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How College Sets You Up To Fail

The gap between "real life" & education has widened, and it handicaps your thinking dramatically.

College CAN be a smart choice, but for many, its backwards and sideways steps, especially what it does to you MENTALLY
1-You dont know how to lead yourself

A degree provides a done for you plan, all the steps are laid out. This fools you into thinking you are focused/productive, but if the plan is taken away, & you had to design your own education, you'd be at a total loss
2-You cannot think long term
You've no skill at long term planning at all, college did that for you. It gave you your vision, now you're lost

Following a plan that says get these units does NOT teach you long term thinking, its you being led, not leading
3-You think that getting by is getting ahead

The grading system tricks you in thinking that "good enough" is enough in real life

you go through college doing LESS than your best

=blindsided when real life doesn't reward your mediocrity/C-level of effort
4-You only "show up" when you need to
Cramming for a test and working hard at the end of semester are part and parcel for people

This leads you into thinking that effort can wax and wane, and it's OKAY

Real world, this behavior would get you fired fast
5-You have no concept of Excellence

because you've never practiced it in 5 years of getting your (possibly worthless) degree, in which you skipped, crammed, and begged for grades

Excellence is discipline and dedication, which you do not have at all
6-You think that life is a series of clear stages with defined expectations


"I got a 3.8 this semester!"

Good for you, no one gives a fuck
Real world, your job is EVERY DAY
Getting ahead takes work EVERY DAY
Your grades don't mean shit when you are working at something that requires continuous, 24/7 performance.

There are no "grades" in life, there is success and failure
7-You expect to be encouraged for doing what is required of you

Colleges DON'T want you to fail out. They'll coddle you to keep you going

Plenty do drop out, but plenty get passed through

You get accustomed to constant encouragement and hand holding
8-You think life has "make-ups"

Make up exam, credit, quizzes etc.

NOT in the real world.

You fail, you miss an opportunity, TOUGH SHIT.

Want a do-over? Not happening

Only excellence and exceptional performance are worthy of recognition.
9-You dont know how to fail

Real world-failure happens, & you must keep persisting
College-Dont worry, just take the class over, it’s okay

When you fail for the 1st time real world, it's crippling, you've 0 idea of how to think about it, handle it, use it
10-You expect life to have defined "Goals" that make you super happy

Goals are markers in time, they are NOT the end game.

You must have short, middle, long term aims, and an overarching PROCESS for everything
11-You are obsessed with feeling "safe" & "secure"
College is safe, the environment is safe, you're essentially given what to do every day.

You're sheltered from ideas, you think disagreements are hate speech, you think facts are feelings
Contrary to educating, college has turned you into an overgrown child who breaks down if they hear hurtful words or ideas they don't like

You're not educated, you've been made into an ignorant slave incapable of abstract thought
You've never had to handle fear of the unknown, aside from struggling with coursework and shutting out any kind of thinking that made you feel "unsafe"

Degree given, real world comes


Suddenly things are not "safe"
Suddenly you needing a safe space and having anxiety, you're not capable at all

You're weak, and hateful, and incapable

You will be outcompeted and beaten, and you have been lied to, and hopefully you can see through this web of delusions

Am I Anti-College?

NO. I am highly pro learning.

But the way that the "education" system entrains people to think is often disadvantageous
Modern college is a prolonged financial racket. 80/20 useless to useful in terms of the students it churns out

The FEW dominate the Many

For every person doing college "right" there are 10 others who are being mediocrities in their way of Being
If you don't learn how to THINK, you will succumb to thinking only how you have been told to believe

-Im good at teaching people how to think
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