Tales of Unrivaled Horseshit III: Funding & Lobbying & Laser Hair Removal

Who funds RainbowYouth and similar groups?

Who are they lobbying?

Who IS Rainbow Youth? What do they get up to?

Are you ready for it?
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Rainbow Youth's Performance Report to the Charities Register gives us an idea of where the money is coming from. The Charities Register is at charities.govt.nz

This is from the report ending March 2017, the latest available. We get a rundown of what RY does first:
'I'm Local' is an odious little comic written by Sam Orchard, for foreign readers.

Yes, they are recording their 'positive media presence' as a performance metric. I thought the purpose of a charity was to do something?

I digress: here is RY's general accounts.
As you can see, they provide 'goods and services'. Yes, those constant references in the InsideOUT materials about inviting RainbowYouth speakers? A-D-V-E-R-T-I-S-I-N-G.

But where does that $386k in donations come from? Let's scroll to the next page.
(included a zoomed in version)

As you can see, here is the 'analysis of revenue'. This lists major donors.

The Ministry of Social Development paid Rainbow Youth $110,000 for 'services'.

What services?
That $110k paid Rainbow Youth to produce anti-bullying programmes, like the refresh of the 'You, Me, Us' resource youmeus.co.nz

There is no mention of 'gay and lesbian' anywhere on this website, despite the fact that that segment of the community has high DV rates.
Let's Segway into a wee bit of demolishing shall we? This is their definition of queer: literally meaningless.
Wait, same-sex relationships are different from queer? Or are you trying to It include the heterosexuals again, Rainbow Youth? Of course you are. It seems to be like, your job or something!
This sounds like my relationship with the queer movement!

We even get handy tips from 'Duncan'. Who is Duncan? After all, if I scroll down the page, I see the link to a company called 'Duncan Digital' that designed the You, Me Us, portal.
Duncan Matthews is the former general manager of Rainbow Youth. He left in 2017 to take up a position with the Waitemata District Health Board. This board covers 576,000 people in West and North Auckland. The position? Project manager for the transgender health programme.
You can find out about that here

Services include providing 'gender-affirming care' that included Government-funded laser hair surgery for trans women. Seriously.

Don't believe me? I have receipts! This is from the 2016 proposal on the services.
Want more receipts?! Here's the 2017 Northern Region Transgender Health Work Plan.

Nurses are underpaid and Middlemore is full of asbestos, but some men with gender fee-fees need better access to laser hair removal. That this is even being considered is an absolute scandal.
Now the Auckland Region has transgender health services. 'Hauora Tahine'.

And goodbye gatekeeping! Oh, puberty blockers, you say?
Yup, your ADHB is transing children. Gender non-conforming children that are overwhelmingly more likely to grow up gay than trans. Oh, and the science for transing children is extremely thin and multiple researchers in the US have ties to pharma corps & activists.
Yiiiikes! Oh, and there's misinformation aplenty. Like this lie.

Not even the researchers cheerleading this stuff know what the long-term effects are. This is a big fat lie. The Health Board is lying to children.
Here is the consent form for 'blocking female hormones' 4 kids

It contradicts itself: supposedly blockers are reversible, but 3 paragraphs down, the letter admits that it has no idea of the effects of Lupron (the brand name for the generic Lucrin) on the chances of osteoporosis.
But the risks! Unwanted physical changes! ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION.

And that is why children who would mostly turn out gay and bisexual need to take off-label chemotherapy drugs to stop puberty.

Totally not homophobia.

Okay, what's with this digression? Duncan Matthews is the ex-GM of Rainbow Youth. He has gone onto to give biased information to the health system and affecting the health decisions of gay children.

He's made quite the career out of it.
Neat facts about me: I am friends with some little birdies.

These little birdies tell me things, like this Gay Express blind item in their April 2015 issue: en.calameo.com/read/004532833…
How do I know that's about Duncan Matthews? Because my little birdies told me that Rainbow Youth tried taking Express to the Press Council over it, saying it was targeting him, but couldn't because that item doesn't name any one or any organization. Not suspicious at all. 😱
My little birdie also told me that during their interactions with the organization, they noticed numerous butch women turning up to Rainbow Youth for services for the L and walking out six months later identifying as transgender. 🤔
Should we go back to the MSD now? Of course we should.

Let's move on to the funding of those InsideOUT education resources.

This didn't require much combing - someone had already requested this information through an OIA from the MSD, and that request is on their site.

What's in it? Well, we get a funding breakdown:
It is supposed to provide sexuality education, despite having no definition of 'homosexuality' in it's glossary:
Let's look at that evaluation:

And already we're off to a great start in the second page, in 'Acknowledgements'.

Because assisting in the evaluation was Aych McArdle, who contributed to the material and was a presenter in the InsideOUT videos.

That won't lead to bias! 🤣
(2/2 - ran out of thread space again)

Let's continue, shall we?

I didn't know there were more acronyms: and finally the T come before the LGB in this one! SGSD! Sounds like a kind of SSRI, let's be real.

Microaggressions! Micro assaults!

I always thought of someone calling me a faggot as aggression, because if I didn't clear out, the next microaggression was probably a punch to the face, but it's all micro.
Calling it SGSD really obliterates the distinction between LGB and trans students.

It also obscures the fact that this is using the statistics in Youth '12 wrong. 40% of those 'trans young people' in Youth '12? Same-sex attracted.

There is no differentiation for those students.
If you want to know more about Youth'12 stats, read my thread here

Long story short: the stats for same-sex youth and 'transgender' youth are almost identical and a huge proportion of the transgender youth are same-sex attracted. 🤔
Moving on. This is how the resources were designed.

The 'co-design workshops' revealed that 'focusing on gender diversity' was needed for primary school students.

This is ironic, given that InsideOUT doesn't even define homosexuality in their resources.
So how did the MSD evaluate the success of the resources?

They talked to 166 'educators' who went to Rainbow Youth events. Those educators are teachers AND youth workers.

And of course, asking 'educators' who went to RY youth events is a valid sample. No bias!
Of course everyone is going to be positive if they turn up to your events!

Pat yourselves on the back. Job well done. Reminder: this was evaluating value for money for the MSD.
How did they get student opinions? By going to schools that had 'an external SGSD support organization' delivering 4 consecutive workshops to Year 9s at a single secondary school.

(I bet you $10 that this 'external organization' was RainbowYouth)

And over 99% liked it!
Even better is how they got 'educator perceptions of the resources'. They interviewed 11 teachers, a student teacher, four community health workers, and 'two educators from two different rainbow support organizations'.

Of course they're not going to call horseshit horseshit.
What about 'young people's perceptions of the resources'?

55 students in focus groups, who had 'recently used the resources'.

So few schools used, they had to anonymity them to protect their identity.

So after this methodological wonderland, what did we find?

Oh it's all wonderful, flawless, and in fact we need to produce more and provide professional development!

Isn't that great?

Want some highlights from the findings? Actually, I don't care, you know I'm going to do that anyway.

More InsideOUT! More!

Oh, but even in the cherrypicked samples, some felt that the year 7&8 resources were inappropriate, so lets give it to primary schoolers?
"What are you doing?"

"Managing my range of oppressions, you?"
Apparently educators loved that the pedagogy guide encouraged kids to shut up if they had a dissenting opinion: even making them sign a contract!
'Our resources are very repetitive, but they're not garbage, we're just REALLY engaging with students'

Fun sentence: "Assumptions that a particular voice would be matched with a particular body and gender"
End norms! Critical thinking (unless you critical think wrong, then you are a TERF)
Are we teaching kids about sexual health (Neat fact: lesbians have the fastest rising rate of STD contraction), or about disrupting oppressions? Which?
But you asked people who liked your resources!

Did they engage with anyone who might be critical at all?


That evaluation was back-patting garbage.

Oh, and they were evaluating money spent by the MSD, by Auckland University, The evaluation was hosted on the Oranga Tamariki website.

Government money - taxpayer money - was spent on this.
And taxpayer money is being spent on trying to get laser hair removal for men with gender feelings.

And throughout the entire process.... gays and lesbians are erased from resources that should be helping them.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars went into this homosexual-erasing, back-patting garbage.

Stay tuned for a Medium post that combines all these threads shortly.

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