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A musing on the #Kavanaugh accusation:

When I was in high school, a male classmate of mine was rammed into a flagpole by 4 other boys, breaking his collar bone. According to his brother, that incident deeply traumatized my classmate. He felt like he could no longer trust people.
There was a racial element involved as well -- my classmate was white, his 4 attackers were black.

My classmate ended up transferring to a private school for a while where, unfortunately, drugs were easy to come by, and he developed addiction issues. He's never fully recovered.
And what I'm wondering is, despite that this could be construed as a violent hate crime against my classmate -- one that caused him considerable psychological (and pharmaceutical) distress over the years -- what if one of his 4 attackers were in Judge Kavanaugh's place today?
I'm honestly having a hard time believing that if any one of my classmates's attackers had been nominated by Trump today, having a post-high school background similar to Kavanaugh, that the assault that person levied against my classmate would be seen as a stain on his character.
Nor would I necessarily think that it *should* be so held, despite their being sober in the commission of the act, and despite it being their deliberate intent to do him harm. They were teenage boys doing stupid teenage boy stuff. I can't imagine it being held against them today.
What would you even say if you wanted to make the assault a disqualifying factor? That there's some chance he might flagpole a person again? That he was racist in the commission of the act -- when the Left doesn't even seem to recognize that black-on-white racism is a thing?
Would the trauma my classmate experienced, and the arc of his life in fighting through his psychological problems and his struggles with drug abuse, even register in this case? Would the Left even think it rises to the level of a Mitt Romney compulsory haircut, given the actors?
"Oh, but this is different from the Kavanaugh accusation!" Yes, there are some differences. For one thing, there's no question who did it. For another, there was no alcohol involved: four sober teen boys decided to attack my classmate, resulting in serious bodily injury & trauma.
For another, there was a racial element, which some might see as an amplifying factor. But despite these factors, each of which worsen the incident, I still can't see society as a whole saying that my classmate's attackers ought to be disqualified from any kind of gov't service.
I honestly see society dismissing it all as, "Kids will be kids," and going ahead with the confirmation, never mind that my classmate suffered a broken bone that must have taken over a month to heal, never mind that he's suffered lifelong consequences from the attack.
And if my classmate's attackers had been drinking, this dismissal would've probably taken half the time. If you expect "kids will be kids", then hell, drunk kids have got to be even worse than just "kids being kids", and less accountable, right?
But make it a *sexual* assault and suddenly all that winking and nodding goes right out the window, and we've hit the point at which teenagers are supposed to be, despite their biology loading them up with hormones, the absolute pinnacle of behavioral perfection, without excuses.
We as a society have done such a thorough job of knocking down every boundary to teen sex (and, for that matter, adult sex) that the only boundary *left* is the line between consensual sex and sexual assault, and then we wonder why it seems that boundary is so frequently crossed.
And then on top of that we have the gall to want to write off as irredeemable monsters those kids who at any time and to any degree have crossed the one line in the sand we haven't deliberately swept away, even if they were soaked in booze at the time & not in their right minds.
Never mind that they never did it again. Never mind that they hold down respectable jobs and have contributed hand over fist to their communities all their adult lives. Never mind that if you kept it all the same except took away the sexual element, *no one would have an issue*.
And what I'm trying to figure out is what it says about us as a society that violent offenses that involve some sexual element are, as in the opening narration of Law & Order SVU, "considered especially heinous". Are we looking at sex properly here, or have we made it an idol?
That is to say, is the reason our emotions get cranked up to 11 over sexual offenses, but not over nonsexual offenses *that appear to do just as much short- and long-term damage*, because we have made sex into a god, and therefore sexual offenders are guilty of blasphemy, too?
I think it goes without saying that sex has become a secular god, with the abortion clinic as its holy temple where sacrifices are performed regularly. And in that vein I suspect that the opposition to #Kavanaugh over his alleged sexual offense is fueled by true religious fervor.
#Kavanaugh's opponents may say they don't want a theocracy, but when you understand how sex has become a god to them, you realize that they are really just wanting to make sure their own god wins this cosmic war of deities. They're even wearing their priestly robes in public now!
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