#brexit seems to be all about feeling over fact and this is especially true of the ReesMogg ERG faction of the Tory right.
I never bought the line that #brexit is about Democracy because most of the Tory right had zero enthusiasm for improving democracy in the UK few of them care about unelected house of lords the unfair FPTP electoral system or transparency on the contrary
Most of the Tory right are interested only in constitutional changes that suit them and if anything strive to be as little democratically accountable as possible.
If #brexit is about anything it is allowing right wing Tories to do what the hell they like. They aren't taking back control to give it to the people rather for themselves
The great repeal bill is a clear expression of this it allows ministers to make unmake and ammend law without parliamentary approval thus #brexit which was allegedly about parliamentary sovereignty undermines it by allowing near untrammeled executive power
Despite claiming UK law is sacred the Europeans right has little respect for laws it doesn't like. All remember judges being enemies of the people and vote leave overspending is ignored despite it being such that it would have seen a binding vote declared void
absolute power is a tyranny for those subject to it but is in fact ultimate freedom for those wielding it and this #brexit comes close to conferring
But.#brexit hasn't just freed the Tory right in a legal sense it has freed it's proponents in another way namely it has liberated them from social norms around truth honesty and integrity.
#brexit allows it's proponents to say land do anything and never be called out. Thus Owen Paterson can say only a madman would leave single market before the Ref and then call for exactly that course of action
#brexit allows a brexiter to promise trade deals worth 10x the single market despite this being twice the value of world trade
#brexit allows any expert opinion to be dismissed as #ProjectFear by people with no knowledge of the subject and be cheered for doing so
Nadine Dorries can deny the Irish border problem brexists or is made up by remoaners and have what is pure wishful thinking taken as serious political comment
It allows #brexit supporters like Isobel Oakeshott to acknowledge that she sat on evidence that #brexit is supported by Russia a hostile foreign power with the express intention of destabilising Britain and claim this makes no difference to the case for #brexit
Many remainers are in dispair about this seeming ability of #brexit supporting politicians to lie cheat and steal and yet still be popular with their supporters I put this down to football support we syndrome
Leave and Remain have emerged as social identity on social media they are like two warring Tribes and to the leave side the attitude seems to be that of football supporters
Often leavers use football metaphors indeed the very phrase accept the result is exactly what you would say to the losing supporters if your side had won a game with a hand balled goal and view #brexit the same way
Deborah Matheson focus group guru to nulabour wrote that one leave supporter described the #brexit ref victory as like winning the world cup and this seems to be the attitude of many leavers
Many remainers will have been told shut up you Lost get over it or dry your eyes you crybabies or been called wining losers exactly as if #brexit were a football game with no wider material consequences I have been told by leavers my team lost I don't like it but I accept it
football is about winning and winning at any cost for this reason fans will often condone cheating by players or bribery of referees by the manager if it results in victory this seems to have affected their attitude to #brexit
Leavers seem to regard #brexit politicians as being their team and therefore condone lying and cheating as low cunning that allowed their team to win
It is this attitude that has allowed #brexit politicians to lie contradict themselves talk rank nonsense and dismiss genuine concerns as #ProjectFear
Another reason may simply be that the enormity of voting #brexit which could destroy your own country is too much to accept and therefore leavers simply prefer to believe absurd but comforting lies
At some point #brexit supporters will stop seeing brexist politicians as their team but for many this will only happen when they personally suffer and who knows when that will be
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