the most common question i get asked in dms is “how do i start drawing?”. gonna address that in this thread in a few parts.

must increase mystical reactionary visual situation... this is why i exist ofc.
first up, there is a trifecta of books I recommend to people getting started making art (i am going to assume u are starting from square zero here).

number one is ‘drawing on the right side of the brain’ by betty edwards.
biggest obstacle when ur starting is that you are unable to draw what you see because of ur own visual symbol system that translates the visual information ur eyes receive into mental information and relates it to what you know about the object ur drawing already. i will explain
lets say ur drawing a cube sitting on ur table. well you know a cube is square and has right angles, so ur brain tries to draw it that way (left column). the thing is, thats now how ur eye sees things. the reality of how you see things is more counter intuitive:
to draw a square object made only of right angles, you actually have to make a drawing that has no squares or right angles. this is where most children get stuck and frustrated with their images and this is where most adults “freeze” their visual development.
if you have tried drawing and been frustrated by it this is most likely ur first big hurdle: drawing what ur actually seeing and not what ur brain is telling you ur seeing. most people never get beyond this point and this book will do that for you.
next up: artists manual. this will give you a full run down of all the physical aspects of drawing and making art. do you want cold pressed paper or hot pressed? what kind of pencil are you looking for? you probably have no idea. just get this book.
last piece of the puzzle is ‘on the interaction of color’ by joseph albers. people say i just blindly hate abstract and modern art.. they are fools. albers, a modern painter, was basically a master of color who just tripped out on understand color and painted colored squares 24/7
most people do not understand the extent to which color is contextual. colors are completely defined by the colors around them. it is like of like music, where one note on a piano can sound completely different based on the notes you put around it. just get this book.
you need tools. start with pencils. this is because when you are doing realistic still lives and stuff, you are really working with [areas of shaded values (ie lightness and darkness)] and not line. look around u. are there lines outlining everything? no. there are not.
a set like this is good. drawing pencils are separated into B (think bold, these are darker) and H (hard, the lead is harder so the lines are lighter) with numbers indicating how far down the scale they are. sets like this have a full range from dark (6b) to light (3 or 4 H)
i honestly cant tell if i should recommend a set like this or you just getting a bunch of 2h and 2b pencils... i will leave that up to you and ur finances. here you can see he difference, you can literally see how hard and soft the graphite inside the pencil is from the marks:
you can get any normal sketchbook and use cheap paper in the beginning. pencil drawings will smudge eventually in a sketchbook so you can cut them out if you want but, it doesnt really matter, ur gonna wanna get out the first 100 bad drawings as quickly as possible.
if you want to really set urself up you can get a board and some artists tape and do this. this is how we would draw in a classical studio. the 5-10 sheets of paper are to give you some cushion when mark making. the board allows you to confidently hold ur drawing easily.
i will cover what to draw next time, but i won’t leave this totally hanging. what you should draw at this point falls into two categories:

a) stuff around you. literally just anything around you. your shirt on the floor, a bowl of fruit, ur office chair, anything. just go for it
b) real still lives. will address this more next time but this is basically what youd imagine. set up like 2 or 3 fruits and draw them. it is best to have some strong light source here like a window or a desk lamp (desk lamp is very good because it does not change like the sun).
when ur drawing a still life, especially in the beginning, strong lighting is very much so ur friend. ur recording visual info and if everything is evenly lit with no intense shadows and highlights, that is just less visual information for you... not the best situation.
last tip from me is [draw into a fucking rectangle]. use a ruler to make a frame for ur image + work into that frame. this forces u to compose the picture rather than just plopping ur image into an infinite field. if u send me a still life u worked hard on w no frame i will block
thats it for the 101. if you do all this and maybe carry around a sketchbook and quickly draw stuff around u (can use pen for this) you will improve very rapidly and impress urself (and girls... just saying).

next: setting up still lives and what to look for when drawing them
this is a good example of the visual relativity i mentioned before, and this is just with value (how light or dark something is). the effect can be magnified exponentially when color is involved.

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