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Ok, let’s talk about this whole Brett Kavanaugh thing, shall we? #Kavanaugh
For the most part, I stay away from making sweeping generalizations about nominees for courts. I’m biased. While I oppose them regularly, I don’t think most Conservative judges are bad people. It’s ideological differences.
For instance- I don’t agree with John Roberts on Citizens United, guns, executive power, abortion, etc. I think he’s not some evil, lying POS. #Kavanaugh
The problem with Kavanaugh isn’t the accusations on their own. They’re bad, but this is a partisan process. The problem is they’re all believable. Kavanaugh has consistently tried to cover every single thing up.
Let’s just start at the premise of these hearings- the committee confidentiality of the documents from Kavanaugh’s White House work. @ChuckGrassley actually argued his work as Staff Secretary wasn’t important to this nomination.
When you try and make documents confidential, it’s because they’re bad. Indeed, he argued combatting racism wasn’t a compelling interest of the state. He said Roe wasn’t necessarily settled. #Kavanaugh
Then let’s move on to the case of Kavanaugh perjuring himself to the judiciary committee during his confirmation hearing to the DC Circuit Court of appeals. @DickDurbin has stayed aggressive on this.
Kavanaugh lied to the committee on his work in the Bush White House on the Pryor nomination to the court of appeals. He said he did not work personally on that nomination- he was at best misleading.…
Whether he legally committed perjury or not can be debated, but Kavanaugh’s perjury issues are part of a broader pattern of concealing his life and record. #Kavanaugh
Which brings me to the issue of Kavanaugh’s testimony on Roe v. Wade. Words have meaning. What does it mean when conservative judges call Roe “settled law?”
When Justices like Sotomayor or Kagan went in front of the Senate, they expressed that they agreed with the findings of Roe, or that there is a right to privacy, or even a further defense of the case. Does that sound like #Kavanaugh?
What “settled law” means is that nothing is settled at all. It maybe means they have to chip away at the law, rather than kill it in one act. It means they can, and want to undo Roe on the SCOTUS. #Kavanaugh
Now, I get the drill here. Kavanaugh is a Republican appointee. Republicans want to overturn Roe. I expect that to be the answer. However, once again, it’s a larger pattern of evasive #Kavanaugh answers on lots of legal issues.
Executive power? No answers. Government regulatory power? No answers. Gun laws? No answers. The environment? No answers. The only thing the #Kavanaugh hearings taught us is that Brett wasn’t telling us nothing.
Brett #Kavanaugh continuously evades answering anything, or letting us look into his life, on everything. This leads me into the issue of his debt.
Brett #Kavanaugh ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal debt, which according to him came from purchasing @Nationals tickets. Seems harmless, right?…
Problem one- #Kavanaugh and the White House did not have matching answers.…
Problem two- it sounds like #Kavanaugh and I are similarly huge baseball fans. I’ve gone to about 37 games this year. I’m sure he has better seats than me. All of my tickets, with other expenses aren’t $3,000 a year. His aren’t near $60-200k a year.
Problem three- where did his debt go? #Kavanaugh went from reporting $60-200k in debt for about ten years to being debt free in 2017.…
This debt went away while #Kavanaugh sent his kids to elite private schools, was a member of an elite country club, lived in a wealthy DC suburb, and generally lived like a baller. He didn’t make enough to afford that life.
#Kavanaugh wasn’t in a lucrative private practice, like Roberts was before joining the bench. He came from money, but had never seemingly hit some big windfall. How did Kavanaugh pay off his debts and live the high life?
Did some wealthy benefactor pay off #Kavanaugh’s debt? Does he have a gambling issue? What’s going on here? We don’t know- he’s either denying everything or declining to go into more detail.
Like every other issue with #Kavanaugh, he’s evasive on his personal finances.
Which leads to the accusations of attempted rape against #Kavanaugh. Given all the other deception, given his clearly in-the-can response letter signed by “women friends,” given the woman’s credibility, and given the impending White House attacks, why believe him?
Now, taken isolated, I might feel something resembling sympathy for him here. The worst thing that happened for him here is that he wasn’t investigated, charged, tried, and ultimately cleared. Instead he’s being tried under public opinion rules (none).
I’m a big believer that *everyone* deserves due process, from Senators and judges, to street criminals. Even the guilty- our system aims to get to the truth, be it guilt or innocence, or degree of guilt. Kavanaugh won’t get that benefit for an allegation from high school.
But stop- that’s not the actual point here. #Kavanaugh’s fate is tied to his credibility here. Read back up through this thread. Do I think he’s credible?
You can’t take #Kavanaugh’s story credibly. Look at his evasiveness on literally everything. Look at how fast he produced a letter w/ 65 signatures from women he knew since high school (he went to an all-boys school, btw). Does he feel believable?
A man who wants to conceal his past wants us to believe him based on people... from his past. #Kavanaugh
Let’s contrast him with his accuser for a moment. I believe she should be taken seriously, every woman should be. That’s a different standard than automatic belief, mind you, but she deserves a fair investigation. #Kavanaugh
But again- credibility. This was not someone who even wanted public exposure. She’s not seeking fame. She passed a polygraph from an FBI agent. #Kavanaugh? Do YOU find him more credible? Do YOU believe him?
Please don’t tell me he was young, or can’t defend himself against this accusation, or that it’s not germane to the matter? #Kavanaugh isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt because he’s shown himself to be a liar, and frankly because I have no reason to doubt her.
Folks, that’s the basis to my opposition to #Kavanaugh- he’s evasive, he lies, he conceals his past, he refuses to give us answers, even as he is caught on his evasions.
#Kavanaugh is on about strike five for a normal nominee, he has several disqualifying issues, and he isn’t really defending himself credibly.
So the #kavanaugh nomination should be defeated. The man cannot be believed. Those sounding the alarm against him should be. This is not John Roberts- this is about more than ideology. It’s about decency.
... and the time is your’s, friends.
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