founder is Bill Drayton.
Bloomberg wrote a story about Bill Drayton who once worked for the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the late 1970s during Jimmy Carter's Administration.…
Drayton believes in supporting kids who are born entrepreneurs and making them into 'change makers' and that everyone can be a 'change maker.' His organization, Ashoka, focuses on changing education focusing on minorities.
He's been a fellow of the MacCarther Fellows Program. In 2005 his bio describes Public Service Innovator focusing on Civil Society and Community organizing. He seeks to solve society's problems through social innovation.
Bloomberg featured Drayton in a article last year, "If you want to change the world yiou need the kids" in which they say Bill Drayton is fostering the “skill that society is desperate for” by raising a generation of supersocial entrepreneurs."…
Nothing I've read thus far actually makes clear how they intend to make kids into change makers. What if a kid doesn't want to be a change maker? None of the literature or website seems to address that reality.
One is supposed to assume that Ashoka has some special formula for identifying kids that are social entrepreneurs but then if everyone is a 'change maker' what are the changer maker's roles?
There are pages of many lists, dating back decades, of fellows who've been placed at 'Changemaker' institutions across the world.…
Page through and explore for yourself.…
He say "The citizen sector, like the rest of the world, is faced w/making the transition in this coming decade from a base-building period to a very rapid & self-multiplying take-off period. That is going to challenge every institution – every individual –very dramatically."
I'm not sure what is more disturbing, his point of view or that the biggest movers & shakers in the world have bought into his vision of the future. Hiltons, Gates, Rockefeller's believe social innovation and changing education to create social entrepreneurs it the future.
According to Drayton: --> An organization that works along conventional hierarchic lines will not be able to function in this fast-changing world. It’s an obsolete model. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the business or social sector…
He also says that the rapid process of change that we are currently in is leading us to a tipping point.
He sees the change coming in an awareness-tipping point where people suddenly realize for example that women want to be treated differently, minorities want to be treated differently etc.
What he doesn't elude to is what many of us already recognize. Our education system has purposely engineered these thought changes without transparency and that his social change is being thrust upon us by his movement's chaotic community organizing, and mass media.
His idea of social entrepreneurs and this rapid change requires that we all willingly give up our individuality. When he and the powerful elite are done educating the new generation they'll be programed to work as a group toward a collective goal.
So within the education process there are special select 'fellows' (teachers) who inspire the 'change makers' and are so amazing everyone wants to be one. We'll then find ourselves in the evolutionary "everyone is a change maker' stage. Sound nuts?
While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she spoke of the concept at the 'Global Diaspora Forum in 2012": Moving forward by giving back.
From the Askora website about the Ashoka’s Global Diaspora Initiative click on the Global forum link .… or go directly to the 2012 forum site here.…
There is a reason we are seeing a rise in the number of social justice warriors and this is the program that is transforming our education system to program them in order to solve the worlds problems. They just weren't planning on letting the kids or their parents know about it.
If you have a problem with people engineering your future and your children's future without your knowledge to change the world your a racist Nazi.
I suppose this is why Google, Facebook, & Twitter were trying to help Hillary out during the 2016 election. It's why it was worth investing and unprecedented $1 billion into her campaign.
Hillary was supposed to lead us to the new world that our betters have been engineering. When that didn't happen the Russia collusion farce was created. It's why Google invested $1B in Lyft Transportation in 2017 & why Lyft is offering voters free rides to the polls in Nov 2018.
You'll find the sources of those statements in yesterday's thread which I'll post at the end of this one.
I urge you to look at yesterday's thread again or you can go to New Profit's website and look at any of the people that they have invested in. Then go to their website and look at the people & org that invest in them. Zuckerberg, Dow, Rockefeller, the wealthiest & most powerful.
You can click on any of the categories here... Women’s accelerator, Proximity accelerator, Unlocked futures. I recommend going to the 2018 Gathering of leaders section.…
I thought it was interesting how DeRay McKesson and others expressed a sense of urgency. Why I wondered?…
Why did Bill Dayton mention this rapid change we're in and how urgent it is that everyone get on board? Just a thought. Maybe it's urgent because people are starting to figure out what they are doing because Hillary lost. Now she's not there to cover for them all.
The upper echelons of the DOJ and FBI have been exposed. The plan is falling apart. I hope the new administration is aware of this because these elites have made a lot of progress and built a deep and far reaching infrastructure for their new global world.
And as you can see in my last thread the UN is a big part of engineering it.
Explore Redrawing the Map, A Neoliberal takeover of Social Entrepreneurship?, and Experiencing Social Entrepreneurship w/JP Morgan to learn more.…
More and more of us have seen growing evidence in Marxist behavior within leadership & society. In just 2 years the left went from one self-proclaimed ex-communist turned socialist, Bernie Sanders, to the Democratic Party openly embracing socialism as the future of America.
In his book ‘Creating Good Work’ Ron Shultz asks, if the first U.S. social entrepreneurs were really just a bunch of sneaky leftwing communists? No, says Bill Drayton… I say, that is exactly what a communist would say.
Here is yesterday's thread for your review or if you haven't read it yet.
Here's my previous thread on the U.N. globalists Agenda 21 now known as the 2030 Agenda which details a sustainable development plan for America's & the world’s future.
Here is a direct link to the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development website.…
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