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Recently finished the APG book 'How not to plan'. It's great for young and experienced strategists alike. Strong mix of the basics, the myths and reasons to be hopeful (which is hard).

I took a bunch of notes. So here's a lil' thread with my favourite ones.

1. Experts who say people want a relationship with brands don't understand what a brand is and does.
2. The best starting point to get to great work: assume most people see you as a low interest category.
3. High / low interest mood states is a much more interesting conversation than high / low interest categories.
4. You can't always say something different, but you should always say it *differently*. (There's a difference.)
5. Strong brands should help your lazy brain decide with little effort. They are literally no-brainers.
6. There's a time and place for a few strong ties vs lots of weak ones. Consumer marketing falls on the latter.
7. We're obsessed with sending the right message. Evidence says herd instincts are far more powerful.
8. 'Reasons to buy' are helpful to get people justify brand choice. 'Functional alibis' is a fucking great term.
9. Rigour is best placed at objective setting and measurement. Let creativity deal with the rest.
10. Creatives work as a team. So should quant and qual research.
11. Universal appeal is overrated.
12. Statistics on their own (without a point of comparison) are probably bullshit.
13. Statistical variance is more important than statistical averages. Averages are often... average thinking.
14. Paradoxically, people who buy a brand are more likely to notice its comms. Not the other way around.
15. New technologies co-exist with old technologies. Whoever says otherwise is trying to sell you their specific thing.
16. Brainstorms are usually shit. There's a way to make them less shit.
17. A lot of marketing language is macho by design. Reality is far more subtle than we like to think.
18. Sloppy words = sloppy thinking and wasted money. PS: 'Engagement' means nothing.
19. There's a fine line between making something shorter so it's quicker to say vs because it's easier to do. Find that line.
20. We call it 'real-time planning'. Normal folks call it 'reacting'. Either way, it's rarely a sustainable approach.
21. Brands grow through volume so don't just think about 'who buys'. Think about 'how many buy'.
22. It's cool to think about how things will be in 10 years. But our job is to sell to society as it stands today.
23. A nice philosophical take on why most people who bang on about Millennials are probably over 30.
24. We assume society is getting faster. We rarely ponder if it's just our own (big city-centric) lives.
25. Old and new tech do compete, but often enhance each other way before they replace each other.
26. 80% of behaviour is like dark matter: invisible and untraceable, but still core to the fabric of the universe.
27. My new favourite metaphor for when discussing organic reach. PS: Organic reach is deader than The Walking Dead. (Which is pretty dead. And shit.)
28. Channels with high wastage get a bad reputation but sometimes they're still the most cost-efficient way to reach people.
29. A useful definition of efficiency vs effectiveness. PS: Always start with effectiveness.
30. Effectiveness metrics tend to be absolutes. Efficiency metrics tend to be ratios. Focus on the absolutes.
31. Advertising is about publicity, not persuasion.
32. All else being equal, market share tends to follow share of voice. 'On a low budget' is usually a bad start.
33. Most people have a vague sense of what they just saw. Paradoxically, that just makes executional details all the more important.
34. People don't just share new ideas, they share common things done uncommonly well. Case in point: kittens on teh internet.
35. 'Irrelevant' ideas might be the most effective think you can do.
36. 'Ownability' is something you build over time. Anyone could have done 'Just Do It'. Nike did it first. And ran with it for 30 years.
37. 'Is it ownable?' isn't the right question. 'How can we own it?' is.
38. Charm disarms our critical faculties. Just think of the last time you felt seduced by something / someone.
39. Flawed heroes are more relatable than perfect ones. Think about this when writing your next tone of voice document.
40. You don't always have to hold up a mirror to the audience. Cadbury's 'Gorilla' didn't just resonate with gorillas.
41. There's a huge difference between your source of distinctiveness and your source of business.
42. Wear out is mostly a myth, and a costly one in the long run. (In trying to 'make a difference', our ego usually thinks otherwise. Our ego is usually wrong.)
43. It's better to achieve your goals inefficiently than be a gloriously efficient failure. (I am so stealing this for meetings.)
44. Relatively speaking, 'cheaper digital channels' tend to be more expensive.
45. Online content consumption is a huge deal, but most media consumption (still) happens offline. We should plan for the future but the execution will always live in the present.
46. The real digital revolution will happen when we stop treating 'online' and 'offline' as different things.
47. Last click attribution is important but only a small part of the whole equation. It's like a retailer only attributing sales to each of their shop doors.
48. Online behaviour is largely driven by offline influences. Even Facebook, Google and Slack do OOH. There's a reason for that.
49. 'Big data' is nothing without 'long data'.
50. We're in the business of profitability. Shun simplistic rules. They rarely produce outstanding results.
Boom. End of thread. 50. Motherfucking. Highlights. Did you get this far? Holy shit. You brave. Thanks for that. Here's a gif of DJ Scratchy Paws dropping some sick tunes just for you. Take care, ok bye. 👋
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