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And now, #Maintain2018 live tweeting begins. As before, this is going to be high volume, so mute me and/or the hash tag if you don't want to see this!
We're beginning not with a keynote but a provocation (from three speakers): What is maintenance? #Maintain2018

First we're going to talk about social housing.
"State regeneration is becoming a euphemism for demolition and redevelopment. ASH [Architects for Social Housing) was set up to propose alternatives to this." #Maintain2018
[Ed. I'm more out of my depth for a lot of this than I am in a purely tech conference, so quality and speed of live tweeting at #Maintain2018 may be lower than that at PyCon UK was]
[Ed. We've just heard a lot about the different range of renting bands and the effect of this on people whose homes are being "renewed"]. "So called affordable rent which is up to (and always is up to) 80% of market rent" #Maintain2018
"50% of the new development [of "generated" social housing] is for private rent and sale. [...] They're not being bought by the people who live in them, but for investment" #Maintain2018
"At least 70% of people (in this hypothetical example) have been moved off the estate [by the end of regeneration]" #Maintain2018
"The promise of like for like replacements is just not going to happen because of the cost of doing so. We want to propose alternatives [to demolishing and replacing] that is socially and financially better." #Maintain2018
"It's actually quite easy to generate the funds to refurbish homes because of the incredible cost of homes in London" #Maintain2018
"Demolition is actually extraordinarily expensive" #Maintain2018
"You're getting into kinda half a billion pound figures here [compared to the ~£100 million of the ASH proposal" #Maintain2018

"The state regeneration program of demolition and rebuild is not a financial necessity, it's a political choice, and we need to challenge it"
Comment from Nicole (?) "Maintenance seems quite expensive but actually saves us money in the long run". #Maintain2018

We're now switching over to Natalie Kane, who is going to tell us about adult nappies.
"NASA astronauts are heroes, they don't wear adult nappies, they wear 'maximum absorbancy garments'" #Maintain2018
"Sales of adult nappy sales increase as the age of population does." #Maintain2018

"Most nappies are extremely rudimentary garments [and it's surprising there hasn't been more R&D on fixing this]"
"We can reimagine the nappy as a product that enhances human capability and frees us from the bathroom. This can be seen as utopian by the sort of people who read things like '6 things CEOs do before breakfast'" #Maintain2018
[Ed. A good phrase Natalie keeps using that I've failed to work into a good tweet so far is "the nappy as personal infrastructure"] #Maintain2018
"Is this the future that we really want? We've created environments where the nappy promotes stasis" #Maintain2018

She provides an example of amazon recommending nappies as a "frequently bought together" with call of duty. 🤨
Nappies as assistive technology for people who want to filibuster. #Maintain2018

But also darker things because capitalism. e.g. US poultry workers who get no bathroom breaks wearing adult nappies on the job.
Also traffic wardens, buckingham palace guards, NATO soldiers... #Maintani2018
"In Japan they are trialling shredding this material and using it for construction" #Maintain2018
Amazon workers are forced to wear these terminals that treat them as components in an algorithm, and penalises deviation from that ideal. (including excessive bathroom breaks) #Maintain2018
"What we perceive as efficiency in these circumstances is an abuse of power" #Maintain2018
"All people, over the course of their lives, traffic between times of relative independence and dependence" - Sara Hendren #Maintain2018
Nicole: We exist in a complex set of relationships, and maintenance is often overlooked within these #Maintain2018
We're now going to hear (remotely) from Alanna Irving about "Full Circle Leadership" #Maintain2018
Doers versus dreamers: Dreamers start a lot of fires and then move on to the next thing, and you need doers to then clean up after than and run behind them with a bucket of water. Operational leadership is just as necessary as visionary leadership. #Maintain2018
Empathy is required in both directions - both from visionary to operational leaders and vice versa. These aren't polarised opposites, but a full circle where each feeds into the other, #Maintain2018
"I'm quite strong on optimisation, which is why I'm often the one in meetings saying can't we just take we thing we built and make it better?" #Maintain2018
The full circle leadership model is a thinking tool for figuring out yours and your group's strengths and weaknesses. #Maintain2018

[Ed. I'll try to find a link later for people who don't have the handout rather than try to summarise things that are on it]
BTW for those following along at home, #Maintain2018 is
"The shadow side of envision [The leadership of visionaries] is distraction - chasing dreams and not actually doing the work of implementing them." #Maintain2018
"Prototyping is the transition point between visionary and operational leadership" #Maintain2018
"It's very easy to write off possibilities if you're always looking to pick things apart" #Maintain2018
Maintenance is the leadership of sustaining. People think about maintenance as something static, but to keep maintaining in a changing world you have to be constantly aware of and adapting to the changing world around you. #Maintain2018
It can be very tempted to build systems of bureaucracy to support your maintenance, but the failure mode of this is that these systems can go out of data and make it difficult for you to continue adapting in this way. #Maintain2018
Optimisation can be the end, where things finish, or it can lead you back into sensing, because it makes you aware of what's coming up, where things can go, and paying attention to who you are optimising for. #Maintain2018
Going from optimise back to sensing again is how you build collective memory. #Maintain2018
"It's important to have diverse teams [across these different types of leadership]." #Maintain2018
"Maintenance is, itself, an active kind of leadership, and people who are gifted at that should be proud maintenance leaders" #Maintain2018
Here is the full circle leadership worksheet… from Alanna's article about it at…
Q: "What about the issue of waste on personal nappies? You must have thought about this but didn't really touch on this in your talk."
A: "That's because there's a whole separate talk in that." #Maintain2018
Q: "What has been the reaction to ASH's proposal?"
A: "The residents have reacted very favourably, the people with control (e.g. the council) have been very hostile" #Maintain2018
"Our proposals started out as alternatives, but because of this hostility [and the incorrect claims made] they've become very polemical and political, and a process of education" #Maintain2018
Our next session from @DEHEdgerton is about the status of maintenance, and maintenance through the ages. #Maintain2018
Sorry, correction. This is a sequence of three speakers whose overall theme is "The Status of Maintenance". David specifically is going to be talking about maintenance through the ages. #Maintain2018
"[In the aftermath of disasters] is one of the few places where maintenance comes to the fore in public discourse" #Maintain2018
"The maintenance of aeroplanes is almost as big a business as the making of aeroplanes" #Maintain2018
"Maintenance is highly skilled work, and maintaining things is often more challenging than making them." #Maintain2018
"What happens if we take maintenance seriously as a phenomenon?" #Maintain2018
"Engineers [Ed. NB. This is not a tech conference, and engineer does not mean software developer here] are some of the key people in maintaining society." #Maintain2018
"The argument is that nature of the system [in e.g. ancient Egypt, which required the regulation of dangerous waterflow] was that maintenance was absolutely critical, and that criticality lead to despotism. [...] Maintenance is not necessarily a good thing." #Maintain2018
"The same engine at the beginning of its life needs maintaining every I don't know thousand cycles, at the end of its life it needs *less* because people have learned how to do it." #Maintain2018
"Why don't we see maintenance as an essential routine part of our daily life?" #Maintain2018
"We are encouraged to present ourselves as innovative entrepeneurs. Creative destruction is what masters of the universe do best. Maintenance is for losers." #Maintain2018
"However, there is little innovative and entrepeneurial about most innovative entrepeneurs. The modern world contains more imitation than innovation." #Maintain2018
"Never in human history have so many done exactly the same thing over such a stretch of time and space." [Ed. About the number of e.g. iPhones vs Model T fords] #Maintain2018
Brexit is stripping us of a lot of our illusions about an abstract dematerialised world, as it forces us to construct the reality of supply chains and actually talk about them. The conflation between making and maintaining is now at the center of British politics. #maintain2018
The government wants to separation the provision of goods and services. People who know about this stuff know that there is no such separation possible. #Maintain2018
"We live in a world of bullshit, not least in the world of Brexit, but there are hard realities that eventually has to come up against." #Maintain2018
Now Hazel Forsyth (who is a museum curator focusing on medieval and early modern collections) is going to talk to us about maintenance and recycling. #Maintain2018
[Ed. Hazel and I also discussed earlier how interesting it is that neither of us know anything here! #Maintain2018 has done a really good job at attracting a wide variety of backgrounds!]
A story about someone who gifted "My own toothpick, which I have used for the last seven years". No record exists about whether the gift was appreciated, but the idea of gifting something used like this is an interesting idea. #Maintain2018
"The pervasive poverty of pre-industrial Europe forced people to keep waste to a minimum [and recycling was ubiquitous]" #Maintain2018
We no longer have a copy of these [maps of London], only of the copper plates that were later used to for prints of paintings, and it is only because of this recycling that we have copies of these incredibly important documents" #Maintain2018
"The great national quarry, as some people put it, resulting from the dissolution of the monasteries. 600,000 [Ed. I may have got that number wrong] tonnes of stone were recycled from monasteries in Henry VIII's palace." #Maintain2018
"Reuse of garments was ubiquitous at the highest level of courts. Elizabeth I actually employed a mender." #Maintain2018
"Horrid old English shoes were sent to France" #Maintain2018

[Ed. I'm not clear on *why* they were sent to France. For repair and use there?]
We're hearing a lot more about the ubiquity of recycling and repair in medieval Europe than I can easily summarise, so I'm only extracting highlights, but suffice it to say that there are many many interesting examples here. #Maintain2018
We're now going to hear from Alex Mecklenburg. #Maintain2018

While we're having A/V problems, she mentioned that she and a friend talk about the mismatch in expectations most presentation tools have for women, and they'd like to start a company to fix that. What a good idea!
"How can we tell stories that help us make better stuff?" #Maintain2018
"In the creative industries, admitting to a fascination with maintenance, borders on a very guilty admission" #Maintain2018
"And they lived happily ever after - but how? What magic does it need to live happily every after? What is the prince going to do now with his castle? What happens if there are no dragons any more" #Maintain2018
"So my parents introduced me to the wonderful world of Astrid Lindgren, who tells stories about normality, stories about people's every day life and its upkeeping." #Maintain2018
"They [the people responsible for ad campaigns] saw themselves as heroes, because their stories had a beginning and an end, where they could shine, and then they could move on to the next thing without really caring about what happens then." #Maintain2018
"We [the CRM team] were the net that caught customers when those shiny promises the ad campaigns promised didn't quite materialise" #Maintain2018
"We created [microsites] and then forgot about them. [...]. For years you could find these tiny little microsites of products that didn't exist any more. I wanted to do an art project about [checking if these still existed], but then I forgot about it." #Maintain2018
Although [the process of information architecture and bringing all of these digital presences under control] was extremely important, these people never saw the limelight, and they struggled to get a presence on the board. "You're standing between us and innovation" #Maintain2018
"We ran out of money and the client ran out of interest. The innovators ran to the next thing." #Maintain2018
"We thought we were creating something super shiny and exciting. Nobody thought about releases, or maintenance" #Maintain2018
"How do you make a mark on an organisation when the average tenure is about three years. You can't make your mark on someone else's mark." #Maintain2018
People imagining the future of banking were completely ignoring the people maintaining the presence of banking. #Maintain2018
We changed things by making it so that the team working on maintenance would regularly present their work to the strategy team. This made the strategy team much better at their work, because they started thinking about *maintaining* the future of banking. #Maintain2018
"What needs to happen to maintenance?" #Maintain2018
"In gardening maintenance and creation go hand in hand." #Maintain2018
"Creativity and maintenance go hand in hand. And in a mature ecosystem as much energy goes into maintenance as goes into creativity" - Gary Snyder #Maintain2018
We're now going to hear from Mike Green, from the Central London Maintenance Association. #Maintain2018
Every other maintenance association (that was part of the British Maintenance Association) fell into disrepair. The only one that remains is the central london one. #Maintain2018
The facilities management business [in the UK] represents about 8% of GDP, of which about 60% is maintenance. You're looking at about £9 billion / year (~5% GDP), on facilities maintenance. This is working on very very low gross margins - about 3%. #Maintain2018
This means that most of that 9 billion is salaries, which means that it's going to normal people who you see every day - electricians, plumbers, etc. #Maintain2018
"Technology is moving extremely fast, and many professional organisations cannot hope to move that past. Getting [an organisation] to produce a basic website took five and a half years." #Maintain2018
"Stop tweeting" #Maintain2018
[Ed. That wasn't actually a general injunction to stop tweeting, there was just a piece of for-our-ears-only information and it amused me to tweet that] #Maintain2018
"[The pace of adoption of technology] is being driven from outside. We're not in a position where we can say that we will wait till tomorrow." #Maintain2018
"We have monitoring equipment that will tell us when we have to get our hands dirty" #Maintain2018
"BlockChain is starting to come into estates" [Ed. Oh gods] #Maintain2018
BTW @MaintenanceFest themselves are also doing a great job of live-tweeting this. I'm going to keep doing my live tweeting too, but if you're interested in what's going on in #Maintain2018 I recommend following them too.
We're now going to hear about random acts of tidying from @guerrgroundsman #Maintain2018
"[When you see things broken in public] have you ever been tempted to just step in and fix it?" #Maintain2018
Picking up litter while out jogging as a gateway drug to guerrilla groundskeeping. #Maintain2018
BTW @guerrgroundsman is currently wearing a box over his head to preserve his pseudonym and can't actually see the audience during this talk. He's doing a remarkably good job given that he's playing on hard mode! #Maintain2018
There's an impressive level of reverse engineering that went on to recreate the existing style of things in order to restore them to their original state. #Maintain2018
Big questions:

* Is this hobby actually a good idea?
* Can I recommend it to others?

[Ed. I feel that way about FOSS development]

"I'm hoping this is fixing stuff that might slip through the cracks and be too small to be worth reporting to the council" #Maintain2018
OTOH this might conflict with official maintenance. If it's something the council would have done anyway, would they have done a better job? #Maintain2018
"Do this only at your own risk" #Maintain2018

[Ed. I feel like *that* about FOSS development too]
"I'm quite cautious, and research what I'm about to do, and I do worry that other people will follow my lead and be less so and do it badly" #Maintain2018
Q: "One theme has been the need for systems. How do we move from you as an individual guerilla groundsman to a vast cadre of groundsmen? How do we institutionalise you?"
A: "I've always been quite resistant to being institutionalised. [Discussion deferred to later]" #Maintain2018
Now we're going to hear from Adrian McEwen (@amcewen), with "Culture and Tools: Experiments in Encouraging Maintenance" #Maintain2018
Laura: "We're not helping support these community workshops that help repair things. What does that say about us as makers?" #Maintain2018
“Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes.” - P.J. O'Rourke #Maintain2018
"Somebody should fix the thing, to which the instant response was "well volunteered"" "Over time, nobody said "somebody should fix the thing", because they were scared they would get lumbered with it." #Maintain2018 👏👏👏

[Ed. I'm very happy when people understand this dynamic]
[After trying a variety of other things] they stole an idea from Francis Irving and just created a GitHub repo for their makerspace!… #Maintain2018
The issue tracker gives some additional functionality beyond just a TODO list - it captures knowledge and serves as a knowledge base. There is a culture, created by people who live by example, of documenting not just that it was fixed but *how* it was fixed. #Maintain2018
[By working in this way] you might have to hunt around a little bit to find it, but the information is there to be gathered. It also captures the history of the community - capturing decisions that were made and why #Maintain2018
They have a system of week notes to communicate what's been happening, and by mining the issue system they can make visible who is doing the work of maintaining the space, and to encourage people to thank them. #Maintain2018
"What would it be like if we had this for the city? Liverpool has a GitHub account now, because I figured I could just create one, and we have a somebody-should repo for it. Some people in the council have been keeping an eye on it, which is interesting." #Maintain2018
We're now hearing about community ownership from @OliverHoltaway #Maintain2018

[Ed. It's interesting how many speakers, Oliver included, are speaking entirely without slides. I'm not used to this at all!]
(Heavily paraphrased) "[In trying to argue that community ownership was a better model than private for some things] we were leaning in very heavily into the language of innovation and ideas, and ignoring the language of maintenance," #Maintain2018
"So what's happened since [our football club became community-owned]? There's been a lot of innovation, the most fundamental of which is our model. We had to create all sorts of democratic procedures, which created maintenance obligations around governance" #Maintain2018
"There's still a lot of work to be done there in terms of embedding the democracy element into the community-owned club" #Maintain2018
"Did this volunteer army that we promised arrive? Sortof. There's not much evidence that those 600 new owners have become any more inclined to volunteer. People mostly think "well I've given you money, now go and do it"" #Maintain2018
"It's been fairly even [between people willing to do innovation and maintenance]. It's probably been a little more difficult to find maintainers. We're finding both people to create the amazing new poster campaign, and also people to put the posters up" #Maintain2018
"We don't really understand why maintainers come forward [...] which makes it difficult to be strategic how we recruit and keep volunteers happy" #Maintain2018
"The innovations are creating more maintenance obligations, on top of the ones we already had, than the volunteer structure can handle." #Maintain2018
"How do you build a membrane between your (paid) backstop and [the people who volunteer to maintain]? You need a kind of middle layer to maintain the maintainers, a group of maintenance managers" #Maintain2018
"the pig now has a handler" #Maintain2018 #NoContextForYou
"One day when the paid manager was dealing with crises, this 13 year old girl just stepped forward to take charge and direct people [in the mascot role] to where they needed to be. That's her job now." #Maintain2018
"We need to create a culture of fostering and celebrating maintenance. Possibly by doing what an academic might call "performative maintenance" [that is, making a big show of maintenance to get people to buy in to it, even when it's more work than it's worth]" #Maintain2018
Some maintenance is more about ritual and community building than it is about the maintenance itself. #Maintain2018
Laura: "I feel like I should be entertaining people while we have A/V issues. Who here is good at jokes?" #Maintain2018

@judy2k, we need you!
BTW people at #Maintain2018 who are looking for the clock article, it's…
Now @Ravenbloom is going to tell us about "Burnout, bullying, and low-EQ voluntary communities" (in the context of running Oxford Hackspace) #Maintain2018
Subttitle: "Evolving a philosophy on why the hell we as maintainers do what we do, and what to do when everything goes wrong and nobody wants to know" #Maintain2018
"It's not a dichotomy where you have it together or are falling apart at the seams, there's a whole spectrum there." #Maintain2018
[Ed. BTW this talk is quite frank and is about some hard topics. I'm going to be a bit circumspect about which bits I tweet about publicly as a result, so tweeting may be reduced.] #Maintain2018
Oh apparently the entire thing is being live streamed. I guess it's public after all. #Maintain2018

BTW I think this was actually Naomi and I just fucked up her name.
(a bit paraphrased) "How have people been assaulted by history, and what tools do we have to protect them? Too often and not enough." #Maintain2018
[RE Oxford Hackspace] "It started out reasonable, it went way unreasonable pretty quickly" #Maintain2018

[Ed. I know those feels]
[After a story about people with hijabis working on motorcycles] "We can get everybody working on these things. It's not that they don't want to do it, the circumstances just need to be accessible" #Maintain2018
"Sponsors are a mixed bag. Sometimes they're brilliant, but they're internally driven by their own motivations, so be careful" #Maintain2018
Rule zero: Protect yourself. #Maintain2018

It's easy to prioritise the more adversarial groups and deprioritise the friendly ones. This is a mistake!
"Because [maintenance of people and relationships] hasn't been visible, it's easy to become the focus of a lot of aggression and blame." #Maintain2018
It's very easy for your relationships and life to become very entangled with the spaces you create, which means that when they get pushed out - there goes their livelihood, there goes their friendship network, and they lose a lot of structure simultaneously. #Maintain2018
The problem is that you have all of these organisations which do a lot of good, but nobody is trained. #Maintain2018
Don't pathologise failure and stress. These are normal. Treat this as an engineering problem and figure out what we can do to fix them. #Maintain2018
Review workload on your maintainers and leaders regularly, and make sure nobody is trapped into work and shamed for not handling it. #Maintain2018

"If somebody is overloaded and feels like work is inescapable, that's the beginning of the end"
Shaming maintainers for failing is damaging, and should be sanctionsed. #Maintain2018

"Prioritise peace, prioritise people first."
Now we have Chris Mills from Mozilla talking about "Documenting the Web" #Maintain2018
Chris is starting by demonstrating the use of beards as a place you can attach microphones to. #Maintain2018
Chris heads up developing which is one of the only reasons I manage to do any web dev at all. ❤️ #Maintain2018

(Of course given the quality of my web dev, maybe that's not a positive for others...)
"For me the coolest aspect of the web is the universal access aspect of it" #Maintain2018
The open nature of the web] is kinda good. It cannot be controlled by one company, and the specifications are licensed in such a way that keeps that true. Early on companies tried hard to ensure that was not the case. This was a nightmare for devs and users. #Maintain2018
Mozilla's work on documenting the web tries to take the standards that specify the behaviour of the web and turn them into a form that are actually useful to web developers. #Maintain2018
"It's kinda pointless trying to compete on the documentation of a public resource. Other companies tried to make their own versions, but eventually they just gave up and started contributing to MDN as well." #Maintain2018
Now we have @DCybulska, who will be talking to us about Wikipedia and the maintenance of knowledge. "Free Knowledge for All! But from whom?" #Maintain2018
"The big thing we've learned today is that Google slides does not put your speaker notes on a separate screen unless you're running a chromecast" #Maintain2018

[Ed. Sympathies for the speakers who have learned this the hard way!]
"Wikipedia is this interesting connection of processes, technology and community." #Maintain2018
"Social standing within the community is very important, and that's what motivates a lot of people." #Maintain2018

"There's also this motivation of... restoring the world order, capturing and categorising everything"
"The list of list of lists. This list is incomplete." #Maintain2018
"The speed of creating new articles peaked around 2006. We are in some ways nearing the completeness of the content." #Maintain2018
Rules emerge out of a desire to protect what we have, in part because maintainers are getting tired of constantly guarding the quality of content. #Maintain2018
"This is a policy about how to write policies on Wikipedia" #Maintain2018
"We have this community which is extremely self-motivated but doesn't really grow." #Maintain2018
"If you've ever tried to vandalise page like by... I don't want to give you ideas, you'll often find that [the automation] rapidly detects and reverts that." #Maintain2018
As part of this goal of maintenance of knowledge, Wikipedia has an increasingly important role in fact checking of the news, and a lot of thinking is going in to how they can support this. #Maintain2018
"The focus on quality, and that there are more and more rules, means that it's actually increasingly hard to become a new editor [...] which means that the community isn't very diverse at the moment." #Maintain2018
"The platforms that are using Wikipedia for fighting fake news don't seem to be giving us a lot of money. There's a lot of free work going into the maintenance of knowledge that the community perhaps feel is being exploited" #Maintain2018

[Ed. Wow that sounds familiar]
We now have Lee Vinsel (@STS_News) dialling in remotely from the US to tell us about the story of @The_Maintainers #Maintain2018
"The word innovation seems to be used every other sentence and has lost all meaning" #Maintain2018
"The Maintainers: How bureaucrats, standards engineers, and introverts created technologies that kind of work most of the time." #Maintain2018
"Something weird happened: This all blew up" #Maintain2018

"Andy made a joke in the shower and it just kindof took off and had a power all of its own"
"A brief history of innovation-speak and its consequences" #Maintain2018

We want to distinguish between actual innovation, and innovation-speak which is how we talk and think about innovation.
"In 1548, Edward VI issued A Proclamation Against Those that Doety Innovate" #Maintain2018
Innovation-speak is largely a post world war II, err, innovation, coming from economists trying to explain growth that wasn't coming from traditional sources. #Maintain2018
Since the 1990s we've had innovation oversaturation, characterised by a lot of accompanying jargon. #Maintain2018
"Does innovation-speak lead to actual innovation? I'm more and more inclined to believe that the answer is no." #Maintain2018
"Innovation discourse is used in a lot of corporatisation of universities, businesses, and governments." #Maintain2018
"Crack cocaine was a hugely successful innovation of the 1980s. [...] Innovation is not an inherent good, though we treat it as one" #Maintain2018
"Roughly 60-70% of cost in software goes to maintenance." #Maintain2018
3 main points of the maintainers:

1. Technology is not innovation.
2. Infrastructure is crucial.
3. The Maintainers: Labor, Status, Identity, and Inequality

A lot of jobs become lower status over time. "The next blue collar job is coding"… #Maintain2018
[Ed. @DEHEdgerton's work in "The shock of the old" and his notion of technologies-in-use are being heavily referenced again. I guess I've added another book to my reading list. Halp. Too many books.] #Maintain2018
"The Maintenance Communityh Framework: Working with different sectors and practitioner groups to create reports on and toolkits addressing maintenance in their area." [Ed. Sadly, an up and coming rather than an existing thing, because EXCITE] #Maintain2018
Q: What should we do here in the UK to grow this movement and community?
A: We (@The_Maintainers) are interested in forming these international connections. It looks like we're going to have a conference about this in Paris in December.

Our next section is about new models for maintaining and supporting that we've seen across a variety of different areas. #Maintain2018

First up is Chris Hellawell, from the Edinburgh tool library.
Chris's talk is titled "Maintenance of the Soul". Alternative title: "Cut your fucking hedge" (from a half man/half biscuit song). #Maintain2018
"Tool libraries are not really just about tools. The most important tool that we maintain is ourselves. My talk is about how fixing of things can maintain our souls, not so much in a religious sense as a positive mental health one." #Maintain2018
"It's important when having a tool library to have limited opening hours, which forces people to bump into one another by using it at the same times" #Maintain2018
"I'd like you to imagine that everyone has two taps, one feeding into us, one that drains out of us. Our goal is to be full." #Maintain2018

[Ed. This is a metaphor for mental energy, not the more literal interpretation, under which our goal would be to be empty]
The little annoyances of our environment - e.g. the door that sticks - aren't devastating. You could hire a joiner to do it, but you won't because it's tiny, but it's an ongoing drain on your energy. But what if you were a member of a tool library? #Maintain2018
[Once you've fixed it] you've saved a few quid, eradicated this problem, and removed a drain on your soul, but you've also added a positive effect - every time you use the door and it *doesn't* stick, it will remind you of that positive experience. #Maintain2018
"When you teach someone a skill, then they will naturally see themselves in a better light." #Maintain2018
"Another way to maintain your soul is to build your tribe around you." #Maintain2018
"Ownership is something that should mean the ability to repair and maintain it yourself. Self-reliance is becoming trendy." #Maintain2018
Now we have Jake Harries from @AccessSpace #Maintain2018
"We'd intervened with the product life cycle of a windows machine. When your windows machine grinds to a halt, you can extend its life by about 15 years with open source [Linux] software" #Maintain2018
"We made a deal with people. If they could learn the skills to build their own computer [from the parts we had from people's old broken computers they'd given us], they could have it for free." #Maintain2018
"You have to use so many skills other than CAD, because when it comes out of the laser cutter or the 3D printing machine, it's not finished" #Maintain2018
"Although we have all this new technology, and kindof mastered how to make stuff with them, it's the bench tools that end up getting used the most." #Maintain2018
"We hoped we'd put together young people who knew about computers and old people who knew about materials, and we'd get knowledge sharing. It didn't happen." #Maintain2018
Their focus (in running repair days) is on trying to get companies to incorporate repair into the life cycle of their products, and to give people in turn the confidence to think about repairing their own devices. #Maintain2018
"We've had a big change recently which has helped a lot: Everyone gets paid the same (pro rata), and everybody gets in to the board meetings." #Maintain2018
And finally Janet Gunter, co-founder of the restart project, is going to tell us about what they're doing, and about electronic waste. #Maintain2018
"Why must everything be so shit and so hostile to us?" #Maintain2018
80% of the emissions in the lifecycle of an iPhone happen in production. An iPhone is about 79 kg of CO2 emissions. #Maintain2018
There were 1.9 billion mobile phones sold in 2017. The carbon footprint of mobile manufacture is roughly equivalent to the carbon footprint of Austria. If we used all mobile phones for about a third longer, we could solve the equivalent of the emissions of Singapore #Maintain2018
"People really enjoy emerging out of their solitary practice of fixing friends and family, and into fixing the community." #Maintain2018
"[The restart project] is sometimes advertised as a free fix and no no no, there's a catch. You have to get involved" #Maintain2018
"People at these events quite quickly get to the point of "This stuff is made to break". The system is rigged against us." #Maintain2018
"Everything is increasingly small, black, and glued together." #Maintain2018
Apple are claiming that refurbished devices are counterfeit in order to block the right to repair. #Maintain2018
"International collaboration is really important [for putting pressure on governments in support of things like this]" #Maintain2018
The Open Repair Alliance: #Maintain2018
"Open standards are not sexy. It's hard to get super-practical people who just like to go out and do things to actually sit down and think about how we log fixing things." #Maintain2018
"Instagram is a great source of repair innovation" #Maintain2018
The speakers all have thank you cards. What a nice idea. #Maintain2018
#Maintain2018 will now continue at the pub, which I shall not be live tweeting
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