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In honor of this profoundly ignorant tweet, we need to educate people more than ever about the real American history.

So one like = one atrocity committed by the US. Stupid resister says America was a leader on social justice.
1. George Washington Orders the Genocide on the Haudensauneee
2. George Washington used his slaves teeth to get his dentures made. It was common practice in the day for Dentists to "buy" teeth from slaves to use as dentures.
3. In 1791, when Haiti's slaves started to revolt, George Washington sent weapons to the slave owners to protect themselves
4. The settler-colonists agreed to sign the Treaty of Fort Piss with the
Lenapehoking nation. However, during the signing ceremony, they put the treaty in a basket which had blankets from a small pox victim.

The entire nation was dead within months.
5. The Fugitive Slave Act forced free states to partake in "returning slaves" . of course, they it frequently terrorized POC who was often kidnapped in hopes of getting a reward.
6. From 1600- 1934! Yes, 1934! US government openly sold stolen land to white people.
7. These were known as "Indian Boarding Schools." Children would be stolen from their parents who were citizens of the First Nations and indoctrinated and raised in a "christian way."

Many languages were forgotten, histories destroyed and cultures erased.
Autocorrect issues. It is actually the treaty of Fort Pitts

8. The Haudensaunee called George Washington "Conotocarious" with means "town destroyer" because he destroyed crops, killed women and children and burned homes.
9. The deadliest battle inside America's territory is not the Civil War. It is the Battle of Fallen Timbers, which occurred on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 1793, the secessionists raided nations of the Western Confederacy and slaughtered many and relocating many more.
10. In 1763, King George's proclamation prohibited settling west of Appalachia, ensuring Aniyunwiya autonomy. However, immediately after independence secessionists issued an ordinance rescinding the proclamation to forcibly displace the Aniyunwiya the first time.
11. In 1782, during Gnadden Hutten Massacre, secessionists from Pennsylvania massacred an entire Lenape village. The Lenape had even converted to Christianity in hopes of sparing their children of slaughter. In the end, only 2 boys survived.
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12. Louisiana Purchase was one of the biggest land theft, forcible relocation and genocidal plans in the history of the country

This is what the modern day
Louisiana purchase looks like!
🇺🇸:Hey, I want to invade Turkmeniatan
🇫🇷 :Well, Turkmenistan has lots of oil we can exploit. We want to invade it.
🇺🇸 :How about we give you $150 million, and let us invade and plunder.
🇫🇷: right on
13. Then Thomas Jefferson and William Henri Harrison plan out the genocide

It was more or less executed
14. In 1801, John Adams recognized Haiti as a nation. In 1805, Jefferson undid those diplomatic relations and lent France $300,000 “for relief of whites on the island,”
15. Worried about how the Haitian revolution would give slaves ideas about revoltong, in 1806, Thomas Jefferson imposed a trade embargo on Haiti.
16. Interesting and self-serving rule on whether or not someone was a slave.
17. George Washington used legal loopholes to keep his slaves…
18. Great thread on the electoral college and slavery

19. This leader was one of the last countries to outlaw slavery.
20. Listen to Noam Chomsky on James Madison and how America was set to reduce democracy to keep inequality

22. The first nations weren't considered people until 1879

23. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 codified genocide
24. Trail of tears in a comic book format.
25. Read this testimony from Major Scott Anthony on what he did in the Colorado Calvery.
26. Very little has changed since 1865 apparently
27. An announcement from
Daily Republican newspaper in Winona, Minnesota from Sept. 24, 1863. 

Yep. People got bounties to kill the first nations
28. Our friends at @Americas_Crimes describe the battle of Bad Axe better than I could ever.

29. During the War of 1812, the Brits promised freedom and protection for any slave that escaped and joined the brits. Thousands escaped to Bermuda. James Madison demanded their return. Brits refused.

Then Madison demanded compensation. Brits refused again.
30. William Henry Harrison ordered an all out attack on a town as a warning to other nations that they had to relocate or they would get death.
31. In the 1800s, the South started building "negro hospitals."

Sometimes they treated slaves with genuine medical conditions, but most often they would purchase slaves for the most gruesome medical experiments that puts Mengele to shame. Here is an ad for such a hospital
Due to overwhelming number of people who don't think America continues atrocities in modern times, I will skip ahead and mix it all times.
32. In the Tuskeegee institute, they injected people with syphilis and didn't treat them to study the long term affects of it
33. Deliberately injecting STDs into Guatemalan orphans and other cruel medical experimentation om Guatemalans
34. CIA had a fake vaccine program as a way of procuring DNA from residents of the Bin Laden compound, setting back the polio eradication effort by 20 years
36. The Chagos Genocide…
37. I can't think of a worse indictment than a Nazi judge praising our justice system
38. The 1929 Banana Massacre where the US government sent in their army to massacre workers who asked for a raise.…
39. Sometimes it is despiriting how little changes in a century
40. Testing nuclear weapons on Navajo lands.…
41. During the 1930s, Herbert Hoover, blamed Mexicans for the great depression. So he deported nearly 1 million people of Mexican descent to Mexico.

The horrible part: 60% of those deported were American citizens.
42.. Prior to 1777 (the establishment of the US) women in many states had voting rights. However, shortly after 1777 all the 13 colonies wrote laws EXPLICITLY PROHIBITING women from voting.

Here is New York State constitution from 1777
43. In Missouri v. Celia, the court ruled that a slave girl had no right to self-defense if her master wanted to rape her. Celia was executed for killing her owner after he tried to rape her when pregnant.
44. While we talk about the California gold rush, very few people know that the gold was based on a genocide:…
45. Defacing The Six Grandfathers.

An analogy to convey the atrocity:
Imagine, if a statue of Adolf Hitler were carved on Temple Mount, would you be horrified?
The Sioux have been forced to have just that for a century
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46. In Buck V. Bell, SCOTUS decides that eugenics is constitutional.
47. Nearly 70,000 people were forcibly sterilized in the USA after this time.
49. Exterminating the Bison, thereby exterminating a food source for the first nations
50. Not All Caucasians are white, allegedly
51. USA's involvement in Chile with Pinochet and Allende

The Other 9/11…
52. ⚡️ “Incubators: The Lies that gave us the first Iraq War”…
53. William Brown Lynching…
54. Forced labor in Fallujah in 2004
55. Convict Leasing. It started as early as 1855 and some form of it still goes on:

States would "lease" their convicts to work on plantations, factories
Etc. These private businesses paid the state money for the labor.
56. Chemicals weapoms tested on troops of a certain race during world war 2…
57. Abd al-Karim Qasim overthrew the monarchy in Iraq and was elected Prime minister.

In 1960, Qasim demanded that the Anglo American Petroleum Company (IPC) share 20% of the ownership and 55% of the profits with the Iraqi people.

(uh uh.. you can guess what happened next)
58. Kissinger orchestrated the Kurdish massacre because the Shah was "bored"…
59. Aleksandras Lileikis' managed a ghetto in Lithuania and forcibly sent 60,000 Jews to concentration camps.

Despite being a Nazi, CIA paid him $1700 in exchange for information on East Germany in 1952.

In 1956, he moved to the USA to live his life in peace
60. Invaded Russia to install the cruel Tsar…
61. The Centalia Massacre where pro-management mercenaries stormed the union hall and killed some unionists
62. American corporations regularly commit atrocities like this. Usually US government tries to protect them at any cost
63. Funding nun-raping death squads…
64. Funded these "rebels" including one Osama Bin Laden
65. On October 3, 1986, the Senate ovewhelmingly voted to override Ronald Reagan's veto and impose sanctions on apartheid South Africa.

Yes, Ronald Reagan did veto a bill to support apartheid South Africa
66. Gave Mandela to apartheid government
The FBI had a tape of Nixon committing treason in October 1968, but oddly never told anyone until a very astute security guard called the cops and then a very drunken policeman to accidentally ran into one of the burglars 4 years later for a totally unrelated crime.
69. Remember USA forces starvation upon those in DPRK

70. America tried to destroy this man because he left America in search of dignity from racism.…
71. 1917-03-28: Erroneously believing Black Americans in East St. Louis "stole their jobs", a group of white men began attacking Black Americans. The government turned a blind eye.

6000 Blacks were left homeless and had to relocate after the attack.

Number dead: Unknown.
72. This was common practice

(H/t @inartic )
73. Anne Frank's family tried to get a visa to the US but they were thwarted by red tape: ie need to submit documents that they couldn't cause of the Nazis. Ann Frank
74. On September 26, 1950, the navy spent six days spraying a bacteria into the air near San Francisco. Many fell ill and some died because of this experiment in bioterrorism. via @smithsonianmag Serratia marcescens
@SmithsonianMag 75. In 1894, 19 Hopi men (from Arizona) were sent to Alcatrez (in SF)because of the "crime" of resisting white people who wanted to kidnap their children and put them in abusive "Indian boarding schools"

Two of the men's wives died when they were in prison.

(h/t @heroinebook)
76. In 1924, Coolidge signed an immigration bill that banned Japanese.
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77. On this day, October 9, 1967, the CIA killed an amazing anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist man. In death, he became a legend.

Here were his last words:

Shoot! you coward. You're only killing a man. You can't kill the idea. Che Guevara
78. Killing over 200 first nation people in a forced relocation at the Ponca Trail of Tears that year.

79. Do you think you will pass this test?

Because you had to answer every question perfectly to pass. This disenfranchised many Black Americans, First Nations, Latinx and some poor White Americans.
Partial Retraction: Battle of Fallen Timbers is an atrocity, but it is not the deadliest. It revolves around what counts as "us soil"

80. On December 26, 1862, 38 Lakota freedom fighters who were resisting genocide were hanged. 4000 people watched what would be largest mass execution in USA.

Oddly enough, Lincoln didn't hang this other group of people who tried to rebel against the US
81. In Applachia in the 1890s, families were paid with company scrip for their work in the coal mines. If the husband died, the families were screwed. So women had to use their bodies as collateral (Yes.. Slavery)
82. Forced adoption of non-white kids to indoctrinate them.

Things haven't changed in 80+ years.
83. On July 3, 1988, US navy "accidentally " shot down an Iranian passenger flight (think Delta or British Airways) killing everyone on board
84. On July 1949, CIA orchestrated the assasination of Kim Koo, a Korean Unification activist who wanted to unify North & South Korea in a Socialist Republic.
85. Police beat man to a pulp and then charge him for bleeding on his uniform.

The cruelty is unimaginable

86. These are 110 Scientists are were Nazis that the US smuggled out of Germany.

Nearly 1600 Nazis were given sanctuary in both Americas. Many of these Nazi were on the CIA payroll and were given a monthly stipend to wreak havoc upon Latin America.
87. January 20, 1899: after the US invasion, US forced Puerto Rico to use the U.S. Dollar. Then the government arbitrarily declared that 1 peso = .60, when the real value was closer to 1 peso = .70. This made everyone poorer.
88. No comment necessary…
89. Most people know about laws that prohibited slaves from learning how to read and write. But, in many states, like Virginia freemen were also prohibited from learning how to read and write.
(citation:) Va. Code Ann. § 54-198-32 (1847)
90. Maybe the US government is guilty of projection when they scream "Fake news." To protect United Fruit Company's precious land, they installed a dictator and launched some kind of terrible psyops.

Btw, they also bombed Guatemala.
91. While the Legal transatlantic slave trade was outlawed early on, the illegal slave trade continued. Many instances the US government turned a blind-eye to the smugglers and sometimes they even aided and abetted them.…
92. General Douglas Macarthur describes the atrocities committed during the Korean war.
93. The death squad U.S. armed in the 1980s killed a priest.

94.⚡️ “The Powell Memo”
I believe they are on the final stages.…
95. In 1984, Ronald Reagan amps up the funding to the mujjhadeen on insistence by the Heritage Foundation.
96. After the Battle of Okinawa, during ww2, American soldiers rape many women stuck on that island.
97. [ Trigger Warning] The crime described is so evil and disturbing, don't read this if you are even slightly sensitive.
98. Naturalization Act of 1790 codified that US citizenship was for "whites only"
99. Joins the usual allies and invades and pillages China.
100. Congress passed a civil rights act to protect POC from segregation in the South in 1875

But, the Supreme Court declared that unconstitutional.
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If you get overwhelmed by all these atrocities, here are bits of history that will make you feel good or at least make you laugh a little.

101. What 12 years as a Slave could not tell you

By @arothmanhistory…
102. In 2014, a judge ruled that 4 year olds were competent enough to represent themselves in immigration court
Atrocity 103-180 hereby incorporated by reference to this thread.

181. Black man gets lynched for being a post master
182. In 1887 a group of American (white) businessmen in the independent Kingdom of Hawaii forced the King David Kalakaua to sign at gunpoint a constitution that effectively erased the power of the King and disenfranchised native voters.… via @dr_keithcox
183. American troops are once again... bringing so much freedom and so much Democracy to the world...

184. George Stinney Jr, was the youngest person to be executed in America. Read about this gruesome atrocity
185. All over America, after reconstruction and until as recently at the civil rights act, America had these "sun-down" towns. It meant that POC could not be in the town at sundown.
186. Not onl black people.were lynched but also any white person that showed solidarity
187. At first, slaves were branded with RAC for "Royal African Company." Later onwards, the branding matched the financiers of the slave trade, which often happened on the foot of wall street.
188. Content Warning: Extremely graphic and cruel. It is about a random man who gets snatched and sent to Guantanamo bay.
189. Thank you @AdamTaylorBates for bringing this atrocity to my attention.
190. Read thread on how we got to caging children

191. Family of OBL profits from 9/11.
192. If you thought medical experimentation on historically exploited countries were a thing of the past...

Think again…
193. How Kissinger engineered mass starvation in Biafra…
During the Vietnam War, between 1962 and 1971, the United States military sprayed nearly 20,000,000 US gallons chemical herbicides and defoliants mixed with jet fuel in Vietnam, eastern Laos and parts of Cambodia, as part of Operation Ranch Hand.

195. John Brown was hanged for trying to free slaves

Oddly none of the Confederate generals were hanged

196. In 2005!!!! Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote a majority opinion that used the "doctrine of discovery" to extinguish the original rights the Oneida nation had on their land, and decided that subsequent purchases can't be labeled 'Indian territory'
197. In 1978, SCOTUS ruled that the First Nations had no jurisdiction to try non-citizens if they committed a crime on their own land!!

Of course, we can trust white people to punish crimes against citizens of the first nations right??? (Sarcasm)

(h/t @rebeccanagle )
198. In 1956, the Indian Relocation Act was passed. It's purpose was to relocate young citizens of our First Nations from their homelands to urban “relocation centers"
199. Legalizing price gouging of the sick. Worse, it was handed out on Christmas Eve. Can anyone be a worse grinch? (December 24, 2002)
200. In 1969, because the government had no control over companies dumping chemicals into the Cuyahoga river. One day it caught on fire.

Yes. We managed to let a river catch on fire.
I really don't know how many atrocities Dos Erres makes... what do you think?

230. ⚡️ “El Mozote Massacre” by @historic_ly…
260. A reporter tried to report the massacre after interviewing the surviving witness(es). He was moved from foreign correspondence to financial desk in the New York Times.

Do tell me about our free press now.
261. Sundown towns like Darien Ct, existed all over New England. They would kill any black person who didn't leave the town by sundown
262. Pretty atrocious, even more atrocious, he hasn't suffered any consequences from it. Amazon 'used neo-Nazi guards to keep immigrant workforce under 'control' in Germany
263. Criminalizing the youth. No other country does this. It is atrocious
264. The US State Department was aware, as far back as 1965, of the mass killings of leftists in Indonesia. They didn't care, they documented it, and continued to support Suharto.
265. Operation Carwash:…
278. The 41 President George Herbert Walker Bush, so brutally bombed Panama, people nicknamed it "little hiroshima"…
279. Torturing homeless Uruguayans. (Thanks @MarkAmesExiled )…
280. The Ponce Massacre in Puerto Rico
281. The Virginia sterilization act of 1924.…
282. Between 1949-1953, the CIA tried to overthrow the communist government of Albania. Naturally, they hired Xhafer Deva, who was responsible for sending Slavs, Poles, Gypsies, and Jews to the concentration camp.

Thankfully the CIA failed...
283. The Dresden Bombing was wonton suffering inflicted upon a civilian population that already had surrendered.…
284. The CIA was fully aware of the Contras' atrocities but still continued to arm, train and fund them for another 10 years. Look at the date:
285. Contras used agent orange in the Nicaragua-Honduras border.

(CIA supplied)
286. Agent Orange tested secretly in Panama…
287. Radiation Experiments post WW2…
288. In #OperationMockingBird CIA had covert journalists and blackmailed other journalists to spread their propaganda…
289. Turning Libya from the world's oldest direct Democracy to a mad-max post-apocalyptic nightmare where they trade slaves…
291. In Herrera V. Collins, SCOTUS ruled 6-3 that it is completely constitutional to execute an innocent person
292. If this doesn't count as an atrocity, I don't know what does

293. Fred Hampton, killed by the FBI, for creating a rainbow coalition that integrated the concerns of many races…
294. School sends a collection agency over lunch money.

295. This is the height of depravity and pettiness.
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