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You can watch the stream for the hearing here: Thanks @ScottAnthonyUSA !! My thread will continue below.
In case of problems on that stream, please go here:
And she showed.. Off we go...!
Grassley opening statement: Grassley acknowledging how tough it has been, and how it has been unacceptable that they have received threats. He is apologizing for their treatment and stating that the hearing today is intended to be dignified and safe, and is asking for civility
Now Grassley going through the timeline and a bit about Kavanaugh's history. Stating there were 6 background investigations done in 25 years and nowhere have they seen a whiff of any issue related in any way to inappropriate sexual behavior.
Grassley stating they kept letter secret to 9/13 Ranking member took no actions. The allegations could have been investigated in a way that maintained the confidentiality Ford requested. Stating ranking members have never asked Kavanaugh about the allegations in private or public
Grassley making the point that the ranking member held allegations and then leaked them to the press. He is basically scolding the dems about how they have handled this.
Grassley stating as soon as he got the allegations on 9/13 he started an investigation, and the democrats refused to participate. After her identity went public, Grassley staff contacted all "witnesses" and Kavanaugh testified under oath, Democrats DECLINED to be there and ? him
He is hammering home that democrats didn't follow process and participate. The witnesses all submitted statements under penalty of felony denying that they knew of what happened. Congress offered to FLY TO CALI to talk to her. They refused the interviews. Wanted public
"Contrary to what the public has been lead to believe the FBI doesn't conduct credibility assessments.." Quoting Joe Biden from Clarence Thomas (hat tip @dbongino )
Grassley: Up to senate to assess allegations. Wants a fair and safe hearing. Addressing the complaints about attorney questioning Ford- Grassley dismissing as politics. Because of the sensitivity of the allegations, they wanted someone with experience in questioning witness
Grassley is reading off qualifications and notes that Janet Napolitano had recognized her in accolades. She is VERY qualified for the job. "I understand that there are two other public allegations. We have not had cooperation from attorneys representing other clients"
Grassley: 8 requests have been made for evidence for Ramirez, and 6 for Swetnik. Neither have made their clients available for interview. (Grassley is basically warning democrats not to start asking about other charges made)
Grassley - All witnesses should know that we can go into closed session if question asked is threat to privacy.
Off goes Feinstein: She received letter from Esoo. She called Ford, Ford reiterated she wanted it confidential until the witness was willing to come forward. Starts talking about how women are treated when it comes to these allegations is needing reform..
Feinstein Talking about her "impressive" CV. Just as I suspected, this is a grandstanding event, off the democrats go. She has published over 65 peer reviewed articles and has received numerous awards. Is a wife and mother of two sons and is a constituent - thanks for being brave
Feinstein going into statistics about sexual assault and violence. "60% of sexual assaults go unreported and when they are reported its years later" Talking about how people are coming to her to say they are now emboldened to speak out etc.
Feinstein stating that women come under assault and are revictimized when they come forward. (YOU did this to her, you little......) She goes to Anita Hill and speaks to the all male committee.
Feinstein is lying about how the hearing was scheduled etc. Talking about investigating by the FBI, and stating it is the "normal" process- bringing in POTUS and stating Republicans are going outside of the norm. POLITICAL GRANDSTANDING- Plain and simple.
Feinstein stating that Mark Judge should be subpoenaed and stating that Republicans are refusing to call other witnesses, and only want to hear from the two of them. What she funds inexcusable is the "rush to judgement" and "inability to take allegations at face value"
Feinstein stating that R's have made it clear that no matter what happens today, Republicans will "plow right through" regardless of what happens today. Bringing up new "allegations" even though Grassley spoke about the two other "accusers" have come forward.
Beanz note: This is a disgusting display of political nastiness that makes me embarrassed for what this country has become. The democrats have turned this country into a mockery
Feinstein asking for the FBI (that doesn't have jurisdiction) to intervene and investigate. No one is talking about "innocent until proven guilty"
The rule of law is gone in the Democrats eyes. They have already convicted him. Feinstein is now quoting former COLLEGE classmates and stating that they are talking about how he partied in college and the integrity of the Supreme Court.
Feinstein hopes the majority changes their tactics. "This is not a trial of Dr. Ford, it is a job interview of Brett Kavanaugh.. Is he the best we can do"
Grassley is swearing in Ford. She swears the oath, and we are off to her statement in just a moment. Ford gets a break whenever she wants. She gets as much time for statement as she wants.
Ford: She is very nervous or pretending to be. Going through her background. She has been married since 2002, she is here not because she wants to be. Already crying. Trembling voice. (Don't buy this really.. .Just my opinion)
She attended an all girls school. Talking about how the culture was and how they became friendly with others at all boys schools. States that Kavanaugh assaulted her. Talking about how she met Brett. They didn't know each other well.
Brett at the house, Mark, PJ, and someone else she can't recall and can not recall how the gathering came together. She wishes she could be more helpful with details about the party. She doesnt have all the answers and doesnt remember as much as she would like to
Brett and Mark were visibly drunk at party. Went upstairs to use restroom, was pushed into bedroom. Couldn't see who pushed her, they came in and locked the door behind them. (She is trembling and I just dont buy it)
Brett tried to take off her clothes, and he had a hard time because she was wearing a one piece bathing suit. Brett put his hand over her mouth to stop her from yelling. She thought that Brett would "accidentally kill her" Mark jumped on the bed twice.
Again she talks about the bathroom, and she ran across to that, and she heard them laughing when they left the room. She waited in there until she knew they were gone. She said she left and she was on the street and she was relieved she had escaped.
She didn't want to tell her parents she was there drinking at 15 in a house. She convinced herself that because he didn't rape her she should just move on as if it didn't happen. She told her husband before she was married but didn't tell details until couples counseling session
She is stating that she wanted a "second front door" and she was talking about this. Her husband recalls that she has named her attacker as Brett Kavanuagh. She ignored the memories because recounting them caused her to relive the experience. She couldn't talk in therapy about it
Occasionally throughout the years she stated that she had been assaulted and that he was an established lawyer or judge- until July 2018 she had never named Kavanaugh as her attacker outside of therapy. In early July she saw press reports that Kavanaugh was on short list.
On July 6th, she had a sense of urgency to relay information to President and Senate. Called receptionist of rep, and sent messages to WaPo, didn't use her name but provided Kavanaugh and Judge names. It was hard for her to do, (couldn't not- DOUBLE NEGATIVE)
She was conflicted about whether to speak out, on 7/9, she received a call from Eshoo, and met with her staff on the 18th and her on the 20th. They discussed sending a letter to Feinstein. Her understanding is that a letter was sent to Feinstein with a request it be kept Shh
In a letter on 8/31 Feinstein told her she wouldn't share the letter without her consent and she appreciated it. As the hearing date got closer, she struggled about putting herself in the spotlight, or just let the decision go without knowing the full truth.
So she went to the damn WaPo but wanted it to be done the right way. Didn't make sense to me. She states that in August of 2018 and the press announced it was certain he would be confirmed. She believed if she came forward her voice would be drowned out.
She stated that she would keep quiet and then all of a sudden reporters starting appearing. (have so many questions-- who released her NAME in the first place) She decided to speak out after WaPo called her, but she said that she had been anon. Problems here.
She has received a lot of support, and she also has been the target of harassment and death threats- talking about internet harassment etc. They moved out of their home. Since September- her work email was hacked. (eye roll)
Her life has been picked apart on twitter, and social media. She has been accused of acting out of partisan political motives. "I am an independent person and no ones pawn" I wanted to be helpful, she says.
She wants to engage directly with each of the members-- Needs caffeine. Before Grassley starts questioning- reminding colleagues of rules. No filibustering.
First question. Acknowledging she is scared and this is stressful. Setting forth guidelines. If asked a question she doesn’t understand - ask for clarification and correct information she may have wrong. If she estimates please let prosecutors know
There is a WhatsApp screenshot about story. On 7/6 and 7/10. Are comments accurate. She is reading them. (I wanna see). She misused the word bystander as an adjective. Person named PJ is not a bystander. Was downstairs. Tall and nice person - not near the event downstairs.
Looking at 7/30 letter to Feinstein. Did you write letter and was it written then? She believes so. She was in Delaware. Stating it was written then. Is asked if it’s accurate. She believes so. Is reading the letter
BEANZ NOTE: I hope I am doing an OK job here
She has three areas she wants to address. In second paragraph about the home and people there- there were AT LEAST 4 others. Next sentence- she is stating that she can’t be positive Kavanaugh pushed her-
Feinstein putting 140 letters and 1000 from denials doctors across the country and now questioning Ford. Why have you held it to yourself for all of these years? I haven’t. I disclosed in confines of therapy.
Ford- have had anxiety, and PTSD like symptoms - claustrophobia and panic. Wanted second front door because of claustrophobia- are hosting students and google interns there. Interesting.
Primary impact in first 4 years - struggled in college and high school. Couldn’t form friendships with others and has academic issues.
Feinstein asking about confidentiality. Ford - her original intent was to communicate when there was still just a list - was in a hurry to get info forward. Once selected and he was popular and it was a sure vote she was calculating risk benefit to her.
She decided to come forward because reporters were harassing her and reporter was in her classroom (HOW DID THEY KNOW WHO SHE WAS). Colleagues were getting calls and they knew her address.
Feinstein- you were very clear about attack. Brett Kavanaugh covered your mouth - how are you sure it was Brett. Ford- basic memory functions and level of chemicals in brain- talking about how scientifically attack is locked. Not a case of mistaken identity.
Mitchell- third correction? Comment- did see Judge after and would be helpful to figure out when he worked there she could provide a detailed timeline of event.
Mitchell- wrote out statement for polygrapher - corrections on it - moving to WaPo. Did you submit to interview with reporter - Ford - yes - Mitchell- was statement you provided accurate today - Ford - yes
Mitchell- have you told us everything leading up? Indicated you were at country club - Ford - that’s my best estimate- Mitchell- prior to getting there had you had a drink or meds? Ford - no.
Mitchell- do you recall who would be there? Ford- Judge and Leland would be there - don’t recall Kavanaugh being there. Mitchell- what was atmosphere like at gathering. Ford- Kavanaugh And Judge “inebriated” others were not.
Ford- I recall it was a sparsely furnished and modest living room. It wasn’t a party it was a gathering. Assumed that it would lead to a party. Mitchell- was it loud? Ford- not in living room.
Lehey starts - stating they should ask FBI to investigate and report back. Same applies to accusations by other women.
He is inspired by her courage. Bravery is contagious. You sharing your story will have a lasting, positive impact. Wild theory about a look alike, as did the innocent man who was accused- How did you know Judge and Kavanaugh and is it possible for you to mix them up?
Person being blamed as look alike introduced her to Kavanuagh. She couldn't mix up the two men. Lehey: What is the strongest memory you have? Ford: Again talking about scientific terms. The laughter is the most impactful thing she will remember. L: You have never forgotten?
Ford: Two friends having a really good time with one another. L: Entering into record letters from Task Force on Domestic Violence and more letters from Senate and House and letters and letters.
L: Studies and things about lapses in memory, etc. Entering the studies. Concluding- you do remember what happened? Ford: Yes.
Mitchell: You told Feinstein in letter that you and 4 others were present, and you have corrected to say at least 4. When interviewed by Wapo you said there were four boys present. In poly- 4 boys and 2 girls. Was that you and one other? Ford: Me and Leland.
Mitchell: Have you been contacted by anyone stating you were there? Ford: No I haven't talked with anyone from the party. Mitchell (will be M) - Ford correcting she spoke with Leland. M: Have you told us everything you do remember about incident. F: I believe so, but will attempt
M: Music coming solely from room and turned up? Do you recall it being turned down? F: I dont remember but likely because I could hear them hitting walls on the way down. M: In letter you said they were going down stairs and talking with others. F: Couldnt hear convo, was aware
M: If you couldnt hear, how do you know there was one? F: I dont know. They were laughing. M: In your letter you stated they went down stairs loudly. F: Yes, correct. M: After you said other persons in the house were talking with them- states you exited bathroom outside and home
M: You said you went home- F: Dont remember how I got there. M: Showing map of area and asking to confirm this is where she was living at the time. F: Putting checkmarks near homes she can confirm. M: Does map accurately confirm where you lived?
F: It is River Falls near my home. Dems are entering letters in support.. Yay. "Your courage is giving Americans strength to face their past and heal. And courage. I am sorry about what this has done to you and your family.
You had nothing to gain by bringing these facts- the fact that you are here today and you are prepared to name Judge and Kavanaugh- stands in stark contrast to obstruction from R's. (He isn't asking any damn questions with his time, just as I projected....)
Going through Kavanaugh statement etc. Republicans released timelines that show new people who claim to take responsibility. What degree of certainty it was Kavanagh? F: 100% it was him.
Please explain encounter with Judge. F: I was going to the Safeway and I was with my mother and I was a teenager. Looked like Judge was working there and arranging the carts. I said hello and his face was white and very uncomfortable saying hello back.
We had always been friendly but he looked a little bit ill. This was 6-8 weeks after the incident. Grassley- addressing obstruction- stating they could have investigated and had privacy but Dems stopped that.
WE ARE IN BREAK FOR 15 MINUTES. Notes: It is clear to me that this prosecutor is going to be working on breaking the story down and showing inconsistency and I think she has done a good job so far. I am stepping away. Will be a really long day.
Another note: Mitchell will get as MUCH time as she needs to get her questions answered. Grassley will go on as long as she needs.
To me, it’s a huge issue. She says she went anon to WaPo and then she says reporters were at her home and job. How did they know it was her??
We also learned about WhatsApp messages that were exchanged. I want to see those.
About to begin-
M: I have a blowup of the map that was shown to you. The addy indicated on here as belong to your family- tax records show. (showing a zoomed out pic for perspective) Drew a 1m radius around club. Calc distance from closest point and furthers point- 6-8 miles
F: Country club a 20m drive from her home. M: Would it be fair to say someone drove you somewhere? F: No. M: Text to WaPo said it happened in mid 80's, Feinstein early 80's, in poly, high school summer 80's. Later in interview, you were more specific. Said summer of 1982 sopho.
M: How did you narrow down date? F: I can't - memories of when she got her drivers license- I didn't drive to or from. M: You talked about attending therapy. On 7/6 text to WaPo- put there "have records talking about it" Did you have records at that time?
F: I had looked at them online. I was in the office of a provider. M: Did you show a full or partial set of those records to WaPo F: I don't remember I remember summarizing. Not quite sure if she had record. M: Possible that reporter didnt see these notes?: F: I cant recall
M: Have you shown them to anyone but counsel? Fair Kavanagh wasnt in notes? Fair there are 4 boys in room? F: Shows 4 boys and therapist got context wrong. I corrected to WaPo.
Whitehouse: We are so proud of you. Prosecutors have to sometimes let victim know we dont have evidence to go to trial. Sincere and thorough investigation is critical. Most basic thing we owe a victim (what about the accused) You have met all of the standards of prelim credibilty
WH: (listing why she is credible and mentions lie detector) You have met any condition and yet there has been no sincere and thorough investigations. You asked for FBI investigation? F: Yes. (Ford doesnt know what exculpatory means)
My notes in parentheses (Why do most women on the left sound the same??? The democrats do not seem to care about questioning Ford, they are grandstanding as usual.. This is just really annoying..)
WH: Blaming the president, the FBI and the 11 members of the majority of the committee. As to the committee, no subpoena of Judge- tells you all you need to know about how credible this is. Victim owed investigation.
Grassley: The NYer published anon account of allegations, two days later Ford identified as victim in Post. I immed. directed my staff to investigate. 9/17 Ford counsel demanded hearing. 9/17 Committee staff reached out for interviews, Ford declined -
Grassley going through the timeline and Democrat denial to speak and go on record under oath etc. He wont let them continue to propagandize. Stating what we have done in this case, is proper and they have followed up on holes. We are responding to Ford.
M: The WaPo reported that she showed therapist notes. Is that incorrect? F: I dont remember physically showing. M: You also attended ind. therapy. Did you show those notes to WaPo. F: I dont remember if I showed her or spoke about or if she saw in attorneys office.
M: Kavanaugh name not in there? F: Correct M: In WaPo mentions this issue contributed to anxiety etc. Does that mean there are other things that have happened in re? F: Great questions. That was certainly a critical predictor of the symptoms that I have
M: Have there been other things that have been contributitive? Enviornmental predisposition? F: No, nothing like that event. M: In int. with WaPo she told husband victim of physical abuse and then sexual assault. Same incident?
M: How did you get to Washington? F: Airplane M: Press reports you wont fly. True? F: Hoping they would come to me, realized unrealistic. I was hoping to avoid having to fly but was eventually able to get on plane.
M: How did you get here last time you were here? F: I flew. M: You fly fairly often? F: Yes unfortunately. M: Interests in HI and other tropical places all by plane? F: Yes. M: Travel by air? F: Yes. Easier when vacation.
Klobuchar: (Again, talking about victims etc, and how brave she is etc). Thank you for coming forward today and for sharing with us. Talking about polygraph. Why did you decide? F: I was meeting with attorneys and interviewing them and they asked if I would take one.
F: Poly was as intimidating as air trip. M: If I could be given the date of when Judge worked there at Safeway I could be more helpful. Klo: You mentioned Kavanaugh in therapist office- husband remembers using Kavanaugh name.
Klo: Husband would have been able to state that you used his name? F: Yes. Klo: Why did you want confidentiality? F: I wanted to get info to you before he was named, and he was going to be confirmed (she didn't answer question)
Klo: Can you tell us what you don't forget about that night? F: The stairwell, the living room, the bed, the laughter, the uproarious laughter, the multiple attempts to escape and final ability to do so.
Grassley: We did in fact offer to come to California and we would have done it anywhere or any time. (Poly results going into record. This is great because there are tons of holes with Poly)
Counsel stating they provided the report and not the underlying stuff, they are accepting with objection and they request the other materials. They are arguing about this-- (This is BS BTW) When was the poly administered? 8/7 and report is 8/10. When provided to committee?
M: We have talked about day and night described in 82. Shift gears to last several months. In statement you said that on 7/6 you had a sense of urgency to relay. Did you contact them on or before 7/6 F: I didn't I didnt know how.
M: Prior to 7/6 had you spoken to ANYONE about this. F: NO M: why did you contact WaPo? F: Because I was panicking and people were giving me advice and they told me to call the media. When I weighed options felt best was to go civic route. Called her and put in tip to WaPo
M: Eshoo contacted on 7/9? F: The date the nom was announced. M: Did you talk to anyone in her office before 7/9? F: Receptionist M: Then you contacted Wapo again, and said "Been advised to contact sentaros or NYT. Haven't been contacted by you. Who recommended? F: Beach friends
M: Did you contact NYT? F: No. M: Why? F: Wasnt interested in going media route. M: WaPo texted someone would get in touch with you did you speak? F: Emma Brown off the record through text
M: Did you talk to any member of congress between 7/10 and 7/30. F: I met with Eshoo staff and her herself. M: Were you alone> F: I was alone and she had staff. M: What did you talk about on 7/18 and 7/20 F: Described night of incident and asked her what options were going forwar
F: Also fears about whether this was confidential info. (Democrats are again submitting articles.) COONS: You are doing a public service and I am grateful.. You chose to come forward before he was nominated. When you first reached out that was when he was on Short List?
Coons: how has this affected you? F: it’s affected me through many periods of my life. Once coping with short term I was faced with anxiety and relationship challenges.
Coons: you’ve faced critical and supportive. Troubled by responses “boys will be boys”. Reaction to excuse boys will be boys? F: I think the younger you are when this happens the worse impact
Coons addressing her memory. Survivial mode. F: I was experiencing fight or flight. Surge of adreline and cortisol and epinephrine (I think) and other lucky events that occurred.
M: We were talking about meeting in July . Did you talk to Republicans? F: no. M: was it communicated to you by counsel that the offer was made? (Ford wasn’t clear on the offer)
M: Lets talk about 7/30 letter. You asked Feinsten for confidentiality *until* there was further opp. to speak and would be available to speak after vacation. F: Yes. I was in Deleware until 8/7. then NH then Cali. M: Did you talk with anyone about this letter before you sent?
M: Did anyone help you write it? F: No. M: Did you speak about the letter after you wrote it?? F: I had a call with Feinstein before 8/7. M: How many times? F: Once M: What did you talk about? F: She asked me about allegations. Brief call
M: Did you ever give anyone permission to release letter? F: Not that I know of. M: Between 7/30 and 8/7 while you were in Delaware did you speak with anyone else about allegations? F: I didnt speak personally about it to anyone
M: Did you speak to your parents? F: Absolutely not M: Did you retain counsel between those dates? F: Trying to interview and find lawyers while in driveway and parking. M: What made you change mind about need for lawyers? F: Most of the ppl I told recommended to get lawyer
M: Did that include Eshoo and Feinstein? F: No. (If she wasnt speaking to anyone about it during that time how did they tell her to contact attorneys??)
Blumenthal: I am kissing your ass right now to ensure my reelection. I will bow down before your courage and speak with emotion so as to make myself seem more serious (BEanz anecdotes)
Blumenthal: Continuing to speak rather than ask her questions. Continuing to prop her up and use the time. It is really very clear that democrats are crapping their pants trying to get her to say as little as possible. Long pauses between words. Long slow drawn out sentences
Blumenthal quoting Grahams book. I am not really sure why this means anything....
Blumenthal: Would you want Judge to be investigated so that you could learn date of Safeway? F: That would help me B: BLAMING PRESIDENT TRUMP
M: We have heard about poly on 8/7. F: Was the day I was flying from BWI to NH. M: Why did you take one? F: I didnt see any reason not to. M: Were you advised to do that? FCounsel: Stop asking for privileged info.
(Counsel whispering) F: Based on advice of counsel I was happy to undergo though I found it stressful and much longer and I told my whole life story. (IMPORTANT) M: Have you ever taken others? F: Never M: You went to see polygrapher, anyone advise you on choice of seeing Jerry>?
F: I didnt pick myself. M: Why did he issue poly in hotel near airport? F: I had left my grandmas funeral so he was willing to come to me. M: So he administered a poly the day you were at your gmas funeral? F: It may have been the next day
M: Have you ever gotten tips from anyone outside counsel about how to take a poly? F: No. I was scared of the test but wasnt scared of the results. M: Have you ever given tips or advice to anyone else on how? F: Never M: did you pay for it? F: Do you know who did? F: Not yet, no
M: Did anyone assist you in writing the statement for poly? F: No. but you can tell I was nervous M: Did you know we requested the info surrounding poly- were you recorded? F: I remember being hooked up to a machine and being asked questions and crying a lot.
F: He took laborious detail about what he would be doing. F: You were in a regular hotel room with bathroom and bed? F: I was in conference room. M: Did you know of any cameras set up? F: He had a computer and he was recording me. M: But you werent positive? F: No
(THIS POLYGRAPH has been thoroughly discredited. She can not POSSIBLY be judged correctly when it was the day of a funeral. WHO PAID FOR THE TEST AND WHY? Mitchell ramping up now.)
Just to break in here while we wait. Due to the rapid speed of the questions, please forgive typos and occasional mistakes. I’ve read through my tweets and have noticed them and it’s driving me bonkers. Once I accidentally called Mitchell as Ford. 😢
Also- do yourself a favor - don’t listen to the pundits breaking in here trying to tell you what to think about this. There is an OBVIOUS narrative being pushed. Use your own discernment.
Another Beanz observation: Mitchell is clearly setting up right now, and has just begun to weave things together. Expect questions she asked earlier that seemed inconsequential at the time to begin to slowly drip back in and make sense. She’s been setting the stage.
(Off we go!) Hirono: will you be ceeding? Yes says Grassley. (hirono is trying to school the experience of this prosecutor- they had time to get their questioning together) Is there political motivation? F: No.
H: Thank you - I want to take monent to address personal sacrifice. You’ve had threats and revictimization and you are bringing up character - does it matter? (WHO ELECTS THESE PEOPLE?!??)
Hirono: Asking unanimous consent for records to be submitted. Has brought up Trump and immigration. Reading from an item that has already been entered- from task force. Asking to believe victims and sympathizing with perpetrator. (INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY ANYONE?!)
M: When we left off we were talking about poly, you stated it hasnt been paid for yet. (someone states lawyers paid for poly) Do you expect cost to be passed to you? F: I am not sure yet, not sure about costs. We have relocated twice so I havent looked.
M: Is it your understanding that someone else is going to pay this for you? F: There have been GoFundMe sites, dont know how to collect and distribute. M: In your testimony this AM you stated that Feinstein sent letter on 8/31. F: I sent her on 7/30 and I dont have date she rep
M: Was it your understanding until it would be confidental up until the hearing??? F: Kept confidential period. M: Between poly and receipt of letter from Feinstein, did you or anyone speak to congress? F: I personally did not.
M: Did someone at your behest speak to someone in congress F: I am not sure how they went but I didnt. M: Is it possible? F: Yes I would think so but I dont know. (Attorneys are getting involved) M: Is that an objection?(she is getting frustrated)
M: You have said repeatedly that you didnt think the letter from 7/30 would be released right? F: Yes M: You didnt authorize it? F: Correct M: Besides Feinstein and Eshoo did you give the letter to anyone else? F: No.
M: Do you know how it became public? F: No M: After it became public did you reach back ut to WaPo? F: They reached to me and I didnt respond, but the time they did respond and I agreed was when reporters starting showing up at my house.
Spartacus: This isn't a courtroom, (she is under oath) and (Booker is going into some sort of preaching of history) Booker is talking about the threats ad what she has had to go through. (Again, not talking about her case and talking about the hardships she has gone through)
Quasi Spartacus is asking her about the threats asking how it has affected their children?? (Wonder if he will ask the same of Kavanaugh). Talking about courage bla bla bla bla bla.
Spartacus was DELUGED by reports that there are hundreds of thousands of people crying and feeling pain and anguish and using this time to not ask any damn questions.
(I would like to take a moment to ask what they are doing with Keith Ellisons survivor?)
And Spartacus is championing Flake. Surprise.
Spartacus wannabe: How do you feel about the fact that things that could have been done thoroughly have not been done? F: I wish I could be more helpful and others could be more helpful. (Introducing more letters..........)
M: In choosing attorneys did anyone help you? F: Various people referred me to attorneys they knew in DC. I asked family and friends and they referred me to people who may know someone. I interviewed several. M: Did anyone besides F&F refer to attorneys?
F: Feinsteins office suggested attorneys (WOW!) M: When did you request and FBI investigation? F: When we started talking about hearing. M: Would you cooperate? F: Yes M: Would you have submitted to interview by staff of this commttee.
M: Any other efforts to pay for legal fees or costs? F: Some of my team is working pro-bono not sure about details (both counsel doing pro-bono) M: Have you seen any questions you would be aksed? F: No M: Have you seen any questions in advace or told? F: No def not
M: You mention classmate who was connection between you and Kav? F: Mr. Whalen dont think its right to talk about? M: Who is common friends? (the lookalike) M: How long did you know him? F: A couple of months before this took place.
M: What was your relationship with him? F: I "Went out" with him and then we were distant friends and I didn't see him often. M: Was this the only common link between you and Kav? F: He is the only one I would like to name right now?
M: Can you describe other social interactions with Kav F: During Freshman and Sophomore year there were 4-5 more parties that were attended by both. M: Did anything happen at these events? F: No sexual assault at any of those events.
Harris: You are not on trial, you are sitting here before Senate Judiciary because you had courage. (She is under oath) It is going to be more of the same here, and I am getting bored of typing this stuff.. Really getting repetitive and exactly what I predicted.
(Going back-- there is going to likely be a conspiracy identified here between Feinstein and Ford because she slipped in the confidentiality agreement and timing to "Right before" the hearings)
The democrats have been taking all of their time to talk instead of ask questions, and I anticipate it will be MUCH different when Kavanuagh comes in.
Harris going through all of the steps in investigations while stating this isnt an investigation-- in other words, "You aren't doing this right" while also saying "This isn't an investigation"
M: Which lawyer did Feinstein recommend? F: Katz firm M: When you left, did Leland ever follow up to see what happened? F: She didnt know about the event I didnt share. M: Are you aware that the other people there have given statements and that they have no mem or knowlege?F: yes
F: Leland has health challenges and I am happy she is focusing on herself. She needed lawyer to take care and sent a text apology. I dont expect that they would remember this, it was an unremarkable party and nothing happened to them. Mr. Judge is a diff story would expect him
F: to remember. M: Have you also educated yourself on the best way to get to memory and truth in terms of interviewing victims of trauma? F: No. M: Did you know that the best way is to have a trained interview 1 on 1 in a private setting? F: Makes a lot of sense
M: Did anyone ever advise you from Feinstein or Eshoo to go and get a foresnic interview F: No. M: Instead, get an attorney and take a poly. F: Once I had one, attorney said get a poly. M: She stops
Grassley is entering statements by all three witnesses and Feinstein is entering letters, and she is stating Judge is not willing to step forward and testify. Talking about failing to call Judge.
They are demanding that they be able to ask questions about sworn statements being entered into the record. Stating they have objections. More letters, more paper, more nonsense. Minority staff didnt show for those statements being taken
Grassley is thanking Ford. Letting her go now. Recess for 45m
Here’s how I think that went: I was disappointed we didn’t get to have Mitchell move further with her questioning BUT she got her point across to the senators listening. This entire thing is for show - remember that.
It doesn’t matter what WE think, technically. It only matters what those folks think. HOWEVER, Mitchell was able to show glaring holes in her story and how she is hiding something. Remember the purpose of this.
Expect democrats to come HARD at Kavanaugh. He will have a much more difficult time of this than she did. Feinstein recommended the lawyer. Envelopes are being passed between senators and the lawyer in “secret”. The republican side has something up their sleeve. Let’s see it.
Also know: this has already been decided. The vote will move forward and he will be confirmed.
Fords attorney was sitting directly behind where Kavanaugh would have been sitting and Capitol police moved him.
LIVE THREAD PART II: Kavanaugh Testimony
Grassley: Clarifying the three witness statements which were made - minority sat on letters and wouldn’t participate in follow up calls with witnesses.
Kavanaugh is sworn in. Opening statement: No one has seen the opening statement. Less than two weeks ago Ford accused me of wrongdoing when we were in highschool. I denied the allegation, and all four people allegedly at the event do not recall the event.
Kavanaugh reading statement stating that Leland never met Kavanugh and doesn't know him. Kavanaugh stating he asked for a hearing as soon as possible to clear his name. It took the committee ten days, and in 10 long days,his family and his name has been totally and perm destroyed
It has been harmful to the court, his family and the country. He welcomed any investigation, the committee has conducted one and he has cooperated fully. He knows any investigation will clear him. Listen to the people I know and that have known me my whole life.
Listen to witnesses allegedly at this event-- I was not at the party described by Ford. This has become a national disgrace. You have replaced advice and consent with search and destroy. There has been a frenzy on the left to come up with anything to block him.
(Strong opening statement) Reading quotes about Kavanaugh and the horrible things that have been said about him. "I would say to those senators, your words have meaning". "Given comments like those is it any surprise that people have been willing to do anything to blow me up"
The behavior of the dem members was an embarrassment but at least it was just an attempt at borking, but they didnt work and then a new tactic was needed. Some of you were lying in wait and had it ready.
(He is REALLY going hard-- this is actually impressive) Then came a long series of false last min smears to attempt to scare me and drive me out of the process. Crazy stuff, all nonsense. Reported breathlessly and has destroyed my family and my good name.
This whole effort has been a political hit fueled by anger and FUELED BY THE CLINTONS!!!!!! (emphasis mine) The consequences will be with us for decades. This will dissuade competent and good people from serving our country.
Today I have to say that I fear for the future- last time I was here I said a fed judge would need to be independent. I will not be intimidated to withdraw from this process. Your coordinated effort will not drive me out.
I will never quit. I am here to tell the truth. I have never sexually assaulted anyone- not in hs or college or ever. One of my closest friends to this day is a woman who was sexually abused and confided in me. I was one of the only people she consulted.
The person the subject of allegations deserves to be heard. Due process is a foundation and that means listening to both sides. As I told you at hearing 3 weeks ago I am an only child and they are here today.
Attorney mom trademark line "Use your common sense, what rings false and what rings true?" When there is no corroboration and it has been refuted and I have been in public sphere for 26 years without a whiff of this.
this onslaught of last min allegations does not ring true. I am not questioning that Ford was assaulted by some person at some place at some time, but i have NEVER done this. It isnt who I am and not who I was. I am innocent of this charge
Kavanaugh crying- stating daughter at 10 wanted to pray for Ford. (I am in tears here... God Bless you Kavanaugh). For your strength.
In 26 years I have been investigated 6 separate times. I have been in the public arena for decades. (Going through history in court etc) In 1998 his office personally were in the middle of intense media spotlight. They were oppo researched from head to toe. Recall who was exposed
Nothing about me. From 2001-06 I worked for GW Bush, as staff secretary he was by Bush side for 3 years and was entrusted with nations secrets. I went everywhere with him. 3 years - 5.5 in WH and then nominated for judge in DC and vetted many places
I have handled some of the most sensitive cases effecting the American people. For this nom, more investigations--- more than any other nom combined-- throughout all of this until last week no one ever accused me of sexual misconduct ever
Never a hint of anything of this kind because nothing of this kind ever happened. I DENY the allegation by Dr. Ford. I never had any encounter with her or attended a gathering. I have never sexual assaulted her or anyone. I am not ? that she may have been assaulted but I didnt
Alleges a party 36 years ago when I was 17 years old between Junior and Senior years. When my friends and I were at parties it was usually with girls from nearby high schools. Dr. Ford did not attend one of the schools that I socialized with.
I don't recall ever meeting her. To repeat all of the people identified do not remember any such party happening. Keiser denies knowledge and doesnt know me- two male friends have said under penalty of felony I would never do this.
Her allegations are refuted, not uncorroborated. None of the people nor he lived near the country club. Dr. Ford was 15 and couldnt drive and didnt live near there. She says she had one beer, but not how she got there or home or whose house it was
I submitted calendars, and I keep calendars because my dad did. He did so as a calendar and a diary. He is a very organized guy to put it mildly. (emotional) In 9th grade in 1980 he started keeping calendars as a calendar and a diary. He has them for the last 38 years
I had the summer of 1982 documented pretty well. The event presumably happened on a weekend because people work and it presumably was a weekend. If it was, the calendar shows I was out of town every weekend other than 6/4 at a progolf tounry with dad
had my HS achievement test the next morning. (Going through weekends and what he did) As the calendars confirm - no time for parties. Let me emphasize if the party happened in the summer of 1982 on a weekend night my calendar shows I was not there.
During the weeks I was away for two weeks during that summer. When I was in town I worked, worked out and playing basketball or hanging out and having beer with friends. I didnt list church and brushing teeth. Going to church like that- automatic.
1981 construction, in 1982 cutting lawns- my own business of sorts. Nights I worked out with other guys at Tobins house (I hate this for him. My gosh I hate this for him)
None of my social gatherings list the people Dr. Ford states. I was precise about who was there. Calendars are another piece of evidence for you to consider. Dr Ford allegation are inconsistent with record and character. As students at all boys catholic jesuit school-
friends with girl friends from other schools- had a lot of close female friends- not girlfriends. Always spoke to Amy or Julie or Kristen etc etc etc
He drank beer with his friends. Sometimes too many, sometimes others did. I liked beer, and I still like beer. I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out and I never assaulted anyone.
If every american who drinks beer or drank beer in high school is suddenly presumed guilty of sexual assault it will be a scary thing in this country. Yearbook was a disaster.
This past week my friends and I have cringed when we read about it and talked to one another. One thing we were sad about one of our good female friends had her name used on a page with the term allumnus.
The term was not related to sex and she noted that on the record. I am sorry to her for the yearbook reference. This may sound trivial given all that we are here for - but I want to try to make sure of in the future is my friendship with her.
I never had sexual intercourse in HS or several years after-- I tried to hide my inexperience but I was inwardly proud of it. It was a matter of faith and respect and caution. The committee has a letter from 65 women who knew me in HS.
Letter came together in one night and they knew they would be vilified if they defended him. They put themselves on the line for me. I love all of them.
One of those liberal feminist friends said “deep breaths. You are a good man.” Another “Brett- be strong - pulling for you to my core” another “I’m holding you in the light of God”
He thanks all of his friends and loves all of his friends. Throughout his life he has encouraged and promoted the careers of women. He is proud of letter of 84 women from Bush WH. Read the op ed from Sarah Day.
Day “Brett was an advocate for young women like me” (this is a good man. Again - God Bless him. Hold him up)
NYT reported small number of female attorneys. A majority of my law clerks are women - I took action. The legal profession is fairer and more equal because of me. No judge has sent more women clerks to Supreme Court than I have.
NYT reported small number of female attorneys. A majority of my law clerks are women - I took action. The legal profession is fairer and more equal because of me. No judge has sent more women clerks to Supreme Court than I have.
Over the past 12 years I’ve taught constitutional law and was hired by kagan. One of my former students - a Democrat testified that I was fair and aiplayed a character that impressed us all.
Thanks to what you have unleashed I may never be able to teach again. Coached daughters teams - letter from parents of girls that describe character. I coach because I know that confidence in court translates. I love coaching more than anything.
Thanks to you - I may never be able to coach again. I revere the constitution. I’m grateful to Trump he nominated me. I thank him for his steadfast support. When I accepted we knew this would be challenging but never expected it would devovle it into this.
We live in a country devoted to due process and the rule of law. That means taking allegations seriously. But if a refuted allegation from 36 years ago is enough to destroy a persons life and career we abandon that. Judge me by standard you would want applied
To father, husband, brother, son. We intend no ill will to Ford and her family but I swear under oath before nation family God I am innocent.
God that was hard. I’m emotionally spent.
M: have you been given questions I will ask? K: no. M: Review definition before you of sexual behavior. Among examples it includes grinding clothed and unclothed. K: I understand. M: Ford stated between 5-6 ppl present. Do you know Judge?
K: I do. Friend starting in 9th grade. Someone in our group. Funny guy. Great writer. Popular. Developed addiction problem that lasted decades. Near death sometimes. Suffered tremendously.
I haven’t talked to him in a couple years.
M: How did you know Patrick Smith. K: Also 9th grade, played football, we carpooled to school along with D Davis every year for two years. They would drive. M: What is relationship now? K: He lives in the area now havent seen her since this started
M: Do you know Leland? K: I know of her, dont want to rule out knowing her in HS.
Feinstein: My understanding you have denied allegations by Ford Swetnik and the other. All three have asked the FBI to investigate. Your concern is clear. If you are very confident why arent you also asking? K: I wanted a hearing the day after. Instead 10 days passed
K: And these things are printed and run breathlessly by cable news. My family has been destroyed by this. Whatever the committee decides. Feinstein: Terrible we are not in the position to disprove or prove it. Would seem to me that you would want the FBI to investigate
K: The FBI doesnt reach a conclusion, it is an outrage that I was not allowed to come and clear my name. (goes through calendar) I wanted to be here right away. Feinstein: Hearings are set by the majority and I am talking about getting the evidence and having it looked at.
F: We hear from the witnesses but all we have Kavanaugh: You are doing it- -Feinstein: You are stating these allegations are wrong. K: Emphatically- the Swetnik thing is a joke- a farce.
M: Did you consume alcohol in HS K: We drank beer, we like beer, we drank beer and sometimes probably had too many beers and other people had too many. We liked beer. M: What do you consider to be too many K: I dont know.
M: Have you ever passed out from drinking? K: I have never blacked out. M: After drinking in HS did you ever wake up in a diff location than you remember? Did you ever wake up with fewer clothes on? K: No.
M: Did anyone ever tell you something you didnt remember afterwards? K: No. We drank beer. M: When you were drinking in HS did anyone ever tell you about something you didnt remember? K: No
( I think its safe to say that Kavanaugh drank beer. )
M: Have you ever been alone in a room with Ford or rubbed your genitals. Have you covered her mouth with your hand. Have you tried to remove clothes? K: no to all.
M: Have you ever engaged in sexual behavior with Ford even if consensual. K: No. M: Want to talk about calendars. Did you create calendars K: Yes. M: Is it exclusively your handwriting K: yes.
M: Do these calendars represent plans for each day or document what actually happened. K: Both forward and backward because you can see I cross things out, etc.
M: You kept calendars because dad kept them. Why did you save them? K: Because he kept them and he is a good role model.
After Kavanaugh statements - CSPAN phones are lighting up on both lines in support of Kavanaugh in many cases. Using hashtag now #WeAreKavanaugh
Here we go. Kavanaugh is ready. Feinstein not in the room. Waiting for her. Leahey (no thanking for courage) Judge hasnt been interviewed and dont have his attendance. Would you want him called as a witness? K: This allegation was hidden by committee.
K: He has provided sworn testimony, and the allegation came in weeks ago and nothing was done with it. L: I have heard your line and I have it well in mind, but he authored a book and references Kavanaugh in a car passing out.
K: Mark Judge was a friend in HS who developed a drinking problem and nearly died and then got cancer- as part of his therapy he wrote a book that was a fictionalized book. I think he picked names to throw them in for characters.
L: Are you the Kavanaugh he is referring to K: You would have to ask him. L: In your yearbook you talked about drinking and sex. K: Let me take a step back and explain HS. I was number one (lots of arguing) I busted my butt in academics. Played sports, captain of teams
K: I volunteered and tutored disabled kids. The yearbook was something where students and editors made decisions to not have it reflect school. If we were to sit here and discuss whether a supreme court decision on a HS yearbook page?
M: Look at 7/1 entry in calendar. "Go to Kimmy for Skis with PJ Judge etc" K: First Tobin workout, and then looks like we went to Timmys is judge mark judge and is PJ PJ Smith? Yes. (He identifies) M: Did you document social gatherings in calendar? K: Yes.
M: If a gathering like Ford had occurred, would you have documented? K: Yes- as you can see I documented a small get together on 8/7 M: Could you read? K: Go to Beckys, Matt, Denise, Laurie, Jenny. M: Have you reviewed every entry 5-6-7-8 and could anything fit Ford? K: No
M: Are you aware this would be investigated by local police? K: Yes M: Are you aware there is no statute of limitations? K: Yes M: Have you been contacted by local authorities? K: No. M: Prior to Supreme Court and globally have you ever been accused of unwanted sexual beh.
K: No. M: Since the allegation made public how many times have you been interviewed by committee? K: 3-4, several times, each of the new allegations we get on the phone and go through them. (Going through allegations-gag raping etc) He has been interviewed about all.
Durbin (still no courage comments) Ford said this morning she was the victim of allegations. A person lyng to the FBI can face prosecution. You have denied assaulting her. You must bellieve no evidence or witness who can prove otherwise.
In the course of your statement you said I welcome any kind of investigation. Turn to Don McGann and ask him to suspend hearing until FBI completes investigation and brings witnesses forward. (THIS IS RIDICULOUS)
Grassley- This committee is running this hearing, not the WH, not McGann, and not the nominee. We are here today because Dr. Ford asked for an opportunity here. We are here because people wanted to be heard that they thought were unfair.
Regardless of what you say we are not suspending. (They are arguing back and forth and this is ridiculous to be honest. This is ridiculous what they are doing. I am so angry right now.)
They are trying to get Kavanaugh to submit to an FBI investigation. Kavanaugh is trying to be careful here because they are trying to get HIM to postpone the hearing.
Graham has asked for the floor. Are you aware that at 9:23 on the night of 7/29 Senator Schumer said "I will oppose with everything I have and I hope a bipartisan majority will do the same" Did you meet with Feinstein on 8/20 and did you know that her staff had rec. a lawyer?
Graham is feisty right now and hes screaming at the committee. I would never do to any other nominee what you have done to this guy and if you really wanted to know the truth you wouldnt have done this to him. HELL YES GRAHAM
Graham is REALLY EMOTIONAL. This is really amazing. Would you say you have been through hell? Yes says K and then some. G: This is going to destroy the ability of good people to come forward because of this crap. Graham going off.
I dont know who took their strings off of Graham, but this is absolutely amazing. Whoever let him loose gets my respect.
WH: One of the reasons we are looking at the yearbook is that it is relatively consistent in time with the events at issue here and because it appears to be your words. K: We submitted things to the editors. I am not aware one way or the other.
K: If you are worried about my yearbook have at it. What about ralphing? K: I have a weak stomach. WH: So the vomiting related to the consumption of alcohol? (They are trying to make him look like a drunk and it isnt working)
WH: What is bouffed? M: It refers to flatulence. We were 16. WH: You mention the Renate and then alumnious? K: Alumnious doesnt refer to sex or sexual interaction and I am sorry how that has been misinterpreted.
WH: Devils Triangle- K: drinking game. Quarters - Asking about FFFFFFF - it was a wind up to the "F" word. (Goes on to explain yearbook)
Republican (not sure who) are talking about reporting and accusations - K is aware he has been accused of crimes and his life is permanently altered. Would have to admit he committed crimes to go against him and vote against him.
Fair process - people who make accusation have to have some evidence. There also has to be corroboration - there must be charges proven by evidence. But you e been accused of a crime and it requires someone has proof.
In the interim it just keeps getting worse - won’t report allegations - then Stormys lawyers accusing you of gang rape and you are right to be angry.
The burden is not on you but the person making the accusation. (Looks like they’ve ditched miller thank goodness)
Klibuchar: I’m not taking quite the same approach. Why don’t you ask the president to reopen FBI investigation. K: you are doing the investigating. Klobuchar: you can just have the FBI open the investigation - we would like to question witnesses
K: Judge has presented sworn statements. Klobuchar: we would like to be able to open up an investigation. K: I’m here to answer questions for you. Klobuchar: lots of people have drinking issues - you’ve said that you never drank so much that you didn’t remember
K: I’ve provided information that is still redacted about freshman year - it was contentious situation - (in other words the guy had a motive)
Oh boy Hatch is coming. But Grassley is going over the FBI noise. No federal crime to investigate. And again he quotes Biden about FBI reports - FBI does not reach conclusions.
Break. Pardon my reporting, because I’m trying to keep track of all of this but it’s contentious and to be quite honest? I’m emotionally spent. I’m doing my best ❤️
Beanz note: IMO - the democrats are even ashamed of themselves - especially Feinstein - she could barely contain herself.
Coming back - Hatch should be up next.
(I’m missing Helgas softball practice for this. He had better be confirmed. 🤣😂🤣)
Kavanaugh apologizes for asking her a question back - Here’s Hatch. We have before us two human beings who deserves to be treated fairly and respectfully. Important we treat K fairly now. He’s been a judge for 12 years. He’s earned a rep for fairness and decency.
This man isn’t a monster or what has been represented here. We are talking about conduct in HS - serious allegations have been raised but circus atmosphere after leaking has brought us to the worst in our politics. Anon letters being treated as national news
This is worse than Thomas and a national disgrace. And in the middle of it Kavanaugh was a pillar and there has been no whisper of misconduct. We have unsubstantiated claims that eyewitnesses have denied from HS and teenage years.
That he wrote or said stupid things doesn’t make him a sexual predator and guilt by Assoc. Is wrong and because he drank doesn’t make him guilty.
When did you learn of allegations? K: a week ago Sunday. H: were these raised any other opportunity K: no. No. No. H: when first time she asked? (Feinstein) K: today. (Going through all accusations asking when he was asked) K: today is first time asked
Coons: sometimes your answers weren’t credible. Brings me no joy to question you today. Have you ever forgotten or became aggressive? K: the answer is “no”. Coons: wish we had more evidence. Do you remember Liz Swisher?
Coons: quoting Liz “Brett drank more than a lot of people. It’s not credible for him to say that.” (Coons is changing quotes) Kavanaugh again stating the contention about the small room and freshman roommate.
Coons is asking for them to put himself in their shoes. Trying to get the hearing postponed a week. K: All four witnesses said it didn’t happen- Coons: absence of non partisan process. What will this do to the credibility of the court.
Lee is coming up but Grassley - we had 45 days between 7/30 and 9/13 when we could have been investigating and if you take the average of 65-70 days from announcements there was more than enough time.
Grassley is my favorite. Grassley putting letters into record from High School. 65 women.
Lee: you’ve been cooperative at every stage. You don’t control FBI or when it starts an investigation. But at every moment we have asked questions you have answered. There are ironies in this - one colleague had access and ability to report.
This was entirely within her control. Second level - while calling for FBI investigation - we are in the middle of conversation ask him questions - participate in committee staff with outside witnesses - (the democrats didn’t)
One of my colleagues has acknowledged they want to postpone this until after elections. During Thomas Hearings - Biden quotes again.
The role of FBI is to flag issues. Basically stating political games being played and he apologizes.
Were you EVER asked privately about allegations? They had the allegations and didn’t ask. None of this was brought up and things were closed then this was sprung on you.
Republicans are just pissed. And thank goodness they are.
Blumenthal- award of false in one thing false in everything? The core of why we are here is credibility. Renata Dolphin thought yearbook statements were untrue because this was sexual is nature. K: false. Question based on false pretenses.
K: this is false - (and he is getting angry) Democrat’s have no damn shame. I take back my other tweet.
Now he is questioning the statements made by judge - and Kavanaugh is again stating that the statements are under penalty of perjury. Now critiquing his opening - asking if it’s his testimony that the motivation of Ford is political?
Kavanaugh disputing - stating he is speaking about committee. Next- in a speech he gave he said he fell out of a bus at Yale. Kavanaugh is stating he organized the trip - quote ends “I tried to piece things back together”
Kavanaugh: I know exactly what happened that night it was a great a trip. I know exactly what happened.
Crapo: describe FBI background check K: they gather statements from those who have information. C: The FBI gives report to WH and they disperse to senate. It does not make judgements but gives senate info
C: Senate can conduct further investigation- and this is how these witnesses have been questioned under penalty of felony. Then senate follows up on FBI reports - in this case there’s concern that there wasn’t interest in invest. But delay.
C: as soon as we received info we started legal senate investigation and involved our lawfully enabled investigators to conduct. And democrats didn’t participate.
(The demands will never end ever. Democrats will demand for the rest of their lives.)
C: you had a meeting with Feinstein on 8/20. Ranking member staff helped ford to retain lawyer. In the meeting two weeks later this issue was not raised? K: the issue was not raised.
5 min break
(Did someone just say something about the RUSSIANS?!?!)
Hirono 🙄: She is basically taking Fords word and attacking Kavanaugh. I can’t believe she just did that.
🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄Credibility, Conduct and Candor. What about temperament? K: American bar praised me on my temperament.
She is going to read statements from people in college about his drinking habits. He is referring back to redacted portions again. Lab talking about his study habits and his sports habits.
Hirono istrying to extend her time - she is entering letters into record. Four of them.
Tillis: Committee needs to do a lot of work- the democrats held the information. They have an investigation going on and the democrats declined to participate and didnt ask a single question. Why didnt you ask?
Tillis: You have been treated unfairly and I am amazed that after 30 hours of testimony none of these questions came up when it was known. I want to go back to comments this AM- I think I heard (YES)
that Dr. Ford wasn't aware they would come to California- the fact is that the offer was there. Take a look at the lack of the effort on the part of the people who want the investigation- We are doing our job. We are doing the committee work.
You are the first major target of a new strategy that has taken hold now- one of the groups attacking you outside have already acquired the URL for the NEXT judge. Take a look at it. We already have a stop another judge URL from those same people.
I look forward to supporting your confirmation. I believe that you will be on the bench. SPARTACUS
Spartacus wannabe: You drank on the weekdays- You never had gaps in memories, etc. K: Thats what I said. SW: You also said that these past two weeks have been a political hit. (Kavanaugh lay into him please)
K: She wanted confidentiality and it was blown by the committee. SW: You have sympathy for her K: No ill will towards her. SW: Do you wish that she never came forward K: All allegations should be taken seriously. SW: You do not see her specifically as part of a plan?
SW: You made the allegation that she was coordinating it. K: I didnt say that. SW: So she was not doing this for political reasons etc? K: All the witnesses who were there said it didn't happen. SW: Keiser doesnt remember the night in question.
SW: Do you think that people who believe Ford are legitimizing despicable things? K: I would say listen to both sides before you make a bottom line decision. SW: She gave credible meaningful testimony and told her truth
Cruz: Both of your good names have been drug through the mud and this has been despicable and watching your moms pained face has been heartbreaking. I know as a father there has been nothing more painful than talking to your daughters and explaining these attacks.
Cruz: American people can set aside partisanships and look at facts. I think it is important that two sets of allegations that two of them had so little basis the NYTimes would print them. Avenattis were so bad that they were omitted from statements.
Cruz: Committee did the right thing in giving Ford the ability to testify and democrats have not treated you with respect. We know your testimonies were in conflict. Then we look to what we know- 3 witnesses observed and all three have denied.
Feinstein held them for 60 days and didnt let committee know. Cruz is pointing at Dems for leaking the letter.
Feinstein responding: I did not hide the allegations. I did not leak her story and she asked me to hold it confidential. She was stalked by the press and was forced to come forward. She has been harrassed and had death threats etc
Feinstein stating she wasn't invited. She was given information from a woman and I held it confidential until she decided she would come forward.

Feinstein doesnt believe her staff leaked it. Feinstein is denying that she leaked the letter.
Cruz- does the committee have a process for considering confidential investigations? What would you have done if Feinstein raised this with you then? Grassley: We would have done what we have done with the FBI etc and confidential.
Cruz: It could have been done confidentially without having to drag to these people through the mud. Grassley: Yes. Feinstein: Her story was leaked before the letter went public- and she testified she had spoken to her friends.
(This is what I was trying to get to this morning in terms of how the letter was leaked) Grassley- please share impact on your family.
Harris: Have you ever taken a poly in regards to this issue. K: Of course those arent admissible in court. H: All of the women are calling for an independent investigation. Why are you declining to allow an FBI investigation. (This woman makes my skin crawl. )
Harris: Are you willing to ask the WH to authorize an FBI investigation to get to the bottom of the allegations levied against you. K: The FBI would gather witness statements. You have those Harris: Are you willling to ask the WH to do it. K: I have had 6 background checks
(Kavanaugh is very good. He wont give them what they want) Harris: Bringing up Gorsuch in terms of the court. (I hope that he states what is at stake here) How do you reconcile a conspiracy against you with Gorsuch.
K: I explained that in my opening statement. H: Do you agree it is possible for men to be friends with some women and treat others badly. K: Of course, but if you go back to age 14 you will find lots of women I have been friends with back then and it is a consistent pattern
Harris: Did you watch Dr. Fords testimony K: No
Flake gets 1 minute and Kennedy gets 4. Flake: I asked for a delay and she came at great difficulty to her and I am sorry for what has happened to you and your family. I would urge colleagues to remember we are 21 imperfect senators trying to do our best.
Please recognize there is doubt and have some humility as we move forward. Kennedy: I am sorry for what you and your family have been through and Ford- could have been avoided. Do you believe in God?
Kennedy: Giving you last opportunity "Are Fords accusations true?" As to me- no - not to her or anyone else. I have never done this to anyone including her. Ken: Are Ms Ramirez allegations true? K: No. If that had happened it would have been the talk of campus.
Kennedy: The Avenatti allegations? K: Not true, never met, dont know who she is. Letter came out and people said nonsense and it was totally ridiculous. No doubt, 100% certain. I swear to GOD.
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