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Capitalism and Communism: propaganda version vs. the reality of it.

Capitalism was designed as an hierarchical and exploitative system. Its roots are in colonialism, racism, classism, sexism and strict social control. Capitalism is rotten at its core.
The basis of capitalism is in organizing society as a tiered pyramid, where 1 person has half the wealth in the world, the next 10 people share 25%, the next 100 people share 12.5% etc. down to the last rungs: ... / wage slaves / literal slaves / harvested / discarded
That is what capitalism IS. That's its goal. "Income inequality" just looks like a "failure" of "crony" capitalism to those who live in the propaganda. Everyone is born into that propaganda version and our entire epistemology adapts to that version so we can bear to live in it.
If we implement Basic Income, we are in an entirely new system. The goal of capitalism, which was to oppress and achieve total social control by way of poverty as an institution, is destroyed by Basic Income.
People on the Right can see Capitalism with far less propaganda and operate more naturally in it, since they are comfortable being racist, classist, colonialist and with people obeying their wage masters and people dying of poverty if they can't be "incentivized" into work.
When a Right-leaning Capitalist speaks of "market incentives," what he's speaking of is whether Capitalism will maintain people scared enough to take any job. "Market incentives" is a code word for wage slavery. There ARE no "market incentives" under Basic Income.
Under Basic Income, people respond to their own inner passions. Real-world capitalism is *squarely* against it. The capitalist system was designed to suppress people's desires. Capitalism has very few citizens in it. Capitalism wants people who obey or die. That's its purpose.
The Communist movement was a *reaction* to the *real* version of capitalism. The one that machine-gunned, kidnapped, tortured and murdered workers, hanging their tortured bodies in public squares for all other wage slaves to see. THAT is the true face of Capitalism.
Right-leaning Capitalists and those who know what it is really for, are in a pickle, because to dismiss Basic Income publicly they have to step on egg shells. They have to use the propaganda terms like "market incentives" without tipping of the "centrists" that it is bullshit.
And they are in real trouble! Universal Basic Income is way too obvious! We have absurd surplus of stuff, and we are only missing the money, which is something you literally just print and distribute!
True capitalists don't want to see Basic Income. What they want is a NEGATIVE Basic Income. If they could extract a rent from everyone on Earth yearly for $12,000, and if you can't pay they repo your body and sell its meat and blood, they would absolutely do it.
What we propagandized middle-class people were taught that "Capitalism" is, is a happy system where the child that contributes more, gets more, and that the naughty children don't get the sweets. It's a privileged, infantilized view of the world.
Communist theorists rightfully identified the core problem, Marx scientifically critiqued capitalism with way too many words, because he was a philosopher. But a critique of capitalism fits in a single tweet.
Capitalism is the idea that people aren't somehow born with a right to an equal share of all of the stuff of the planet, and that somehow everything that is produced doesn't automatically belong to all of us. We are one, so why not share?
There's no alternative to radical sharing and belonging. That's where we are going. Everything in the middle is just midwifing a world of collective stewardship.
The *propaganda* version of Communism is when you have an armed elite murdering everyone that doesn't agree with them. That's not Real Communism(TM), mainly because the ideal Communism is unimplementable in the current world.
Basic Income is a HUGE step. It's the closest to the ideal of Communism that you can get -- the ideal of a just world where nobody feels the need to withhold sharing, and there's no need to put fences around anything.
Basic Income seems like a small step, but how could you ever explain all that animosity towards it from people on the Right and rich people? Why wouldn't the ultra rich be financing UBIs *already*? Wake up. They were *selected* by the Capitalist system as alpha predators.
With UBI, we still have an exploitative system. The left considers UBI *still capitalism*, because it's still possible to be a billionaire. The right considers UBI to be *communism*, because wait a minute, if I pay $1 an hour people won't show up to work in my factory!
Both the Left and the Right hate UBI. The left is shooting itself in the foot by doing so, but the Right is... rightfully scared. They don't get to murder and torture people any longer. Citizenship is expanded from 1% of the world to 100% of it.
This "Happy Trade System" that Capitalism never was and never was INTENDED to be, has not every existed. We might as well call it the Basic Income system. It is an entirely new paradigm. Basic Income is implementing the propaganda version of Capitalism that Capitalism never was.
The Right-leaning "fiscal conservatives" will never ever agree to UBI. They will always throw random charts and data and words to disown UBI, because UBI is not a policy, but a paradigm. It changes every parameter of the current trade system to make it work for people. New.
So stop using "Capitalism" to mean Happy Trade System. Call it the Basic Income system. It is a new transition. It is bigger than Feudalism --> Capitalism, because it is the first one to abolish poverty by legal decree.
Stop arguing whether UBI is a "good policy for Capitalism." UBI is not improving Capitalism. UBI is feeding off the entire family of hierarchical poverty-based systems ( [Capitalism, Feudalism, ...]) to birth the new. Just like Capitalism ate Feudalism to produce the new.
What capitalism IS trying to do, is co-opt the *brand* or social movement known as UBI, and provide people a *propaganda version* of UBI that doesn't abolish poverty. That's an extraordinary task. They will forever stall UBI, because they will never figure out how to do that.
My UBI master @MVBrancaglione has realized that a long time ago. The system is trying to implement a xenophobic UBI that doesn't threaten the *core* purpose of Capitalism, which is to oppress the "undesirables." UBI for the first world, No UBI and poverty for the colonies.
Capitalists (racists) are fine with that version: if they can have "purity" inside a country's borders, then they can pay an UBI for themselves. They can isolate all the poor people inside other countries that do all the sweatshop work for them and import goods. Seems familiar?
In the US, ICE and police targeting of black people are a preparation for the racist xenophobic UBI.
At the very core of the entire family of hierarchical social systems that promote poverty is the idea that Humans are Wicked Creatures. That's where "market incentives" comes from. "Incentive" is an euphemism for the Whipping. The beast is whipped into shape, away from Sin.
To abandon that dark age of hierarchical thinking, you must realize and accept that humans do not need "incentives" *at all*. Humans desire nothing than the best for them and for everyone else. Humans are not wicked. They are animals with limited perception and reasoning.
Humans at rest, structurally safeguarded from poverty, will know much better than the "market" what it is that needs doing.

The "market" in Capitalism is an euphemism for the desires of a select ruling class, which exists solely under the assumption that only an "elite" is good.
In a Basic Income ("Happy Trade") system, which approaches the propaganda version of Capitalism that never was, "markets" are simply messages on the Internet, not dire needs for money, or quantified legal access to resources not to die. We always had the "market." It's US.
Fiscal Conservative Right-wing Capitalists are correct when they assert UBI destroys "market incentives", because by the "market" euphemism they mean SLAVERY. *Their* "market" is a rich person offering $1 for 10 hours of labor and you taking it, because a job offer is a COMMAND.
A job offer under Capitalism (REAL capitalism, not the propaganda version) is an ORDER from the elite for someone from the lower class to do the job. The "freedom" is between the slaves to fight for the job to see who gets to be a slave while all others perish w/o access to food.
THAT "market" and THOSE "incentives" under Basic Income, Happy Trade or the Literal Interpretation and Implementation of What Was Supposed To Be Just Capitalist Propaganda, are GONE under UBI.
UBI is an entirely new system, and it is superior to anything we may ever label as "Communism" in the medium term for a simple reason: it establishes and implements universal citizenship for ALL, for the first time. In Communism, it's the "dictatorship of the worker."
What the fuck is a "Worker"? Who ISN'T a worker? We know "workers" are many, many people, maybe a majority, so why not the fuck extend full citizenship to everyone? Why have a "dictatorship of workers"? That only made sense as a reaction to Real Capitalism.
I'm not a "Worker." I'm a citizen. I'm a human being. A society based on Trade and UBI recognizes everyone's humanity and citizenship. Implementing UBI as a cornerstone of the system, not as a dongle in Capitalism used to legitimize it and push back its expiration date.
UBI is a new paradigm. It is an entirely new society. It may not be the ideal jump into a transcendent future you were expecting, but it is not a crappy capitalist policy that doesn't change anything either.
UBI is nothing more and nothing less than the "Capitalism" that we were propagandized into as middle-class people. It actually delivers into what Capitalism promised and could and would never deliver -- only over its dead, actual body.
So when discussing with someone who is a racist hierarchical bigot that's stuck in the past and is using Capitalism to mean the REAL version of Capitalism, while at the same time using the euphemisms to not tip off the "normies" such as you ...
... please be aware that the UBI you are proposing is threatening that person at an *identity* level. They will NEVER EVER agree to UBI, because UBI does destroy Capitalism -- the REAL capitalism -- by implementing what Capitalism *promised* to you your entire life.
If you really really love the word "Capitalism" to mean "Happy Trade System" and want to use it, then see it this way: Capitalism has NEVER existed, and you are going to implement capitalism for the FIRST TIME with an UBI. UBI *is* Capitalism *BORN*.
And people who are against UBI are NOT capitalists. They are Pro-Poverty, Pro-Slavery, Pro-War, Pro-Colonialism people. They are FINE with poverty as an institution. They want see the Wicked People fighting for the commands-to-work issued by the elite and they must suffer.
Capitalism is almost a meaningless word. Academically, it means its real version: an hierarchical system that enforces and produces poverty. If you use it to mean anything other than that, you're doing politics, persuasion and sales, which is useful, but isn't science.
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