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Almost drunk enough to do a long polemic on history, archetypes & behavioral science & how we're living the inevitable yield of wealthy cunts who, by dint of being wealthy, practice learned sociopathy as a means of replicating the basic feudalism adjusted with nifty PR glamours.
I mean, this is rudimentary shit, right? It's the end of The Mission, where the asshole imperial Portuguese toffs do their post-up on the massacre they just engineered.

"What are we to do?" says one prick. "The world is thus."

"Or," says the other dude, "thus have we made it."
Everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - rich people do to engineer a society to their liking that is stupid & unconscionable & predatory is "The world is thus." It is just that abstract, because it requires a fluffy abstraction to base it on. "America is THIS." "Britain is THIS."
All these facile shitburger toads WHOLLY incapable of lateral thought, like Tommy Robinson or Farage or Trump or Duke or McConnell or Shapiro, NEED the abstraction, some glossy bullshit Legion standard, that says, "THIS IS THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS & IT IS GOOD & INVIOLABLE."
It is, on its face, a daft proposition, of course. It demands a stasis that doesn't exist. It's like saying "Britain in the year 732 was the natural and pure state of Britain, with post-Romans and Britons and Angles and Saxons and some Vikings but THAT'S IT." Fucking idiocy.
Fucking idiocy, we know, because, um, wave after wave of empirical, measurable shit shows everything changed, inevitably, ALWAYS, like tectonic plates colliding, but plates of climate, microsocieties, empires, trade-routes, clanging together. Eventually making a DIFFERENT thing.
The world is not THUS. There is no THUS. THUS is the shit hammered into stupid people's brains by the church for a thousand fucking years, mostly by incel shitbirds, who, like our current infestation of incel shitbirds, were BAD PEOPLE.
They were bad specifically because they KNEW FUCKING NOTHING & said, "Our particular way of knowing fucking nothing is actually Truth, so, y'know, get on board or MOTHERFUCKING FLAMES FOR YOUR AND YOUR CHILDREN."

So, y'know, the "natural order" of then is EXACTLY fucking now.
Not a coincidence. It's the same "world is thus" behavior, justified by the same problem-solving-challenged, hyper-regimented dumbfuckery that MADE the church ascendant: it was a cynical control apparatus for dick warlords who needed plebs to do scutwork for shit pay & shut up.
The suspended-disbelief, miracle-laden, bad-programming, wholly daft upbringing I was subjected to insisted Christianity spread via magical sparkles radiating out from the Levant to Europe. Bullshit. See previous drunkthread 👇
Here's a key point in that thread. Yes, people were fucking stupid, en masse, & still sussing out how to organize shit, but a big tool noble pricks latched onto in doing so was KEEPING THEM FUCKING STUPID. Humanism, such as it existed, was literal heresy.
This isn't figurative. The church bankrolled armies to quash outbreaks of humanism manifest in its OWN priests as well as organic risings of proles starting to see & leverage the value of their work, risings against not just twat nobles but protocapitalist dicks like the Fuggers.
Read about the Hussite Wars. Stories awesome, enraging & revelatory that, sure, good priests trying to do a universalist Jesus DID exist, but they were inevitably smashed by a church & allied rich shitbags with no remote goddamn interest in the equality of men in God's eyes.
The "natural order," an "ascendant order" - the same one that led a POPE to sanction the African slave-trade - was not natural, of course, it was synthesized relative to the needs of rapey, pale, inbred, predatory assblankets to keep gaily doing predation.
Again, real shit: Pope Nicholas V, issued the Romanus Pontifex in 1455, granting the Portuguese God's blessing buy & trade slaves in beneficent hope that "either those peoples will be converted to the faith or at least the souls of many of them will be gained for Christ."
Mind you, going by their ACTS, you'd be hardpressed to find ANY pope who wouldn't hang at The Hague if put to contemporary metrics. But this isn't even to focus on the church: popes were assholes because their power derived from the blithe complicity of also-powerful assholes.
This underlies everything, that most ANYone with any power in feudal Europe were assholes because the system itself was Rule-by-Asshole. The attraction & utilitarian of medieval Christianity to assholes was that it was an asshole buttress.

Haha "asshole buttress."
It was a bad-faith (haha) operational model that kept common people cowed & eyes averted & misery unremediated & posh twats answerable to NO one. It transcended The Church. Luther, however much he challenged the hierarchy, considered proles vile & people's movements devil's work.
Henry VIII & Elizabeth, even if "protestant champions," were every bit the assholes the kings of the continent were, pope or no pope. That we're given this lens that hagiographs Great Men (& occasional Women) is the problem. It's looking at history as a fucking football game.
This is GIANT ARM-FLAILING TUBEMAN GODDAMN EVIDENCE ITEM #1 in prosecuting the bollocks idea of Western Supremacy or whatever the "Classical Liberals"/Nazis are calling it today: You don't need someone to fucking ROOT FOR in studying this shit.
This was a shit system. It lasted a long time. BECAUSE it was run by wan ass-ignorant overlords who were bad people. You don't need to pick goddamn HEROES from the ranks of twats to tell good stories. [A point I made in my period tv drunkthread👇]
But this is the essence of the Great Man lens of history. It canonizes verifiable dicks & it's motherfucking lazy. It is lazy now-ness that pointlessly elevates routine shit-behavior of then-ness.
It codifies the hierarchical fetishism that slouches toward a Warlord Archetype, which tracks back conspicuously to those early societies.👇The authority of the Warlord requires an absence of redress of the governed & zero consequences for one's actions. SOUNDS FAMILIAR, RIGHT?
There's a BUNCH of cognitive research on this but the big common denominators in re conservative thought patterns (small C - yes, "liberals" also do it in some sense) are 1) primacy of the tribe & 2) not just wariness of those outside it but a preprogrammed Presumption of Bad.
You can sub "in-group" for tribe, but this is boiled down Jungian stuff, right? Tribalism v universalism. Tribal Jesus's teachings apply to Christians (as some Christians will, in fact, aver) & all others can burn. Universal Jesus's teachings apply to everyone unconditionally.
You can apply that👆 btw, to any sect with an ass-clenched orthodoxy & a more deliberative, enlightened wing. But if we're looking at "conservative" "traditionalism" & its zeal to destroy life & hope on this dumb rock, we can't dance around the arcane shit it exists to conserve.
Which asks for a game reset before we move on, right? specifically: What the particular fuck are so-called conservatives so goddamn white-knuckle obsessed to conserve?

This will be where it gets fun.
Because, writ-extra-large, it's pretty difficult to argue that revanchist conservative movements, like those currently calling the shots in the UK & US - & vying to take all of Europe - are not dedicated, fairly explicitly, to rolling back the Enlightenment.
Which is a broad swath of shit, yeah. But the clunky, ratchety, slow, slog of brainiacs, bourgeois traitors & people's movements prescribing chunks of organized anathema to rule-by-dick, in favor of inclusion, law & reason, became toxic to feudalism, eg "traditional values."
If it smells like there's some dovetailing with this thread👇oh yeah, that's happening.
There is a very real, quite seriously stupid "movement" of men with Elephant-Man-esque mutations of self-esteem issues attempting to apply "science" to an absolutely static notion of man/woman/war/child-raising/DOING-MAN-STUFF/being-demure duality, & they want to beat people.
It's a hilarious attempt to graft themselves to the old Warlord paradigm, yet, curiously, doing so in polo shirts, khakis & shit LARP armor made out of garbage can lids - a fluid melding of Old School Victorian repress-the-fuck-out-of-everyone stasis & Ayn Rand neofeudalism.
Peterson, Shapiro, McInnes, Williamson - these fucking idiots have made thriving snake-oil business out of selling the "science" of stolid, clenched "traditionalist" garbage long MATERIALLY beshitted by social science: that wacky "natural order" of things.
"We are PROPER VIKINGS," they rawr, absurdly demanding they get laid by people who won't fuck them & that there is some vagueish Euro-identity hewed to some rigid social template that suggests their primacy. They are socially addled wankstains but still somehow, y'know, "prime."
Vikings or whatthefuckever, there is not one goddamn thing remotely resembling a central moral-compass-True-North of anything European. Nary a thing. Because that's like saying, "I have made this vast batch of soup but I will now ladle out the absolute BEST bowl of it."
To pull that notion out of the yawning amalgam of time, endless waves of migration, cultural intermingling, shitty Church conditioning, programmatic repression of knowledge & rudimentary humanism - it's certainly "traditional," but it's also idiotic & wrong. It presumes stasis.
And presuming stasis, once you know fucking ANYthing about history, is the dumbest goddamn thing anyone can insist as truefact. "THAT bowl of soup is the BEST bowl." "The Europe of Vikings, or Carolingians, or Medici, or Angevins, was somehow the putrid, rapey creme de la creme."
Also sidestepping the notion that wave after wave of migration tjhat would somehow effect this perfect bowl of Euro-soup came from Asia. Magyars. Bulgars. Slavs. Millennia of some SERIOUS fucking miscegenation, which, guess what, don't mean ANYthing unless you're a fucking Nazi.
The first Nazis HAD pseudo-science for this. It justified them doing stupid, criminal shit. It projected a pan-Germanism that, even if it existed - it hadn't - entirely glossed over the notion that there never WAS a defined pan-Germanic culture, much less a "pure" German people.
"Germans" were already mutts at that point. History is the history of mutt-ism. Sorry, Nazis.
Peterson, or Ayn Rand, doing the same dumb pseudo-science but switching out a couple nodes of bullshit ethno-theory to get to the SAME desired outcomes doesn't make it NOT shit science, especially if it yields a master-race/class.
"Liberty" from those awful mobs of mongrels with the temerity to question, much less check, your grand plans is exactly tyranny. But then this, not at all coincidentally, suggests a less parliamentary-inclined system as the tonic to the mob, doesn't it?
Vast polyglot of stuff as it was, the Enlightenment put these big anti-"traditions" in play:

-a validation of science
-the resulting slow but eventual rational application of cause to effect
-the heretical idea that nobility were as subject to consequences of actions as proles
These seem nebulous little shifts now. But keep in mind they took centuries to gain traction & were opening up a fucking Pandora's Box of a) popular inclusion in the state & b) the application of ideally-universal-(if-not-in-practice) "don't-be-an-asshole" metrics to governance.
This is where the organic rift begins welling between champions of the batshit blathery hokum of "tradition" & the vanguard of a PROCESS of problem-solving, sans the constraints of a "natural order."

Which is to say, "the world is thus" versus "thus have we made it."
Because if it is "thus have we made it," that is some dangerous, revolutionary, rational shit: It means we can unmake the sordid, filth-encrusted, predatory fucking "thus," and we can make it something better.
A man murdered 11 people today because they were in the wrong tribe & that was intolerable. A man sent 14 bombs to people for the same reason. Both fancied themselves latter-day Crusaders activating their rigid, conservative ideology to "purify" America.

So, our story thus far:

1) People formed rudimentary societies to help each other survive, seeing as humans were not big, agile or strong & didn't have sharp teeth. Numbers helped them defend each other & apply different skills that offset in inability to just kill things.
But in a world of predation
2) The "conservative" neural map, of sorts, originated as a reactive template in a time of more atomized societies, appraising outsiders to the tribe as suspect & thus prescribing a perpetual martial footing & an authoritarian regimentation of society.
3) While we can find more communal early-societal models, the aggressive stance of this Warlord Archetype proved efficacious, led to conquest & larger societies. Warlords now wielded proportionally more power &, as theology/philosophy developed, sought fancier mitigations for it.
4) Odd civil things developed along the way to enable/enforce order. Hammurabi's famous "code" specifically stipulated it was enacted to create a kingdom people could trust, a system of redress, to prevent the strong from preying upon the weak. This is cool cuz it's society 101.
5) Yet as the Warlord Archetype becomes standard (kings etc) & proportionally more people live & die by dumb old-war-y-guy-who-doesn't-really-KNOW-anything decisions, Warlords seek new tools of regimentation & GIRDING the ancien regime. Which fucking DEFINES conservatism, right?
6) The nifty population control tool Warlords' glom onto is monotheism. Nevermind it's some daft syncretic amalgam of Mesopotamian/Levantine tribal myth, mash that shit up & say it's the Genesis Device of all other stories-BOOM-its rigid hierarchy now girds your rigid hierarchy.
7) As God in heaven, so the King/Emperor on Earth. This stupid shit informs bad governance for nigh 1000 years. It worked badly but it regimented martial structures so as to PUNISH - SAVAGELY - any deviation from what God had deemed a "natural order."
8) The Church quashed those all oddball civil widgets (law/philosophy/spirituality) that competed with its rise to secular power - except Plato cuz his rigid bullshit fit the church's - EXCEPT you can't kill ideas. Epicurus re-emerged via Lucretius. Seeds of rationalism sprouted.
9) And here's the big hink - physical science, proto-agnosticism, non-anthropocentrism - these things creeping up through the cracks - the cracks they're creeping up through is a CATEGORICALLY SHITTY UNJUST BURN-WOMEN-FOR-HAVING-OPINIONS SYSTEM REIGNED OVER BY ABSOLUTE ASSHOLES.
10) The Enlightenment, of course, introduced a lot of dumb ideas alongside big relatively good ones. But the biggest, most heretical thing it floated was this heretically open-ended thing: OPTIONS. The notion that "It does not HAVE to be this shit way."
I know it's not JUST Lucretius, duh, but YES, I read the Greenblatt book and enjoyed the fuck out of it, thank you.
11) To nascent bourgeois twats, all of a sudden introduced to IDEAS that suggested their own agency, marshaled, might prove ballast against the mercantile whimsy of Warlord-dick kings, such options opened the possibility that they might, at some point, ascend to be Lordly.
12) Bourgeois aspiration DID vent class ferment - meager plurality though it was - & its scholarly sons (Locke, Smith, Montesquieu) mincing about the shittiness of their lot & the need for rational ENCODED redress opened the door to the radical notion of class not being static.
13) This is the aforementioned Pandora's Box of the Enlightenment. Once any "traditional" axiom of regimentation is in play, it all is. Because you're trading "natural order" for process & methodology. "Natural order" is shit once order is legislated by popular deliberation.
14) Bringing us up to our Grand Social Experiment of Enlightenment ideals, America. Which went off the rails almost fucking immediately. Because its "natural order" zealots, the fancy lords of fiefs & African serfs, could not remotely be compatible with the process it encoded.
As we'll see, "conservatism" as it manifest in America was nothing less than a hyper-cynical revanchist movement dedicated zealously to closing the Pandora's Box the US, even for its massive storm-cellar of faults, helped open. It was a counter-revolution of dicks.
The American Revolution - whatever its faults & mercantile motivations - was a weirdly crystalline manifestation of the Enlightenment-enacted. This is glib, yes, but also made true BECAUSE the thing it established was not an orthodoxy but a counter-orthodox process of things.
We can acknowledge its idealism without canonizing some of its more twattish actors because, again, we are essaying into methodology- & outcome-based social organization. Was it motivationally bourgeois? Yes. Was it a radical curbstomp of the concept of rule-by-asshole? Also yes.
Yes, it established limited republican democracy (which had been established elsewhere, the revolved-against empire, curiously, being one place) but the absolute fucking fascinating thing about the Constitution was its authors' recognition that it had to be a permeable contract.
Remember, happening in Europe this whole time: similar scions of wealth, new money or old, writing furiously on how the ancien regime - rule-by-asshole, godly-virtue-of-nobility, imperialism-by-royal-license - IS👏NOT👏WORKING. People are hungry & maimed & fucked twice over.
If utterly & criminally beshitted feudal land management had sparked the creation of the proletarian urban identity, sending clearanced proles into the cities, the industrial revolution & its asshole-knows-best attempts to regiment workers made people's movements inevitable.
There'd been people's movements prior, duh, quickly utterly fuckhoused by assholes with the money to buy soldiers.👇But with the US & French revolutions came eminently reasonable manifestos that said God's order of stupid assholes was dumb garbage.
If Magna Carta floated batty notion that government's powers derive from the consent of the governed 600 years prior, the US Constitution essayed that definition of "the governed" from a minor cabal of grumbly toffs to a relative shit-ton of landed non-slave dudes.
And however limited THAT was, it was written to be open-ended as to how the governed, in fact, might be defined. THAT was fucked up. THAT, encoding methodology over "the world is thus," portended the fucking further-radical notion that "the governed" might be, y'know, EVERYONE.
This is seriously bad ju-ju, as it were, for dumb, inbred shitty circles of wan nobility from Paris to St Petersburg who have ruled stupid, inefficient systems with epoch-making stupidity, by dint of nothing more than being born out of gilded vagina.
And I'm not even hyperbolizing this. The American Revolution was far away, but once that spark lit up France, spazzy coddled posh dickheads all over Europe spoke of the insidious virus of democracy the same seething tones that, a century later, they would talk about Bolshevism.
Bourgeois or not, this was, again, RADICAL shit. Because it challenged that central theme of Christian orthodoxy (Catholic or early-protestant), codified by necessity of secular asshole order, that a "natural order" kept the status quo of "the world is thus."
By the 1850s in the US, of course, this radical notion was crashing into the most virulent manifestation of the-world-being-thus, the American South. The pestery ideals of the constitution careened inevitably into a clattery collision with the feudalism it was designed to smash.
Even briefly sidestepping the obvious, odious crimes against humanity that undergirded the young republic - slavery & genocide against the continent's native people - frothing dickheads had already floated exclusionary "ideals" of what constituted "Real Americans" by the 1830s.
Samuel Morse, the charlatan famed for inventing the telegraph in spite of other people already having invented it, tried his hand in politics specifically railing against the lurking threat to America of the Alien Other.
Decrying "the cloven foot of this subtle foreign heresy," "a system of the darkest political intrigue and despotism," Morse declared Islam "a political as well as a religious system . . . differ[ing] totally from all other sects, from all other forms of religion in the country."
Oh, wait, did I say "Islam"? Yeah, sorry, Morse was talking about Catholics, or in the fanciful old-timey bigot terminology, "Popery." If you agreed with him when you thought he was talking about Islam but don't now, kind of a curious thing, no?
No, it's not lost on me that I previously focused on the Church & pretty much ALL the popes being bullying twats. They were. I also qualified that ascendant heresies went that way too. As long as it's a prole-control apparatus wielded by assholes, it's a closed, repressive thing.
Catholics were not the problem. Muslims are not the problem. The problem is programmatic purpose-creep of a "spiritual" thing into a political thing that INSISTS there is an in-group entitled to primacy. Especially problematic in this nascent experiment in anti-repression.
We now have a cinematic icon for the nativist movement that coalesced in ensuing decades. The real Bill the Butcher died years before the events in the movie but, yeah, he was a member of the Know Nothing party & a xenophobe prick. Here's your Proud Boys circa 1850something.
Know Nothings, aka the Native American Party then the American Party, rose as the Whigs collapsed in the 1850s, a "populist" movement rooted to stasis, freezing the US as a pure Anglo-Saxon nation (long as you don't count all the black people doing shit-tons of work for no pay).
As early US politics were a mish-mash of half-baked ideologies, it's worth noting the Know Nothings were a loose-knit org whose members did not always wield entirely awful ideas. Some state orgs were ostensibly pro-prole/anti-gentry & wary of the rising capitalist neo-nobility.
The AP took control of Massachusetts in the mid-1850s & enacted some progressive-ish governance. What they also did was try to limit citizenship to men who'd LIVED 21 years in the state - basically that era's attempt to revoke birthright citizenship from horrible immigrants.
And, obv, make naturalization harder. If you want to know how fucking fake a construct "White Identity" is, you don't have to go much further than a major US political party composed entirely of white guys being racist against Irish & Germans. Virulently. And they goddamn were.
Some Know Nothings were abolitionist but the balance kept their racism in a solid continuum with their fusillade racism. For his part, Morse cheerled slavery with the dumbest, most predictable Old World-"conservative" bullshit imaginable if you were writing a bad movie heel:
"Slavery per se is not sin. It is a social condition ordained from the beginning of the world for the wisest purposes, benevolent and disciplinary, by Divine Wisdom...[no more immoral] than the being a parent, or employer, or ruler."

Yeah. "Natural order." Static & immutable.
The AP dissipated with rise of a radical coalition of farmers & Northeastern industrial assholes & do-gooders calling themselves Republicans, even as the champions of the US's shit-hearted feudalist subculture, the Democratic Party, had been doomsday-prepping for a few decades.
Then there was a war but you probably heard about that.

If you want to see more idiotfuck Old World language in re the Cause & its intrinsically white supremacist motivation, @KevinMKruse eviscerated some online neoConfed jagoff in this epic thread:
It was a war, on the South's part, to defend "sacred principles" & some daft iteration of noblesse oblige, waged by gentlemanly toffs who fancied themselves knights of yore. It was a war to conserve the primacy of the God-endowed in-group, defending His ordained order of things.
The war to end slavery & to preserve the union & to smash this dipfuck ancien regime, on the flip, was an eerie coalescing of factions, vast numbers of immigrants included, to make the republic's practiced reality dovetail with the Enlightenment promises of its constitution.
And where, praytell, would all these principled people come from amid this shit-encrusted land of scoundrels & bigots? Whence came sufficient numbers of voting white male adults to elect this upstart insurgency radical progressives to smash the bondsman's chains?
Remember this?👇See, ONE of the noble ideas those smart founders put in the constitution to FIX all the Old World Rule-by-Asshole stuff was UNREPRESSION of wacky, serve-the-poor, comfort-the-afflicted iterations of Jesus long crushed by orthodox Eurolords.
Imagine living in a country where the southern half of it is a matrix slightly less-specifically-murdery Auschwitzes and gulags. The "folks didn't know any better" argument is horseshit because a LOT of ^those radical motherfuckers knew it was exactly that & were PISSED. OFF.
Don't let it get lost on you that the people waving Confederate battle flags these days & aping the tired, tattered, pointless Lost Cause effluvium are the same people telling you gulags for state-seized brown kids on the southern border are righteous & swell. It's all connected.
Because those heretical prole-minded strains of universalist Christianity may have galvanized the abolitionist cause, but the caste-enforcing, averted-eyes, "natural order"-girding tribal iteration that buoyed the Southern cause continued on its parallel course, like a virus.
For all the blood, it couldn't be as easy as "We fucked you the fuck up, racists, eat shit, here are the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments." There HAD to be natural order-fetishists who simply could not let the know-it-all Enlightenment & do-gooder LAW fuck with their tribal primacy.
Enter toothless Reconstruction cut short to grout congressional coalitions, revanchism, the Klan, Jubal Fucking Early, Jim Crow neo-slavery, both parties coopted by the cash of a rising neo-nobility, Dunning School garbage, Sumner, Dixon, ad nazium. All designed to unwin the war.
It's impossible to emphasize enough that this matrix of bullshit NULLIFIED the constitution of the United States in HALF the country, without challenge, For another fucking CENTURY. It did so now armed with wank pseudo-science, phrenology, race-horse theory, Social Darwinism.
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