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We have an opportunity to shine light on serious problems dems have blatantly shoved in our faces this week. PLEASE don't let the opportunity go to waste. Let's name some of them, shall we? I'll number these tweets, last one will say "end thread" (see next)
(2) The biggie, let's start there... Deep State is real. Not conspiracy. Anyone who doesn't see it now, has chosen not to. So, there's that... don't let anyone dismiss it anymore. This week established it for any reasonable person. Done. We don't go back to "conspiracy" (next)
(3) Mob rule is real. Dems showed America who they are - resisters on an agenda. No empathy for judge, his family, American people who may believe the judge, or our country as a whole... Cackled gleefully in full view of all - sincerely for Ford's "trauma"? Does it matter? (next)
(4) Social engineering works. If America is concerned about "feels", then the communists have succeeded. Rammed down our throats is judging all players based on their sensitivity - mob social score. NO! Due process, rule of law, jury of peers, innocent until PROVEN guilty! (next)
(5) After this week, reasonable people are ready for honest conversation about what's really happening. Coup. It's time now to talk to your family and friends, who weren't listening before. Remind them of when Hillary came out wearing purple. Why did she & others do that? (next)
(6) MAGA is a bright shiny jewel, a precious treasure, do you feel it? Prosperity is freedom. Exposing and cleaning out corruption is much more important than people thought, as many denied that our country was entrenched. But, here we are, and now we can heal the broken (next)
(7) Education - communists literally have an instruction manual (yes, I get to use the word "literally" because I know how). If you read their tutorial, you'll know exactly what they've done. DONE. They already did it. We are long past "prevention". Have to reverse damage! (next)
(8) I'd suggest our own instruction manual to purge the schools of the communist cult religion, and all of the surrounding ideologies they use to sow discord and manipulate the populace. Have you seen the movie "Idocrasy"? It's crude, vulgar, but brilliant underneath. (next)
(9) I've been in the schools in recent years. I don't want to discuss details, as they involve real people who I protect the privacy of... and if trying hard enough, someone could figure out who/where/what I'm talking about, so... I hope you take my word that I *saw* it (next)
(10) I saw wall-to-wall propaganda in elementary school classrooms. It looked like DNC had vomited its talking points all over the room. I couldn't find many classic stories or real textbooks, only commie-style books about immigration heroes, climate change, "feels", etc. (next)
(11) The kids were stupid. There, I said it. Very regressed. They are at least two years delayed... still BITING other students out of frustration in the 4th Grade? WOW. I'd have pegged their development at 2nd grade at max. Many couldn't read, couldn't do math. Bad, folks (next)
(12) But they knew politics... kids yelling things like "F Trump". Elementary school kids. Also, obsessed with "anti-bullying" - by, predictably (and this was the agenda all along), BULLYING kids for Wrongthink. Now, take this wretchedness & multiply it for college level. (next)
(13) By the time these kid reach college, they've been groomed to be proper NASTY social justice warriors & idiot activists. They are under-educated and indoctrinated. Pawns. Elites, dems don't care about these humans, an entire American generation. Disposable. But WE care (next)
(14) These are our babies - who have to live with a hateful stupid mob. We have to fix it. What we need to do is very, very simple. TEACH ACADEMICS. That's it. I homeschooled all my kids. It took a lot of time to teach math, science, history, English, etc. Then, adding (next)
(15) music, theater, dance, woodshop, cooking, foreign languages, etc.... no time for convo about "feels". I made time for that as a PARENT, but it was not part of our curriculum. How do schools have time for propaganda? Well, they don't. They took time away from academics (next)
(16) Hold them accountable. How many hours are spent teaching academic subjects? Monitor via parent volunteers who track off topic material - make sure that teachers actually TEACH real subjects that are verified by textbooks, syllabus, etc. FACTS, not feels. Math is math. (next)
(17) Education, critical thinking, independent personal freedom - this is what we need to MAGA. Communists deliberately made us stupid and now we have to fight hard to educate our people. This is just ONE area of society/government that they successfully infiltrated. (next)
(18) What I'm suggesting is this: While people are very emotional over this hearing, please make something positive out of what has been an abhorrent, devastating farce. Talk to people about the communist agenda & the vast criminal enterprise who sees humans as commodities (next)
(19) Give people hope. We can fix what's broken. We have to read the communist playbook & do everything in REVERSE! Instead of dumbing people down, smarten them up! Raise them up! Teach them integrity. You don't SNITCH on people, that's cowardly. You work it out directly! (next)
(20) Government doesn't get to tell us what issues, values, and ethics are important. "Virtue signalling" is pompous and makes people look like fools. Emperor has no clothes on & he's not attractive. Dismantle EVERYTHING they did. Unravel their Social Engineering. (next)
(21) Turn everything against them. Elevate independent thinkers, creatives, inventors, musicians - anyone who brings something NEW. Dismiss those who parrot trends. Make politics about POLICY!!!!!!!! <--- Encourage people to care about real issues. WE have the power! (next)
(22) Reject voting decisions based on "feels", judging whether or not someone is a good person or a bad person. WTH?!!!? This is about US! This is OUR COUNTRY! Their (garbage or angelic) private lives don't fix our brokenness. We need real help. Jobs, health and safety! (next)
(23) Don't take on shame that isn't ours. We aren't racists/nazis/phobic/etc. for wanting HEALTH - JOBS - SAFETY! Now that the hearings have outted dems for who they really are, it's time for zero tolerance on shaming us for wanting MAGA. We come together as one people (next)
(24) We are good, we are kind. We are strong. We are determined. We have WON. Do you feel it? All of us have done our part. Positive thinking, prayer, being brave in our speech, sharing our thoughts-truth-research... others have done much more. We need to finish STRONG. (next)
(25) Honor those who suffered for 🇺🇸. Now is when we fight! Vote all R. I'm an Independent, & it pains me to vote straight GOP, as I'm not a fan of either party, but I'm ANTI-COMMIE/anti-globalist. Only way. Need support for @realDonaldTrump to MAGA! God bless you. /end thread/
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