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u may have seen that brazil nearly elected a full-on fascist in the 1st round of its presidential elections on sunday.
u may have questions too.
i'll use this thread to clarify+debunk things i see circulating that are dead wrong.
i'll also provide some reading suggestions.
brazil has run-off voting & bolsonaro (whom i'll refer to as the fascist) did not reach 51%,so not ALL hope is lost. between the 1st round of the general election on sunday (which also was for senate, house, and governor) and the 2nd round, candidates have 3 weeks to campaign.+
the remaining candidates for the 2nd round of the presidential election are the fascist (whose problems i have gone into ad nauseum on this site & written about elsewhere and you can go searching for later) and fernando haddad, who represents PT (workers' party)+
haddad, who was formerly the mayor of the city of são paulo & a professor at 1 of brazil's most prestigious universities (USP), became PT's presidential candidate after their initial candidate,former prez Luís Inácio da Silva (known as Lula) was barred by the courts from running+
that latter part is also a VERY long story, which i have also discussed on here a LOT, but that i would recommend checking out @BrasilWire for re: coverage of this issue in english+
for some USians, the fact that brazil almost elected a fascist known for his blatant racism & sexism & classism & xenophobia & homophobia comes as a surprise. but if you pay close attention to brazil's history, esp its looooong run of slavery & mult. dictatorships,it makes sense+
brazil ended slavery in 1888 & was the last to do so in the western hemisphere
its military coup+dictatorship,its 2nd dictatorship of the 20th century,lasted from 1964-85
then it had another coup in 2016, which ousted its first women prez, also a former left dissident,Dilma (PT)+
in short,basically right when it's getting it's sh*t together,brazil gets knocked around by greedy local oligarchic elites who can't handle the prospect of equality and/or by foreign powers who can't handle the prospect of sovereignty (p.s. those '64 & '16 coups were US backed)+
under pt governance, brazil wasn't perfect (which country is, amirite?!), but they did a lot as a party to help poor people, an overwhelming number of which are of indigenous and african descent. rich racist ppl (& those they influence via media brainwashing) didn't like that
and through a series of campaigns - on and offline - they built up rightwing anti-PT sentiment steeped primarily in exaggerations and misinformation. the left has more balanced criticism that is drowned out by the former,which was like the tea party movement,brazilian style+
this brazilian tea party, which co-opted protests that began as a left movement against an increase in public transport fares, fomented public anger/discontent among people who were doing fairly ok economically/socially & backed a ton of right-wing candidates for congress+
anyway,1 of those candidates that ate all this up was the Fascist,who'd been quietly building a following with the help of - you guessed it! -US foreign policy types. meanwhile a judge named moro did the same building a flimsy case against PT that ppl fell for bc of their anger+
that was a cliff's notes version of a really complicated series of events over the past few yrs, but thems the breaks. this is twitter.

anyway, let's FF to the present+

and people posted a bunch of bs bc they don't know a lot about brazilian history. that's ok, these things happen. i am here to help.
1) BRAZIL is not having problems with Russia and Russia would not under any circumstances be all that motivated to hack their election. please stop sharing this crap. Brazil is one of the founding members of BRICS. they are literally the B. Russia is the R. they are not enemies.+
2) BRAZIL IS NOT THE UNITED STATES. please stop copy/pasting your 2016 election commentary onto the country. it's literally not the same thing. PT =/= the Democrats and the fascist =/= Trump.
PT is to the left of the dems
the fascist is in many ways worse than trump. why?+
3) the fascist is arguably worse than trump in terms of his immediate domestic impact bc a)brazil has a recent and real history of ACTUAL military takeover. the fascist has the backing of the military, incl. his own VP who is a general. +
the US would look the other way if not help in the process of pushing the country back under military rule.
he has threatened to kill PT voters and his supporters have literally killed PT voters (see my timeline)+
4) generals like his VP have been threatening the brazilian judiciary and the people, with great success. they mean business, so people are rightfully concerned/frightened. the military is already occupying rio de janeiro (as of the summer)+
5) this is not a case of "economic anxiety" in the way we discuss in the US (again see above re: brazil not being the US). the people pushing for this right-wing turn are well-off economically and socially. they just hate poor people (again, many of whom are poc)+
6) on the breakdown of the vote:
the brazilian south is predominately white and wealthier than other states not only in terms of individual members of its populations but in terms of its resources and infrastructure. the north is poorer, esp the northeast, and has more poc+
this is not, however, exactly like the midwest/coastal divide in the US. the poor areas in brazil tend to vote for left-leaning candidates (save areas still under the rule of oligarchic conservative families who run entire cities)
the poor in many urban areas in the south, such as the cities são paulo or rio de janeiro have a kind of strange history of voting for more conservative candidates in recent history. part of this is due to the media influence, some due to the influence of the evangelical church+
some of this is also due to the influx of violence and an overall sense of despair re: left and right-wing governments. some people just want order. some people are nihilistic. some people just vote for whomever. just as you see in any other country.+
7) btw, did i mention yet that BRAZIL IS NOT THE UNITED STATES yet? ok, just checking.
moving on:
in brazil, voting is mandatory, but you have the option of voting "null." some are concerned this will determine the outcome of the second round.
a null vote just means:
null votes, in short, tend to express general voter dissatisfaction with the candidates. according to polls, the null vote from Sunday's election is close to that of previous elections. let's see what it's going to look like in three weeks :/
8) hmmm que mais?
oh yeah: lots of people are spouting off about brazilians "needing a savior." this kind of rhetoric is always used to defend a complete and utter destruction of national sovereignty. brazilian voters are not children. they make decisions like any other people.+
& those who use this kind of language to explain away the hatred of the poor, the racism, the intentional political miseducation that goes on in brazil are missing the fact that the "Savior" figure they speak of is steeped in racist,classist, & sexist ideas of what leadership is+
btw, it's mainly *brazilian* publications saying this ("well, it's not that brazilians are particularly inclined to vote for a fascist. they just want a savior, you see"), and YES, it's still based on old school paternalism and all that i said above. +
(a gentle reminder that in brazil, a few families own all the mainstream media outlets and that means that even your neighborhood friendly quasi-liberal sometimes outlet is usually still spouting a message that is steeped in elitism/focused on elite concerns)
9) the fascist IS NOT A POLITICAL OUTSIDER. pel'amor de deus,👏🏾para👏🏾 com 👏🏾 isso. homeboy has been in office SINCE 1991. some of the people voting for him weren't even born yet when this man entered political office. he also was in the military DURING THE MILITARY DICTATORSHIP+
his freaking sons are in office too and won big last night in their respective elections. this is a dynasty of fascists. +
and 10) if you don't know about brazil, that is fine. don't pretend to know what you don't. admit ignorance and go read a bit and/or RT people who have been following this stuff for a long time. speaking of which...
here are some books on the B that you may find helpful in these trying times:
on regionalism and the construction of race and class:

The Color of Modernity: São Paulo and the Making of Race & Nation in Brazil by Barbara Weinstein…
(sorry, US link here:…)
on the military dictatorship (the basics):…
on slavery in brazil (also the basics):…
on vestiges of the dictatorship:…
ok, that's it for now. i will add accordingly as needed and maybe come back to this thread in a few weeks. in the meantime, happy learning and reading.
may democracy win.
adding 2 more books:

1) on indigenous rights movements (& a good discussion of where indigenous peoples fit or not in terms of national political shifts...what may be democratization for others does not always help indigenous ppl:…
and 2) on the way the poor have also been routinely left out of the process of democratization:…
for other, more specific recommendations, feel free to DM me.
dang, i already need to add something: SO, 11) i have also seen takes about trump "inspiring" bolsonaro and the movement behind him. this is only true in part for many of the socio-historical reasons i listed above. trump is not the beginning of the history of the extreme right+
i saw a lot of weird takes like this when erdogan won,when duterte won,etc. their mvmnts PRE-DATE trump,ok?i know the US is important & whatnot,but it's not the center of the universe.just bc some USians don't pay attn to what is happening elsewhere doesn't mean it didn't happen+
omg and 12) jesus christ, please stop comparing haddad, pt's candidate to maduro or castro and comparing the fascist to freaking amlo (seriously, wtf)
this is totally lazy, incoherent, defamatory bs. and some of it coming from a harvard lecturer no less. please stop tweeting.+
first of all, haddad (and even his communist part vp candidate manuela davila) are pretty moderate. they are progressive, to be sure, but there were candidates to their left on several issues in the election (see, for example, PSOL's guilherme boulos)+
and while pt has historically supported cuba and venezuela, this stems in part from their history of literally coming out of the union mvmnt during the dictatorship AND from brazil's non-alignment foreign policy which has meant supporting governments in other comparable nations+
in terms of development and the like without exercising policy solely on the basis of what the US, for example, wanted. they were like the foreign policy version of the kid at school who is friends with everyone, even the people who mortal enemies of one another+
there has also been a long history of mutual aid between multiple left-leaning latin american countries (yes, including brazil and cuba after the dictatorship). this was a good thing, folks. +
cuba took in brazilian dissidents during the dictatorship. they sent doctors in recent yrs when drs from the south of brazil refused to go to the northeast to help poor, predominately poc communities in need. this matters.
but cuba and venezuela are being (mis)used in this case as a cudgel against PT, echoing the far right in brazil that has been doing this crap for years in the lead up to pushing a fascist on the nation. why copy fascists? oh, right. nevermind.
connecting these parts of the thread:
anyway, NOW i am finally done for the night on this. more later as needed.
lol who am i kidding? there's always more
13) i haven't seen this take yet, but something tells me it's coming. i am thinking of a USian set of takes, after all, so let me just preemptively take this one on:
in brazil, fernando haddad is not considered a person of color in the way we would maybe consider him in the US+
in brazil,people of middle eastern descent,regardless of religion,are generally considering white by virtue of late 19th/early 20th century processes to whiten the population by way of opening the nation of waves of immigrants from europe,the middle east,& east asia (esp japan)+
if you are interested in this particular subject, a good place to start is jeffrey lesser's Negotiation National Identity: Immigrants, Minorities, and the Struggle for Ethnicity in Brazil…
haddad's family is from lebanon & he is christian (though i am sure there's some whatsapp da família that attacks his origins and lies about his religion ::sigh::)
oh & i forgot to mention earlier:he was min. of education under lula (in addition to later serving as mayor of SP)
14) there are concerns that there won't even be any debates btwn now & the 2nd round in 3 wks. that would sound nuts to the avg observer, but in brazil lately, there's been a lot of election-related shenanigans afoot:
(see the thread for more)+
for background, the fascist was stabbed by a guy during a rally in minas gerais. there was no blood (!) but he had internal injuries and had to be hospitalized for several weeks. this worked in his advantage in that he didn't have to be in the debates, which he does poorly in.+
he is not like trump,who - despite his many problems knows how to destroy his debate opponents. he is bad at debates.he's stupid & lacks the kind of humor and quick wit (at least to tear down others) that trump possesses. this is another reason why comparison to trump are empty
bolsonaro and his team know that his numbers go up the less he talks, which is why for the longest, he refused to give an interview to a longstanding interview program called Roda Viva, which all other candidates participate in as a tradition:
it was hard to watch that particular interview.i tried tweeting abt it, but knew i'd hv to do way too much debunking.this is what makes ppl tired, & this is exactly why his lies work. no one has the energy/time to go behind his statements & fact check all day.everything's a lie+
here's a thread about the soft approach to bolsonaro in the media. there are a variety of problems:
u may have seen that brazil nearly elected a full-on fascist in the 1st round of presidential elections on sunday.
u may have questions too.
i'll use this thread to clarify+debunk things i see circulating that are dead wrong.
i'll also provide some reading suggestions.
a FULL unroll of the thread thus far:…
you can hit "force refresh at the bottom to see whatever i add going forward
ok, 15) it's important to note for the sake of reference that the names of brazilian political parties do not always align - and i mean, sometimes not even *slightly* - with the ideology of said party. just putting this out there. +
words are thrown around in the party names that would make you think the members of the party were the second coming of castro and instead it's some neoliberal or conservative mess.+
take the brazilian party Podemos
yes, they have one too
and i know what you're thinking: oh, cool, like the leftists in Spain right?
it's a centrist party with neoliberal economic policies that named itself podemos not after the spanish leftists, but supposedly after obama's "yes we can" slogan

for the presidential elections, they ran a man named álvaro dias, who looks like he botoxed himself so much he melted in the sun. his responses during debates made it seem like the botulism in those injections got to his brain too.
he's best known for giving the ok for police to go ham on striking teachers in his state back in 1998…
16) it's worth reminding folks another fact abt bolsonaro's electoral approach that i mentioned many months ago: the fascist did the infamous "turn" that trump did not. he started out w/similarly hateful rhetoric, & then when he did talk,he presented himself as "liberal"+
it's important to point out here that when i say "liberal" here, i don't mean it in the way we tend to use it in the US. i am referring to the kind of liberalism the right takes up under the rhetoric of "classical liberalism" (and note: their use of the term is ALSO incorrect)+
bolsonaro decided to moderate, which helped him do so well the other day among people who know less about his history. of course the press helped this process along by NOT being upfront about what he has done/said bc his policies HELP the elite class that runs the brazilian media
17) a few notes on US influence re: the anti-PT rhetoric that flooded brazil over the past few years:
18) i hv mentioned this elsewhere,but it bears repeating in this thread in greater specificity:military generals hv been rebuilding power in brazil in all branches of gvmt. they're running for office,advising (& threatening) judges,& form a big chunk of bolsonaro's advisement too
one could easily say, "well, trump has a lot of military advisors too," and indeed he does. and that wasn't a good thing, was it? look at his policies abroad and toward immigrants.
the difference though is that brazil had a military coup & subsequent dictatorship for 2 decades
this connects to no. 17 (see a few tweets above):
p.s. the full thread (click "force refresh" at the bottom to see updates)
note: this is a running thread i am doing until the 2nd and final round of the brazilian presidential election (and likely after as well)…
adding this thread as #19: countering the fascists in efforts to obscure one's own acts of racism:
adding this thread on recent US spying and meddling in brazil's governmental affairs, which aided a coup that took a democratically-elected president out of power & replaced her w/an austerity and privatization loving CIA informant (Temer)
by the way, that was #20 on the list

if you want to see the whole thread (as it got a little broken up around the books section), click here and share:…
also note: this is a running thread, so hit "force refresh" at the bottom for updates
By the way, if u have gotten this far, you have to click the link above to see the rest of the thread. It's a running list, so pls click to see more as i am adding to this until the next and final round of voting
you can also find an "unrolled' version of the full thread here (hit "force refresh" at the bottom for the latest updates):…
21) a very short history of brazil's early 20th century fascist movement:
22) a great interview with Brian Mier of @BrasilWire & @brasil247 on the brazilian elections. please listen. it's only 34 mins
23) as i mentioned above, the fascist, who was stabbed a few weeks back during a rally in minas but who has been out of the hospital for around 2 weeks, says that his health is not good enough to participate in debates, yet he keeps giving interviews...
24) another interview you all should check out (also in english)
what i disagree w/here is what glenn kind of flattens about what happened w/PT as if the attack on them was not unique. it wasn't just a case of a party "being corrupt,"but a case of a party being disproportionately attacked in order to bolster the far right.
also, on top of this interview being fantastic, the part toward the end in which glenn explains why bolsonaro is so dangerous (and has the potential to do even more damage on a domestic level) is very good. worth a watch.
25) this is technically related to something i already touched on above, but i am going to link this thread to the larger thread to add:
26) on the longstanding love elite journalism has for violent, ruthlessly pro-capitalist, anti-communist regimes in brazil (also a thread):
27) on a *positive* note, my response to @uhusofree about black women (many of whom are socialists and communists!) running for and winning office in brazil that is worth reposting here
28) the stats on bolsonaro's win in the first round:
folks, the brazilian elections megathread has a LOT more than 10 pts. i 'm on #28 right now. if you share it from the first tweet,ppl don't see the whole thread (bc it got broken up in the middle).to see the ENTIRE running thread, please click/share this:…
29) ah, one more: this person, Paulo Sérgio Ferreira de Santana, is the man who murdered caporeira mestre Moa do Katendê,a week ago in Bahia, for voting for Haddad (PT) instead of the fascist. note: Paulo Sergio is also black, like the man he murdered. this is what i mean.
this is how deeply twisted and insidious the entire bolsonaro movement is. part of me is inclined to say this is like a virus, but it's clear that people are also making a choice to be hateful. as much as i say people are heavily influenced by the media, they also have agency.
being a bolsonaro supporter is like a moment of renouncing what you are, the position of precarity you may be in, just like the people whose interests, safety, and general well-being you are voting against. it seems like it's a temporary escape route through a vote for some ppl.
you know how we saw people of color voting for trump bc they hated another group of color or another group based on their religion or their class or gender or fill in the blank, it's like that, but on steroids.
30) some thoughts, with theory:
31) i spoke w/a friend who's currently in Bahia who had spoken to ppl around the 1st round of elections. she says some of the poor men & women she encountered liked bolsonaro bc they were concerned abt public safety. (the only problem ofc being that he wants to kill them too)
note: bolsonaro once says he wants to shootup entire (poor) neighborhoods in rio to solve the problem and has lived by the slogan "the only good criminal is a dead criminal." but as i said above, he sees all poor poc automatically as criminals, so... you do the math there
31) another issue that i have not seen discussed on twitter re: this election is the matter of prison privatization and immigration in brazil and how those two issues will come together like we have seen in the US precisely bc US corporations & police are advising Brazil+
here's an article from 2015 that touches on this growing problem of prison privatization in brazil
note: countless ppl languish in brazil prisons sans any charges whatsoever,while others who have been charged have received wildly disproportionate sentences…
so where does immigration fit? well,again,as we saw in the US private prisons make serious bank housing immigrants (::cough:: prison camps ::cough::) & currently,brazil has an influx of migrants coming from venezuela and haiti. there have been acts of violence toward both groups+
brazil has generally had a fairly flexible immigration policy compared to what we see in the US and took in migrants from venezuela, haiti, and even syria and multiple african nations as officially recognized refugees. the govt granted most of these groups expedited residency+
bolsonaro wants to end this process and install camps to house them instead of allowing for social integration and eventual citizenship:…
(btw, for people who can read portuguese, see if you come away with a headache from reading this interview like i did...good god, what a mess)
in the northwestern state of roraima, which shares a border with venezuela and has been the home of multiple attacks against migrants, bolsonaro got 63% of the vote
an unrolled version of this running thread for ppl who don't like threads
i cover what's going on in the brazilian election w/a lot of context (historical & contemporary). please read and feel free to share:…
click "force refresh" at the bottom for updates
david duke just came out in support of bolsonaro. "he's one of us," he says:
(directly translated: "he sounds like one of us")
i have stayed in centro multiple times when i am in sampa for research. all this violence just hits so close to home it's very scary. i am always afraid for marginalized peoples in brazil bc of police violence,but these vigilante attacks add an entirely different layer of terror.
and just think...right now people are *literally* being murdered by bolsonaro supporters
how can ppl already marginalized on the basis of so many factors feel safe just going abt their day now? imagine when trying to live in a post-election environment,regardless of who wins
35) the fascist is in hot water over potentially illegal campaign moves:
36) oh yeah, and he refuses to debate. here are the numbers:
also funny, but sad:
"Thanks to everyone who RT'd my post, y'all probably made it so i can skip the line at DOPS* in january. I'll wait for you w/a (soft) drink."

*DOPS =secret police during the dictatorship
38) this is pedro chavarry. he liked to drug & rape children & led a child sex trafficking ring known for lying to poor women that they were caring for & finding homes for their babies, when they were actually selling them to sexual predators…
he was a colonel in the military police and used his position to not only lead but hide the work of the child sex trafficking ring, which was responsible for harming babies as young as 4 months old, since at least the 1990s.+
here is jair bolsonaro's son (who is also in politics) hanging out with him on multiple occasions:…
this article is from 2016 and i haven't heard anything about it in this election, but considering the fascist's (and his sons') obsession with rape and pedophilia, it might be a sign folks need to check to make sure his house is in order.
39) short thread re: the fascist's attempts to woo the brazilian jewish community (and failing)
40) vehicles of agencies that fight deforestation in the amazon are lit on fire and shot at following criticism by bolsonaro:…
41) ok, let's talk about abortion
i forgot to mention this when it happened but here it is:
haddad promises not to legalize abortion if he wins…
PT has been a bit all over the map on abortion,which has been a demand from the brazilian women's rights movement for some time now. the party has hinted at legalization several times,then reneged at the last minute to appease their voters who are more conservative on this front+
abortion in brazil is only legal in specific cases (rape, endangerment to the life of the mother, and in cases of anencephaly in which the baby would not survive). there have been multiple cases over the past yrs that have renewed debate over legalization.+
one of them being the increase of cases of birth defects from contracting Zika during pregnancy. several others were related to cases of incest and the sexual abuse of children, during which evangelical and catholic leaders alike protested the use of abortion.+
anyway, clandestine abortion remains a massive problem in brazil, with women who cannot afford/don't have the connections to go to a private doctor to have an abortion risking their lives and sometimes dying in the process. +
reproductive rights in general have been a hot button issue recently, beyond the question solely of abortion (which receives the most attention). women are often forced to have c-sections and not allowed to have what's referred to in brazil as "normal" or "natural" births+
there have also been multiple cases of forced sterilization of poor women, while at the same time, limits placed on women who choose to undergo sterilization by choice:…
it's debatable whether or not PT needs to make such moves (i.e. if it will help them maintain or win over voters in this election). it's also in line w/a number of left-leaning parties in latin america who have been progressive on everything but abortion.
all that said, not everyone in PT has positioned themselves in this way. for example, benedita da silva, who herself almost died during a clandestine abortion, is against abortion criminalization & has noted that the state must do more to support poor women+
in an interview she gave in 1987, she raised a question about why a poor woman, a maid, for example, would pursue an abortion in the first place (hinting at a failure on the part of the state to support poor women in terms of family planning options & support for their children)
(btw, here's a link to the interview:…)
last thing abt this: brazil is significantly better than several other latin american countries (and even the US) in terms of ease of access to contraception. in major cities, you can go to the pharmacist and get birth control w/out a prescription or a dr visit or any sort+
condoms are also available in grocery stores and pharmacies - not behind the counter or behind glass as you see in some stores in the US - but right by checkout in many cases.
part of brazil's openness to contraception and STI prevention comes from its high number of cases of HIV/AIDS a few decades ago. these moves, coupled w/ the production of generic medication (which they then exported) to help people living w/HIV/AIDS were groundbreaking
oh,& my apologies for sometimes dropping names in this thread w/out explaining who ppl are.
benedita da silva is a congressional rep from rio. she's been mayor of rio (city), governor & vice gov of rio state,a senator,& a rep.
i'd also suggest everyone read her autobiography.
latest speech from the fascist candidate for president in brazil has threatened to eradicate the left by force (a common idea of his, to be sure, as he has often suggested that he and his followers should shoot leftists)
(the tweet above is #42)
for those who have been following me for a while, you may remember my having posted this:
his followers also shot at lula's caravan earlier on in the campaign:
from march:
a month later in april, bolsonaro supporters shot at people protesting lula's imprisonment:
then there's what i discussed at #40 (also the murder of a trans woman in são paulo and a capoeira instructor in bahia)
just a reminder: this thread gets broken up in the middle, leading some to believe there are only 10 points. i'm beyond 40 at this point. please share this for the full, running thread in "unrolled" form:…
hit refresh at the bottom for updates
#43: a little history on the rightwing movements in recent yrs that brought brazil to where it is in the present:
what's not discussed here really is their backing/funding, which comes from a variety of external actors:…
they received backing from the Atlas Network…
remember this article back in 2017, when no one cared? yeah
or maybe this one, from 2016, when the intercept was connecting other dots regarding US lobbying firms' & politicians' involvement in dilma's…
in short,a big chunk of the right wing mvmnt that seems to have sprung up overnight in brazil did not. this has been yrs in the making,starting *at least* in 2013. it's an astroturf mvmt that grew,much like we saw w/the tea party movement in the US, w/the help of wealthy backers.
re: comments upthread on racism, classism, & how even poor poc can internalize+reflect these prejudices:…
"If we elect a fascist president and if part of that vote comes from the popular classes, the responsibility for this lies, firstly, in class hatred, racism, and decades of state neglect."
em port:…
related to #43: more information re: the people behind the growth of bolsonaro and the right online (click below for the full thread):
Fernando Haddad (@Haddad_Fernando) on @rodaviva last night:
as i mentioned above,Bolsonaro refused to participate in Roda Viva.
At the beginning of the show,they say that a)not only did the fascist refuse to appear on the show,but he also b)refused to send a taped interview & c)refused to let roda send a crew to his home for an interview
It's also worth noting that it basically took Manuela Davila's (fmr pres candidate for the communist party,now haddad's vp) constantly roasting him in the lead up to the 1st round of voting for the fascist to appear on the show at all (he was the last 1 to agree to an interview
I have to go work, but i am going to tweet abt the roda viva interview in full when i get back later
Oh and rly quick, here's the roda viva host going through all the interview options the fascist refused (click the tweet below then the clip): (via @guidorezende)
#44 a breakdown of Haddad's @rodaviva interview (in English)
part 1 (unrolled)…
#45 an article that goes into the degree the military is behind not only bolsonaro's rise, but the monstrous policy he espouses:…
back to #44, the full haddad roda viva interview play by play:
third person on record murdered by bolsonaro supporters since the first round of voting. the second and final round is this sunday.
47) short thread w/stats on bolsonaro's approval among the rich and well-educated in brazil
48) connecting this parallel running thread of all the terrible things that have happened since early october that have made voting in brazilian anything but democratic at this moment as people's lives are being threatened, even ended:
49) thread on rapper manu brown's reminder to the people that this is not a time for partying, but getting serious about accountability and mobilizing:
50) good article in english on political scene:
51) an article in english by brazilian singer caetano veloso:
52) old thread of nytimes shenanigans (from 2017)
an unrolled version of this *running* thread for ppl who don't like threads
i cover what's going on in the brazilian election w/lots of context (historical & contemporary). please read and feel free to share:…
click "force refresh" at the bottom for updates
53) cutting off military aid to brazil if bolsonaro is elected is a great idea, BUT: a) the US (+local oligarchs) is the one who laid the foundation for this guy, b) the fascist wants to go to war w/ venezuela,which trump+pence want too
via @WoobieTuesday
consider honduras or egypt -in both cases,the US continued 2send military aid
afterall,they were the ones who helped make way for the outcome (a coup in honduras+ in the case of egypt,a legislative coup,leaving far right wing leaders in charge in both cases 2do the US's bidding)+
the US M.O. is as follows:overlook (or directly orchestrate) a coup,deny it was a coup,continue to aid said country under the coup,help in putting together a clearly shoddy election w/a rightwing authoritarian who favors US interests at the helm,boost violent military w/more aid
54)"Bolsonaro threatens the world, not just Brazil’s fledgling democracy"
by Chomsky, @NaomiAKlein, @billmckibben, Celso Amorim, and many more…
55) the anti-dilma protests
a conversation i was just having reminded me to dig up some of my old posts about the "fora dilma" movement that happened in brazil that many english language outlets were applauding without fully understanding (or caring) what was going on+
some knew very well what was going on, but they continued to cover up what was clearly a movement driven by racism and classism bc they figured it would usher in more austerity and more privatization that would ultimately benefit the west at the expense of the most vulnerable+
here are some of those old tweets:
a screenshot of a facebook message of mine from around the same time:
i remember having to argue with some "progressives" at the time that this was not a normal protest. that it was made up of wealthier white people who hated the poor and who hated people of color.
but there was a knowledge gap - big ones,in fact, abt brazil's history in terms of class and race. people in the US arguing in favor of these protests w/out knowing what was going on then also didn't even realize that brazil had a class of middle to upper class white ppl at all+
much less those who had a serious problem of racism and classism, especially considering that brazil,in the minds of people i had to break this down to, was a place where everyone was mixed, where it was 24/7 racial harmony, & i where everyone was equally poor or smthg
to be sure, not everyone who was upset at dilma was on the right, or even white or wealthy, BUT i am speaking of the mass mobilization that took on a very clear right wing character - i.e. movimento brasil livre (mbl) and fora dilma. these were predom. white &middle/upper class*
btw, i think i explain this somewhere else in the thread, but middle class in brazil is not quite the same thing as we think of in the US. these people express a lot of social and economic power in brazil & keep it that way by actively oppressing others.+
btw, the @BWofBrazil page i link above is gone, so here is the archived version:…
anyway, more tweets from that time:
this thread is about a guy who is the black token for mbl. his name is fernando holiday. he earned his chops by sh*tting on black women & pushing for bootstrap neoliberalism for black poor ppl:
he's currently expressing support for bolsonaro, along with his partner in crime, fellow token (asian in this case) kim kataguiri
KK's mentioned in the article i posted early by buzzfeed abt youtubers gaining political power
fernando is also busy saying the left is like the kkk
anyway, going back to more old tweets about this anti-dilma movement
you can watch the video i took the screen shot from here:…
a thread about how english-language coverage of what has been happening for years in brazil has been as irresponsible as it has been dangerous:
57) extreme cases of violence continue in brazil, led by supporters of the fascist. In addition to beatings and murder, they hv now resorted to rape as another tactic:
She has been threatened repeatedly by her assailant, which she had reported to police, but the act was eventually carried out
I no longer need to talk abt fear of a new dictatorship when bolsonaro's supporters hv already accomplished the same atmosphere of hate, violence, and intimidation they want to see at the federal level. Bolsonaro & the generals can just sit back & relax. Mission accomplished.
Students at universities across brazil held protests against fascism & posted flyers in defense of democracy. They then saw their campuses invaded by police on orders of the electoral courts to remove them. (via @TradWifeWineMom)…
The court+police said they were removing partisan political material. In several cases,hwvr,there was no direct mention of haddad. What they are saying (and this is telling) is that a defense of democracy is only represented by one candidate, and it sure as hell isn't the fascist
Btw the tweet re: universities was #58
Students at some universities have since taken to the streets in response to the ban
And another update: the judge banning the flyers has anti-pt posts on social media:
(Of course)
Coverage in english (btw pla follow and support @BrasilWire):
Today is Sunday, October 28th, and election day in Brazil. It's the second and final round for president, governor, senate, and house
A lot has happened since Friday which I will update later today. If you are new to this thread, welcome. Pull up a chair and maybe make yourself a strong drink. :(
ok, so here we go. over the past 48 hours or so, universities have been invaded by police to take down "campaign materials," which are forbidden on campuses, yet many did not explicitly cite a candidate, only a defense of democracy. (See above for a link on this).+
59) joaquim barbosa, former supreme court justice who has been a fierce critic of PT and who became a darling of the right in many ways thanks to his criticism, declared his vote for haddad:
he said that for the first time since the dictatorship, a candidate made him afraid (referring to bolsonaro) and for that reason, he was going to be voting for haddad.

barbosa was slated at one point to run for president himself, but decided not to "for personal reasons."+
he waited a very long time to declare his support for haddad however, which brings me to #60, the case of ciro gomes+
60) ciro gomes,former gov of the state of Ceará,whom I've mentioned elsewhere in the thread also had some personal reasons he hasn't disclosed...not regarding running for president (which he did, as a center-left candidate & largely as an alternative to PT), but for smthg else+
in a video he released the other day, he said that he intended to vote for democracy, but that he wasn't going to encourage people to vote for a specific candidate bc they have a right to their ideological convictions. +
he said for reasons he would not disclose now, in hopes of avoiding causing confusion (a phrase in brazilian portuguese that can mean to cause drama as well), that he was not going to explicitly endorse one candidate or another:
61) the report the went viral in Brazil & around the world re: the young woman who claimed to have been attacked by bolsonaro supporters who carved a swastika into her abdomen was ruled false upon physical examinations,witness testimony,& camera footage:
62) roger waters, former pink floyd member who had been touring throughout brazil and expressing public discontent during his concerts against bolsonaro was threatened w/ judicial sanction by the fascist's campaign…
"what i would like is for every brazilian to have a book in one hand and official work authorization in the other)
(in brazil, labor that is protected by law involves a work authorization card. the closest thing in the US is a contract and a w-4)
another person was murdered by bolsonaro supporters. this time, it was 23 y.o. Charlione Lessa Albuquerque of Ceará, who was at a pro-haddad event w/his mother, a union organizer for @CUT_Brasil. during the event, a man shot charlione, then bragged he was in favor of bolsonaro.
more information here:…

(h/t/ @TradWifeWineMom for this information)
Bolsonaro has been elected president.
doria and witzel, both bolsonaro acolytes, were elected governor of são paulo and rio de janeiro, respectively
so you may have seen that brasil elected a fascist as president tonight.
what i have to say is in the thread above. i don't have much else to say right now.
also, for those who want to see the numbers, here you go:…
in the meantime, i'm off to sleep. more tomorrow if time allows.
here's the complete thread re: brazilian elections,fully unrolled.
i address FAQ, added new information translated from portuguese, and debunked a lot of misconceptions/errors by the anglophone press in addition to adding historical/cultural context:…
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