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1. Instead of credible #Brexit plans, all we are getting is weak triangulation between warring factions with each party trying to reconcile the irreconcilable contradictions within their own movements. Nobody is seriously engaging with reality.
2. The debate is no longer about distinct issues and I honestly don't think Brexiters even care. Hard Brexit is just a banner for the hard right to rally under. They are not interested in what damage it will do. This is purely about taking power.
3. It doesn't matter if their latest plan has no chance of working and doesn't address the issues. It exists only as a political stick to beat Theresa May with. The ring leaders don't need to do detail because the Tory Brexit clan will believe whatever they are told to believe.
4. This idiocy from Delingpole illustrates the whole of the thinking process. It is simply a matter of who it triggers and which gatekeeper supports it. He hasn't read it, he hasn't understood it and he has zero interest in the substance. Same can be said of Julia Dunning-Kruger.
5. Generally speaking the parties do no thinking of their own so they will adopt whatever dross comes along from whichever think tank most publicly confirms their existing prejudices. That is why think tanks (all of them without exception) produce low grade tribal dross.
6. They are not in business to get things right. they are in business to stay in business - to maintain their monopoly of influence and their access to high places which they will sell to lobbyists. They all do it and they are largely insulated from the consequences.
7. What is needed is a forensic appraisal of the situation, acknowledging all of the facts whether we like them or not. But there's nobody in this game honest enough to do that. I've tried and consequently don;t exist. Can't tell anybody what they do not want to hear.
8. Mainly what they do not want to hear and wish to evade is that fact that having left the EU the EU is the power in this equation and it can call the shots. What it could agree to is neither here nor there if it doesn't want to. Our leverage was always slender.
9. Having squandered what leverage, time and credibility we had, the cupboard is now bare and we will be leaving on their terms if there is a deal. That was predicted and predictable which is why EEA Efta always made more sense.
10. But again you cannot tell Tories anything. They think they know it all already. What they demand is impossible. What they want is undeliverable. They know this but continue to lie anyway because they've collectively hypnotised themselves into thinking no deal is viable.
11. This again is tribal dynamics. when a groupthink takes hold it is next to impossible to dislodge it and soon it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. the closer we get to the event horizon the more allergic to facts they become.
12. The same is true on the remain side who have now convinced themselves a second vote is within reach and that they can vote down no deal. This is seriously delusional. Who is going to deliver any such thing? Nobody.
13. The problem here is that whenever anybody lends their loyalty to a party or cause they suspend all of their critical faculties to the point of derangement, believing that anybody who believes as they do is trustworthy and anybody else is an other with sinister motives.
14. The consequence of this is that there is now zero coherence in our politics, no concentration of power that can command the situation, no gumption, guile or guts. That is the nature of conformity. Party comes before country always.
15. Though this has always been a dynamic in British politics it is amplified by social media which suggests that party politics is no longer an adequate model since it automatically excludes sane people and tends only to attract sociopaths.
16. At this point I do not think we can stop this stop this runaway train and we will end up going over the cliff. They one they claim doesn't exist. and then none of them will take responsibility and their tribal followers will pitch in to get them off the hook.
17. If that happens then that is a failure of politics and a failure of the system and if our politics is in such a state that it can bring us to the brink of being a failed state then we need to replace the Westminster system entirely. It is a liability we can no longer afford.
18. Much of the problem is with decision-making being done entirely in London by sociopaths who go native to the Westminster swamp. We now need to break it up and explore means of distributed decision making to ensure that sane voice are heard.
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