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I will probably be running a thread from the conclusion of today's hearing until tomorrow morning with the vote.
Ford's opening statement.
Kavanaugh opening statement.
Worth noting that Brett's opening statement is twice as long as Ford's was.
To anyone who wanted to see Lindsey Graham's speech.
Joe Biden quote. "The reason why I have worked so hard to keep FBI reports totally secret is because they have little or no probative weight, because they are hearsay,"
"The FBI does their interviews by walking up to person A and saying will you speak to us, and the guarantee is anonymity. That is what the FBI tells the person, and the FBI speaks to the person. Now, for us to summarily go back and say, as a matter of policy,"
" that we are going to break the commitment the Federal Government makes to an individual, in order to get that individual to cooperate in an investigation, is disastrous."
Here's What Biden Thought About Using An 'FBI Report' To Clear Clarence Thomas…
So. Hearing was adjourned. I am going to be talking about the Ford/Kavanaugh thing all night until tomorrow's hearing.

All night.

I think it's finally the appropriate time to assess the matter as it stands, now that we've got their direct words and not just the media circus.
When it comes to the allegations set forth by Ford. I think she was a victim of sexual assault in some capacity but there's no reason to believe Brett Kavanaugh was the perpetrator.

As such I believe Brett Kavanaugh's testimony that he did not commit sexual assault against her.
If you wanted a summation of the Democrats on the Committee, all they could obsess over was that Kavanaugh agree to an FBI investigation.

To which, every time, he agreed to whatever the committee wanted to do. THAT IS NOT A DENIAL.
If you assess the Democrat's questions about Kavanaugh's beer drinking, they never were specific to the incident. "do you drink? do you forget stuff when you drink?" types of inquiry. That in itself is telling.

those were given the same weight as the FBI line of questioning.
Consider the weight of the media when it came to the articles levied against Kavanaugh. They were depicted as impartial leaders of truth and the general assumption was they had no agenda themselves.

As you can see here they were looking to fuck him.
Kavanaugh had a calendar and Ford worked off vague memory. I find it dishonest of you not to acknowledge that, @Acosta
Let it be noted that when facing the AXE OF POLITICS, Senator Feinstein threw Ford and her friends under the bus for leaking the letter.

The SAME PERSON who said she respected Ford's confidentiality and her story as a victim.
this is the SAME SITUATION in which Democrats have vehemently said they'd stop Kavanaugh's nomination by any means necessary. At any point during the process Feinstein could've mentioned the allegations IF SHE THOUGHT THEY WERE SERIOUS ENOUGH TO MENTION **DURING** THE HEARINGS.

But revealed them at the 11th hour.
And THIS is the media the committee ascribes IMPARTIALITY to? No. This is not an impartial media. They were looking for any sort of edge against Brett Kavanaugh they could. THEY DID NOT ASSESS THE SITUATION EQUALLY.
Neither have you @ezraklein

Neither have you.

All I gotta do is say the magic word "JOURNOLIST"
Like it or not WE CAN ALL AGREE that this Kavanaugh/Ford thing HAS BECOME a political circus. No matter which way you slice it. Things were made a public fight and they did not need to be.
Both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford have had THEIR LIVES UPROOTED FOREVER because of the media spectacle we’ve seen these past few weeks.
But in doing so you have to admit there’s credence in what Kavanaugh described in his opening statement about an ulterior agenda in that respect.
And it certainly lines up with the indications of MANIPULATION AND INFLUENCE FROM THE OUTSIDE as described by Ford in regards to the decision making process she says she had during this period.
The truth is everyone is out for themselves in some shape or form. It’s unfortunate that it resulted as it had here.
If you accept the letters written on dr fords side you have to accept the letters on Kavanaugh’s with the same degree of earnestness.
And to that end or are the people against Kavanaugh saying his calendars are fraudulent? That’s a pretty creative guy to be able to pull all of that outta thin air.
Consider the fact that in the Ford case there’s a near zero chance for a new witness to appear out of thin air. That would magically change the circumstances of who is more credible.
"The Democratic Coalition just filed a judicial misconduct complaint against Kavanaugh over sexual assault allegations. "
^ the work of cowards waving a flag of surrender
This is the same CNN up to their bag of bullshit tricks. Where's that voicemail recording of them calling and hunting down classmates?
If we were to tally up the sins of NBC News we would run out of skeletons and bodybags they've left in their wake
Remember that Ford blamed the media pressure as part of the reason she felt like she had to come forward in the first place.
I think this person's statement speaks for themselves and I have nothing to add.
Set for Saturday
Way to degrade the entire gravity of the situation
Retweet this if you're enraged
Brett cried first for his daughter offering to pray for Ford and then again for his friends who got dragged into this mess.

Statement from @SenatorLankford
yeah and that sucks.
The Brett Kavanaugh situation has solidified the death of the mainstream media. Without a doubt in people's minds, no matter how this turns out.
Statement from @SenBobCorker
Statement from @SenAlexander
Someone using an IP from the House of Representatives posted Orrin Hatch's address on their wikipedia page within the past few hours (i blacked that out obviously)
Screenshot of Dr Ford gofundme
Lisa Goldman is a painter, currently using the broadest of their brushes.
Senior Correspondent at @BusinessInsider
OR phrases mean two different things to two different people?
You know. It's not spelled H-E-L-L

It's spelled C-N-N
If you expected AP to rise above the fighting you'd be wrong
Again this thread is going all night. If you like what you see support what I do.
New Yorker/CNN person makes accusation of "coordinated defense" 🤣
Chris Cuomo of CNN asks if Brett Kavanaugh was known as a virgin
Kavanaugh complained about media attacks

Media proves point
Calling Kavanaugh a rapist
Susan Glasser of CNN accuses White house tweets being "coordinated defense" of Kavanaugh.

Susan, I recommend looking at the CNN Opinion Twitter for an example of what a "coordinated defense" looks like.
"Oh PLEASE compromise, Republicans. I BEG you!" "Now excuse me while I don't practice what I preach." -- Signed, Washington Post columnist.
If you enjoy this all night train ride thread, throw your money into the choo-choo 🚂
If you missed Kavanaugh's opening speech here's a short replay. It was 45 minutes long (see link at top of thread)
this sounds like a threat.
IMPORTANT: Rachel Mitchell said she would not have been able to prosecute or get a search warrant based on today's testimony.
Statement from @SenDougJones
Statement from @SenJeffMerkley
September 27th letter from Mark Judge.
Look at all the compassion from The New York Times
Wajahat is super mad
Statement from @SenMikeLee
"I believe Dr. Ford was the victim of a crime. I do not believe Judge Kavanaugh committed it, and no corroborating evidence suggests he did."
"Judge Kavanaugh has my vote.”"
(sees "CREW" written in bio)
Ok so this is someone on the record working for an organization hellbent on stopping the Trump government by any means necessary. See this thread for more.…
Top @SullCrom Lawyer Deletes Twitter Account After Telling Sarah Sanders To 'Rot In Hell'…
New York Times puts out "by the Editorial Board" opinion piece.…
Statement from @JerryMoran , says he's voting to confirm Kavanaugh.
George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice called Susan Collins to vouch for Brett Kavanaugh…
Worth noting WSJ put this Opinion piece out too.…
I don't think Feinstein knows her staff very well.…
"The American Bar Association—whose “well qualified” rating has been cited by Kavanaugh—calls on the Senate to delay a vote on his SCOTUS nomination'

Group That Rates Trump’s Judicial Nominees Has History of Liberal Advocacy…
Alyssa Milano was there too ya know
We ought to back up a bit and re examine the Kavanaugh hearings before the Ford allegation entered the picture.

Yes it’s necessary. It firmly establishes the stubbornness on the part of Democrats as to how we arrived here in the first place.
Current time is 1228 for the record. So this might not be perfect.
July 9, 2018 Brett is nominated
July 30th Ford letter to Feinstein
August 7th: Ford Polygraph
(feinstein recommends lawyer for Ford)
September 4th 5th 6th and 7th: Kavanaugh Hearing
September 12th: Letter becomes known
September 16th: Washington Post
^ I like laying down dates as a point of reference. Roughly in a manner of speaking that's what we're working with in this equation.
Remember that nobody knew who Ford was on September 5th. Allegedly. And yet here we are, having some guy named Ben from MoveOn organizing protests against Kavanaugh.
Remember that back then there was all this huff and puff.
Not just outside the courtroom but inside too. "We're disrupting the Kavanaugh hearings every few minutes, with hundreds of women prepared to get arrested to prevent these hearings from moving forward."
Prior to the Kavanaugh hearing on September 6th, protesters took over Chuck Grassley's office.

Again they had no clue who Ford was back then.

They were still in Grassley's office though.
This was something planned by the Democrats.
This was something planned by the Democrats.
This was something planned by the Democrats.
Feinstein could've mentioned Ford's letter when she was misstating facts on abortion deaths.…
"I'm sorry for the circumstances but we'll get through it." - Feinstein to Kavanaugh on protest disruptions.
“If the Supreme Court were to adopt your reasoning I fear the number of victims would continue to grow and citizens would be rendered powerless in enacting sensible gun laws.” - Feinstein to Kavanaugh, September 4th.
Feinstein ADMITTED to inviting this guy.
"I will be at Kavanaugh hearings and I hope to play a role in ensuring that this man does not become the next Supreme Court Justice." -Fred Guttenberg
^ You mean to tell me Feinstein did NOT have another trick up her sleeve, when considering the proven example given by Fred Guttenberg's situation?

Please. People have a solid right and reason to believe foul play on Feinstein's part with Ford BECAUSE of that.
Of course we can't forget Booker's Spartacus moment. He willingly violated the committee rules in a big show of grandstanding.

What did that amount to?
(Grassley's and John Cornyn's response was great) "irresponsible conduct unbecoming a senator"
"The ‘confidential’ documents Sen. Cory Booker made public may not have been confidential after all"…
And then there's the whole bribery stuff.…
It's rather ironic that Sen. Patrick Leahy lamented about Kavanaugh hiding records when Feinstein was doing EXACTLY THAT.

"What is being hidden and why?"
Sen. Whitehouse relied on faulty CNN reporting during Kavanaugh testimony previously.
So there's several different avenues in here alone to suggest the Democrats were dishonest in their intentions ^. Either knowingly or unknowingly.
I’m gonna check and see what happened but I bet the cruel iron fist of social media came down hard on her…
SURPRISE “fire her” mob is in effect here.
I actually had a guy I know and have talked to before, take a big ol DUMP in my direct messages early on yesterday.

It’s rare that I have someone whose work I respect make a political jab at me out of the blue.

This discussion is that polarizing.
There was a media circus for those ten days that they BOTH had to go through.

Bad comparison.
Interesting what if question
Can’t believe we’ve got a political correctness culture war thing going on in the highest offices of our land. The United States.

If you wanna talk about symbolism that’s it, essentially.
At the end of the day nobody is going to be happy about what’s happened, what’s happening, or what will eventually happen in the foreseeable future.

And that sucks.
I’m staying up all night as proof to myself that I still got some fight left in me.
People are tossing around the idea of going to war in a serious way. And that’s a huge red flag.
No matter what happens next I’m happy that I was there to give a damn and be a part of that. Or at least seeing it. No matter how ugly it was. At least I can say I didn’t stand on the sidelines.
No discussion was “sparked” from all this. What happened was the balance to political discourse was permanently distorted into something that nobody recognizes anymore.
I’ll always be there for whatever comes next. That’s what it means to be alive.
As for this thread all I’m doing is trying to buy time until morning. I said I’m going all night and I meant it.
Reaffirm to yourselves that you’ll try and be decent people. Hold on to that as much as you can. Like clenching a log while trying to not get swept down a river.
Oh nooo Kavanaugh lost support of THE GUARDIAN. What a tragedy
Ask yourself if you give a fuck about Stephen Kings tweets
It’s 328 and I’m still here
Why? Because there’s outrageous comparisons between the Supreme Court and Facebook. That’s why. To assert a similarity between Brett and Alex Jones is insane.
”patriarchal resentment” 🙄
Trump tweeted this yesterday at the end of the day of hearings
Brief nap because you people demand it
So it's been about 3 hours. The talking heads start their yapping around 6:30 - 7:00 usually.
Ah-ha. Right on schedule.
Well Ms. CNN, who else can balance out the six opinion pieces and questions about Kavanaugh's virginity that your network put out last night?
Kirsten Gillibrand, sucking the nuance out with a vacuum cleaner with this hum-dinger of a tweet.
Statement from @SenBillNelson
Kavanaugh vote timeline
"No agenda"
Apparently it comes down to the votes cast by these folks
No surprise.
This means Democrats think Kavanaugh is gonna get confirmed
Cory Booker wasn’t talking about baseball
the minute i find a livestream up ill let you all know
thank you @fche
Now we wait
they're piling into the room
It's starting
Flake confronted in elevator by protester
video of Flake being cornered in elevator
Democrats being precious and dragging at every last vote
Democrats are walking out
3 have walked out by the looks of it
Grassley made remarks
Feinstein making remarks now
"Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Brett Kavanaugh is delayed until 1:30 p.m. ET"
Protesters are causing a ruckus in the meantime
if you enjoy this thread, I'd love it if you showed your support and gave some $$$
Statement from @KamalaHarris
Say what you want but there's something respectable about the Democrats who didn't walk out and honor the process. (or, if you see different, vice versa)

It's an important distinction.
I find tweeting during that to be kinda weird though. no matter who.
Statement from @marcorubio
Lindsey Graham speakin' now.
Statement from @SenThomTillis "After listening to today’s testimony, and reviewing all the facts and evidence, I maintain my support for his confirmation."…
“Would you have picked him? No. But you lost the election. And that has consequences.” - @LindseyGrahamSC
Durbin up now
ok it was 4 senators apparently
"Sens. Richard Blumenthal, Conn.; Mazie Hirono, Hawaii; Kamala Harris, Calif.; and Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I.; left the hearing room as Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, read his opening statement."…
"white men"
Senator John Cornyn up now. "says he would like Blasey Ford treated like his mother, wife or daughters and Kavanaugh treated like his father, brother or son. "
If you like this thread on today's Kavanaugh hearing, please support my work so I can continue serving you people.
"Feinstein's staff did not leak the letter to The Intercept" - DC bureau chief at The Intercept.
Sen. Whitehouse up now
In a change of pace he's been honest about why Democrats oppose Kavanaugh
Whitehouse mentions July 1st date on calendar
Grassley refutes calendar claim with number of boys at July 1st gathering not adding up
Senator Lee up now
Amy Klobuchar up now
"this is not normal" - Amy Klobuchar says.
Statement from Senator Joe Donnelly. Voting no.
Personal opinion? No matter what Klobuchar's stance on Kavanaugh is, i think she conducted herself fairly throughout the whole process. Kudos to her on that.
Senator Cruz up next.
"We are living in a divided time." - says Cruz
There's the "calendars are FAKE" nonsense
Gonna assume this graph from the Washington Post is up to date at the moment.
Senator.... (I don't know if I can even say his last name without getting Twitter booped so here's a picture of the guy).

This guy is speaking.

rally going on atm
Sen Crapo up now
I'm listening to these old folks speak just to make sure I don't miss anything important. If you appreciate that feel free to donate as a thank you. ^__^ It'd warm my heart. (mostly because you guys leave the loveliest messages when you do.)
Booker time.
Statement from @SenatorTester
"There were no winners in this room yesterday"
Also Booker left the room because he's a fool who disrespects the process he signed up for and can't help but make a scene.
"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?"
Blumenthal up currently.
Fox News Fires Contributor Who Called Kavanaugh Accusers ‘Lying Skanks’…
i think we're doing this until 1:30
"PAUSE in hearing is because: every senator present has spoken. Grassley will now wait until 1:30 when the vote will happen. Or a senator who hasn't spoken yet (hey! @JeffFlake !) could still come to their mic." says @LisaDNews
I want an ASMR video of us sitting in silence with Grassley
What do you think he's looking at?
If Grassley was my grandfather I'd rate him a 5/10. He looks like a "half good days, half bad days" sort of gramps.
Whispering secrets for Grassley to hold closely tight forever
He's got a strong lady watching over him just in case he falls asleep. And that'd be ok. Grassley has had a long day. I bet he's tired.
"And her beef curtains were so tight it was like my willy was in a sauna."
"You like Thai food?"
Wait hold on gotta nap
You can see inside his ear from here.
"Sup foo!"
"Nothin' much, Grassy G."
are they holding Flake hostage or something
"What's going on?" this, apparently
aight there's something happening
Sen Flake now speaking "speaking with a number of people on the other side about making sure to due diligence." "I think it would be proper to delay floor vote up to one week"
OK so Kavanaugh made it past the committee and Flake ADVOCATED for a week delay but hell knows if he gets that. Correct?
Ok cool that's the end of this thread.

I followed this story for the past 30 hours. If you appreciate that effort, feel free to send $$$ via Paypal so I can keep doing this sort of thing.

Many thanks ^__^!
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