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@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD This is why I have trouble with the "get up and do something about it" mentality to weight loss, and health in general. Everything starts in your brain, your mood, motivation, energy level, and if your diet is wreaking havoc with that, very difficult to break out of it. 1/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan, whom I respect GREATLY for the pioneering work he's doing with his podcast, has advanced this argument several times (see episodes with @MikhailaAleksis and the @BioLayne/@DominicDAgosti2 debates). As someone who has lived it, I cannot disagree more. 2/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 Before I fixed my diet, I was a mess. Sure, I was able to function in daily life, but barely so, and I was exhausted all the time. The mental and physical effort required to e.g. get into a regular gym routine was daunting when I was in that state. 3/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 And I did try, on several occasions, but I never could break out of the mental/physical malaise that seemed to engulf me. It wasn't always like this though -- in my 20s and 30s I was active in the gym and in sports, and had the mood/motivation/energy to sustain both. 4/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 Over time, however, an imperceptible shift occurred that, until I (suddenly, dramatically) broke out of it, I never would have noticed. Like the boiling frog analogy. I had no idea how bad things had gotten. What changed? @drjasonfung's book, which I found quite by accident. 5/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung Unlike the descent into my malaise, which took many years, the emergence was startlingly quick, and it's inconceivable that it could be ANYTHING but physiological (and I am both amused and somewhat disheartened that people ascribe such transformation to placebo effect). 6/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung It was 40 hours into my first fast (begun just after finishing a binge-read of Fung's Obesity Code) that the lights went on. The fog lifted, and everything improved dramatically: mood, motivation, energy, not to mention a host of physical symptoms. Within 40 hours. 7/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung It was ONLY THEN that I'd realized that the long slow descent that had been my "norm" for at least 10 years. It was like I immediately snapped back to those days when mere thought of getting control of my own body wasn't completely daunting! 8/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung Suddenly, the little things that seemed so difficult, just a few days earlier, became trivial. I started moving more -- naturally. Brain fog lifted and afternoon crashes disappeared. And, perhaps most interestingly, I became MORE SOCIAL. 9/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung I've always been introverted (somewhere in the INTP/INTJ space) but in those years of decline, the mental energy to just go to a party among friends seemed more than I could bear at times. I usually did it, but it exhausted me, especially during the week. 10/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung It's not that I was anti-social per se, more like I didn't have the mental ENERGY to be social. After that initial 40 hour fast, though, it was no longer daunting; it became something I looked forward to, even after an intense workday. 11/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung I subsequently started reading all about the insulin hypothesis, and the metabolic advantage seemed to fit my own observations. But as we've seen (in metabolic ward studies), there seems to be no such "advantage" under controlled conditions. This surprised me, at first. 12/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung But upon reflection, I realized, I'm not "racing" all the time. It's not like an amphetamine rush -- in fact, my resting heart rate seemed to decline. It was more a steadiness of energy -- mental and physical -- that was impervious to LOAD. 13/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung Analogy: think of an old house with an air conditioner. When the AC kicks in, the lights dim briefly. That's not a voltage problem, that's a POWER/CURRENT problem. Voltage drops because the power supply can't handle the sudden surge in current demand. 14/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung You could have two homes, both with 120V AC supply but with different current ratings. Under low current loads, they will appear to be identical, voltage (ie potential) remains 120V. It is only after you apply a load (turn on the AC) that the difference becomes apparent. 15/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung The home with the higher current rating will have less of a dip. And similarly, when we fix our metabolism, we don't necessarily get a BMR boost (why would the body just burn calories for nothing? Evolution would certainly select that out, no?), but rather a capacity boost. 16/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung This, I believe, applies to both mental and physical energy levels. These days I can maintain focus in hours-long meeting where I once struggled mightily after maybe 20 minutes of intense focus. The key here is maintaining mental energy even during heavy mental load.
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung And I believe it applies to physical activity as well. So when our metabolism is not functioning and we try to exercise, it's like turning on the AC, we get that energy dip, as opposed to metabolically healthy, who maintain steady energy throughout. 18/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung So the advice "just get out there and fix it", i.e. go to the gym and work it out, doesn't get to the root cause: if our supply of mental and physical energy is disrupted by poor diet and broken metabolism, that advice is pointless, like turning on the AC during a blackout. 19/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung So, this thread got a little longer than I'd anticipated, but @DaveKeto your experience with mood that day struck a chord. I guess the point I'm making is that mood and motivation seem to be a function of metabolic health, which is affected by the foods we eat. 20/n
@DaveKeto @PeterAttiaMD @joerogan @MikhailaAleksis @BioLayne @DominicDAgosti2 @drjasonfung For those of us who haven't discovered that our power supply is weak, trying to draw excess energy from that flawed supply is going to be a non-starter until we fix the supply. 21/end
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