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Let's talk about sex, #Kavanaugh & Venn diagram overlap of male entitlement.

I've written a lot about sex in various contexts. In the late 80s/early 90s I also gave safe sex workshops back when folks my age were dying 24/7 from #AIDS. My 1st book was on juvenile prostitution.
Most of us know consensual and non-consensual sex differ. The entirety of #Kavanaugh's defense and his defenders' outrage is predicated on the presumption that no teenaged boy knows what consent is.


Some, like their adult counterparts, don't care.

This is key.
Since #MeToo we've seen egregious serial rapists like #BillCosby and #HarveyWeinstein exposed & attempts made to prosecute them.

But there are "lesser" sexual assaults we've given a lighter hand to: Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, Louis CK--too many to list.
Those men lost their jobs, yet are all still in their respective lines of work. The women they abused have been ostracized or excommunicated from that same business. The NYT sent Glenn Thrush to rehab like drinking makes men sexually assault women & he came right back to work.
#Kavanaugh isn't Cosby or Weinstein. But he is those other guys. He absolutely did what he's accused of by Ford and Ramirez and maybe other girls who did not/won't come forward.
How we know is that Kavanaugh is a serial liar, deeply entitled and used to getting what he wants.

Not all men who are serial liars sexually assault women. Not all blackout drunks serially assault women.
But the things #Kavanaugh lies about--sex and alcohol and addiction--suggest otherwise.
Much has been made about #Kavanaugh's weird calendars. Here's the thing: He catalogued his drinking on it. Over and over he noted brewskis--code his parents wouldn't recognize. But it was THAT important to him. And it's all over his yearbook. Drunkenness. Sex. Addiction.
#Kavanaugh shifted addictions at some point from alcohol to gambling. $200k debt is a house.His bestie,#MarkJudge, continued to struggle with alcohol and drugs. Wrote two books about it--co-starring Kavanaugh--and built his career and fortune on those tales of teen debauchery.
#Kavanaugh wants us to accept the calendars but not the yearbook nor the eyewitness account of his then best friend, #MarkJudge.

He wants us to believe explanations that are verifiably false: boofing is either anal sex or anal imbibing of alcohol or drugs. Not farting.
#Kavanaugh wants us to believe #DevilsTriangle is a drinking game instead of a game where two guys corner one girl and have sex with her: consensual or non.


That Kavanaugh spent years being drunk is recorded BY HIM everywhere.
Drinking was so much a part of #Kavanaugh's teen life, it appears every week on his calendars as an event and in his yearbook. He appears as Bart O'Kavanaugh in #MarkJudge's best-selling memoirs of teenage debauchery.

#ChristineBlaseyFord says he was "stumbling drunk."

#ChristineBlaseyFord details the drunk 17yr olds--SEVENTEEN IS NOT A LEGAL DRINKING AGE ANYWHERE--#Kavanaugh and Judge--shoving her in a room, locking her in and Kavanaugh attempting to rape her while Judge cheered him on.

She was not drunk.
She was terrified.
She screamed.
#Kavanaugh put his hand over #ChristineBlaseyFord's mouth and she feared he "would inadvertently kill" her.

Kill her by accident because he was so drunk.

The #GOP argument and Kavanaugh's own is that yes, this obviously happened to Dr. Blasey Ford, but someone else did it.
#ChristineBlaseyFord is an expert witness, by which I mean she's an expert in the field of psychological trauma & how it impacts the hypothalmus. She knows why this event was indelible for her. She knows why she remembers all the details of the sexual violence but not others.
#Kavanaugh & the #GOP thought Ford wouldn't show up. Or that she would be a liar, or a smug partisan and yelling--all the things Kavanaugh was.

But she was sweet and docile and almost naive in her desire to please the senators. She was unimpeachable. Never argumentative.
also answered EVERY question. She never disassembled. She never answered questions with "I worked hard. I went to Stanford & Pepperdine & I have FOUR degrees & all my students adore me." In fact she said NOTHING about herself. She was self-deprecating.
was the antithesis of #-Kavanaugh. She said she was terrified. She cried quietly, almost unnoticeably--no loud blubbering, sniffing, snorting for the cameras. She was embarassed by her own emotion. She tried to contain it, covering her face with her hair.
These were two portraits of a day in the life of two teenagers. #ChristineBlaseyFord explained how this event had impacted her entire life in both small and large ways. She gave professional counterpoint for why that happens in the brain--trauma stays with us. Vividly.

For #Kavanaugh it was just another drunken party he has no memory of. Or claims not to.

It's wholly believable he doesn't remember. Because of being blackout drunk. Ford, an expert, could have explained how that happens, had anyone asked her. No one did.
The facts for anyone who has the will to examine them are obvious: #Kavanaugh lied repeatedly. #ChristineBlaseyFord did not.

Had we been given a recitation of her life as we were Kavanaugh's, we would have a broader picture. And maybe people would care about HER ruined life.
#ChristineBlaseyFord was in front of the cameras with one break for two & a half hours. #Kavanaugh got 4hrs & 4 breaks.

He talked about himself and his accomplishments for 44mins straight.

She never talked about herself. Not even for a minute.

The contrast was shocking.
If you were accused of a crime, wouldn't you want to be vindicated?

Wouldn't you believe an investigation would clear you? Or at least create reasonable doubt?

But there is no real doubt. All #Kavanaugh has are his calendars cataloguing his alcohol addiction & partying.

#Kavanaugh threw out buzz phrases, implied a conspiracy, repeatedly asserted he went to Yale, lied about drinking, lied about sex games, lied about sex, lied about his ABA status, attacked the Democratic senators, especially Klobuchar.

Ford attacked no one, blamed no one.
#Kavanaugh is termperamentally unfit for #SCOTUS. We all saw it. #NeilGorsuch
was challenged repeatedly. He never raised his voice. He was never accused of sexual assault.He attended the same schools at the same time. There's no #DevilsTriangle or drunkenness in his yearbook.
When people show you who they are--and #Kavanaugh showed us on Thursday--believe them.

Don't put them on the #SCOTUS. It's not a present--it's literally one of the highest offices in the country and unelected. Kavanaugh's polls are underwater. The people don't want him.

Res ipsa loquitur.

#Kavanaugh revealed himself as a liar. #ChristineBlaseyFord
revealed him as her attacker.

Whether he recalls it or not, he doesn't have the personal introspection at 53 to question himself, his actions or that time in his life.

That is telling. Alas.
Addendum: #Kavanaugh also lied about the woman, Renate, in his yearbook--the one he and his friends asserted they had all had sex with. She did NOT tell Kavanaugh she knew what he meant. She's quoted in the NYT as being devastated by what was said about her by Kavanaugh.
And #MarkJudge's yearbook quote states that women should be struck often.

This was a culture of treating girls like garbage.

#Kavanaugh may feel differently now, but then he was wholly invested in that culture of using girls.
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