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1) Thread: Our unelected ruling class is implementing the integration of a universal income strategy, to establish economic & racial equality in American society. Secretly.
2)The world that your children & grandchildren are about to inherit is predetermined & no one ever intended to give you, or them a vote. (As w/my other threads, keep in mind, the organizations discussed are but a few of thousands around the world so this is not a fringe movement)
3) Most of you know that there has been a longstanding western movement to transform global education by instituting a universal set of beliefs and values with the implied motive of creating equality and inclusion for everyone on the planet. Sounds noble, right?
4) International governments, along with the United Nations, corporations, & the wealthiest families in the world have created an infinite body of NGOs which are molding state & private education curricula to program the next generation to achieve their goals.
5) Facts about American history, traditions, & patriotism, are being phased out of education. A plan to bring about the death of the American dollar to exchange it with a new global currency for the new sustainable world will emerge. Equality means that individualism must die.
6) Inclusion, equality, privilege, philanthropy, democratic, ally, accomplice, wealth equity, racial equity, and others are but a few words which no longer retain their traditional meaning in the world of social justice.
7)Be mindful of certain buzzwords in the new world of global social engineering. On the surface the persona of the movement to create sustainable development, social innovation, and their associated NGOs exhibit a desire to make the world a better place.
8) Those among us who are woke know enough to be wary of the future because they recognize that there is always a larger underlying motive.
9) By now you must have noticed that even basic common words, like racism don’t mean what they once did to the newer generation. For example, in the world of social justice inclusion is really exclusion of specific groups & equality is implied but not intended to be equal to all.
10) So I caution, always be ready to ask yourselves…what do these people really want? Be a skeptic, ask questions, & research until there are no more questions to answer, & then read between the lines some more.
11) We are living in a rapidly changing world in one of the most transformative periods of human history. The powerful are at war with one another & w/the common people which makes for very uncertain times. One thing that you CAN count on is that things are never what they seem.
12) Getting you and your children’s cooperation requires disguising & embedding the framework of their plan within education, media narratives, & social service programs by using concepts and values anyone would find difficult to argue.
13) After all who doesn’t think the world needs more empathy and civic minded individuals?
14) A method for intellectually & emotionally preparing children of wealth to join a level playing field with poor children of color is being subliminally woven into the education system.
15) In order to get you and your children to accept their world view you & your children must have an attitude change. Consequently empathy is the primary theme which is now central in emerging approaches to global education. @SidneyPowell1 .@vabelle2010
16) I’m not knocking empathy. It’s so critical to living a fulfilling life & making the world worth living in. SJWs & I just have different ideas about what defines empathy. When you read their materials look beyond words & view their intentions from a global perspective.
17) Many of the engineers of this grand plan don’t really care about people. The goal of empathy is to inspire guilt & motivate you to cooperate. Ask yourself: Why is this body of faceless rulers transforming our world in secret without consulting you? Does that seem caring?
18) They believe that they alone have identified both the problem & the solution, but only they can implement it. Part of the solution is to make you & future generations pay for their plan which will require everyone to make major changes.
19) Systemic racism is running rampant in America, or so the socialists/Marxists remind us 24/7 365 days a year. Meet Peggy McIntosh, the woman who wrote the book on ‘privilege.’
20) They believe that they alone have identified both the problem & the solution, but only they can implement it. Part of the solution is to make you & future generations pay for their plan which will require everyone to make major changes.
21) Systemic racism is running rampant in America, or so the socialists/Marxists remind us 24/7 365 days a year. Meet Peggy McIntosh, the woman who wrote the book on ‘privilege.’
22) Major universities across the country have embraced teaching the concept that privilege, particularly, white privilege is an overarching factor contributing to the world’s problems.
23) According to McIntosh you‘re white privilege is giving you unearned advantage that you don’t deserve which makes it possible for racism to thrive and prevents minorities from flourishing in life.
24) There are an endless number of nonprofit programs designed to balance the scales of racial inequality and reprogram whites to check their privilege to begin serving minorities.
25) To get you started here are some things ‘White People Can Do to Fight for Racial Justice’ @SidneyPowell1 .@SiddonsDan @SKYRIDER4538
26) Things ‘White People Can Do to Fight for Racial Justice’: 1) Put up Black Lives Matter signs in your windows 2) provide free housing 3) then do the same for organizers and activists. @mikepfingston2 @dawg_lb @DuffelBlog @mikeandersonsr @Doranimated @PoliticalShort
27) 4) Enroll your kids in schools where they are the racial minority 5) give your kids’ reading material that addresses justice and equality.
28) The website above leads to others with parenting advice and special schooling. 1) Train your children for child activism 2) teach your children Social Justice words
29) Our Mission... We educate our children through a queer ecofeminist lens. In the words of Greta Gaard, this lens requires embracing diversity and “building coalitions for creating a democratic…… @SidneyPowell1
30) Some of the most highly educated people in the U. S. engineered these movements but have somehow failed to recognize the obvious. It’s impossible to solve a social problem when the architect perpetuating it, and the engineers attempting to stop it, are one in the same.
31) Then again, the people at the top aren’t really making changes for the benefit of others. However, they do expect you to. The liberal mantra has always required that everyone else must change but personal responsibility never enters the equation.
32) So they say, if you want to help change the future 1) bail black and brown people out of jail 2) raise funds 3) bundle money for social justice organizations 5) just remember this is not about boosting your ego so keep it on the down low. Lol
33) The above website also directs you to an activist org. called Resource Generation, which has been active since the 90s. RG helps to free you of your privilege, primarily your greenback privilege. As the old saying goes, “Money makes the world go ‘round.” Lol.
34) One caveat, if interested, only young adults between the ages of 18-35 with $1million or more of wealth, need apply. Lol
35) RG is funded by The Tides Foundation and other well-known philanthropies. Their program focuses on counseling financially privileged young adults to donate money to create an economically just NWO. Lol.
36)Co-founded by Drummond MacGavin Pike, M.S. political science, Rutgers, & Jane Bagley Lehman, the Reynolds tobacco heiress. The Tides foundation is well funded & flush w/controversy. A little money laundering scheme here & a little tax evasion there is nothing new in this game.
37) One of RG’s causes is supporting Black-led Black liberation from white supremacy and state-sanctioned violence which is code for Black Lives Matter and others.…
38) The board and staff demographics of RG report representing primarily poor, working class, and middle class backgrounds of which 30% are people of color.
39) Only 10 % of RG’s advocates are from poor, working class, and middle class background but their dues paying members are multi-racial and multi-class. 17% of their dues paying membership are wealthy young people of color.
40) RG offers emotional support for the transition process and joining together in crossing class lines and encouraging or supporting partnerships and cross class romantic relationships when they occur.
41) Apparently part of the plan is to encourage wealthy young educated people to cross class lines partnering with low skill, low educated minorities in order to raise them up to the wealthy class.
42) They expect a significant shift in racial demographics by 2040 forecasting that majority race will be people of color of increasing political and social power. The US census bureau predicts this will happen in 2045.
43) 2040 is only 22 years from now. If recent reports that the illegal alien population is actually twice the 11 million previously reported then that time frame has just sped up exponentially. Especially considering we are still letting in another 1 million annually.
44) In the mean time, forestalling a white genocide, (Lol) they want you to know that Republicans and their charities are are bad, so SJWs shouldn’t give them money.
45) Proving their position is the (R) tax bill which will result in young wealthy members making more money, (the root of all evil) and is counter to reaching economic equity goals. Members should prepare to raise their donation level $$$ to retain poverty ‘savior’ status. Lol
46) Now with the understanding that you’re responsible for fixing world poverty you can figure out your personal guilt level bracket in the charts below. Lol…
47) Are you in Guilt Bracket 2, 3, or 4? If you're white and your in section 1, you're really in section 2 so cough it up. Lol
49) And then one of their financial advisors can assist you in unburdening your conscience by reducing the weight of your greenbacks. Lol
50) Of course, there is no shortage of options when it comes to financial advisors who can help you save the poor and the world. Lol
52) I guess, even if you’re a relatively small organization, if you can connect young wealthy donors with wanton causes, you’ll have no problems finding organizational partners. Lol.
53) ...Or foundations to add to your list of potential grantees either. Lol
54) Well there you have it, save the planet for these peaceful, caring folks (Lol) and…
55) …And rid the planet of these violent NAZIS. Lol.
If you want to know more about the United Nations 2030 sustainable development (formerly 2021) plan for socially engineering the global future. I cover it in this thread.
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