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AU: Taehyung is fascinated by the arms of the guy in front of him in one of his lectures, and so he often doodles them, paying extra attention to the tattoos he has on both his arms. One day, he checks the drawings he did and notices the tattoos change regularly.

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So one day that the guy has his arms covered by his shirt, Taehyung decides to flip through his copybook to look at his already drawn pictures of the man's sleeves tattoos. Except everytime, there's a small detail that changes, until it's not the same tattoo anymore.
But he's sure he drew them exactly as he saw them. He didnt take art classes for THIS to happen. So he pays extra attention the next few weeks, and either he's completely mental or this man's tattoos change. All. The. Time.
One day, he sees the man in a coffee shop. He goes straight to him, sits down in front of him and says "Hello, first of all,, I'm not a creep but it's been weeks and it's torturing me. Are your tats magical or am I completely losing it?"

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The man looks startled and his lips part slightly from where they were sipping on a straw. His eyes widen gradually but soon they are the size of two plates. Then he starts choking.

Taehyung worries he might have come off... a little strong.

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"Wh-- what are you talking about?" His voice is small, but it gets confident as he speaks. He even archs an eyebrow when he says: "Did you smoke something?"

Taehyung splutters. "I'm sure they changes! You can't deny it! And I heard you saying they were all real tats!"

Then, without thinking, Taehyung takes his copybook and shows him all the drawings. It's only when he sees the stunned look on the man's face that he remembers that no, drawing other people when they've not given their consent isn't something you should do.

#vkook #taekookau
"Are you joking? You're a stalker?!"

He gets up slowly, his eyebrows furrowed and his jaw clenched. Taehyung is scared he's gritting his teeth so hard they'll break.

"I'm not!! Really not! You just have nice arms and mr. Cho's lectures are boring!"

#vkook #vkookau #taekookau
The man is towering above him, and Taehyung doesn't like that one bit. Because when he said his arms are nice... he meant that he was really, really well built, and he's pretty sure he still wants his jaw to be in place when (if?) he gets home.

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"Guk, what's going on? Are you okay?"

A petite man puts his hand on the man's shoulder and he immediately unstiffens.

"Hyung," he whines, and Taehyung is pretty sure he's gaping. "This man has been drawing me for... idk how long. He's a stalker, I think."

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The man archs an eyebrow and looks directly in Taehyung's eyes, and Taehyung's never felt so embarrassed. The both of them are gorgeous and are looking at him as if he was some kind of creepy pervert they ought to get rid of.

Curiosity really killed the cat.

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"It's... really not like that! I love tattoos so I just doodled them because I was bored! I know I shouldn't have but... I was really bored..."

When the two men still seem unimpressed, he adds: "I'm sorry?"

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The smaller of the two sits in front of Taehyung.

"Why would you even tell him you've been stalking him anyway?" His voice is calculating and his eyes are harsh. Taehyung considers bolting tf out of there but he also knows that... well... he'll be seeing Jeongguk for the rest of
the semester and he really needs the extra credit, so he can't just get up and run. Plus, he's pretty sure he's heard someone say that small people are very fast -- and he's not sure if it's true but he doesn't want to verify this theory today.
"I'm... i just wanted to know about--"

"He asked why my tattoos constantly change."

Taehyung notices the small man tensing, but it's so quickly gone that he wonders if it was there in the first place.

Then, he rolls his eyes and has the audacity to scoff.

#vkook #taekookau
"Did you say they were real again?" The man looks annoyed.

"They are!"

"Okay but did you actually tell them that they weren't permanent?"


"He's a dumbass who freaks out at the sight of needles but still wants tattoos. Is your mystery solved? Are you disappointed yet?"
Taehyung suddenly feels dumb, because he didn't really think of that. He had immediately thought of some kind of weird magic.. he wants to slap himself. He just made a fool out of himself in front of his crush AND admitted to drawing him without his consent. He should've listened
to Seokjin, who told him to leave the poor man alone ("and stop drawing him for god's sake, you're getting weirder by the second."

"Hyung, do you really think having moving tattoos is less weird than drawing someone?"


"Think again.")

#vkookau #taekookau
"I'm... i'm really sorry..." He's really hoping he isn't blushing right now, because while usually he loves showing aegyos, the sight of it only annoyed even more the two men in front of him. Jeongguk (??) even had his tongue pressed on the side of his cheek, and he looked like
he could kill Taehyung in two swift moves. Taehyung apologizes again and stands up, making to leave, but the smaller one of the twos calls out to him.

"I'm affraid sorry won't cut it. You should stop and make sure Jeongguk never sees you again."

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His tone is cold and cutting, and Taehyung has to refrain himself from shivering.

Taehyung nods and gets out the quicker he can from the coffee shop, except he has to keep wandering around it since he has promised Hoseok to wait for him there.
And it doesn't take very long, but seven minutes later, he sees Hoseok waving from afar. And just before he waves back, he hears:

"...supposed to know someone was going to draw my tattoos every week?"

"You were this close to get us all discovered, Jeongguk. Think, before doing
something as stupid as that."

And now, Taehyung is convinced it's magic again. Or some kind of gang shit. He knows it must be. Or maybe he's just relapsing in his old habits of seeing magic everywhere... but no. Not this time. And he'll prove it. Or try to, at least.
Before he can even think about going to confront the boy, Hoseok catches up to him and grabs his arm, smiling.

"Have you been waiting for long? I'm sorry, Coach asked me to clean the studio just after the juniors finished and they're pretty... eww."

#vkookau #taekook
Taehyung follows the boys with his eyes but when he doesn't feel Hoseok's grip on his arm, he remembers where he is and with whom.

"Oh. Why would he ask you to clean up anyway?"

"Bc I always ask him for the keys to the studio. As payment, I have to deal with sweaty, +
forgotten socks. Unfair, if you ask me, but well. I still get to dance whenever I feel like it so." He shrugs, then cocks an eyebrow. "What are you looking at, Taehyung?"

"Oh, uh, nothing. Do you want a coffee? It's on me."

"Yeah, sure. When have I ever said no to free food?"
"I didn't say I'll pay for your food though."

"But you will, bc you can't resist me," he says and wiggles his eyebrows.

Taehyung snorts but doesn't retort, bc it's true. Nobody can resist Hoseok and his infectuous positive vibe.

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Spending time with Hoseok always makes him forget about everything else, because that's just how Hoseok is. He feels the knot in his chest loosen until he has completely forgotten about the whole issue, and he doesn't think about it again until it's 9pm and he's showering.
After that, he can't seem to get it out of his head. At 1am, just after having hurriedly finished a paper due later that day, he decides that maybe he's taken too much caffeine and did not sleep enough and that's why he'd think about magic.

So, in order to find a part of +
rationality into this whole case, he decides, like any wise man would, to google it.
It isn't very succefull. He types "moving tattoos" first, but except for a few articles that talk about a technology that would enable people to have moving tattoos and that will probably come out in the next few years, he doesn't find anything interesting.
He does spend an embarrassing amount of time looking to different celebs' tattoos, just for inspo.

After that, he tries his luck with "changing tattoos" but again, nothing. He learns a bit about the Freak shows and how tattooed woman were put on display during those, +
and it's only hours later that a very disturbed Taehyung closes all his tabs. He was right. Moving tattoos don't exist yet -- and he doesn't think it's those fake tattoos. Taehyung has Mr Cho's lectures twice a week -- once on tuesday and once on saturday. He doesn't think +
Jeongguk has the time to paint new tattoos again in between those two lectures. And getting semi-permanent tattoos this regularly seems like a very hard thing to do. Sure, Jeongguk could be very dedicated, but two or three days really isn't much time, is it?

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Taehyung frowns. He's sure he's been lied to. He'll have to update Seokjin tomorrow, maybe ask around if people knew of Jeongguk and of his petite friend. He has to know more about it, or he'll seriously go mad. He goes to sleep late that night, and it's isn't a surprise when +
he wakes up too late for his first lecture. He still hurries to get ready to catch up to Seokjin at the small caffee he works at. When he arrives there, Seokjin scowls at him.

"I've been told you missed your lecture. Again."

"I overslept... sorry hyung."

Seokjin sighs but +
doesn't comment. Instead, he asks, with his most loving and polite voice:

"What d'you want?"

"A coffee and a brownie please."

Seokjin raises an eyebrow.

"That wasn't what I meant, Taehyung."

He still goes to retrieve Taehyung's order.

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The moment he opens his mouth to tell Seokjin something, the bell of the coffee shop rings and a cold wind makes Taehyung shiver. He looks to the door and immediately regrets, because the petite man who was with Jeongguk the other time is back, one hand in his pocket and +
the other holding his phone.

"Oh my god is that--"

"What, you know Yoongi?"

He doesn't notice Taehyung immediately, instead heading straight to Seokjin and showcasing a sleepy smile that's more gum than teeth. Taehyung finds it endearing, the pink cheeks and the cute smile, +
and for a moment he forgets why he was so intimidated in the first place.

"Hyung," Yoongi says, "can I get a coffee please? I'm kinda super sleepy so, that's that."

"When are you not sleepy?" Seokjin smiles.

#vkook #vkookau #taekook
He glances at Taehyung and Taehyung tries to express how much he doesn't want to interact and Seokjin seems to get it, since he doesn't try to include Taehyung in the small talk as he usually would.

Taehyung considers just getting up and leaving as discretely as he could, but +
Seokjin would probably notice and call his name and he'd be immediately caught, so that's a no-no. He decides he'll wait until Seokjin turns around to make Yoongi his coffee, and then he'll try to go as discreetly as possible and send a message to Seokjin later to apologize. +
But -- but Seokjin, that sweetheart, keeps looking at Taehyung to make sure he isn't feeling too left out and really, it was only a matter of time before Yoongi would turn and look at him.

He glances to Taehyung and then turns to Seokjin again, +
and Taehyung prays to all the gods he's ever heard of that he's already been forgotten. It seems he has no such luck. Yoongi turns his head abruptly, and his eyes are as wide as saucers when he realizes who it is just next to him and --

#vkook #taekook #taekookau
"Are you stalking me now?" he asks incredulously.

"No-- no I'm not-- what are you-- I wasn't even stalking your friend in the first place!"

"Are you kidding me, you've got dozens of drawings of him--"

"His arms are not-"

"And you even got the details of his tattoos right--"
"I don't like half-assing things!"

"And you confronted him about them! What kind of psycho does that?"

"I'm not a psycho," now, Taehyung is seriously starting to get hurt. "I just like drawing and your friend has weird moving tattoos. It's-- you can't say it's not intriguing!"
"Wait what?" Seokjin's voice cracks, and Taehyung is pretty sure if he turns towards him he'll catch him mid-laugh. "Your moving tattoo guy is one of Yoongi's friends?"

He hears the beginning of his windshield laughter +

#vkookau #taekookau #taekook #vkook #kookv
and Taehyung buries his head in his hands (they're very useful for that, since they're so big. 10/10 would recommend).

"Don't-- Don't tell me all this time he's been talking about Jeongguk!"

"You guessed it," Yoongi sighs, and he suddenly seems so much more tired. "You know +
him, hyung?"

"Taehyung?" Seokjin says, after having calmed down a bit. "Yeah, he comes here often enough that I've taken a liking to him."

"Well, your friend here is a stalker and I don't think he knows what moral is. +

#vkook #Taekook #kookv
You should teach him manners, or, you know, basic human decency."

"It wasn't that horrible! I apologized already! I don't get why you're making such a huge deal out of it."

Yoongi glares, and it's icy and cold and it just seems like he transmits such an aura with his eyes and +
Taehyung almost audibly gasps -- instead, he tears his eyes forcefully away from those of the guy in front of him.

"You don't have to get it. It's not about you."

Taehyung almost sighs but refrains himself. He'll apologize, and he'll talk to Jeongguk, and he'll try to +
understand why the hell his tattoos are moving.

"I'm sorry alright? I shouldn't have drawn your friend's arms. I'll apologize again! Properly this time, just..." he debates whether or not he's allowed to ask, and Yoongi seems to get even more frustrated the longer he waits, +
so he decides to just go for it: "Can I have his number?"

"What the--" Yoongi splutters, and he looks positively fuming by now. "Why the fuck would you think I'd give you Jeongguk's number?"

#vkook #kookv #vkookau #taekookau #taekook
"For me to apologize! How would I do that if I don't even know how to contact him?"

"Don't you get how ridiculous you sound right now? I am not giving you Jeongguk's num--"

#vkook #kookv #vkook #Taekook #taekookau
'Hey, you two!" It's Seokjin's voice that cuts them both in their argument. He looks a bit red in the cheeks and Taehyung suddenly feels even more awful. "You are scaring people away, so you both either calm down right now or you're out of here!"
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