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Part Deux

Numbers stay consecutive - this begins at 269.

I'll use #OpKavanaugh as much as possible

Original Document Dump thread contains ~ 200,000 pages of KAVANAUGH documents from a variety of sources & can be found here:

269/ Updated Democratic Coalition v Brett Kavanaugh complaint 24pgs

-receipt of stolen information

{Refs in orig doc dump to: Leahy’s disclosures, Grassley knew & Barbara Ledeen (Grassley’s assistant) passed on hacked documents}

270/ Sept 22, 2018 Letter from Christine Ford to Grassley 2pgs

Regarding KAVANAUGH sexual assault of Christine Ford

271/ Sept 24, 2018 Letter from KAVANAUGH to Grassley & Feinstein

In which KAVANAUGH whines that people don't believe him after he was proven a perjurer.

272/ Sept 19, 2018 letter from Grassley to Judiciary Dems 3pgs

Re: KAVANAUGH sexual assault & GOP pushing nomination timing

-Blames dems for making Ford distrustful of Grassley
-Lies about FBI background check re-opening

273/ Aug 28, 2018 MetroNews West Virginia Poll 62pgs

Includes sidebar shortcuts & poll info on KAVANAUGH
Also other interesting info not related

274/ Iowa Poll 7pgs


Hint: Things not looking good for GOP and Trump

275/ 9/17/2018 BLUMENTHAL et al v. U.S. NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION et al, Complaint 12pgs

Filed Complaint for KAVANAUGH records

Exhibit A

re: KAVANAUGH records

Exhibit B

re: KAVANAUGH records

Exhibit C - 5pgs

re: KAVANAUGH records


EPIC suit seeking KAVANAUGH records

280/ *NEW DOCS*

KAVANAUGH emails with document thief Manuel Miranda 31pgs

- Orrin Hatch needs a “butch” from the WH
- Discusses Biden, Leahy, etc
-Clearly KAVANAUGH knew these were stolen

More to come


FYI @TheDemCoalition @SenatorLeahy…
281/ NARA letter to Grassley 8/2/18

National Archives write to Grassley about KAVANAUGH records

282/ Someone asked re: a missing speech KAVANAUGH participated in re: Qatar 12pgs

This is the ridiculous stuff @ChuckGrassley is withholding from other SJC members & our elected representatives.

1 list of contents 11 missing record markers

283/ This is the missing speech as it was given by GW Bush

KAVANAUGH notated and altered this. Why are they withholding these notes?

SIDENOTE: Most of these speech notes for KAVANAUGH's time as Staff Secretary are missing

284/ KAVANAUGH - Staff Secretary
Comments to New Hampshire National Guard - 74pgs

285/ KAVANAUGH - Staff Secretary - 7pgs - 1 viable

Press Availability with President Musharraf

286/ Hello KAVANAUGH & Rove 83pgs

287/ KAVANAUGH & Rove Terror 53pgs

Odd - mostly on propaganda in Iran?

288/ KAVANAUGH - Staff Secretary 19pgs

Arrival for President of Kenya - 2003

289/ Counsel's Office, White House - Kavanaugh-59pgs
Personal Capacity part 1

-Inaugural misuse
-Conspiracy, IP theft, weaponized use, profit
-Filings, notes, emails, transcripts

290/ Part 2 Personal Capacity Suit - 74pgs

-Inaugural misuse
-Conspiracy, IP theft, weaponized use, profit
-Filings, notes, emails, transcripts

291/ Personal Capacity Suit - Tom Ridge, head of DHS testimony 1 of 2 83pgs

-CRS report on testimony
-Congressional Oversight of Executive Branch
-Notes, letters, emails, reports

292/ Personal Capacity Suit - Tom Ridge, head of DHS testimony 2 of 2 17pgs

-argument for no congressional oversight for DHS Ridge
-CRS interpretation

293/ Testimony by Ridge: on White House Officials Gov. Ridge 72pgs


Memo on not allowing cabinet members to be called to testify to congress
-Mueller being proffered as an excellent witness

294/ 2015-0037-F - Records related to James Dobson 1 of 2 53pfs
Subject Files - FG006-27 (Office of Senior Advisor - Karl Rove)

KAVANAUGH - Staff Secretary

295/ 2015-0037-F - Records related to James Dobson 2 of 2 77pgs
(Office of Senior Advisor - Karl Rove)
KAVANAUGH - Staff Secretary

-Fox (pic) study in Gulf of Mexico
-Judicial nominees
-Church Lobbying (is this legal?)

296/ KAVANAUGHs yearbook entries explained.

A man who believes women are to be sexually ridiculed should not sit on the SCOTUS bench.…
297/ Kavanaugh’s ex-roommate says:

"Based on my time with Brett, I believe he and his social circle were capable of the actions that Debbie described.”…
What do:

√A foreign agent for Putin-backed Ukrainian politician Viktor Yanukovych
√Paul Manafort
√Yuri Vanetik

have in common?

299/ Why the rush to confirm KAVANAUGH despite having the lowest approval numbers?

Donors over voters

@OrrinHatch working to set Trump up to pardon anyone with no state recourse. Part of that plan only works with Kavanaugh on the bench Oct 1…
300/ ◀️◀️ WOW. # 300 🎂

@SenJeffMerkley files for emergency injunction to stop KAVANAUGH vote

"unprecedented obstruction of the Senate’s advice and consent obligation is an assault on the separation of powers and a violation of the Constitution."…
301/ When the GOP men are scared, they call in a woman to question Ford & KAVANAUGH. Who is Rachel Mitchell?

"espousing a range of hyper-traditionalist views on gender, sexuality and sexual ethics."

There's something wrong with AZ...…
302/ The gang rape accusations against KAVANAUGH and Mark Judge.


I feel nerpy now.

303/ @SenWhitehouse asks KAVANAUGH about yet another sexual assault claim on a boat in Rhode Island.

The victim’s friend found Judge & Kavanaugh on the boat & beat them.

Good. Next up is the Bobbit Glue technique.
304/ MSNBC just reported another sex assault case from a mother regarding her daughter in the 1990’s submitted via Cory Booker’s office.

I’ll post the docs as soon as they are available.

The avalanche hath begun.
305/ @JudiciaryDems calling for ample time to investigate Kavanaugh’s sex assault allegations or he should withdraw.

306/ This seems to confirm the Kavanaugh Rhode Island boat trip sexual assault from the late 80’s.

Still I suggest caution on this one.…

This is Kavanaugh's calendar submission.

Please download & use every archiver you know

308/ Semi-Live Tweet of Kavanaugh's part of the Ford & Kavanaugh hearing.

Also lots of breadcrumbs for the curious about Kavanaugh's handy-dandy calendar.

309/ KAVANAUGH has patriarchy resentment issues…

$100,000 reward for documentary evidence such as photos, emails, letters, etc. that will prove KAVANAUGH lied in the Sept 27th hearing.

If you collect this please consider donating some of it to multiple organizations. (Not all, but some.)…
311/ KAVANAUGH reached out to former classmates in an attempt to influence their statements before the Ramirez allegations came out

Texting potential witnesses to influence testimony = The Manafort Effect.

Surely a judge knows what witness tampering is.…
312/ An important paper to fully to understand why the GOP are so desperate to push KAVANAUGH through. Despite: perjury, records shennanigans, dark money pay offs & sexual assault.


Atlantic Council: Russias Interference in US Judiciary…
313/ Another piece of the puzzle that seems to corroborate Ford’s testimony & dispel Kavanaughs.

The most likely house - based on the July 1st KAVANAUGH calendar entry - where Christine Ford was attacked.


314/ 1983 Georgetown Prep yearbook

KAVANAUGH & Mark Judge are prominent…

I dropped over 200,000 pages of KAVANAUGH docs from a variety of sources.

And the drop continues. I have a lot to catch up on. Bear with me.

I will try to use the below hash as much as possible
316/ 2001 Podcast: Dave Emory-For The Record #289
KAVANAUGH & Federalist
Leaks - Paula Jones lawyers & KAVANAUGH
Federalist infiltration of judiciary & gov
Radical Right Wing altering judiciary
Ousted ABA claiming status quo & civil rights
317/ 2004 Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

KAVANAUGH was pulled multiple times from consideration because he was too partisan and sub-par as an attorney

Contains many counts of what is now confirmed perjury

318/ 2006 KAVANAUGH Confirmation Hearing

Contains many counts of what is now confirmed perjury

319/ October 26, 2017: Heritage Foundation - Brett Kavanaugh

Separation of Powers

- Describes yelling at the girls he coaches - then says it is his “judge voice”

320/ October 26, 2017: Heritage Foundation - Brett Kavanaugh

Separation of Powers

“This isn’t salt in the wound, this is the whole shaker” - smug face

321/ October 26, 2017: Heritage Foundation - Brett Kavanaugh

Separation of Powers

Disses the ABA by quoting Meese

NOTE: The ABA gave him a critical rating as an attorney
The Federalist has been trying to ursurp the ABA (see Tweet #316)

322/ October 26, 2017: Heritage Foundation - Brett Kavanaugh

Separation of Powers

- Decentralized government
-Religious first amendment

323/ September 27, 2018 Kavanaugh’s Testimony

Blames "vast left wing" conspiracy (see tweet 324)
Plays victim
Claims it has been torture to wait "10 days" for the hearing
Yada Yada

324/ Explainer on KAVANAUGH's history promoting conspiracy theories and using tax payer money to further GOP "objectives" in the use of conspiracy theories.


325/ September 26, 2018
Ford’s Testimony on KAVANAUGH sexual assault

“Brett put his hand over my mouth so I couldn’t scream.”

326/ August 16, 2018 Feinstein, Leahy & Durbin to Grassley

Lack of transparency, missing records (97%)
Kavanaugh perjured himself
Burke specific to withholding docs that show perjury

327/ August 24, 2018 Letter from Minority to Grassley

Rushing KAVANAUGH confirmation
Request postponement for proper vetting
12+ Trump cabinet members have resigned, fired or withdrawn due to corruption
You are withholding & rushing

328/ August 27 letter from Feinstein to Burck

KAVANAUGH record Documents appear to have “alterations and redactions” that are not identified. (see Tweet 329 about alterations I found)

329/ Rehash of altered documents in the Senate Judiciary release of KAVANAUGH documents


330/ Aug 28, 2018 Letter from Minority to Grassley

Usual process - records by NARA archivist through a process in Presidential Records Act.
Unique & obstructive KAVANAUGH release
Archives has agreed to release, but GOP is rejecting them.

331/ September 3, 2018
Letter from Minority to McGahn

Request to Trump to withdraw “constitutional privilege” from KAVANAUGH’s WH records
102,000 pages of docs withheld due to this
Withholding with no legal privilege

332/ September 4, 2018 Letter from EPIC to Grassley & Feinstein

KAVANAUGH defends suspicionless surveillance of Americans - shocked conservatives
Central figure in warrantless surveillance & his records are being withheld

Thanks @tchambers
333/ September 12, 2018
EPIC testimony to Senate Judiciary regarding KAVANAUGH

Request for postponement of nomination process
FOIA for KAVANAUGH surveillance history

Thanks @tchambers
334/ September 17, 2018 EPIC v NARA

KAVANAUGH records on privacy concerns such as warrantless wiretaps, body scanners, national ID, etc.

KAVANAUGH perjured himself when he stated he had nothing to do with these

Thanks @tchambers
335/ September 17, 2018 Letter from Minority to McGahn

Requesting confirmation that WH started FBI investigation

336/ September 17, 2018 Letter from Minority to Grassley

FBI Investigation (The requests that Lindsey Graham tried to claim did not happen)
Kavanaugh’s perjury
Kavanaugh’s use of stolen files to push controversial justices

337/ September 18, 2018 Letter from Minority to Christopher Wray (FBI) & McGahn (WH)

Do a FBI background investigation on KAVANAUGH
Postpone until it is done properly

338/ September 18, 2018 Letter from Minority to Grassley

GOP failing to do due diligence on KAVANAUGH
Rushing and being insensitive to potential sexual assault victims

339/ September 21, 2018 Letter from Minority to Grassley

FBI investigation
GOP destined to relive the past on KAVANAUGH
Before hearing Ford had already scheduled vote

340/ September 23, 2018 Letter from Feinstein to Grassley

Request postponement & FBI investigation into KAVANAUGH

341/ September 26, 2018 Letter from Minority to Trump

Ford, Ramirez & Swetnick allegations against KAVANAUGH
Withdraw nomination & re-open FBI background check

342/ September 26, 2018 Letter from Minority to Grassley

Swetnick allegations of gang rape against KAVANAUGH
Abuse of power not to call for FBI investigation

343/ Democratic Coalition report on Lindsey Graham’s shady funding and nearly $1 million in Russian funds.

@LindseyGrahamSC has shifted & lied about the KAVANAUGH nomination.
@TheDemCoalition too a looksee at why

344/ Epic v NARA - request for KAVANAUGH letters & emails

A laundry list of very worrying privacy issues

Thanks @tchambers
345/ EPIC v NARA - KAVANAUGH staff file request

A laundry list of privacy concerns
NOTE: It strikes me a SCOTUS like KAVANAUGH would be required for a private Trump Intel Force run by Erik Prince. Thoughts?

Thanks @tchambers
346/ Email between KAVANAUGH and John Yoo, the architect of exploitive privacy programs under the Patriot Act

-random/constant surveillance of phone & email conversations

347/ 9.20.18 EPIC v NARA 3 pgs

Preliminary injunction against KAVANAUGH nomination

Thanks @tchambers
348/ 9.20.18 EPIC v NARA 37pgs

Motion for injunction into KAVANAUGH nomination

Thanks @tchambers
349/ 9.20.18 EPIC v NARA 1pg

proposed order for KAVANAUGH nomination injunction

Thanks @tchambers
350/ 9.20.18 EPIC v NARA 120pgs

List of items (boxes) and identification of KAVANAUGH records on privacy (NOTE: 64 BOXES OF THEM)

Thanks @tchambers
351/ 9.28.18 EPIC v NARA 5pgs

Joint Status Report regarding injunction and FOIA request for KAVANAUGH nomination records

Thanks @tchambers
352/ National Council of Churches calls for the withdraw of KAVANAUGH’s nomination.


Disturbing record
Horrible smug temperament in Ford hearing

353/ @SenJeffMerkley lawsuit for injunction against nomination of KAVANAUGH

Oct 3, 2018 filing

How information was withheld from Senators. This shell game interferes with the Senate's ability to do its job in vetting SCOTUS candidates.

354/ 10.4.18 Letter from Ford to Wray (FBI) regarding KAVANAUGH

Outlines the witnesses and proof for the FBI to follow up with.

PS - None were.

355/ 9.4.18 Wildlife Species Cases Decided by KAVANAUGH

A list of different cases KAVANAUGH ruled on regarding wildlife species

356/ Mayer Affadavit

Went to school with KAVANAUGH

KAVANAUGH was a bully
Mark Judge was class clown
KAVANAUGH made a song about Renate that was all about loose sex

357/ List with links to KAVANAUGH EPA cases

89% of time KAVANAUGH ruled pro-polluters and toxins

358/ 9.4.18 Letter requesting Senators to oppose KAVANAUGH by @NRDC

359/ 10.2.18 Letter from Ford to Wray (FBI) & Boente (DOJ) regarding KAVANAUGH

When did Dana Boente go back to DOJ?

360/ Random Letter, unsigned, undated asking Sessions & Wray to investigate KAVANAUGH perjury

So far, not including sexual allegations, KAVANAUGH perjured himself on 8 topics & over 100 times. These are found in this doc dump.

361/ Kavanaugh Documents Released by NARA to American Oversight on August 6, 2018 (Part 2 of 2) 531pgs

Includes handwritten notes
files from KAVANAUGH's time with Starr.

362/ Kavanaugh Documents Released by NARA to American Oversight on August 6, 2018 (Part 1 of 2) 532pgs

Foster & Whitewater
Hill & Branscum
Polygraphs **that he won't take**
Rose Shredding
Notes Senate Hearing

363/ Rachel Mitchell Memo

re: KAVANAUGH and FORD hearing assessment

While Mitchell's questioning seemed appropriate, she still did the GOPs bidding. You can not assess truth unless you question all witnesses, which has not been done.

364/ October 1, 2018 Feinstein rebuts Mitchell memo & inaccuracies

re: KAVANAUGH and FORD hearing assessment

365/ Sept 29. 2018 Grassley to DOJ, FBI Referral for Criminal Investigation 50pgs


False sexual assault claim in Rhode Island

Interesting Grassley spends 50 pgs on this, but next to none on credible allegation of sexual assault

366/ March 21, 2016 VIDEO:

KAVANAUGH interviewed by Paul Gigot at American Enterprise Institute event

-SCOTUS GOP pic likely

-Every nomination should get up or down vote within 180 days

367/ VIDEO: American Law Institute 2013 Keynote by KAVANAUGH

-Everyone in Portland seems to have just 1 finger (Bush called Portland Little Beirut due to protests)
-Salt in wound, whole shaker
-Set period of time for judge nominations


368/ VIDEO: 2006 KAVANAUGH confirmation hearing-DC Circuit Court of Appeals

Testimony Stapleton

5:42 Kozinski (Judge who retired due to sexual harassment & KAVANAUGH lied about - other docs in dump on this)

10:52 KAVANAUGH testimony

369/ VIDEO 2002 Republican National Lawyer Association
KAVANAUGH - judicial nominations

References Orrin Hatch a lot
-Cool (?)

*Stolen @SenatorLeahy files re: these nominations


370/ VIDEO: May 2006 KAVANAUGH nomination

Roe v Wade

371/ VIDEO: May 2006 - Schumer to KAVANAUGH

“Do you see Roe v Wade as an abomination”

372/ VIDEO: October 1, 2013 Case Western Reserve University School of Law

The Summer Canary Lecture

KAVANAUGH is keynote speaker


Mitch McConnell:

“To justify this judicial coup over the last several weeks and decades, Republicans needed to engage in extensive doublespeak”

AKA Republican base = suckers

374/ From the @ABAesq who is re-opening it’s case review against Kavanaugh.
You can find out more about the attorney discipline process here:

A list of attorney disciplinary agencies can be found here:

375/ Hello Susan -

Have you met me yet?

@SenatorCollins takes money from Judicial Crisis Network (who has no business license) while calling a GoFundMe to replace her if she votes yes on KAVANAUGH “a bribe”.

376/ Welcome SCOTUS KAVANAUGH. I hope you enjoy your short tenure.

Misuse of the 1st Amendment: 1A for corps & GOP - Everyone else shut up.

GOP engineers misalignment of tiny minority v majority

They hope to stall progressive legislation that they fear…
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