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Anyone – such as @guyverhofstadt – who vilifies Viktor Orban and the current Hungarian government, must be a dangerous antisemite, and should be condemned; because, as Netanyahu said, Orban is a "true friend of Israel".…
So were the Nazis. But we aren't allowed to talk about that. Because free speech. Democracy. Liberty. Tolerance. You know. Our "Western values".
Now, about this recent Nazi-esque "Cathedral of Light" performance by #Ukraine's US-NATO backed – and #Israeli armed… – openly neo-Nazi Azov Regiment...
Strangest thing .. about those #Ukraine neo-Nazis, armed by #Israel and USA, politically and financially-backed by US-NATO, Canada etc .. well, they seem to have a thing for the 'magic' 666 hexagram too.

But I'm sure ALL of this is just a 'coincidence'.…
"Natan Khazin is a soldier, an Orthodox Jew and a [far right] #nationalist. This former businessman .. is in the military armed forces of #Ukraine .. he was one of the activists of the Maidan. His son is undergoing military service in the Israeli army."…
"Benjamin Netanyahu urges Europe's Jews to return to Israel. In particular, Jews from #Ukraine."

How very convenient, having a violent, antisemitic neo-Nazi militia – that you are arming – with representatives in the government, 'eh? Nothing like fear to encourage migration.
"It need hardly be said that the subtlest practitioners of doublethink are those who invented doublethink and know that it is a vast system of mental cheating."

Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

"#antisemitic" '#magic' #words #inversion
What do you do when 'unknown vandals' desecrate a Jewish cemetery with antisemitic slogans?

Why, you call in your far right, ultra-nationalist, neo-Nazi Azov Regiment stormtroopers to restore order, of course. #Ukraine #doublethink
Because Jews and Nazis are, like, total opposites .. sworn enemies, right? RIGHT? #doublethink #Cabala
Another remarkable 'coincidence' – #Ukraine 'neo-Nazi's' feature not only a Jewish company – whose Orthodox Jewish commander has served since the US-financed 2014 Maidan coup d'etat – but also a Muslim division.

Just like Nazi Germany. #doublethink…
Yet another of these remarkable 'coincidences'.

Are we waking up yet?

‘Not kosher’? Jewish-only section of Germany’s right-wing AfD raises eyebrows…
"Zionism's success is based on a Jewish misery index; the greater the misery, the greater the wish to #emigrate."

🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ......💡!

– Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht.…
The more things change...

Zionism and Anti-Semitism: A Strange #Alliance Through History…
You gotta love Twitter....
"special medical treatment by Israelis"....
Imagine my surprise. Seems the above-linked video has been removed from YT.

Good thing I grabbed a copy. Behold, Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov Regiment - Orthodox Jewish unit. #doublethink
Yet another 'coincidence'? It seems a bigger challenge would be to find a far-right or neo-Nazi politician, party, militia, or activist somewhere on Planet Earth that *isn't* backed by Israel.
EXPOSED! ‘Nazi’ Azov Battalion receives Armaments from 🇮🇱 Israel.

#doublethink #Cabala…
ЖІДОБАНДЕРА: "Jew of Bandera"

After the U.S./EU-backed, 'neo-Nazi' muscled coup d'etat in 2014, liberal Jew russophobes launched a business in #Ukraine and #Russia selling merchandise declaring support for notorious WW2 Nazi collaborator, Stepan Bandera.

#doublethink #menorah
More of the terrible "anti-semitism" of the "neo-Nazis" – #Ukraine's coat-of-arms Тризуб (trident) with Orthodox Jewish peyot.

BBC #Ukraine, May 2018: Association of Jewish organizations and communities (VAAD) in Ukraine *denies* the growth of anti-Semitism, and disagrees that the Banderite Ukraine Insurgent Army [UPA] were/are "Nazi collaborators".…
BBC #Ukraine: Natan Khazin, commander of the "Jewish 100" (see up thread) calls himself "one of the founders" of the 'neo-Nazi' Azov Regiment.

#doublethink #Cabala
BBC #Ukraine caption: "Stylized chevrons of Jews fighting in Donbas".

The self-proclaimed "Punisher" squads, armed by 🇮🇱 Israel (upthread), and responsible for shelling and #killing hundreds of ethnic Russian civilians, in schools, hospitals, homes and villages of East #Ukraine.

"Vice-President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, Joseph Zissels, stated that the Jews join the ranks of the neo-Nazi regiment "Azov", which received the reputation as the most brutal military formation of modern #Ukraine."…
"The Jews of Ukraine took a very active part in the Maidan." #coupdetat

– Joseph Zissels, VP of the Jewish Confederation of #Ukraine, April 28 2015

"..we know that many of them [Jewish provocateurs of Maidan] then went to the front. The #paradox is that some of them are fighting in the battalion "Azov" near the radical nationalists."

– Joseph Zissels, VP of the Jewish Confederation of #Ukraine, April 28 2015

US Holocaust Museum repeatedly condemns alleged "anti-semitism" in #Ukraine:…

At the same time, US + Ukraine refuse to support UN resolution condemning glorification of Nazism:…

.. while Israel arms 'Nazis' (upthread).
Remarkable article on US-govt (CIA) funded RFE/RL's #Ukraine language website, Radio Свобода (Svoboda = "freedom": an ultranationalist party), detailing military cooperation with Zionists going back to 1917-21 Ukraine revolution.
Yaroslav Tynchenko of #Ukraine's National Military-History Museum says cooperation between Zionists and the 1917-18 Ukraine revolutionary government led to Ukrainian Jews forming "the backbone" of the Zionist "self-defense" militia "Haganah" in Palestine.
BBC #Ukraine (up thread): Natan Khazin, commander of the "Jewish 100" and "one of the founders" of brutal "neo-Nazi" Azov Regiment, says Western claims of Ukraine anti-semitism "do not correspond to reality", cites Pew Research in proof.…
Israeli-Ukrainian Natan Khazin has moved on from killing ethnic Russians with the "neo-Nazi" Azov Regiment in #Donbass; now co-founder of «Аеророзвідка», mil-tech drones supplier and an adviser to the chief of General staff of the armed forces of #Ukraine.
"Neo-Nazi" Azov Regiment (self-proclaimed) co-founder, Israeli-Ukrainian Natan Khazin, says #NATO reps impressed with success of his «Аеророзвідка», now part of #Ukraine special forces, operating drones and surveillance cameras along the demarcation line in #Donbass.
More photos of Natan Khazin and fellow Orthodox Jews of the "neo-Nazi" Azov Regiment, on the frontline in #Donbass, East #Ukraine.

#doublethink #killing #Russians
May 2017: Delivery of matza, kosher juice, etc, by Pavel Feldblum (Union of Jewish religious communities) for Jewish "neo-nazis" celebrating Passover at the ATO ("Anti Terrorist Operation") frontline in #Donbass.…
Feb 2018: Criminal proceedings opened against small town #Ukraine newspaper (circ. 1000) under criminal code 161 (incitement to ethnic hatred by an official), after article on Jewish riots of 1917 & Holodomor, by 22yo chief editor Mariana Polyanskaya (pic)…
Polyanskaya insists she is not an anti-semite, or racist; she wrote article due #Israel's refusal to officially recognise the Holodomor. Says paper was city council-funded until 2016, as sole remaining staffer she took out a loan to publish the edition.…
Tzvi Arieli, an #Israeli (now dual Ukrainian) citizen, says in March 2014 he was asked to form and train a militia group for the "Anti Terrorist Operation" against ethnic Russians in #Donbass .. by the hasidic Chief Rabbi of #Ukraine, Yaakov Dov Bleich.…
#Doublethink|ing exemplar. 11 months later, #Ukraine's chief rabbi Bleich calls on (not the Ukrainians and Jews he incited but) the ethnic Russian separatists, to cease fighting.


Because rockets hit the building housing one of his Chabad branches.…
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