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Why I believe Christine Blasey Ford.
Why you should believe Christine Blasey Ford.
And why the #Kavanaugh nomination should come to a screeching halt.

1) First the obvious. Dr. Christine Ford has 3rd party documentation dating from 2012. It doesn’t name Kavanaugh, but it names the circumstances. She’s got the receipts, baby!
2) Second, she has already taken a polygraph test. Has #Kavanaugh taken a polygraph test? No. And considering the number of times he has already been found to lie under oath, he probably should have!
3) That list of 65 women who are standing up for Kavanaugh. Well, well, well. Ain’t that just too nice of them. I don’t know about you, but I can’t count 65 men from my high school days, and unlike #Kavanaugh I went to a COED school.
4) And that friend of #Kavanaugh’s…the one who stood up for him and said that Brett could never do anything like that. Well, that character witness ain’t so hot. He has purged his Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Seems he has a bit of a Lolita fixation.
5) But let’s zero in on something I think is very important. #Kavanaugh lies. Yes, he has been caught in so many lies, and just recently he was caught in yet another lie when Senator Hirono of Hawaii asked him about personal sexual misconduct. He lied once again.
6) Another time #Kavanaugh lied is when he said he went into great debt over baseball tickets. I don't mean to insult a baseball team, but who would go into debt to the tune of $50,000 to $200,000 for baseball tickets to see the Washington Nationals?
7) And why does #Kavanaugh need to lie to his wife and keep his gambling weekend a secret?

This from him in an email exchange about a gambling trip: "Reminders to everyone to be very, very vigilant w/r/t confidentiality on all issues and all fronts, including with spouses.”
8) Does #Kavanaugh gamble and have blackouts? How does he explain this email exchange authored by him?

“Apologies to all for missing Friday (good excuse), arriving late Saturday (weak excuse), and growing aggressive after blowing still another game of dice (don’t recall)."
9) What about his multiple lies about his finances? For instance, how with less than $65,000 in the bank, did #Kavanaugh manage to cough up the $92,000 initiation fee to join the Chevy Chase Country Club? #WhoOwnsKavanaugh
10) As a federal judge, #Kavanaugh earns a salary of $220,600 a year. How & why did he have debt between $50,000 and $200,000 which he attributed primarily to BASEBALL SEASON TICKETS? Cough! Cough! Excuse me? That does not seem plausible.
11) #Kavanaugh ran up excessive debt, exceeding the value of his cash and investment assets. His debts on three credit cards, and a loan from his retirement account was between $60,000 and $200,000 in 2016. The next year the debt vanished LIKE MAGIC. #WhoOwnsKavanaugh
12) #Kavanaugh said he took a loan from his TSP to make the down payment on his home, but he had only $70,000 in his TSP at the time. (You're only allowed to take out 50% of a TSP account). So that was obviously a lie. Man! For a judge, that guy lies great! #WhoOwnsKavanaugh
13) #Kavanaugh bought a $1.225 million dollar house and would have needed. $245,000 for the down payment. At the time he reported a net worth of only $91,000. He only had $10,000 in the bank and he owed $25,000 in credit card debt. Smells fishy! #WhoOwnsKavanaugh?
4) How did #Kavanaugh quickly pay off 3 credit cards and a loan debt between $150,000 to $200,000 on his and his wife’s salary. I'm sorry, but they simply don’t make enough to pull that off. It doesn't make any sense! Very fishy! #KavanaughStinks #WhoOwnsKavanaugh?
15) How did Kavanaugh’s Bank of America account increase value from between $15,000 & $50,000 in 2009 to between $100,000 & $250,000 in 2010, if he reported no increase in income or gifts? Is there something we should know? #WhoOwnsKavanaugh #KavanaughStinks
16) #Kavanaugh must have a money tree. There's no way he and his wife could get rid of this amount of debt in one year with their incomes. And he doesn't own stock that he could have sold. We'er talking $200k of debt gone in less than 2 years? No Way!
17) Kavanaugh actively supported a judge who defended a state law banning interracial marriage and campaigned for an avowed segregationist. Then #Kavanaugh lied about that support under oath. He’s an awful man.
18) We now know that #Kavanaugh lied under oath in 2004, in 2006 and in 2018. He lied about his record. He lied about using stolen documents. He lied about his work on illegal warrantless wiretapping. He should not be considered for #SCOTUS!
19) Let’s remember that #Kavanaugh wasn't even on the original Federalist list and McConnell didn’t want him because there was too much of a paper trail that would make him a difficult candidate to pass through to nomination. But Trump wanted him, and you know why!
20) ...and remember, Justice Kennedy himself has reason for wanting Kavanaugh. They go back a ways. Kennedy, Gorsuch and #Kavanaugh. They’re all part of a good ole’ boys network.

But wait! There's more!
21) Justice Kennedy wasn't planning to retire, but reports surfaced about his son's shady #TrumpRussia deals. Kavanaugh was a reliable GOP operative who clerked for Kennedy along with Gorsuch. #Kavanaugh was financially polished up F-A-S-T so a nomination could be rammed thru.
22) It’s all so sordid. This entire #Kavanaugh nomination was rushed through in such a horrid way and for horrid reasons. And now we have this serious and extremely believable sexual assault allegation by an very credible person. I say again, this nomination must halt.
22) The glue which hold @SCOTUS together...which holds our entire legal system together is INTEGRITY. We simply can not have a #SCOTUS justice who has repeatedly lied under oath. #Kavanaugh must remove himself from consideration. Justice may be blind, but we are not.

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