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1. THREAD: A closer look at PDop

Much has transpired with George Papadopoulos in the past few years. This thread is meant to be a broad summary, which asks some more questions, adds some more information, and outlines some thoughts.
2. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. After Papadopolous arrest, (which the campaign took credit for, here:…), we began to hear from his then fiance, Simona Mangiante.
3. Coincidentally, or not, Mangiante also had ties with the infamous “Professor” Mifsud. In December 2017, she set out to give a series of VERY interesting interviews. Trump had referred to P-Dop as a “Coffee Boy” and this seemed to frustrate Simona.…
4. In the interviews she gave, she postulated that Papadopoulos would actually end up being a key figure in the Russia probe. Here are some of the quotes from her interviews, again, in December of 2017.
5. “He was very brave and decent to take responsibility” for lying to the FBI, she said. “George is very loyal to his country.” And, She said she believes he will now have a firm place in history as “the first domino in the Russia investigation.”…
6. In that same interview: “George is very loyal to his country,” Simona Mangiante told ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview. “He is already on the right side of history. I think he will make a big difference.” (cont)
7. (cont) And when asked about her interview with Mueller?“I must say that they have been fair,” she said. “And I was happy to give my contribution.”
8. Why did she speak out in December? “Mangiante said she was speaking out now because it has pained her to see her fiancé marginalized by his former campaign colleagues, and to make it clear that he now intends to help his country by cooperating fully.”
9. She even told WaPo in January of 2017 that Pdop would be remembered as the “John Dean” of the Trump/Russia investigation, stating “I believe history will remember him like John Dean” referring to former WH Counsel who plead guilty in Watergate.…
10. Dean was later a key witness AGAINST Nixon in the Watergate scandal. Other notables from WaPo? "George is very loyal. And he is on the right side of history" and "There's a lot to come," she said. "He was the first one to break a hole on all of this."
11. This hardly sounds like a person who feels their fiance is being railroaded by the Special Counsel. Remember, MANY details of the Russia investigations still had not been publicly exposed at this time.
12. My, how things changed! As things progressed in the case, Simona hit the airwaves again in June of 2018, to begin to ask President Trump to pardon her husband for the crime he plead guilty to.…
13. Even NBC News quickly recognized the shift in tone from Mangiante, stating “Six months ago, George Papadopoulos's fiancée was making the rounds in the news media with a disquieting message for Trump supporters.”…
14. Then going on to state: “But in recent days, Mangiante, now Papadopoulos' wife, has markedly changed her tone. She has taken to right-wing media to proclaim that Papadopoulos played no role in collusion with Russia. (cont)
15. (cont) On Fox News Monday night, she expressed her hope that Trump would pardon her husband.”
16. Again in June, she was on television stating that Pdop had never had any contact with Russians at all-…
17. In this interview on CNN, she states that her husband is “loyal to the truth”…
18. And again, on Tucker, “Simona Papadopoulos, wife of the former Trump campaign aide, argues Mueller's team have no evidence of collusion and is stretching to prove any crime - including a minor false statements charge to which he husband pleaded guilty”…
19. So, why the MARKED and DRASTIC shift in tone from December to June? Lots of things were revealed in those months with regards to Papadopoulos and his involvement, and to be honest, I have NEVER been able to put to rest the feeling that he was more than a patsy
20. Simona has been Pdops “defacto” spokesperson, and has gone through several narratives. Recently a number of interesting details have begun to rear their heads, and lots of them are coming through tweets from the couple. Before we get into those, lets talk about Israel.
21. Also during this June interview blitz, between when Pdops “cooperation” with the Special Counsel had wrapped up and sentencing, Simona began to advance the narrative that Mueller was looking at Pdop for his work with ISRAEL. Not Russia.…
22. Where in the heck did this idea come from? Things would become much more clear over time. Let’s get into some more about the recent developments. Please note: This is a more broad summary, and in NO WAY covers everything in the story. Just wanted to get that out there.
23. So, in early September the special counsel released the sentencing memo for Pdop. I went over this here:
24. Interestingly enough, the memo references the interviews given by Simona in multiple locations as they make a case for sentencing. You can read that memo here:…
25. What really caught my eye about this, though, was the last paragraph when they state: “The defendant provided information about $10k in cash he received from a foreign national whom he believed was likely an intelligence officer of a foreign country (other than Russia)
26. Very interesting indeed. Papadopoulos is eventually sentenced to 14 days and $9,500 fine. And the flood gates open.
27. I have been catching up on HIS interviews that HE has done with media, and he has unleashed a flurry of information. Here are some print screens of his tweets since early September:
28. More:
29. Holy. Moly. Lets unpack this quickly. We will start with Christian Cantor. As per Pdop, Cantor was also responsible for introducing Pdop to Erika Thompson, assistant to DOWNER. He states this happened BEFORE HE MET WITH MIFSUD. (See below tweet for interview with Maccallum)
30. I am not seeing people freaking out about the "Downer before Mifsud" thing as much as I am, but again I have been under a rock, so please correct me if I am wrong.
31. Cantor and Thompson were supposedly dating, and she was the liason to get the meeting with Downer in the infamous London bar, which now boasts this on the wall.
32. Christian Cantor is a relatively low profile guy on the internet, HOWEVER, I was able to find something interesting that I have not seen as of yet. Note date of 9/2016…
33. Note UK connect: “After the meeting we held a dinner at which representatives from the Board of Deputies for British Jews joined, as well as eight Parliamentarians, adv. and members of LDFI’s Honorary Executive Committee. Further insights and very interesting debate ensued.”
34. Why is this interesting to me? Because Pdop makes it a point to state that Cantor is vehemently Anti Trump, and the Brexit/Israeli connection is a very interesting one that we will put in our back pocket for later. Lots of work to do here. Lots.
35. The famed “Israeli” investigation is starting to make a lot more sense now…. It also makes sense to mention here that Pdop states he told Mueller that he believed Downer RECORDED their meeting on his cell phone that day. Interesting..
36. Now, on to who gave him this payment of $10k- Pdop states it is Charles Tawil, who is listed as a former state department source in SA. He appears in a wikileaks cable from 2006:…
37. This cable certainly backs up Pdops assertion that Tawil is with intelligence, a fact that he steadfastly denies. Sorry, Tawil.…
38. Also in his tweets, Pdop makes the statement that the reason for Downer meeting him had several components, one of which was to somehow try to disrupt his energy business. More on that in another thread. Something doesn't fit for me there.
39. This is CERTAINLY getting interesting, and Pdop speculates that foreign governments are begging Trump not to declassify because they are implicated in this. I think we can all agree that is the case. No doubts here.
40. Before I close out with my thoughts, I wanted to get into some contradictions I have seen in Pdops interviews. Here from “The View” Start at 1:10
41. Pdop is wishy washy on whether or not Sessions had “pushed back” against meeting with Putin, stating he remembered he was interested. Then, later in the interview, at 3:33 he states “the campaign didn’t want to host the meeting (with Russians)- which is public record now."
42. Which is it Pdop? The problem is that Sessions is very clear that he was against these meetings and that is detailed in the HPSCI report on Russian Interference:… Pages 77-79
43. Lastly (for now) in an interview with Martha Maccallum, he really lays in- stating there is “more to come” Must listen to this. Things we learn?
44. • Cantor introduced Thompson for Downer meeting BEFORE Mifsud in picture- HUGE for CI timeline, points to much backhanded dealing by 5eye partners
• Pdop insults Cameron, and all of a sudden US Intelligence officials in London meet with Pdop.
45. • Next day, Downer wants to meet Pdop in bar. He doesn’t remember talking about emails with Downer. Downer has also said that.
• Azra Turk worked with Halper to ensnare Pdop.
• States he will be testifying in front of congress
46. • Lured to London by Halper for spying OUTSIDE of US.
•British Ministry of foreign affairs lured him in to meet with him and he had never met with Russians
• All of a sudden British diplomats hand delivering messages to him.
47. I can’t get over the initial interviews done by Mangiante, and how she subsequently changes her tone completely over the course of months as the story comes out. However, in watching Pdop, he comes across as very genuine in all of his interviews.
48. We have also gotten FOUR new names to investigate just based on Pdops tweets: Azra Turk (Halper), Tobias Elwood and Boris Johnson, and Tawil.
49. I think one conclusion of all of this, is that it is VERY clear that there was a large operation in place surrounding Papadopolous, and it is one that Mueller SHOULD have uncovered should he have been doing his job correctly.
50. One of the things that has always kept me on the side of “Mueller has to be working this angle” has been that Pdop was asked to wear a wire. We have learned since that this supposed “cooperation” was overblown by everyone involved.
51. I am still following this story closely and there is much more to uncover here, but I wanted to summarize what has been happening lately from a 30k foot view and add in a few new tidbits of information to the mix. Stay tuned for my video, following shortly.
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