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As an early documenter of Manafort’s lobbying & money laundering schemes, I’m now working on a pre-election report on the Mueller probe: What’s in store for Trump, Pence, Kushner and others in the inner circle? How will the probe end? Help support this:…
1. (THREAD) Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election is zeroing in on a series of conference calls longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone hosted in 2016 where he predicted Wikileaks "will roil this race"…
2. For months, Stone has been predicting his indictment by Mueller. “It is not inconceivable now that Mr. Mueller may seek to conjure up some extraneous crime pertaining to my business, or maybe not even pertaining to the 2016 election.”

Let's examine what those crimes may be:
3. Stories about Roger Stone often overlook his partnership with Scott Rothstein, the South Florida lawyer who had Senate ambitions, but was ultimately sent to federal prison for operating a massive, $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme. Rothstein was a major donor/bundler for McCain.
4. Stone was deposed in the bankruptcy case of Rothstein’s defunct law firm, Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler (RRA) and questioned about fees Stone collected from RRA. He could not recall the purpose for some payments and blamed Rothstein’s sloppy bookkeeping.
5. Stone’s most prominent job for RRA? $50K to promote then-Florida Governor Charlie Crist as the GOP's 2008 VP pick, a position that was eventually taken by Sarah Palin. Rothstein and Crist were pretty tight as well. Stone blamed Crist’s snub for McCain losing Florida to Obama.
6. After Rothstein went to prison for his Ponzi scheme, a lawsuit filed against Roger Stone’s consulting firm, Drake Ventures, LLC (used by Trump) alleged that Rothstein’s lawfirm, RRA, transferred nearly $400,000 in questionable payments to Stone’s firm.

Stone settled the case.
7. Nine years ago this week Scott Rothstein hurried down a tarmac towards a waiting Gulfstream jet bound for Morocco. He carried a duffel bag stuffed with $500,000 and with $16 million sitting in a Moroccan bank account, Rothstein had little intention of returning to the US.
8. After some cajoling from friends and relatives, Rothstein returned to the US to face the music. He was sentenced to a 50-year prison term and is working with the feds - revealing new information about his undercover cooperation - in a desperate bid to cut his sentence short.
9. More than 27 of Rothsein’s allies were successfully prosecuted. His cooperation with prosecutors and civil attorneys helped them pull off an unusual feat in largescale financial frauds – all of the investors in his fraud were eventually refunded every dime, court records show.
10. So what’s the link between Rothstein’s cooperation with the feds re his erstwhile Ponzi and fraud schemes and Mueller digging into Roger Stone’s comments re Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign? Let’s go back to the Rothstein lawsuit Stone settled……
11. Why did Stone settle Rothestein lawsuit? If Mueller’s team crawls through Stone’s financials they will uncover full scope of his dealings with Rothstein, plus stuff he hasn’t declared to IRS, just like they did with Manafort, Gates.

Stone knows this.
12. Roger Stone is fundraising off his prediction that he will be next to be indicted by Robert Mueller. Former Stone business partner Paul Manafort and Stone friend Kristin Davis, who once ran a high-end prostitution ring are cooperating with Mueller. Here's what to expect:
13. Mueller's July indictment of Russian military officers ("Guccifer 2.0") in the DNC hack referenced an unnamed person, in response to which Roger Stone said, on CNN, "I probably am the person" (in the indictment). Stone also admitted to exchanging messages with Guccifer 2.0.
14. Roger Stone is thus the lynchpin of the Mueller investigation as it zeroes in on two key questions pertaining to "conspiracy": What did Trump or his inner circle in the campaign know about Russian intelligence plans to hack the DNC and did they abet or sanction the hack?
15. Mueller's team will be combing through Stone's financials and his communications with a fine-tooth comb. What Stone shared with Trump campaign re DNC hack will be revealed. If Stone dabbled in illegal lobbying activities (as Manafort did), he will be nailed for that as well.
16. While sifting through Stone's Trump campaign-related communications, Mueller's team could uncover a treasure trove of tactics Stone deployed over the years since Watergate to take down or smear rivals, potentially rebutting Stone's claims that he's done "nothing illegal".
17. Manafort's cooperation with Mueller will be key to snaring Stone over "conspiracy" charges. If Stone was conspiring with Wikileaks/Assange, he would've shared with Manafort, who in turn may have shared with Kushner, Trump kids, even with Trump and Pence, snaring them all.
18. Mueller’s focus clearly is also illegal foreign lobbying. Federal prosecutors are investigating Kushner family’s soliciting investors from China under the EB-5 visa program. Nearly 75% of investor visas issued last year went to applicants from…
19. Then there’s the matter of Jared Kushner’s family biz receiving tens of millions of dollars from Israeli financial institutions, including one under DoJ investigation, even as Kushner is supposedly brokering peace between Israelis and Palestinians.…
20. Democratic lawmaker Steven Cohen predicted () Trump Jr and Jared Kushner, who was defacto Trump campaign chair, will be indicted in Mueller probe. Kushner Sr. is a felon, busted for, among other things, illegal campaign financing.
21. Mueller’s scope isn’t limited to just Trump campaign staff running around trying to obtain and leak Clinton emails to swing an election; illegal lobbying, tax dodging, and shady transactions are naturally part of this scrutiny, which could snare banks.
22. Manafort could also flip on Kushner and Trump Jr. He was in the room during that crucial Trump Tower meeting with Kremlin-connected lawyer Veselnitskaya. Manafort could contradict statements made by both Kushner and Trump Jr re scope of that meeting.…
23. Then there's Michael Cohen. Last week, federal prosecutors confirmed that the former Trump attorney who pled guilty to campaign finance violations *and others* are under federal grand jury investigation. Who are the "others"? Trump Jr? Kushner? What is Cohen telling Mueller?
24. Corsi is part of Mueller team's expanding scrutiny of right wing conspiracy theorists, and operatives, one of which was the late Peter W. Smith, who sought Clinton’s emails on the dark web and may have had advance knowledge of Wikileaks plans to meddle
25. Mueller is digging into whether Corsi, Stone, and Smith (who was close to Flynn) intersected on Clinton emails hunt. Before his suicide, Smith raised $100K from wealthy secret donors and promised to donate to a scholarship fund for Russian students.
26. According to my sources, Mueller is also studying whether Russian student Maria Butina, who prosecutors say was a spy, infiltrating NRA and GOP groups as part of a covert Kremlin influence campaign, intersected with any of the characters: Manafort, Flynn, Corsi, Stone, Smith.
27. Mueller is also zeroing in on what Trump Jr and Kushner shared with Trump re Russian overtures before June 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Remember, Michael Cohen contradicted previous claims that POTUS was unaware of the get-together until after it occurred.
28. (Trump Jr is represented by Alan Furtefas, who has defended organized crime families, including the New York Mafia, and Mafia hitman Gregory Scarpa and white collar criminals such as former Tyco International CEO Kozlowski who was convicted of a range of financial crimes.)
29. Trump's legal team includes Marc Kasowitz, whose donations to NY DA Vance are alleged to have stopped criminal indictments of Ivanka, Trump Jr in 2012 over Trump SoHo fraud case, and Jay Sekulow, who is accused of steering millions from charities he controls to his family.
30. Then there's Rudy Giuliani, Trump's "unpaid attorney" who last week popped up in Armenia, on the invitation, per local press accounts, of Ara Abramyan, an Armenian businessman who helped reconstruct the Kremlin and received a medal from…
31. This next subsection of the thread will attempt to predict which way Robert Mueller will go - part of the calculation here is that Democrats will take the House and spark new investigations. @AdamSchiff is favored to head the Intelligence Committee in a Democratic Congress.
32. If Schiff spearheads the Intelligence Committee, his focus will be on Trump's financials (Trump Org CFO Weisselberg has been granted immunity by feds). “One of the issues of great concern to me is: Were the Russians laundering money through Trump Organization,” Schiff said.
33. Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have a list of 65 people, organizations and companies they say Republican-led committee ignored during its investigation, plus a nearly 100-page document on outstanding lines of inquiry that will be pursued if Dems win the House.
34. Beyond Trump camp's interactions with Russian figures, Dems may scrutinize more closely the contacts Trump Jr., Kushner, Bannon and Prince made with operatives from the Middle East. Longtime Trump pal and billionaire investor Tom Barrack also has met with Mueller's team…
35. Mueller has examined why Elliott Broidy (a VC and ex-RNC finance chair) and Tom Barrack, each of whom had close ties to the GOP and, in Barrack's case, to Trump himself, paid a lobbyist like Rick Gates (convicted) upward of $150,000.…
36. Barrack had bailed Trump out of a myriad of financial troubles in the 1990s, criss-crossing the globe to raise money from wealthy overseas donors to save Trump from creditors. Barrack was the one who installed Manafort as the head of Trump's campaign.…
37. Barrack, who was close to Qatar royalty, wanted to be presidential envoy to Middle East, which would have given him a broad mandate to shape policy. Instead, Kushner got the Middle East portfolio (his family subsequently received >$1 billion bailout from Qatar-backed firm).
38. Between Barrack, Gates and Manafort, Mueller could have enough to pursue potential illegal Middle East influence activities in DC. Saudi Arabia alone has spent more than $19 million with Washington lobbying groups from the beginning of 2017 until now.…
39. Not only has the Mueller probe uncovered and indicted illegal lobbying efforts by Trump's inner circle - Flynn, Manafort, Gates - it remains the best check on future illegal lobbying and dark money in politics…why superPACs are spending to keep the House under GOP control.
40. While the Mueller probe has chilled GOP dark money and SuperPAC spending in the midterms, a surge in late spending by Republican megadonors to keep the House under GOP control will be scrutinized by Mueller's team. Stay tuned for news to drop on this.
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