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I see the Benjamin-Carrier MythcCon panel has been posted.

Lol! Scrolling through the comments and I see they talked about me during their trashfire appearance.

Lol, hey guys 😆😉 this is how much rent it costs me to live in your heads. 😂🤣
Two men known for sexually harassing women in various ways are mad at me and name check me on stage at ShitCon?

I am doing something right!
Gonna live tweet my reactions.

The intro vids & music are cringe.

The mod opens things by asking "where do social justice, the secular community and identity meet?"

Are... are you going to ask them to define their terms for those concepts, or take them 1 by 1?


Carrier starts, he's not defining his terms or using specific examples or citing any data yet. Sounds mostly like platitudes.

Ok, Carl comes out telling Carrier everyone hates social justice & want it to go away. No citation provided.

Crowd loves it.
Hot take from Carl: Soc Jus is evil because it wants people to care about what happens to other people.

Crowd loves it.

Carl calls SJW tyrants of the Internet. "That's just how they act!"

*clears throat
-Carl brings up the Furry communtiy, the crowd laughs.

-Carl thinks race, gender, and sexuality are "arbitrary characteristics", not nexus on which power and justice are distributed.

It's such a white cis het man perspective. 🙄
Bwah ha ha! 😁😂🤣 Carl said social justice is hegemonic. Wtf?

"hegemonic-ruling or dominant in a political or social context."

Neoliberalism is hegemonic. If social justice were hegemonic, we wouldn't have to fight for it. Boy, he needs to check definitions more carefully.
Carl asks Carrier "don't you feel like you're in the midst of a revolution?" 😯

Carrier explains to Carl the logical fallacy he's making. Golf claps.

Carl attacks saying Carrier is a minority, most SJWs are "extremists".

Ah, Carl's gonna start to tell Carrier what he thinks.
Whoo hoo! 9 minutes in and Carl mentions my #MythCon tweet.

Good to get confirmation from the stage he saw it and it stuck with him.
Carrier thinks this above image is "extremism". And a "real problem".
If a tweet with facts is extremist, what'd he call the WaPo?

Hot take from Carl: SJWs need to police the actions of other SWJs (psst, remember he can't control his fans, tho 🙄😏
Hot take from UKIP member Carl: We can't do anything about social justice until we decide how to silence people I disagree with on Twitter! (paraphrasing)
First "Shut up" from Carl at 11:13. Crowd ooohs in response.
Where is the mod? Mario? You asleep?

Carl: I don't see SWJs I agree with, so there must not be any!
So rational Carl!

Mr "I keep misusing the word hegemony" Benjamin says Mike & Chrisiousity aren't bright? 😮😠 & 😁😂
Instead of discussing what social justice, the secular community or identity is, it's mostly Carl asking Carrier why unnamed social justice leaders aren't berating unnamed sjws he dislikes (except me?) in media outlets he might notice.

Where is the mod?!?
Carrier said "there are several other people" like him in the movement.

For the sake of women's safety and the elimination of sexual harassment @ cons I hope that's not the case.

Now Carrier is speculating on the motivations of imaginary sjw people. 🙄😏 He's quite the wet rag.
Carrier hasn't realized Carl's turned the talk from concepts in the panel title Carl doesn't know (so, all of them) into "Protect me from online criticism from the left! Get those on the left to silence them for me!"

The real face of classical liberalism, friends!
12:45 Carl puts silence-the-left idea to one side after Carrier brings up the word "solutions".

Carl gives a weird, made-up, ad hoc definion of social justice. Goes off for a bit.

Carrier mentions "legislative", Carl says he's talking about "procedural issues" not policy. Wut?
Carl "I'm dismissing your solutions."
-Carrier hasn't mentioned any solutions yet! 😁🤣😆


Where's-a Mario?! Hello mod! Cross talk. You want anyone to actually hear what they are saying?
Carl the mind reader "There are many social justice warriors who think" race, gender & sexuality are valid vectors to discriminate vs ... if you're a straight white man. (Audience of nearly all white men applaud.)

Carl quotes no one, cites no survey.
Actual vid of his research
Carl is strawmanning social justice as people on the internet saying critical things about them two (they've cited no examples except my single tweet!) &

Carrier fails so far to provide a coherent counter defintion for social justice. Useless.
Carl just said that Carrier has no influence over the wider social justice community.
Britain! Britain! Britain! Carl says your Parliament is full of feminists!!!
I looked online. I can't find research on those numbers. I think he's made it up.

Then he busted out the misquote we busted him on! 😁😂🤣😆

Carrier commented on my vid, let's see if he mentions it.
Nope. Carrier wiffed it.

Sargon to Carrier "Are you insane?"

Where is the mod? Off smoking weed?

Carl just misquoted Sally Boynton Brown, the executive director of Idaho's Democratic Party. Not by name. I had to look that up.

That's his example, an unnamed, unknown Dem.
Carl insist Carrier defend his misquote which Carrier doesn't do.

Carl says that misquote represents all of social justice. Wow what a rational.. no, wait. He's a fool.

(The "sceptical" crowd approves.)
Carrier "I'm talking about the problems in society we can actually solve."

Carl: "We can't get there. You people are insufferable & we can't stand you."

Rational to the max!

Carrier tries to get Carl to like him.
Carl can't move beyond stopping people he doesn't like talking.
Carl repeatedly speaks over Carrier.
Where is the mod?!

Carl is speechifying now, going on a rant tailored to his This Week in Stupid fanbase.

He's so transparent and sad. It's hilarous! 😁🤣😆😁🤣😆
Carl is arguing his lived experience allows him to infer the 2nd reason rally's lower attendance vs the 1st was entirely because of social justice.

The man is a fool.

He's trolling Carrier with "lived experiences" again, crowd cheers.
I'm only 18 minutes and 32 seconds in I'm gonna go to bed, this is taking way longer than I thought, more later.
Starting back up with more crosstalk. Audience is whooping because Carl's being insulting.

The mod is once again afk.

Sargon just told Carrier what he was here to do "defend social justice".

Carrier: No.

Carrier just called Carl out for being disingenuous. Golf clap.

Coral accuses Carrier of being unable to stay on topic, despite the fact that Carl has done the vast majority of the talking.

OMG!!! He SPEAKS! After almost 20 mins the mod tries to calm things down!
Carrier tries to reset with making the topic abortion rights.

Seems a weird choice given their histories. Shouldn't Carrier, a supposed 'ally', realize these 2 men in particular arguing women's rights as social justice isn't a good look?
Carl went from... something about activism being inherent in a social justice movement (he said nothing so cogent, that's my brain trying to make sense of his string of words), to asking about "group justice".

Is he going to throw out a series of buzzwords in lieu of debate?
Carl tried to link securing abortion rights and access to forcing an ideology on people.

The crowd goes wild.

Carl goes in for another personal attack and Carrier deflects with a question.
Carl wants to debate what social justice "does", Carrier wants to debate why its worthwhile.

Then this:

Carl: It does.

Carrier: No it doesn't!

Carl: Yes it does!

Carrier: No, it doesn't!
"Stop talking about abortion. Stop talking about abortion."
- Carl Benjamin, #Mythcon2018

Carl makes the most random demands: Defend this. Tell me why this! Address the problem!

So bossy!

(Also, another Furry community mention ?)
All social justice activists are Marxists, whether they know they're not.
Carl Benjamin #MythCon 2018

"Stop talking & I'll explain it to you."
What an ass.

For a free speech advocate, Carl really likes to silence people.

Carl: SJ = PM = "Foe-CUE & Markooza"

FOO-coe, ffs!
Carl thinks at the heart of social justice is a Marxist inspired core that requires oppressed people to hate their oppressor. 🙄😏

He's off his rocker.

Cheers and applause from his sycophants.
ffs. The cross talk is awful. It's like Sargon is hosting him on a live stream. Why even have a mod?

The debate has literally turned into how many social justice advocates are good or bad people. ffs.

Carl: "The social justice movement is a pariah." 🙄

AND a hegemony?
Carl defends Richard Carrier's admitted sexual harassment of women.

Carl: "The procedures of social justice are unacceptable in a civilized society."

(Me: But oppression is?!)

Now they are debating "procedures" in the abstract 🙄
Boring. Carl keeps making it about his unnamed legion of bad sjws.

A guy who was in the news for a rape-themed tweet harassing an MP.

Carrier's sucking up trying to make friends again. 🙄

Lol! Carl said #MythCon put him on stage to hold Carrier accountable for social justice!
Sane conversation for 2 mins & Carl pivots to wild claims, "sjws" are running universities and indoctrinating students.

And they're everywhere!

Think Sargon is channelling
And Carrier v Sargon descends * sigh * once again into
Carl said the 1st Amend't is a contradiction with intersectionalism. Carrier said "only to the extremists".
It's two idiots.
I'm watching 2 idiots on stage.

Carl: You can say social justice as much as you want but there's only individual justice.

OMG he thinks he's deep.
Side note: 2 skeezy guys making themselves look bad delic, but even I find this painful to sit thru.

Carl keeps with his personally dismissive comments. His sycophants keep tittering, but the room sounds empty.

And Carl chucks out some anti-feminism for old times sake. Aw.
Carl: "There isn't a right or wrong in politics, there's your opinion & my opinion."
Don't think that will age well.

Carl tries to high road Carrier, cuz Carl sides with women who work to deny other women their right to access legal abortion.

Classical liberalism, friends!
Oh! Oh! Carl just shushed Carrier!

Did Carl just disagree that activism to change laws is ok?!

And Carl pivots back to his hobby horse: the sjw legions of extremists indoctrinating kids and marching with signs that the hate people.
Carl on social justice:

He sees sjws everywhere! He thinks its a religion with a priestly class, THEY HAVE BLASPHEMY LAWS!

(His sycophants cheer.)

Carrier keeps agreeing with Carl's ridiculous strawmen. Wow, what an ally.
Social justice activists, according to Carl, are acting like bolsheviks.

Carl said his fans are afraid to be activist because of what sjws will do. His troll UKIP fans. 🙄😏

I'm pretty convinced that Carrier did not research Carl's debate tactics very well before this.
Carol just redefined intersectional feminist as gnostics.

Carl said that philosophy is playing games with words. He's so.smaaaart.


Carl is indignantly protesting that he should not have to care about things (like discrimination or the abuse of power- me).
"Yes it is." "No it isn't." Again. Pffff.

Carrier is explaining he agrees with Carl again.

Carl declared he will destroy intersectionality. Bwah ha ha ha ha.

OH! Made it to "Shut up. Shut up! Shut up!" 😆😂🤣

Mod "Let's keep it civil, pls."
Ok, that's as far as I can get tonight. More on tomorrow night's (for me) Happy Hour with @kflogan on my channel.
@zei_nabq maybe my snarky cliff notes will direct you to other Carl nuggets of ... as clips.
Trying to finish before tonite's Happy Hour.

Carl thought the topic was intersectional social justice, he's berating Carrier for not defending it, despite that not at all being the panel name.

No matter how much Carrier tries to kiss up, Sargon is giving him a hard pass.
I can't see the stage for all these strawmen Carl keeps constructing.

Carl keeps describing what people he's never met think based on nothing but his own bigotry & misogyny.

Carl equated intersectional feminists & the alt-right. Carl's fix to the alt-right is to not hire them?
"I wouldn't hire Nazis and I wouldn't hire feminists." - Carl Benjamin, 2018

Why you may wonder?

To remove their institutional power, says Carl. He thinks feminists wield global institutional power.
Carl said everyone should discriminate against all feminists in hiring.

Wouldn't that require applicants to provide all their political views alongside their resume, a profound violation of personal privacy?

Is that the policy positon of the classical liberalist-st-st?
Carl is a mix of conspiracy theories and buzzword.

White men Carl wants to end identity politics. What a surprise.🙄😏

Carl "Racism is an opinion."

Carrier "Black people are pulled over more often than white people."

Carl "You don't know that's because of race."
Carl asks why black people poor. 🙄

He has this annoying tactic of asking people a question to which he has answer. Then he'll interrupt the person to "correct" them with his bs.

The other is saying "We can agree that (insert something fine, then a series of ridiculous claims).
Carl: "Poverty in the black community all comes down to fatherlessness."

Not the poverty they were put into and kept in by white racists, or that few blacks benefited from the GI bill & home loans due to white racism, or hiring bias, or biased police & justice system..
Carl is whitesplaining black fatherlessness, calling it a "crime factory" ignoring the role the racist police & justice system play in removing black men from their families for years, or decades, at a time.

Hearing him smugly spewing his ignorant, racist garbage ...
Carl says its preposterous to think that poverty and crime were caused by racism, when it's - in his view - black people won't get married.

Carrier has been useless throughout this by the way. He's a speed bump for Carl's nonstop flow of racism.

Carl: Racism reduced crime

This seems like a good time to put Carl's pontificating in context.
Carrier's passive acceptance of a series of racist statements and soft spoken "I don't think so" is a moral failure.

This is a teaching moment, and he's done nothing to effectively counter Carl's racist assertions.

And now it's the Q&A.

I'm done.
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