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🇺🇸⛪️✝️THREAD ~ Are you ready to go to church? I started posting my notes after I get home from church on Sundays. Several of you asked me to please keep doing it, so now it's a regular thing. This will be long. Church was Q uite interesting. Last tweet will say "end thread"
(2) Intriguing synchronicity. Coincidence? Scripture often feels relevant, for those who seek insight, but it's possible there's more going on here. Deliberate sync to church calendar, to align w assumed outcomes? Did you see this when I shared it before?…
(3) This Sunday's church calendar readings were again very timely. Millions are reading these SAME verses today. I wonder what they're thinking? First, Psalm 124. If God had not been on our side (tyranny? globalism? suffering?) would have been MUCH WORSE.…
(4) I think it's good to ponder this Psalm a bit... we tend to think about how bad things are, instead of how much worse it could have been - if not for divine intervention, good people, hard work, fate, free will, and many other components aligning to intervene, preventing worse
(5) "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." from the next reading, James 5:13-20 - I'll share the entire passage. It's worth reading slowly, letting the words settle. Impact of these words are unique to you, meeting you where you are.…
(6) Pastor told funny story, on I-75 to Atlanta, slow vehicle w bumper stickers "In case of rapture, this car will be driverless", "Honk if you ❤️Jesus", etc. When someone cut her off, she honked & flipped the bird. 🤣oops... what we do matters more than our bumper stickers.
(7) He told another story, about Gramma B, who lost her husband Otis. She complained bitterly, chronically, perpetually, saying she couldn't wait to join Otis. One day, Pastor showed up at her door. Said he was there to help her plan her funeral. Asked for her favorite hymn...
(8) Gramma B never whined for death to come soon, ever again. I don't know if that was a true story. Southern Pastor, he loves a good tale. I'm a Yank, he's probably pulling my leg, especially with the gory story he told about the chainsaw... I'll tell you that one next.
(9) Pastor works in hospital - helicopter brought patient who cut off his left hand w chainsaw. Asked how it happened, claimed he did it on purpose because Bible told him to. True story? Doubtful, but it got our attention. Pastor talked about metaphors, similes, interpretation...
(10) Rich language helps us examine for ourselves, as we must interpret what the words mean. "Cutting off your hand" is usually interpreted as losing things that are preventing you from being a faithful disciple. Examine yourself & be willing to change.…
(11) More in that passage deserves our attention today. "Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us". The lines in the sand are deep, especially after this week's hearing. We don't have time for petty division. Welcome ALL on our side (side of Freedom, Goodness).…
(12) Mark 9:50: “Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.” Pastor talked about increasing quality of life for everyone around us - salt seasons, adds flavor.…
(13) Not about divisiveness or being argumentative... but perceptive, bold... change ourselves to benefit others - be flavorful, not bland - be the salt that seasons and binds together. Changing self enables us to be responsive to will of God. Pastor went on to say that...
(14) God doesn't tell us to do things that are self-destructive. If anyone thinks so, they need to examine the real source of those messages (I'll add - & get help!). The kind of change meant, is to be the salt - to benefit, add, enrich a dull planet w flavor. Be open to change.
(15) I think our generation (meaning all generations alive today) have been asked to be an entire salt mine. We are called upon to be MORE. The world needs us, as we transition from dark to Light. As evil is exposed, as people respond, and as we navigate fear, anxiety, confusion.
(16) Taking a slight pause to put creamer in my coffee... back in 2. Have you seen my pumpkin oil painting I did last week? Enjoy a little fall break while I get my caffeine.
(17) Next, insight from Pastor's "children's sermon". Kids come forward & sit on the floor, while he sits in an adorable hand painted chair they gave him, and turns his name tag from Pastor to "Papa Bear" (their nickname for him). Sometimes I get the most out of his kids' sermons
(18) Pastor talked to the kids about new playground everyone pitched in together to raise money for, then build it on the church property. My kids are too old for it, but my youngest daughter will have good memories of helping earn the money by running the popcorn & hotdog stand
(19) Pastor told the kids God meant for children to have fun (added amusing stories about his Grandma who didn't get that concept). Went on to talk about how he has fun in everything he does & described his joyful experiences talking to people at church, & his job at the hospital
(20) It's a worthy challenge to imagine yourself talking to children, reducing your everyday life down to the roles you play... and how those roles are fun. Can you do it? Can you persuade yourself that your life is "fun"? We are meant to find joy in what we do. Can you?
(21) Today we sang hymns congregation requested on the fly. When pastor was out sick a few weeks ago, we filled the time w spontaneous "shout out your request" song service. Now it's a regular thing every 5th Sunday. So joyful! Didn't really need a plan, just each other & music.
(22) This week I tweeted bold statements about what's happening with the coup, resist, communist infiltration, etc. All of that doesn't feel real when I'm actively creating something, outside watching birds & butterflies, when I'm singing, praying, laughing, with my family...
(23) Which version of reality am I in? The one God gave to me - my inner circle of loved ones, the place where I live, the food I prepare to eat, my grocery list to replenish it, the wind blowing my patio swing as I type this, the hummingbird that visits our feeder? Is THIS real?
(24) Or... does the world decide which reality I live in? Darkness, madness, chaos, confusion, lies, greed, "trending" topics that decide what we think & talk about, coup, betrayal, control, distortion, abhorrent criminal actions, shaming, manipulation, suffering. Is this real?
(25) Both realities (and more) exist simultaneously, but we decide which has more power over us. We decide how to reconcile. AND - I believe that we can influence the world's version of reality if we choose to do so. We are more powerful than we know.…
(26) We aren't invited to the secret societies that lurk beneath the surface, so why should we conform to their transfiguration? Why choose A, when we can have B? (see definitions for A and B, ponder the difference)…
(27) Darkness wishes to impose its transfiguration onto the world, but Light should desire it even more so. When we fight back, we win. Good always wins, but we must consciously choose it, we must accept the gifts we're offered, and USE them. Challenge: push yourself to be MORE.
(28) Did you see my new oil painting this week? I composed an original song for it. I'm pushing myself to try new things... to put more of myself out there. Positive energy>creating>light. I'm doing my bit to contribute to the scales... tip it toward LIGHT. Words, ideas, actions.
(29) No matter what you do - work, hobbies, family - your contribution is a raindrop in a mighty ocean. Do you feel it? We have spoken. We have chosen to win. We have ALREADY won. Fight now to see it to the finish, give future generations more time until they rise from the ashes
(30) Be the salt. Make noise, but don't let it paralyze you. Don't miss your own life, over their madness. We have to focus on MAGA, not be pulled into their distractions. Take breaks. Limit how much you get sucked in. Seek fun & joy in all that you do. God bless you /end thread/
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