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Launched the crowdfunding campaign for my second EP 'The Only Find' on @ketto. With your support, I need to raise an amount of Rs. 70,000 within the next 30 days to cover only production costs. #FundTheOnlyFind

Link to the campaign:…
Not being an active @Twitter user doesn't help. But lemme try. The crowdfunding campaign I'm running for my upcoming EP 'The Only Find' started on @ketto just a little over 2 weeks back. It has done tremendously well with 75% of the funds raised already! #FundTheOnlyFind (2/n)
I did not have any expectations at all, just wanted to do it so this is great! I definitely will give all the backers a shout out here once the campaign ends cause it wouldn't be possible without all those wonder women and superheroes and their love! #FundTheOnlyFind
As you know, I'm an indie singer-songwriter who writes and plays his own stuff, the going gets tough. I've been doing it for three years single mindedly. Until 2016, I kept writing tho with very occasional activities (shows, jams) but a lot of songwriting. #FundTheOnlyFind
I wrote my 1st song, an instrumental called Thoughts Over A Picture within the first few months of learning the guitar. Another a year later with my high school friends called Tonight. Another called The Hate Song with them. #FundTheOnlyFind (5/n)
Another a year later, for NM Shirpur's Cultural Fest (Anthem) - Protsahan '12. Another with a few of those friends or maybe 2 or 3. All this while, I'd keep writing, scribbling, throwing away. Did not perform while I was at St. Andrew's, but kept writing. #FundTheOnlyFind
It was Dec 2014 when I first felt my writing was making real good sense to me. Like you know, your first real big goosebump listening to yourself. That song is called Seen The Cold Rain. Back then, I hadn't played in years so my confidence was low. #FundTheOnlyFind
I went for an open mic (@alivehive) in 2014, didn't get a spot cause I was late. Went for another, fucked up a bit in my opinion. But @JoshuaThawmess was like "It was good man", I was like okay. Then one in 2015. But my writing became even better. #FundTheOnlyFind
Did I miss out on the Kota chapter? I was at Bansal Classes, sucked donkey balls. That whole place a shithole because it rips students off but that's another topic for another day. I had my guitar and my writing and that kept me sane. #FundTheOnlyFin
Anyway, did a short video and a couple of other things at the end of '15. Quit my job cause sleeping for 4 hours and practicing somehow and working all day would have killed me, if not allowed for substandard work to be made. 2016, pumped up, went all in. #FundTheOnlyFind
My first show was one that I pulled off in the events room of my building compound with a few friends. Steadied my nerves, reminded myself of earlier performances back in the day. Then over the next few months, went for 30-40 open mics. That really helped! #FundTheOnlyFind
Started playing shows, getting a bit of media coverage, a random thing here and there. Things started picking up, and I'll skip all that even though I shouldn't but you'll find links to all that in the @ketto campaign link I shared at the top of this thread. #FundTheOnlyFind
Kept organising a show now and then, and altho it absolutely sucks to organise 1. Idea was to get more peeps writing their own music come together & put something up & play their own songs. Lost whatever small amounts I earned but cool. #FundTheOnlyFind
But where all did I perform in 2016? What shows and media coverage I got? Well well well well, getting to it. Just opened my artist profile on my laptop.

Let's look at the shows in 2016 -
2 videos. 1st one, I was really proud of cause it was my song. 2nd one, I did it cause @vasudasharma would host open mics at The House, Versova and I'd be a regular. Huge respect for the help & support she gave me and I just couldn't say no! Now, I will. :P #FundTheOnlyFind 15/n
First feature, thanks to @NicoletteGore for getting me to Ahmedabad and I'd never forget that trip, she was an amazing host and hooked me up with a few shows. Met Candyman/Fangirl folks like Meet, Hiren and Palashi and worked out a few more shows. #FundTheOnlyFind
That was '16. 1st year as a performing act, good or bad but surely inexperienced at least in the music business. Played for free, sorted my travel arrangements, or occasionally the basics were worked out, sometimes got some money. Usual newbie stuff. #FundTheOnlyFind
A bit more experienced which is so much more important. See, when it's your music, you can't be that dickhead you can be working for someone else. You're too emotionally invested. But cool, we learn. Had amazing experiences so that! And new audiences! ❤️ #FundTheOnlyFind
Moving on, 2017. This wasn't my idea when I started this thread. But anyhoo. 2017, played more shows, many free, rejected more, few more features, some new markets, some more experiences, some more learnings. Most importantly, my debut EP! And super broke. #FundTheOnlyFind
2 videos in 2017. I should have put many more out but one bad incident put me off majorly in January when one was supposed to come out. If I could shoot, I'd shoot me a video too. Also, features and articles in the other pic! That debut EP was the thing! #FundTheOnlyFind
Had insane fun recording & working on that debut EP with @HrushabhT. Was super sick after the recording down for months. But picked myself up, did a few shows, got some features and fans. Here we're a few months after recording, working on added parts. #FundTheOnlyFind
More articles and features and all that from 2017! My EP kept making me feel good and I ha don't sight on bigger things. But yeah, still broke. I don't want to complain about the payment bit, we live in a world of Baby Shark, and they get the attention so.
Idk what the fuck I'm writing but okay cool. We're here in 2018 now. Was trying to work out a few shows at the end of '17 for 2018 but well lemme just share where you'll find that debut EP at before coming to 2018. #FundTheOnlyFind
Now I've played four shows in 2018. Very less. But because I said no the free shows that came my way. Sorry, not happening anymore. I can't make music and spend out of my own pocket to help you build your brand or dukaan. Ask a newbie who needs it. #FundTheOnlyFind
Or if you ask me to play for free, I'll tell you to give me the salary you're getting for ringing artists up to play for free. It's not even a job. Every person can spend 30 mins ringing up many artists, it's not work. You see what I did there? #FundTheOnlyFind
It's another topic, when it comes to underpayment. But all that moves along with what you're doing yourself. After a point, it's their loss. So bust your nut and keep on and then drop it. #FundTheOnlyFind
Been jamming since May with two musicians. Prepped up for recording and all by playing two shows. Match practice zaroori hai. Then the story begins. (Although I've skipped a lot of stuff, and forgotten to tag a lot of peeps but that's for my autobiography) #FundTheOnlyFind
In the meantime, I sent my stuff to @thewire_in cause I've always loved reading their articles. And they were happy to publish lyrics of my song 'Hang Him ASAP', one that's explores mob justice, totalitarianism, death penalty (fucking barbaric) & the likes. #FundTheOnlyFind
Now the real story begins. One related to this campaign much more directly. As you know, I'm an indie singer-songwriter who writes and plays his own music, the going gets tough. I've illustrated that point quite poignantly in this thread. #FundTheOnlyFind
There are many other ways to showcase how broke but spirited and proud and giving it all I am but I'll leave it for some other time. I don't like doing that anyway :)

Now, we began on 17th Sept, late eveningish when the camapaign went live on @ketto. #FundTheOnlyFind
Here's the link:…

I headed to a studio in Pune (@graysparkaudio, brilliant peeps) the next day early in the morning (18th Sept) with my bassist n drummer, that is less than half a day after the campaign had started. #FundTheOnlyFind
We're talking about tracking drums and bass on Day 1 in less than 8 hours (with breaks in between, scratch guitars recorded by me in 2-3 hours, and giving scratch vocals from the control room over live tracking of drums and bass for the rest of the day. #FundTheOnlyFind
Also, we reached bang on time on day 1, I told the drummer and bassist, that like bloody corporates we have reached right on time at 11.30. Our shivneri bus dropped us somewhere near Baner, but by 12 we were in the studio and having things set up. #FundTheOnlyFind
Wrapped up by 7.30-8, my bassist and drummer left for Bombay. I chilled at this very sweet house in Viman Nagar with 3 of the kindest people I've known. I love that place! #FundTheOnlyFind
Oh and had Aloo Paratha at 9 before that, after skipping lunch cause I did not want any delay or burn my budget. That fucked me, but I'm young and momentary sickness for a few mins in one particular day isn't a big deal... Lol shit.
Over the four days I spent at the studio, I had all the important parts tracked such as drums, bass, my rhythm guitar parts, vocals, and backing vocals. Added instrumentation were done later and I loved what they cooked up when I heard it there on Mon. #FundTheOnlyFind
Day 2, was all me tracking my rhythm guitar parts. Nitin, the sound engineer and co-producer, who"s also a keyboard/piano player was absolutely brilliant on Day 2 as well (and plays for this very amazing band called 'Easy Wanderlings', also a Berklee grad). #FundTheOnlyFind
Here's the man, Nitin. #FundTheOnlyFind
Went back to Viman Nagar, Uber killed me (metaphorically cause paisa bro) but it was worth it. Had some of the greatest chats I've ever had with @Uber drivers. #FundTheOnlyFind
Back at Viman Nagar, I was engaging more with my hosts and we were all feeling the mutual awesomeness of one another's company, by that, I mean I had a brilliant time watching shitty horror movies and I haven't enjoyed them as much before honestly! #FundTheOnlyFind
Hilarious! Had some brilliant food - in louuv with chicken thukpa. And stoner standwich. And biryani. I've mostly used zomato at my host's place and never been disappointed, so that's great. #FundTheOnlyFind
Day 3 was all about tracking vocals. I'm not a trained singer so I have no fucking clue about vocal exercises and straining your voice or maybe I have my own ways of going about it. #FundTheOnlyFind
Age is on my side, but Nitin was super worried cause I don't realise that my singing style is not just unique but has a lot of twists and turns and smoothness becoming heavy smoothness and screeches or light growls here and there or whatever. #FundTheOnlyFind
But anyway, I treat it the way I've always treated it & I figured it's fine tho I might have to be more careful with age. 24 is okay, a 55 year old will get fucked. Anyhoo, we tracked multiple takes like always for all the tracks and each and every part. #FundTheOnlyFind
Nitin used a 58 and that's something that works with my voice, and I have noticed people finding it difficult with the more costlier and better mics like the costlier ones that were there (Audio Technica?). #FundTheOnlyFind
Day 4, it was all about figuring out backing vocals, harmonies, and added instrumentation. Githin literally did an awesome job, but like I love myself so I'm gonna say my vocals aren't that easy and it took some time. #FundTheOnlyFind
But eventually good vocalists figure it out and Githin's voice has a brilliant texture so it absolutely worked imo. There wasn't much time left for added instrumentation and as stated before it was done later. #FundTheOnlyFind
I stayed for two more days but eventually psotponed the photoshoot on last Sunday to this Sunday cause I didn't want to take risks as there was a festival being celebrated. Also, I felt like a fellow roomie at my host's place! #FundTheOnlyFind
Actually, shot it Sunday and not the Sunday before that. Oh never mind. I'm tired of typing but I'm gonna see it through, take a break and come back in some time. Also, I fucking hate Twitter, didn't want to write so much. #FundTheOnlyFind
Anyway, so I was back in Pune last weekend to clear some payments, do some more behind-the-scenes footage for which Kaustubh has been terrific while at it. Please find me on Instagram as srijitbhowmick where you'll get all that. #FundTheOnlyFind

I haven't taken a lot many people's name here cause this was all instinctual but I'm tired of tweeting. Perhaps, I should have done it while I was putting stuff up on Favebook and Instagram. #FundTheOnlyFind
What's important is that I have written at least a 100 songs and created more than 400 ideas and that collection is increasing and it's killing me and I need to put out some of the best stuff from that collection (very subjective tho). #FundTheOnlyFind
And I've grown over the last two years as a musician, person, craftsman, songwriter, performer in many ways and I hope to continue writing, singing, and playing my own music and hopefully, make a living out of it without compromising on my art. #FundTheOnlyFind
Or on anything else. It's a naive and ambitious dream but here i am, I have come so far and i have a long long way to go but I have had heroes and super women before me who have done that. #FundTheOnlyFind
From Tagore, Phule, Dylan, Mandela, to Martin Luther King, to Led Zep, to Pink Floyd, to Pentagram, to Zero, to Scribe, to Prateek Kuhad, to Blackstratblues, to Tejas Menon, Satyajit Ray, to so many more. I'm not even thinking, more names will come then. #FundTheOnlyFind
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