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1) Testimony thread starting in 5 minutes. #KavanaughHearing
2) Ready.
3) I just got off the phone with my mother.
4) What a bunch of bull.
5) These people don’t have the decency to hold an honest hearing.
6) Let’s start with Dr. Ford’s manner.
7) Why does she come across as bifurcated?
8) On the one hand, she knows complicated words and uses them.

On the other she tells us she couldn’t figure out how to contact Congress.

So she listened to her friends at the beach. And texted the Washington Post.
9) I am not a psychiatrist, or any kind of mental health professional. But she seems to me like a split personality.
10) I am confident nobody will ask about why she talks like a little girl.
11) Because asking tough questions would be treated as disrespectful.
12) Sometimes people say I am cold.
13) But from what I can tell, this lady is out to ruin a man’s life with a false accusation.
14) So I would prefer to take a dispassionate view, and let the chips fall where they may.
15) I am not buying the story that she wants to do her civic duty.
16) She is there for one reason and one reason alone. And that is to make sure that Kavanaugh is “100%” destroyed.
17) Someone called in to C-SPAN to note her “scripted” manner. They hung up the phone on him right quick.
18) Then a lady called in to say she was molested in the second grade. She got a lot of airtime.
19) The Bible tells us that justice has to be impartial.
20) You may not favor the rich man or the poor man in court.
21) Let’s use a hypothetical example.
22) Let’s imagine that Brett Kavanaugh was named Barry Shapiro (this is a fake name I am making up on the spot).
23) Let’s say that Barry Shapiro were up for confirmation to the Supreme Court, after a stellar, unblemished career.
24) Now imagine that Christine Ford were to accuse “Mr. Shapiro,” a Jewish man, of stealing $500 from her car in senior year.
25) Let’s imagine the arc of this hearing, if it were as blatantly anti-Semitic as this one is sexist.
26) “We are so sorry to trigger your trauma about those thieving Jews,” the sympathetic senators might say.
27) “We would like to enter some articles into the record about thieving Jews and their impact on society.”


A normal person would be outraged!
28) But somehow, because we are so demented and deluded as a society, we actually entertain this character assassination attempt solely because the person being accused is rich, powerful, White and male.

29) Let’s talk about mental manipulation schemes.
30) There’s a very good movie out now called “Operation Finale.”
31) It’s about the Jews who survived the Holocaust, settled in Israel, and went back to Argentina to kidnap Adolf Eichmann for trial.
32) This would be our equivalent of the military tribunals that many of us anticipate right here.
33) There is one guy on the kidnap team who is tormented all the time.
34) Eichmann was there when the Nazis shot and killed his sister and her baby.
35) The level of mind control that Eichmann exerts over his captor is terrifying.
36) Mind control is part of why we need military tribunals. We must try and convict the people who learned from the Nazis to make child sex slaves, and use them for any and everything they wanted.
37) Mind control and manipulation are on heavy display at this hearing.
38) Let’s get to some examples.
39) Ford says she is “100%” sure that Kavanaugh assaulted her. And yet she never uttered his name for 30 years.
40) Ford says someone drove her there and home. But she doesn’t remember who.

Um, mom or dad?

Where are her parents?
41) Ford says she went to “the Potomac Village Safeway” and saw Mark Judge, alleged co-attacker. She said hi, but he looked “uncomfortable.”

42) The more she talks, the worse it is for the truth.
43) They need to ask her if she was ever an alcoholic. If she drank a lot as a kid.…
44) Alcoholism would explain why she can’t remember things that a non-alcoholic could. Like where is the house.

I don’t believe a 15 year old almost rape victim who suffered her whole life from the attack, who can describe what side of the room the bed was on, can’t find that.
45) Not shockingly (I was actually waiting for it) the blog post that showed the rampant drinking and sexual braggadocio of the girls at Holton Arms in the 1980s...has been “removed.” The whole blog is gone in fact.

Welcome to 1984.…
46) I concur that Ford is messed up by the way.

But that is not an excuse to mess up Kavanaugh.
47) The dishonesty continues as the complaints go on and on about how rushed this whole thing is.

Well maybe don’t conceal evidence.
48) One side wants the polygraph in. Fine. But not the underlying charts.

Why not?
49) The childlike thing is striking.
50) Does Ford have dissociative identity disorder?
51) Children who are sexually abused develop DID routinely. And she seems to shift from the mature adult to the child - very rapidly.

It’s like a whole other personality.
52) I saw a Lifetime movie where the troubled girl moved in with the family, came on to the husband, and blamed him for attacking her when he did not do anything.

Wait...that is every Lifetime movie 😂😂😂
53) But it could just be nothing.

When I get in trouble at home, like I forgot to wash the dishes or was otherwise inconsiderate, I do the childlike thing too.
54) We cannot use Brett Kavanaugh to erase thousands of years of sexual bad deeds by rich and powerful men.
55) They established that Ford flew quite a bit. Not sure if she was afraid and flew. But her response was almost flippant. “No other way to go in that direction” ho ho ho.
56) I have a fear of driving on the highway.

I do not drive on the highway.
57) And every time Grassley opens his mouth he’s the bad guy.

“We would have come to California.”

“Shut up, white man.”
58) “On behalf of all rich, powerful White men I apologize. And if it’s the last thing I do...WE WILL FIND OUT WHO DID IT!”
59) I’m sorry. But when they start investigating the rape and killing of missing girls of color with the same fervor, give me a call.
60) “I’m sorry I don’t know what exculpatory means.”

61) I believe something happened to Ford.

62) But we won’t talk about that.

It doesn’t serve the sisterhood’s agenda.
63) These people are APPROPRIATING her story for their own personal and political ends.
More later. (End.)
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